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Jack: I’m glad you finally decided to trust me.

Gwen: It’s not that I didn’t trust you. Um… I was delivering drugs for snyder because– well, what he had on me is so… horrible really is the only word for it.

Jack: Okay.

Gwen: Something that I am so ashamed of that I was afraid that you would disown me. And well, living with my deception has been a great deal more difficult. Perhaps that’s your influence. Anyway…I can’t keep this from you any longer.

Ej: Of course I’ll hold for the judge. I’ll never understand being required to listen to elevator music while on hold.

Xander: Come on, mate. You don’t wanna do this.

Ej: You broke the terms of our agreement, xander. I got the drug charges against you dropped. I talked nicole into hiring you back. And in return, you treated me like a mark. That was a very big mistake. I’m an officer of the court, and I have no choice but to see that you pay for your crimes.

Marlena: Do you really think that bonnie murdered that woman, and then stole a million dollars from xander?

Kayla: I honestly don’t know what to think. I just feel so badly for justin.

[Phone beeps] Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry. Hmm, hmm.

Marlena: What?

Kayla: Well, jack had made an appointment for me to evaluate doug this morning and now he just canceled.

Marlena: I hope that means that doug is back to being himself again.

Julie: Oh my. I’m so thrilled. I mean, our family recipe is going to be available to everybody in salem right here in the square. I mean, it’s a–it’s a thrill. It’s a wonderful occasion. And remarkably, these donuts–they taste exactly like alice’S.

Doug: I’m sorry, darling, but who the heck is alice?

Julie: Alice horton. My grandmother.

Doug: Well, then, why don’t you just take a box full of donuts over to her and ask her what she thinks of them?

Chad: Your mom let me in.

Abigail: Yeah, I see.

Chad: It’s really good to see you.

Abigail: It’s good to see you too.

Chad: Can I–can I hug you or something? Male narrator: Like sand through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Sweeping orchestration]


Xander: You can’t send me to prison.

Ej: That’s not true, and you know it.

Xander: After everything I’ve done for you.

Ej: Forgive me, I can’t recall owing you for a thing.

Xander: Nashville?

Ej: What about it?

Xander: Oh, I guess you don’t remember ’cause you were a vegetable during most of it. But who do you think made sure you were fed? I literally put food in your mouth three times a day.

Ej: Hmm. And I’m sure you did that because you feel a deep sense of empathy for your fellow man.

Xander: I wiped the drool off your face. You were helpless as a baby!

Ej: Return that this instant.

Xander: You were my special project, my little elvis.

Ej: Give me the phone now.

Xander: What are you gonna do if I don’t?

[Soft somber music]


Abigail: You didn’t tell me you were coming.

Chad: I was afraid you’d talk me out of it. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s become clear that you don’t have any plans to come home. Abby, the kids miss you.

Abigail: I miss them too; that’s why I write them every day and I video chat with them every night.

Chad: I know that. I miss you. I miss my wife. Please come home–come back to your life–with us.

Jack: I’ve seen you at your worst, gwen. I still welcomed you into my life. So just tell me–what was snyder holding over your head?

Gwen: He knew that I lied about my miscarriage.

Jack: What?

Gwen: He knew that I said that abigail caused it even though it wasn’t true.

Jack: Why did you lie?

Gwen: Well, I came to in the hospital. That’s when it hit me all over again that I’d miscarried. And I just wanted to make abigail feel something too. So I came between her and chad. And the person who knew about my lie was snyder. That’s the big secret he used to make me run those drugs for him.

Jack: Why did xander say he was part of it?

Gwen: He was covering for me, jack. He didn’t do it for me. He did it for you. He didn’t want you to accept the truth that your oldest daughter had wrecked your youngest daughter’s life.

Abigail: I can’t come home yet. Grandma’s estate is still a mess, and I’m not going to leave my mom alone to deal with it.

Chad: Abby, you said you needed space. I stayed away, okay? It has been–it has been months. Now can’t jennifer find somebody else to help finish everything up?

Abigail: I’m sorry. I need more time. Okay?

Chad: Abby, just stop. Okay. I–I’m–I’m–I’m ask–I’m begging you. Just please talk to me.

Kayla: Hey!

Johnny: Aunt kayla, hi.

Kayla: I heard you were in town. It’s so good to see you. Look at you all grown up.

Johnny: Yeah. Tell my dad that, will you?

Kayla: Yes. I definitely will. But listen, I’ll call you. We’ll get together, okay?

Johnny: Okay. Great.

Kayla: All right. Bye-bye.

Marlena: Sure.

Johnny: Hello.

Marlena: Hi, sweetie.

Johnny: I’m sorry you haven’t seen me before now.

Marlena: Well, that’s all right. Why don’t you sit down?

Johnny: Sure.

