Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby went to see Gwen and talked to her about what happened when she found out she was pregnant with Chad’s baby. She felt bad for what happened. She said she deserved a chance to be her child’s mother. She apologized for what happened when she lost her baby. Jack apologized to Xander for accusing him of dealing drugs. He said Gwen told him the truth about what happened. He wanted Xander to forgive him. Xander said that they were friends. Jack didn’t mean to write about him in the newspaper and planned on printing a retraction. Xander said he was thrown out of people’s houses before. Brady told Victor about Philip’s obsession with him. He told Victor how Philip followed him and Chloe when they were on their way to New York. Victor thought he went to see how he was doing. Brady told him how he wanted to catch him in the sack. Victor thought he was sleeping with her. Philip took Chloe on a picnic. They went down memory lane. They also talked about what happened when he chopped down their tree. He said he was jealous of her being with Brady then. She thought he was still acting that way now. He told her that he could change. Jack told Xander that Gwen told him the truth. Xander got the wrong idea and mentioned Abby. Jack told him that he knew Gwen was a prostitute. Gwen wanted to tell Abby the truth about what happened to her.

Jack wanted Xander to keep the truth about her prostitution to himself. He couldn’t believe it. Jack told him that he thought he knew the truth. He pretended to be shocked. Jack didn’t see how it had anything to do with Abby. He came up with another lie. Abby wanted to know what she shouldn’t be sorry for what happened. Gwen told her that she spent weeks telling everyone she pushed her down the stairs. She said she lost her balance and lost the baby. She told Jack how it happened. Abby appreciated that she told the truth. Abby thought she would be pregnant right now if that argument didn’t happen. Philip presented Chloe with a tree. He wanted to start over with a new tree. He wanted them to have a new beginning. Brady told Victor that Philip was too focused on Chloe to think about the business. Victor wanted him to take Chloe out of the equation. He wanted him to steal Chloe from Philip. Brady couldn’t believe what he heard. Victor told him how he would be able to get Chloe to leave Philip so he could focus on the business. Philip told Chloe that he wanted them to be together for a long time. Gwen knew she gave Abby a good reason to despise her. She hoped she and Chad could move on past what happened with her. Abby appreciated that.

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