Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani wanted Paulina to promise she would never hurt her father. Paulina thought about telling Marlena the truth. Paulina tried to tell Lani something. She told Lani that Doug grabbed her butt. Lani was shocked, but wondered what that had to do with Abe. Paulina said she didn’t want it to hurt Abe. Paulina hoped Doug was getting the help he needed. Lani said Doug was seeing Marlena. John tried to deny that Marlena was possessed, but he ended up confirming it to Allie. Allie was surprised she never heard the story before. John said it wasn’t a story to tell. Allie was shocked to know John performed the exorcism. He said their love saved Marlena. Allie liked hearing about John and Marlena’s love story. He said it felt like the end of the world. She was able to tell that it took a lot out of him. He said he was scared. He said facing evil was the mostĀ traumatic thing they have ever gone through. He didn’t want Marlena to go through that again. He said Johnny was going to have to write about another story. Allie asked if he was more worried about reliving bad memories. He said he was worried about tempting the devil.

Julie told Marlena to help Doug. Doug was unconscious on the floor. Marlena came out of her trance. She ended up calling for help. When Doug was moved to a room, Julie found Marlena in the lobby. Julie wanted to know what happened in her office. Marlena didn’t know what she was talking about. Julie said she looked like she had seen a ghost. Marlena told Julie what happened in her session with Doug. She said he told her that he locked Julie in the freezer on purpose. Julie wanted to know what has gotten into Doug. Marlena said she and Doug were talking and then he passed out. Tripp and Kayla ran tests on Doug. They were confused when the results were normal. When Tripp leaned over Doug, Doug grabbed him. Kayla loosened the grip Doug had on Tripp. Doug’s blood pressure dropped. Julie didn’t believe Marlena was telling her the truth. Kayla showed up before Marlena could answer. Julie went to Doug’s room. He opened his eyes. Doug said he left him and went into her. Julie wanted to know what he was talking about. He ended up falling asleep. Marlena went home to John. She told him Doug passed out in her office. John wondered what caused him to collapse. She said Doug would be fine. She closed her eyes when John hugged her. When she opened her eyes, they were yellow.

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