Marlena: So why did you come to my office instead of coming to the house?

Johnny: Because I’m having problems with allie and i wanted to talk to you in private.

Marlena: Oh. What kind of problems are you having with your sister?

Johnny: I’ll get to that. But first–I just wanted to say, I know how much you helped her when things were tough, and what a difference that made to her. And that she probably couldn’t have gotten through it without you. And how amazing you were. We’re so lucky to have you for a grandma–

Marlena: Aren’t you laying it on just a little bit thick?

Johnny: Oh, come on. I mean it.

Marlena: I know that look on your face.

Johnny: What look?

Marlena: It’s a look you had when you were seven years old and you wanted me to talk your mother into letting you keep the snake you found in the garden.

Johnny: It was just a garter snake. It wouldn’t have been any trouble.

Marlena: Yeah. You want something? Tell me what it is.

Ej: If I have to leave here without my phone, I’ll just get another phone to speak to the judge. You won’t like what happens after I do.

Xander: Just take a deep breath.

Ej: Don’t patronize me.

Xander: You know the old saying, get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar? Once the cops see that your money had nothing to do with bonnie gunning down her sister-in-law in cold blood–

Ej: Time is money and I’ve wasted enough of it on you. I’m not inclined to wait any longer.

Xander: You are not leaving this room until I have your word that you aren’t gonna call that judge back and send me to prison.

Julie: This is alice and tom. You loved them so much. Don’t tell me you don’t remember them.

Doug: Well, of course I do. They’re your grandparents–alice and tom. And the square is dedicated to their memory.

Julie: Darling, you could tell that just by reading that plaque.

Doug: Don’t be so upset, my love. It’s a beautiful summer day and we are enjoying it together.

Julie: Don’t pretend. Please. Tell me the truth, doug.

Doug: Okay, truth. Well, when I see these faces, I have the feeling that they are very fine people. But truth, honey, I don’t know either one of them from adam. Oh, my. Why can’t I remember them? What is wrong with me?

Julie: I don’t know, sweetheart, I don’t know. We’re gonna find out. We’re gonna fix this.

Doug: Okay, okay.

Get ready. It’s time for

the savings event of the year.

Johnny: Why do you think I’m after something?

Marlena: Because if you wanted to talk about allie, you would’ve called and made an appointment.

Johnny: Okay. I do want something. I want to spend some time with my favorite grandma.

Marlena: Yeah. I’m sure flattery gets you a long way. But the people that sit in that chair come in here to be honest.

Johnny: Okay, fair enough. I want to make an independent film and I need investors to help me finance my dream.

Kayla: I’m so surprised to see you both since jack canceled your schedule appointment.

Julie: Well, jack canceled because I asked him to, but since then–doug and I both think that that was a mistake.

Ej: It’s clear that you have diminished mental capacity, so I’ll use short words. I am no longer the vegetable I was in nashville.

Xander: You sure about that, mate?

Ej: I’m sure.

Gwen: I’m sorry. I can see what this has done to you. But ugh! I have to say it feels like this tremendous weight has just been lifted off my shoulders. I just, I couldn’t allow you to continue blaming xander when he had nothing to do with it. But I also was so scared that you would hate me if I told you–

Jack: You were right to be scared. Do you have any idea what you’ve done to abigail? Do you? You pack your things. You get the hell out of here.

Gwen: Dad, please.

Jack: Don’t you ever call me that again. You are no daughter of mine.

Jack: Gwen? Honey? Whatever you did, it’s really torturing you. Please tell me. Tell me about you and snyder.

Chad: Thank you.

Abigail: Grandma just kept a lot of stuff at our house, you know? Just the attic and the basement, you know, piled to the ceiling with just clothes and books and knickknacks. I’m going through some upstairs closet the other day and I, I find this box.

Chad: What was in it?

Abigail: Things for a newborn. Some tiny sleepers, and blankets, and bibs. A little lamb and stuff, you know? Mom and I were wondering if she had kept it for her or if she had kept it for me. And I’m of course just thinking keep, donate, trash. Then it hits me that gwen’s daughter was my niece. And she’s your dau–I mean, she’s your daughter. And she’s our kids’ half sister. And I thought I was doing fine. You know, I thought I’m getting past all of that. And the truth is that that child was a member of our family, and I guess I just had never really seen that, you know?

Chad: Yeah. But you could–you couldn’t–

Abigail: I know, but no matter what anyone says, I can’t help, but feel like I, I killed that child. Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

Chad: Abby– you didn’t kill that baby. You wouldn’t do that. Look at me. You are one of the best mothers that I have ever seen. Okay? You did–I read the letters that you write the kids every day, or the boxes full of surprises every week. When I don’t know how to handle one of their problems, you know exactly what to do to make them feel better. A thousand miles away.

