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my mom is not giving herself enough time to get ready. I wanted her to be able to relax so she wouldn’t feel rushed. Well, I’m guessing wherever she went was important. Hey. Mom! Where were you? Okay, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you. Hi, trina. Hi, mrs. Corinthos. I tried keeping joss calm. I thought you were a runaway bride. No way. I can’t wait to marry jason.

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh, that must be a family member because the guards didn’t call. I’ll got it so you can start getting ready. No, I have plenty of time. Relax. Did you see that? I mean, for weeks, she’s been distracted, almost like she was having second thoughts. Now look at her. She’s so happy. It’s a happy day. And I would be able to enjoy it better if I hadn’t completely humiliated myself. Carly, hi. I know it’s your wedding day, and I’m so sorry to just show up like this, but… it’s important. Nikolas: I’m not up for eating much. I’ve been under the weather, but I was happy to get the invitation. We’re so pleased you accepted. Sorry you’re not feeling well. I understand that you’re an excellent horseman. I adore horses. Do you ride? Not as much as I did as a kid. Oh, where did you grow up? Here, there, and everywhere. Not easy to keep a horse.

[ Chuckles ] But spence and I did a lot of riding at school, though. We were so lucky the lycée had a stable. Well, you’re welcome to use the stables at wyndemere whenever you want. That’s very kind.

[ Chuckles ] So what have you two been doing for fun? Spence has been showing me around port charles. Oh, the insider’s tour. Where have you gone so far? Around. What have you done? All kinds of stuff. Like what? What is with the third degree? You still don’t trust me? That’s not what I’m — he’s just trying to make conversation, spence. Showing some interest. Oh, sure, he’s interested now. Well, well, aren’t we the picture of familial harmony? So will you go with me to carly and jason’s wedding? Is that an actual question? Why wouldn’t it be? Because, maxie, you’ve made it clear to me that seeing me is a painful reminder of you losing your lovely louise. So I don’t understand why you would want me to attend a wedding with you. Well, I realized I’ve been looking at this the wrong way. I might not have my daughter with me right now, but she’s in the world because of you. So maybe I should be associating you with good things instead. I like the sound of that.

[ Chuckles ] So if you can forgive what I said before, I’d like to start over. Curtis: Jordan?

[ Sighs ] Welcome back, beautiful. I — we thought we lost you. Would you text dr. Gatlin-holt and let him know that his patient, jordan ashford, is awake? Yes, doctor. I’m so glad you’re okay. Thank you. My mom’s awake? She’s fully conscious? I didn’t do an exam, but it appears so. Thank god.

[ Laughs ] Phyllis: Nina? Phyllis, is mike there? No, he accidentally left his phone behind. He’s on his way to the tan-O. Is everything alright? Yeah, everything’s fine.

[ Door opens ] Oh, mike is here now.

[ Door closes ] We’ll talk soon. Hey. What’s the matter, nina? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Well, I wasn’t expecting to see you. You’re supposed to be — dead?

I’m so sorry to disappoint you. Here I am, alive and well. Yeah. Well, peter, why would I think otherwise? I’m just surprised to see you. You were supposed to be in saint lucia. Oh, that’s right. Beautiful saint lucia, where I was scheduled to meet my doom at the hands of your aunt liesl. Very clever, nina. Not clever enough. I told you I had eyes and ears everywhere. One of my contacts alerted me to the fact that aunt liesl’s travel plans were headed to saint lucia as well. I’ll have you know that my would-be assassin has been waylaid. What did you do to her? Is she okay? Oh, auntie’s being handled. Now…

[ Sighs ] …How best to handle you? Being with you when louise arrived was beautiful. It was a real honor. I only wish I could have done more to keep the both of you safe. Okay, if we’re gonna start talking regrets, we’ll be here all night and completely miss that wedding. That is, if you will go with me.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I got to see a patient. So, how’d it go? You were really selling it there, he said, “got to go,” and then bolted. I don’t know. Maybe he saw right through me. Maybe he thinks I’m a complete nut job. Whatever it is, I’m done. Alright, you’re all set. Let me know if you need anything else, okay? Curtis: Thank you. Hi. Hi, yourself. It is good to have you back. Oh, where did I go? Well, that’s — that’s a little too existential for me to answer, but…

[ Chuckles ] …You had everyone around here scared half to death. Everyone?

[ Monitor beeping ] One person in particular. Hey, mom. Hey, get over here. How are you feeling? I’m okay. Promise? Promise. Did they catch the perp they killed barstow?

