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Recap written by Christine

Traci came home and found Jack transfixed by Summer and Kyle’s wedding invitation. She invited him to join her when she visited Abby and the baby. He noted that it was late, and she said the baby was still awake. He decided not to go, and she asked why he was looking at the wedding invitation. He pointed out that he was given a plus one, but he’d be going solo. This was the umpteenth wedding he’d attend alone. Traci noted that Jack kept going through this cycle of falling in love, breaking up, swearing off love and getting lonely and yearning for romance. She said this was part of the pattern, and he just happened to be at the lowest point right now. She felt that he had been since… He knew that she meant since their mom died. She was optimistic that he’d find love, since he had such a good heart. She suggested he go to bed, but he was trying to stay up late enough to call Kyle once it was morning in Italy. She sent her best to Kyle, Summer and Harrison, and she left. He murmured that his son was getting married, and he was still single. He heard Dina say “they grow up so fast, don’t they?” He went to the mantle and picked up a picture of himself with Dina.

Jack fell asleep downstairs and dreamed that he was having a conversation with Dina, though she wasn’t visible. He wished she would be at the wedding, and she assured him that nothing would stop her from seeing her grandson get married. He repeated what she said about kids growing up fast, and she told him not to waste a moment, like she had. She told Jackie to follow his heart. Jack’s dream shifted, and he was suddenly at the Chancellor house with Abby, Dominic and Traci. They all talked reverently about the love between parents and children. Jack said they lived their lives as parents trying to live up to promises they made at moments when their children were infants – promises to always protect them and never let anyone break their heart. Traci said that no one could keep promises like that. She stated that heartbreak was part of the human experience – it helped you learn to overcome pain and move on. She said he’d had his heart broken over and over, and he kept coming back for more, because he loved to be in love. He thought everyone wanted to love and be loved. She felt he’d elevated it to an art form. He said he never found the right person. She asked if he was sure. Traci and Abby disappeared, and Phyllis showed up. She blew him a kiss then quickly disappeared again.

Jack teleported back to his home, and he heard one of Dina and John’s favorite song playing. Traci walked in and she noted that their parents had seemed so happy. She wondered if it was just a facade, or if something changed. Traci was looking for answers, just like Jack. He told her not to give up – answers sometimes came from where you least expected them, just like love. Jack thought John knew on some level that Dina was unhappy. Traci wanted to believe John felt that his love with Dina was strong enough to endure all, and that if circumstances were different, they could’ve worked it out. Traci thought Jack believed that too, and that was why he never got jaded or bitter after all he endured. She thought he believed in love, even for himself. She could see he was yearning for it. Traci disappeared, and a furious Nick showed up.

Dream-Nick felt that Jack was trying to ruin his relationship with Phyllis. “I trust you. I respect you. What are you doing?,” Nick demanded. Jack argued that Nick did far worse – he pursued Phyllis when she was still with Jack. Nick didn’t think that justified Jack’s actions. Nick snapped that Jack put all these thoughts in Phyllis’s head, and now her relationship with Nick had changed. Jack never intended to do that, he was just trying to be honest with his feelings. Nick noted that he’d told Jack he was concerned his relationship with Phyllis was fated for disaster. Jack recalled Nick saying that someone besides Jack put doubts in his head. Jack said that nobody could make Nick doubt his relationship with Phyllis unless he was already feeling that way. Nick accused Jack of trying to shift the blame. He demanded to know why Jack would confess his love to Phyllis while she was with Nick. Phyllis appeared and told Nick to stop. She said Jack wasn’t the reason for what was going on between them. Nick asked what was going on, and Phyllis softly asked if she needed to spell it out. Jack told Phyllis not to say anything rash. He said he had no right to tell her how he felt. She said it was fine – she found his unbridled honesty to be beautiful. Jack apologized to Nick. Jack admitted he never let Phyllis go. Sally appeared and said she would’ve loved him more than Phyllis if he’d just let Phyllis go and moved on.