Abigail: Thank you for being sweet. Thank you. I love them so much. And I just– I just can’t help but think that gwen probably loved her baby too, you know? And all I wanted was for that baby to disappear. And–oh my god, chad, I told her that the baby would be better off dead rather than have her as a mother. And then I went and I made sure that’s what happened.

Jack: Gwen, why don’t you just say it?

Gwen: Well, it’s more a matter of how to say it.

Xander: I’ve got it–tell him you used to be a hooker. Tell jack that snyder was one of your clients.

Gwen: The thing snyder knew about me is that I used to be a prostitute.

Xander: You shouldn’t have done that, mate.

Ej: And what are you gonna do about this, hmm?

Marlena: So… tell me about your movie.

Johnny: I wanna put a new focus on everyday life. I made a couple of shorts on my phone.

Marlena: Do you have any other investors?

Johnny: I almost had uncle tony and anna, but dad made sure that didn’t happen. All he cares about is me being the next generation at dimera, but I’ll never do it. I don’t care how hard I have to fight. I know what I want, and I’m going to make my dream come true.

Xander: Enough!

Ej: This isn’t done until there’s only one of us still standing.

Xander: You sure about that? I’d hate to mess up your pretty new face.

Certain hpv-related cancers?

Marlena: Tell me some more about your movie. Tell me about the theme.

Johnny: I haven’t really settled on one idea yet, but I think it’d be cool to do like an indie version on the life of greta thunberg or matt fraser. I don’t see either one of those people giving the rights to a guy like me for their story, but all I’m really sure of is that I want the focus to be on somebody who I can connect with. Somebody who inspires me.

Marlena: And who are you thinking should write it for you?

Johnny: Me.

Marlena: Oh. Wow. That’S… that’s ambitious, I guess.

Johnny: Well, it eliminates the fights between the writer and the director.

Marlena: You know, you should–you should maybe call your brother. And will spent some, some time in hollywood and he’s learned the lessons about how to navigate some difficult situations.

Ej: That’s for all those wretched lima beans in nashville. I kept spitting them out, but you just shoved them back in my mouth and laughed. He who laughs best laughs last.

Gwen: When I moved to philly, that was before I met jake. It was supposed to be my fresh start. That turned out to be an absolute bloody kick in the teeth. The job I was supposed to have completely fell through, and I didn’t have a dime of savings. And I wasn’t about to go hungry and live on the streets ’cause I’d already done a lot of that with mom. So–I started making some contacts and–offering my services.

Jack: Is that how you met up with snyder?

Gwen: He was one of my clients.

Jack: He lived in philadelphia then?

Gwen: No, he was there for a medical convention or something.

Jack: He was the doctor who told you that the baby was gone.

Gwen: Rotten karma that. When I was admitted to the hospital, he walked into the room.

Jack: He was there when I came to see you.

Gwen: Yeah. He knew who my father was and used that to blackmail me. He threatened to tell you about me unless I did what he wanted. I’m so, so, so ashamed of what I’ve done in philly and when I moved here. All the things that I did to you and your family. But you have to know that I’m not that person anymore. Will you ever forgive me? Can you forgive me, jack?

Chad: Abby, you have to find a way to forgive yourself. Okay, gwen waged a full-out attack on you from the day we hired her. And I, I bought into her lies. I’ll never understand why. But that baby was conceived because of my mistake. Do you understand? Gwen may have miscarried, but if she’s still coming between us, it is because of me.

Abigail: You know, you tried to make me feel better. And you kept saying that you didn’t want to be having a baby with her and I believed you. But I need you to be honest with me, because I know the kind of father that you are. Is there any part of you that hates me for what I made happen to your child?

Kayla: Well, you have the blood pressure and the heart rate of a man half your age.

Doug: Must be all that racquetball.

Julie: That’s wonderful. But today we’re concerned about his mind. He forgot that he locked me in our walk-in freezer at the restaurant. He confused marlena and vivian’s names, and now–he can’t remember tom and alice. So, kayla, can you please help me understand what’s happening to him?

Doug: What the young lady is asking is, does her old man have alzheimer’s?

Limu emu & doug

Kayla: There are a lot of possible causes for these mental lapses of yours.

Doug: Not just alzheimer’s?

Kayla: No. And a lot of the causes are eminently treatable.

Julie: So–there’s hope?

Kayla: I am so glad that you two decided to come today. I hope that this will ease your mind. I am going to do a lot of tests. And when I get the answers back, we will figure out what the next step is. Together.

Johnny: You’re a genius.

Marlena: Will you stop that please?

Johnny: I’m serious. I remember us all moving to hollywood so will could sell a screenplay he’d written about mom’s life.

Marlena: Ah, yes. “The sami brady story.”

Johnny: That could be exactly what I’m looking for actually. Do you think will would let me read his script?