[ Chuckles ] Look at you, always on the job. Even from a hospital bed. And why am i not surprised? Yeah, I got him, but I had to make a choice — detain him or go back to the house for you. And it really wasn’t a choice at all. Just checking. How’s the patient? Grateful. Thank you, portia. I only wish I could have got us out of that basement before you inhaled all those fumes. I tried, but… you kept me alert as long as you could, by talking and talking to me. And I will never forget it. Please tell me spencer and his father aren’t invited to the wedding. Not unless maxie went rogue and did it without telling anyone. Which is a definite possibility. Well, I mean, even if she did and spencer’s there, who cares? Trina, are you worried about what spencer thinks of you? Esme called me out in front of him and now spencer thinks I’m crushing on him. And are you? What’s going on? I — I’m moving away from port charles. I can’t take avery with me. You know, it’s killing me, but I need to leave my little girl here… with you. Well, look at you, young spencer, all grown up, huh? No thanks to you. Easy, easy. We don’t have to dwell on and exaggerate ancient history, especially when we all have things that we regret, behavior that wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny. Anything that spencer might regret happened when he was a child. What’s your excuse? Okay, you’re gonna give this charming young woman the wrong impression. You’ll have to forgive this family spat. This is all ancient history, really. Not really. Address my girlfriend again, you’ll be history. I don’t know why you’re so defensive. You’re making me think you’re hiding something. I’ll give you this much. You’re good at mind games. Now, who does that remind me of? Oh, yes. Helena. Like mother, like son. Okay, this little father-son thing you’ve rediscovered is really touching. Well, at least I know who my father is. Anna: Oh, boy. Okay. That’s quite enough.

I’m into spencer, or was. I’m not sure how I feel about him these days. I mean, one minute, we’re really starting to connect, and the next minute, here comes his secret continental girlfriend. I’m sorry, trina. Don’t be. You tried to warn me that spencer was too good to be true. Yeah, but I was hoping I was wrong, that he got some perspective when he was away and maybe grew up a little bit. Look, you’ve had it rough this summer. First with that guy, victor, and then spencer, who completely led you on and lied by omission. I could just throttle him for his insensitivity. Then throttle me, too, because spencer lied about something else, and I helped him. What are you doing? Where is all this coming from, anyway? Valentin is the reason why my father stayed away so long and pretended he was dead. To protect me and recoup our rightful fortune. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize he was protecting anyone. I thought he was hiding. You bastard. Okay, this is all old news. None of us are the same people that we once were. None of what you’ve done will be forgotten, valentin. Despite your efforts, you lost and you will die without the cassadine fortune. And despite your pathetic attempt to cling on to the name, you will only ever be helena’s cast-off, no-name son. Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on, let’s go. Nothing like a mutual enemy to bring family together. Who’s the bossy brit? With the gas escaping and you collapsing, I was practically babbling. I don’t even know what I said in that basement. It’s all really a blur. You said that we need to hold on because our children need us. I sure do. Commissioner ashford, hi. Hi. Happy to see you’re awake. I see that the bump on your head didn’t affect your memory. That’s because she’s a champ. How’s your throat? Scratchy. I’ll let dr. Gatlin-holt update you. Doctor, what do you think? Aside from some throat irritation, the patient doesn’t seem to have any of the more serious respiratory or cognitive symptoms commonly associated with carbon monoxide poisoning. Completely agree. But, commissioner, we’re gonna have to discuss your latest test results. What does the new bloodwork indicate? Dr. Ashford, I recognize that you are an excellent physician, but you are not my physician. I’ll feel you in after my exam, okay? Okay. I just want to say that you’ve been great, and I never got a chance to say thank you. I haven’t had a chance to — to thank you either. If you hadn’t have shown up when you did… jordan and I weren’t gonna make it out of that basement. Hey, tj. Mols. Hey. How’d you know? Shawn called me. Thanks. I knew you’d want molly and I knew she’d want to be here. How’s your mom doing? She’s awake and alert. That’s all good. We don’t know about the long-term yet. We had a deal, nina. All you had to do was find a lead, so I could track down my daughter and then I’d leave your nephew in port charles and leave you alone so you could live out your cozy little lie of a life. How is sonny, by the way? You two doing a construction project together now? Listen, peter, just leave sonny out of it. You want me to help you find your daughter? Okay, fine. I will help you. Just tell me what you need. Our agreement became null and void the moment you sent me off to be ambushed. Okay, I panicked. I panicked. I am so sorry. It just — I wasn’t sure that I could get all the information that you demanded of me. I was afraid. No, what you were was overconfident. You were so convinced that your demented aunt would succeed in her mission, you never bothered to consider the alternative. Well, I’m sorry, nina. Liesl failed. And now there have to be consequences.