Sally told Jack that he made a legendary mistake letting her go and making a play for an old painful error in judgment named Phyllis. Phyllis faded away. Jack denied making a play for Phyllis. Sally said that she and Jack could’ve been a power couple, but he blew it. He thought she was misremembering what happened between them. She admitted she made a mistake or two, but she said he was mostly to blame because she genuinely cared about him and part of her still did. She said at least she knew when to give up and move on. She told him he needed to shut the door on his past, or he’d miss even more opportunities in life. Jack admitted Sally briefly manipulated him into wondering if this was his fault. He said it was her fault – her lies and deceptions and sabotage of his son’s relationship. Nick brought up Summer. Sally sarcastically apologized for getting Summer a fantastic job. Jack said Sally was talented, but she didn’t trust it. He said they couldn’t have a relationship because she didn’t know who she was or who she wanted to be. She asserted that she knew exactly who she was, but he just couldn’t accept it. She didn’t think she did anything worse than Phyllis. She didn’t run anyone over, like Phyllis did, so why should Phyllis get a free pass? “Because she’s Phyllis,” Jack and Nick said in unison. Sally was sorry Jack couldn’t forgive her the way he forgave Phyllis countless times. He told her he was sorry. She said they could’ve had fun. Nick noted that fun and games didn’t last, and Jack supposed that was true. Sally sniped that Jack should ask Phyllis to the wedding, and Nick told him not to even think about it.

Jack found himself at Nikki’s home. She was about to take a drink, and he took the bottle from her and asked what Victor did now. She snarled that she and Victor had been happy for years, and they had each other, while Jack didn’t have anything. He stammered that he had lots of things that brought him happiness, like Harrison. She scoffed and said Harrison was in Italy. Jack didn’t understand why Nikki was attacking him. She said it was because he was jealous of her and Victor. She stated that Jack always wanted love and devotion, and that was why he hurt Nick. She said Phyllis broke Nick’s heart again, thanks to Jack. Jack was shocked this was why Nikki was drinking. She asked how Jack of all people, could do this to Nick. Jack didn’t see why his feelings for Phyllis made a difference. He cared about Nick and Phyllis, and he’d never do anything to jeopardize their relationship. Nikki asked Jack if he was sure about that.

Dream-Nikki said that Jack bared his soul to Phyllis because he wanted to destroy her relationship with Nick. Jack swore that wasn’t his intention. He regretted opening up to Phyllis. It was late, he explained, and he’d had too much wine. He wasn’t saying that was an excuse, but the alcohol lowered his inhibition. He said this could be written off. Nikki told Jack to be honest. Victor showed up. Victor said that Jack fooled a lot of people into believing he was a saint, but Victor knew the truth. Victor watched Jack do underhanded things while putting a sheen of respectability on it. “I suppose you’re the saint,” Jack scoffed. Victor fully admitted he was no saint, but he didn’t pretend to be. He said he was ruthless, but he didn’t whisper sweet nothings in his old flame’s ear, knowing she was involved with someone else. Jack refused to argue about Phyllis with Victor, of all people. Victor didn’t give a damn about Phyllis. He said Nick would move on. “He changes women the way he changes careers,” Victor said. Nikki added that it didn’t make the heartache less painful. Nikki asked what everyone else thought, and Traci, Nick and Sally appeared at the main house.

Jack didn’t regret what was in his heart. He contended that his feelings were none of their business as long as he didn’t act on them. He wanted a partner, but sometimes loneliness was part of life. Traci told Jack to find someone besides Phyllis. Everyone repeated how they felt to Jack, but he said he didn’t care what anyone thought or felt. He said he didn’t break any laws or hurt anyone. He held all of them in their heart, to some degree. He had love in his life, and that was more than enough. Jack was plunged into a pitch black room, and Phyllis was there. She gently urged him to be honest – the love he had from his friends and family wasn’t enough. “What you really want, more than anything is to be with -” Jack woke up before Phyllis finished her sentence.