Marlena: I don’t know. You could–you could ask him certainly. And if you meet some resistance, you could have him call me. He’s my other favorite grandson. And I will talk to john about maybe getting involved financially.

Johnny: Oh, come on. I know you’re the one who calls the shots.

Marlena: No, that’s entirely not true. John and I are equal partners. May I give you some advice?

Johnny: Sure.

Marlena: Save some of that rakish charm for when you get to hollywood; you’re going to need it. I’m wondering if the university taught you anything about making an elevator pitch.

Johnny: What’s that?

Marlena: Look it up.

Johnny: You’re amazing.

Marlena: Come on. Get outta here. I got work to do.

Johnny: It’s good to see you.

Marlena: You too. Hmm.

Gwen: Could you please say something? You look so very upset.

Jack: I am. With myself. You wouldn’t have been forced to do what you did if I had been in your life.

Gwen: Then you understand?

Jack: You had no backup. You did what you had to do to survive.

Gwen: I can’t–I just– you’re not ashamed of me?

Jack: No. I, I have done so many things that I have been ashamed of in my life. If I judged you harshly, I would be the biggest hypocrite in the world. You may remember this from all that research that you did, but my, my adopted father, harper devereaux– he hunted and killed women who were sex workers.

Gwen: Oh. Your life hasn’t exactly been easy either then has it?

Jack: Thank god I met jennifer. Thank god you got out of the life before you encountered a psychopath like him. Oh, god. You’re safe now.

Gwen: I thought you were gonna chuck me out.

Jack: No. You’re my daughter. After what you’ve told me, you’ll always have a place in my life. And in my heart.

Chad: The idea of fathering a child with gwen, it was–it was a nightmare. Okay. But then I thought, that child did not ask to be born. So then I knew that I had to try my best to be a father to that baby. You know? But no part of me, there’s no part anywhere in my body or soul that hates you for anything. I wish you’d fly back with me. So you and me and the kids, so we can be a family again.

Abigail: I want that. I want it, I do. I want that too, but I can’T. I can’T. It’s not just about the guilt. It’s not about the way I feel about gwen and the fact that I didn’t want her and your baby to exist. It’s, it’s us. It’s you and it’s me and I– you were unfaithful to me. And I’m having a really hard time looking at you and seeing the man that I saw there before. Seeing the love of my life, my devoted husband. I’m having a really hard time trusting you.

Chad: Let me help you. I’m gonna help you do that. Okay? I’m gonna help you do that. However long it takes. Whatever I have to do. I am devoted from now on to making you happy. To making you feel safe and loved. Oh, my god, you are the most important person in the entire world to me. You always will be. I’m nothing without you. You know that? I’m nothing. Come home. What do you say? I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Kayla: I know this is scary. But let’s try not to think of the worst, okay?

Doug: We’ll do our best. Won’t we?

Julie: You bet.

Kayla: All right. I will be back once I’ve scheduled the tests. Hang in there.

Doug: My love… I know who I am and I know who you are. Even, even if I forget our names, I will never, ever forget how much I love you.

Jack: When I think about what you have been through, it breaks my heart.

Gwen: Please don’t–please don’t, don’t, don’t feel sorry for me anymore. It’s okay because how very blessed am i to have a father that not only loves me, but believes in me too?

Jack: I’m feeling blessed too. Because you trust me enough to be open with me. And I only hope that my love for you, and my belief in you helps you to believe in yourself. And I’m gonna do everything i can to help you and support you. And I will–I will always be here for you. I always will. You know that by now, don’t you?

Gwen: I do. I’m so grateful.

[Phone rings]

Jack: Oh, I’m sorry. It’s, it’s, it’s jennifer.

Gwen: Take it please. Please take it.

Jack: Hello, my love? Yeah. How’s everything going?

Gwen: Well, xander, I went with your ridiculous hooker story, because I’m a bloody coward. But I couldn’t let my father hate me. I couldn’t lose him.

Xander: Ugh! Damn you, dimera. The one that laughs last and hardest and longest is gonna be me, you son of a bitch. That is gonna be me.

Johnny: Tough day at the office?

Ej: You should see the other bloke. Have you got the financing for your pipe dream?

Johnny: I might have. Also got a lead on a hot script. I don’t think you’ll be a fan of the subject matter though.

Ej: Try me.

Johnny: It’s called “the sami brady story.”

Ej: You’re joking.

Johnny: I’m not. And I’m afraid some of the characters don’t get their happy hollywood ending.

Abigail: Yes.

Chad: Yes?

Abigail: Yes. There’s nothing that I want more in the world than to let go of the guilt and the pain and trust in our marriage again. And come home to you and thomas and charlotte.

Chad: Yeah. And don’t–and don’t worry. Okay? I got you. No matter what. It’s not gonna be easy, but I am gonna be with you every step of the way.


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