Okay, here goes. Spencer is victor. I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you right. It was spencer I met the night of my graduation party at the savoy, but he told me his name was victor. That’s why he didn’t want me to take any pictures of him or be with you and cam on the 4th of july. He didn’t want to blow his cover. Okay, I’m not remotely shocked that spencer would lie. I mean, he was a huge liar when we were kids. But what was the point? What did it get him? He begged me not to tell anyone he was in town earlier than he claimed. He said it was because of his relationship with his father, to avoid drama. Oh, please. Spencer craves drama. That’s why he threw that over-the-top party. And of course, his father had to go even bigger by pretending to stab him. I mean, seriously, I swear those two deserve each other. They probably do, but that’s not the point. I shouldn’t have covered for spencer, and I definitely never should have lied to you. I violated our “sisters before misters” rule. You’re really gonna let this stalker drive you out of town? My divorce from nikolas is almost final. When it is, I’m gone. Hopefully not forever. Wow. Well, if you’re taking this step, you must feel like you don’t have a choice. I don’T. Things have gotten worse, more dangerous. The night of spencer’s party, my car was set on fire and the stalker left kiki’s G.H. Badge there for me to find. Oh, never mind anna. Come on. Really showed valentin. Come on.

[ Groans ] You’re hurt. I met ava’s hired goons today, and I may have run into a fist or two. I’m okay. Ava had you beaten? Spencer, it’s fine, alright? It’s — it’s complicated, and I don’t want to get into it now. If you’ll excuse me, since I doubt that the bar serves ibuprofen or aspirin, I’m gonna have a gin and tonic.

[ Groans ] What kind of sick game is ava playing now? Takes gamers to recognize game. But if you want to repair the relationship, you’re gonna have to meet him halfway and control that temper of yours. Unless you’re with an enemy like valentin. That was hot. Why did you go over there, anyway? I don’t know. You okay? Yeah. Spencer was just posturing for his girlfriend. Well, that helena remark was below the belt. I was probably asking for it. What about you? How’s your day going so far? Mm. Tj texted me on my way over here. Apparently, jordan was exposed to a gas leak or something. She’s at G.H. Now. He’s gonna keep me updated. I’m so sorry. What are you doing here? Go be with your friend. You’re my friend, too. Tj: How’s my mom? Well, first things first, commissioner ashford has given me permission to discuss her medical condition with you, so that’s out of the way. As you know, we ran some tests because we were worried about her kidney functions. Her albumin-to-creatinine ratio wasn’t what we wanted, so we used a formula to determine the gfr, and that number that we got back fell well below the benchmark that indicates kidney disease. Okay, doc, plain english, please. Mom’s in renal failure. Will you just wait a second? Are you really bailing because austin didn’t say yes right away? Because that guy is so going to the wedding with you. Okay, I’m not really comfortable manipulating the good samaritan who delivered my baby. Whoa, back up. That good samaritan is the same guy who’s trying to get a piece of the elq pie that my great-grandfather clearly didn’t want him to have. Oh, my god. You have a one-track mind. Is it really that terrible to leave valentin in charge of elq? Because from what I see, he’s an effective ceo who happens to think the sun rises and sets with his daughter, bailey. He’s gonna be completely heartbroken when he finds out she’s not his. And now I’m letting austin think I’m interested. Is elq really worth all this emotional devastation? Let’s try this again, shall we? Unlock your phone and hand it over. You can thank valentin’s obsession with you for the fact that you’re still breathing. No more games, nina. You’re gonna find out if valentin knows where my daughter is. Well, valentin’s good, but he’s not infallible. I can’t make him know something he doesn’T. Oh, I’d try real hard if I were you. Oh, there he is. Oh, and just so we’re clear, you’re on speaker… as of now.

[ Line ringing ] Nina, what a nice surprise. I’m sorry to bother you, valentin, but I just can’t get maxie off my mind and how much she must miss louise. Oh, I know, it’s awful. I was wondering if you had any information about the baby or who would have taken her? No, anna and i have been investigating, but we’re running into nothing but dead ends so far. I promise not to get maxie’s hopes up, I just need a little reassurance that there must be some new information, valentine. No, no, nothing. Are you alright? Yeah, it’s just a little bit more rustic here than I like. You must love staying at the metro court, valentin, you get room service any time you like. And so it goes. Bye. Room service, what the hell are you getting in? Well, peter, I had to make it sound natural. I couldn’t just ask about louise and hang up.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door opens ] Oh, mr. Sinclair, what brings you back to our neck of the woods?

you don’t have to date austin on my account, okay? I have my own opinions on the guy, but that’s on me. Thanks. Look, so far, your plan is working. You’re keeping my daughter safe from her maniac father and you’re taking really good care of her. I owe you more than I could ever repay, but my gratitude does not mean I’m writing you a blank check.