He poured himself a drink, then he texted someone asking if they could talk about something important. He went to Crimson Lights, then he remembered confessing his feelings to Phyllis the other day. Nick walked in, and Jack thanked him for coming by, even though it was late. Nick came because Jack said it was important. Jack admitted that he told Phyllis he never stopped loving her. Nick wasn’t surprised, and Jack thought it was because Phyllis already told him. Nick said that Phyllis didn’t have to tell him this. Nick could read Jack like an open book, and Jack’s feelings for Phyllis had been clear for some time. Nick said Jack and Phyllis spent a lot of time together because of what went down with Summer and Kyle. He thought it was only natural that Jack was thinking about the times he had with Phyllis. Jack asked if Nick wasn’t bothered. Nick didn’t feel threatened. He thought, after Jack’s relationship with Sally, it was understandable that Jack would be gun-shy about a new woman. Nick wasn’t saying Phyllis was safe, but she was familiar, and it was understandable that Jack would have feelings for her, because “She’s Phyllis,” Jack and Nick stated in unison.

Nick said Phyllis didn’t make it easy to forget her, and he knew what Jack and Phyllis had was special. Jack said it was no more special than what Nick and Phyllis had. Nick knew. Jack said he spent some of the best years of his life with Phyllis, not that they didn’t have their share of problems. Nick thought it was normal for Jack to fondly remember what he and Phyllis used to have. Nick did the same with Sharon. Nick reminisced about the good times and thought about the mistakes, and when you looked back, you could change and grow. Nick said his relationship with Phyllis was different than the one they had when they met or even after Summer’s birth, not that one version was better or worse. He said people had to evolve. Jack agreed. “If you knew exactly how I felt about Phyllis, why did you confide in me the other day? Why did you ask me those questions about your relationship with Phyllis?,” Jack asked. Nick wasn’t sure why he did that. He said maybe he was testing Jack. Jack asked if he passed, and Nick grinned and said he failed miserably. Nick told Jack that he and Jack were good. Nick asked what happened now. Jack said nothing – he’d made it clear to Phyllis that he’d never act on those feelings. Jack just felt he needed to tell Phyllis, and he thought Nick definitely needed to know. Nick appreciated that, especially since he didn’t deserve this kindness. Jack didn’t know why Nick felt that way. Jack noted that he’d been Nick’s stepfather, workmate and friend, and he looked back fondly on all those times. Nick did too, but he did Jack wrong when it came to Phyllis, and he was still feeling guilt. Jack said it was done – the heart went where it wanted to go. Nick said Jack controlled his feelings for Phyllis for all those years, while Nick couldn’t help acting on them. Jack wanted to leave that in the past. Nick was sorry Jack hadn’t found a woman who loved him as much as he loved Phyllis. Nick knew Phyllis was a tough act to follow, but he also knew someone was out there for Jack.

Nick went to Phyllis’s suite. He informed her that Jack told him about confessing his love to Phyllis. She was surprised Jack opened up to him. Nick asked if that was all Phyllis had to say. Phyllis was glad Jack said something, because holding it in was a burden. He asked why she didn’t tell him. She didn’t want to share Jack’s personal business. She added that people did and said a lot of things they didn’t mean when they’d had a few drinks. She didn’t think Jack’s feelings had anything to do with her or with her relationship with Nick. Nick asked Phyllis if she was sure she didn’t know how Jack felt before. She asked how she would know. Nick assumed Phyllis knew how unforgettable she was. She was glad this was out in the open. “This hasn’t changed anything with us, right?,” she asked. She was alarmed when he admitted he wasn’t sure. She insisted that they were solid. He stammered that he knew, he just thought… She told him not to think, and she she kissed him. She said she knew how to make him stop thinking and how to make him sure their relationship was solid. She pulled him into a deeper kiss.

Jack went home and called Kyle to let him know how much everyone was looking forward to the big weekend in Milan. Kyle asked if Jack would bring a guest. Jack said he’d be alone, but he’d be surrounded by people he cared about. He sent Summer and Harrison his love, and he got choked up as he ended the call. Dina told Jack that he’d find love again, because he was yearning for it. She said she loved him, and he said he loved her too.

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