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[ Dramatic music ]

Quinn: Eric, what are you– what are you saying?

Eric: That I love you. I love you so deeply. I planned this night for you.

Carter: Okay, you obviously have big plans for quinn, so I’mma get out of the way–

Eric: No, no. You don’t leave. You stay here, please. Stay. You’re right. I do have plans for my wife for tonight. A surprise. And I want you to be a part of it.

Brooke: This is delicious.

Katie: Oh, I know. Isn’t it though?

Donna: Thank you for suggesting this.

Katie: Well thank you for not killing me for wanting to do takeout. I just couldn’t miss that call to tokyo.

Brooke: We understand. Just so we could sit down and share a meal together. No matter the location.

Donna: Seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve done this.

Katie: Yeah, it’s been way too long.

Brooke: We’ve all been so busy. Lots going on.

Donna: No, you two have. Not me. My life is pretty uneventful these days. The most excitement I’m getting is taking beth and douglas to get ice cream. Yeah, I actually look forward to finding out what the flavor of the month is. Mm-hmm. That’s how boring I’ve become.

[ Laughing ]

Brooke: I remember when you used to talk about the flavors of the month and you always referring to men.

Donna: Brooke, I mean, come on.

Brooke: It’s true. Maybe that’s what you need to spice up your life a little bit. A new man. So is there anybody you have your eye on?

Liam: Sir.

Wyatt: Thank you. Gotta say, it’s good seeing you like this.

Liam: Yeah, thank you. Wait, like what?

Wyatt: You know, not in a jumpsuit.

Liam: Ah, yeah. Not gonna miss that.

Wyatt: I mean, it was a good color on you.

Liam: It was a good color. I thought it was a good color. Hope threw out all my blue shirts, except for this one. We had to arm wrestle over it. This is marriage. This is–

Wyatt: I’m not surprised. God, she’s gotta be relieved.

Liam: You have no idea.

Wyatt: Well look, now I don’t have to worry about you or dad. Or even my mom, for that matter. Just seems like everyone is right where they belong.

Liam: I mean, yeah, I heard about that. So, your mom and eric are back together.

Wyatt: Yeah. You sound surprised.

Liam: No–I just. Well, maybe. Listen, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Right?

Wyatt: Okay, now you sound skeptical. Why?

Liam: I’m not skeptical, it’s just– okay, maybe a little bit. He was about to throw her out, right? Like they were gonna sign divorce papers and now everything’s totally fine. And I think we’re all a little–a little skeptical.

Katie: I don’t think she’s talking about a new man.

Brooke: Somebody you’ve had your eye on for a while?

Donna: Well, you know, it’s not like somebody I’m actively pursuing or anything, but I’d give it another go.

Brooke: I know you have a history with justin, but you know what he did to bill.

Katie: Oh, I don’t think she’s talking about justin but you might be on the right track when it comes to ex-husbands.

Brooke: Oh, you’re talking about eric.

Donna: The one man I should have never let get away.

Carter: You want me to stay?

Eric: Yes. Yes, I do.

Carter: But you have such a lovely evening planned, just the two of you.

Eric: We did. And we had a wonderful evening. Absolutely. It was wonderful. It was very romantic with my lovely quinn. But now I think my evening’s over.

Quinn: It is?

Eric: Yeah. But I don’t think it’s over for my wife yet. I think this evening has just begun for her. I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Katie: I can understand why part of you has never been able to let eric go.

Donna: But I have. I mean, you know, for the most part. It’s not like I’m pining away for him or anything.

Brooke: How many dates have you been on recently?

Donna: Recently as in–

Katie: As in the last month?

Donna: I mean, I don’t– look, I said my life has been pretty boring lately.

Katie: Okay. How many dates have you been on in the last year?

Donna: I don’t know. Look, guys, it’s not like I go on those apps anymore. It’s just–so disappointing, you know? I mean nobody ever comes close.

Brooke: To eric.