[ Scoffs ] The nephrologist has classified the commissioner’s condition as acute kidney injury. Meaning she still has renal failure. So this is a very serious situation, but it’s also totally reversible if we treat her quickly. Well, thank god. Are we talking medications and a renal diet or more aggressive treatment? All of the above. I mean, it’s all-hands-on-deck time. But, yeah, I think the first point of attack is intense hemodialysis until her kidney recovers. Okay, so we get her here a few times a week for dialysis. Because of the frequency and the length of her treatments and given the fact that she only has one kidney, I have recommended that the commissioner undergo treatment at a specialty clinic in albany. Albany? Yeah, and she’s agreed. She’s good to go. I just have to arrange transport for her, which is what I’m gonna go do. Thanks, mac. That means a lot. I’ll rest easier knowing that you’ve got this. You are a thorough professional.

[ Chuckles ] But it’s time to put your health first. I intend do. I just needed to update mac so that he could cover me on my leave of absence. I could be in albany for weeks. You made the right choice. Dr. Gatlin-holt’s treatment plan is sound. You’ll be back on the job in no time. Thanks in part to you. You kept us both going in that basement. I was out of it, fighting to stay conscious, but I could still hear you talking to me. Josslyn: Trina. Spencer put you in an impossible situation. Looking back, I wish I had come right out and told ava who victor was and what he really thought of her. Maybe the stalker left kiki’s badge to torment me. Maybe it was some kind of warning. Regardless, I can’t let avery become collateral damage. Okay. I’ll take care of avery until you can come back for her. Thank you. Thank you, carly. That is the plan. Anna: That was nina? Yeah. It was odd. She didn’t sound like herself. How so? Well, her tone, it sounded forced. She was asking questions about maxie’s daughter. I mean, it’s not the happiest of subjects. Maybe she was overcompensating or something? Maybe. Hey. You have very good instincts. What are they telling you? That I’ve got to call her back to make sure. Peter was just giving me an update, phyllis, about that meeting that he took in new york with that editor. How exciting. Was it successful, mr. Sinclair? That remains to be seen.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hmm. I’m sure you’re just being modest. You strike me as a real go-getter. We were just hashing out the plot points for the book that peter is pitching. It’s confidential, phyllis, so if you don’t mind leaving. I can take the hint. I only came back to drop off mike’s phone. We were supposed to go over the invoice for the construction supplies, but since mike’s not here, I’ll grab it and look it over at home. I had no idea all this was being delivered, though it’s certainly needed. Can I get you two a cold one while I’m back here? Peter: No, thanks. I have to keep my wits about me.

[ Yelps ] See what I mean? On the outside, I looked fine.

I was just rambling in that basement. When you talked about trina’s father? Portia: And I need to tell trina how much I love her. And I need to tell trina the truth. The truth about her father. Jordan: I understand. I went through a similar situation with tj. You did? Sure. It was a careful and nuanced conversation when I explained to him about my life undercover, about the mistakes I made. Tj was angry at first. But you shouldn’t worry. Trina accepts that taggert is only human, and if there are still past mistakes that you need to discuss, I’m sure she’ll understand. Did I…get that all wrong? No, no, no, that’s — that’s — that’s exactly right. And I should go call trina right now. How are you feeling, mom? I’m fine. Molly, can you do me a favor? Yes, I will look after tj. You read my mind. Thank you. Is this a private party, or can anyone join? I’m sorry. I won’t be able to help you with your investigation. No. Furthest thing from my mind. You just concentrate on getting better. That is definitely the plan. Who writes checks anymore? What does that even mean? It means I’m not obligated to do you any inappropriate favors. I understand. Look, the quartermaine ways die hard, a little backstabbing here, a little manipulation there, nothing too serious. At least that’s what we tell ourselves before things go sideways. Look, I’m really trying to do better. It’s hard to change old patterns of behavior. Yeah. But I do appreciate you trying. Since we haven’t ordered, veuillez m’excuser? It’s considered rude to go to the bathroom in the middle of a meal in france. Oh, well, we’re in port charles. But speaking of places you used to live, what’s it gonna take you to come back home to wyndemere? I’m not sure. What would that look like? We’d have to figure it out. I’d like to try under the same roof. You willing to take a chance? Yeah, I’m open to discussing it, especially since kevin keeps offering me muesli in the morning.

[ Laughs ] Ah. Alright, that’s it for me. I’m gonna go home and have an ice bath. Say goodbye to esme. Sure. Today was fun. We should do it again soon. Dinner’s on me.

[ Monitor beeping ] So, albany, huh? I hear it’s a great city, especially for kidney issues. You are not to worry about a thing. Whatever you need, you know I got you. I won’t hang up on you if I get an occasional phone call with one of your crazy stories. You better not. Might even have a few you haven’t heard.

[ Chuckles ] The medical transport team will be here shortly. Is now a good time to get you prepped? Yeah, let’s do this. I just can’t believe I let some guy question my own thought process. I admit, maybe I shouldn’t have confronted esme on a hunch, but — no, no buts. You’re the most levelheaded person I know. If you think something’s off, it’s off. Thanks for having my back, joss. Always. Sisters before misters.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Hey, mom. What? Okay, I’ll be right there. My mom and commissioner ashford were in some accident, and they’re at G.H. Oh, go. I’ll try to be on time for the wedding. Don’t worry, don’t worry. I am sorry that you have to go through this alone. I guess all that’s left is to tell avery that she will have to be without her mother again. You know, we can tell her that you’re taking a trip. That is, if you want me there. I do. I think when the time comes, I think — I think it’d be good if we told her together. Drop the gun. Drop yours, and I’ll consider it. Your friend has guts, nina. I’m also a crack shot. Lenny took me to the firing range often. Let her breathe. Listen, mike’s gonna come back to get his — to get his phone, so why don’t you just let us go and you can live to see your daughter? Oh, my life isn’t the one you need to be worried about. Not only did you betray me, but it’s clear from your phone call to valentin, you’re no longer of any use to me. And you know how I deal with my liabilities. I don’t care what this is about, but I do care about my friend. I won’t have you threatening her in the bar my husband and I built. You have to the count of 10 to release nina. You’re a smart woman, phyllis. A straight shooter in every sense, so to speak, right? So I’m sure you understand by now that I’m gonna be able to squeeze off a shot before you take me down. Shoot the bastard! Letting him go free puts others in danger! Please, phyllis, shoot him! Shut up! Shut up! I don’t want that, either. But I can’t risk your life.

[ Whimpers ] No. Wait.

[ Gasps ] Ahh!

[ Grunts ]

[ Coughing ] You know, it’s really too bad you came in when you did and… I actually kind of liked you.

I’m glad we got that settled. I need to go over to the garden court at metro and do a walkthrough. Yeah, sorry about the hold-up. I know you want everything to be perfect. No, it’s fine. And I’ll be too busy to care that I’m dateless, since austin’s clearly not into me and I probably have a polite text to look forward to declining my invitation. Austin: Hey. So in response to your earlier question, maxie, I would love to be your plus-one at this wedding, if the offer still stands. Great. So I’ll call you after my shift. We’ll sort out the details because I much prefer a phone call to texting. I’m not saying… just saying. I love you, mom. I will see you soon. I love you, too. Don’t worry about a thing here, jordan, okay? I will even water your plants for you.

[ Laughs ] It’s gonna be alright, jordan. Just know that, okay? I’ll be in touch. See you soon, ash. See you soon. Josslyn: Hello, spencer. Or should I call you victor? Thank you, carly, for loving avery, for taking care of her. You don’t have to thank me for that. I would die for her. I know you would. It’s the only way I can leave her. Oh, and congratulations to you and jason. I mean that sincerely. A new chance at happiness. That should never be taken for granted. She didn’t pick up? Valentin: No. You know, it’s strange. She made a pointed remark about my living at the metro court when she knows full well I’m living with the quartermaines. Did she forget? No, I doubt it. And before she signed off, she said, “that’s how it goes.” That’s our song. I sang that for her at the nurses’ ball years ago. I think she’s trying to signal to me that she’s in some kind of trouble. Okay. I need to go check on nina. Let’s go. How soon can we get to nixon falls? Peter, just go. Leave us in peace. You know, the longer you’re here, the greater the chance that you’re gonna get discovered. Oh, I intend to leave, and soon. But you and phyllis won’t be. In fact, the two of you won’t be setting foot outside the tan-o ever again.

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