Donna: Yeah. I don’t know. I guess I was just spoiled. You know, like–

[ Sighing ] He always just made me feel so important. So wanted. So desired.

[ Sighing ] You know, my honey bear couldn’t get enough of me.

Brooke: Yeah, it’s true. I’ll never believe eric can feel for quinn what he felt for you.

Donna: That’s sweet of you to say.

Brooke: Well, you lit a fire under him. You did. And with her, I don’t see a fire, do you?

Katie: With eric and quinn? I don’t even see smoke.

[ Chuckling ]

Liam: You know, I’m not trying to diss your mom.

Wyatt: No. Look, I get it, alright? My mother has made some very interesting choices in her life and well, she’s lucky that eric has been so forgiving.

Liam: Yeah, she is. She is. I gotta say, it was pretty bad, even for quinn though, you know, hooking up with carter.

Wyatt: I know. I know. It’s ridge’s best friend. The person that eric trusts the most at forrester. It’s just–my mom is so often her own worst enemy.

Liam: But, listen. I–I thought it was over. Right? I thought eric would just walk away and look where we are.

Wyatt: Yeah, people have been doubting their relationship for years. I mean, hell, I’m guilty of that too. But this, I think it finally proves, you know, eric forgiving my mom, it shows how deep his feelings run for her and how important that relationship is for him. I think eric could do just about anything for my mom.

Quinn: I–I’m so confused. I thought you were having as much fun tonight as I was.

Eric: I was. There’s nobody in the world I’d rather spend time with than you.

Quinn: Except for carter because you invited him to join us. Why? Why are you being so mysterious?

Eric: I don’t mean to be mysterious. It’s not a game to me at all. This is a very serious matter.

Quinn: What is?

Eric: Your needs.

Quinn: My needs?

Eric: Your needs that I can’t fulfill.

Quinn: Eric, I told you. You fulfill me.

Eric: I do. I know. In so many ways. And I’m grateful for that. But there are ways that I can’t fulfill you. And that’s what I’m talking about. I can’t ask you to sacrifice that part of your life. I can be your loving husband. I can be an attentive partner to you, but at the same time, I can’t– I don’t have to spell it out for you, do I? I know how the two of you feel about each other. I do. I know there’s no need for us to hide that. I’m totally aware of it. I think that we should encourage that.

Quinn: Encourage it?

Eric: Look, I told you… my sex life is over. Yours doesn’t have to be. Does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours?

Brooke: I really thought eric would be rid of quinn, once and for all. Especially after this thing with carter.

Katie: I thought his eyes had been opened there for a while.

Brooke: He’s just too forgiving.

Donna: I think it’s just because he’s so loyal. To a fault. I mean how else would you explain these relationships? I know I’m the one who messed up ours. And believe me, I would never ever again, given the chance.

Brooke: Oh, so there might be a chance? Does he know that this could be an option?

Donna: Oh, no, no, no please. Don’t even go there. I am not throwing myself at a married man.

Katie: Even though everyone knows that you would be better for him?

Donna: I–I respect his choices. His commitment.

Brooke: Honey, I am not asking you to sabotage his marriage. Quinn will do that all on her own. I’m just saying, let eric know that you’ll be there for him if and when she does.

Liam: Hey, listen, maybe I’m wrong to be skeptical, because clearly eric has shown how much he cares about her and even if it was surprising that he took her back. There was no doubt that he loves her.

Wyatt: There’s no doubt at all. And it goes both ways too. Mom loves him. She feels terrible about what she did. The last thing she wants to do is hurt eric.

Liam: Right, but that does raise the question, why would she put her marriage in jeopardy in the first place?

Wyatt: I don’t know. I mean, I’m not sure of all the details, nor do I want to know them but to my understanding, she was a bit starved, shall we say, when it came to affection.

[ Clears throat ] Issues in the bedroom.

Liam: Oh, right. Okay, yikes.

Wyatt: Look, eric got really ticked off that my mom was trying to break up ridge and brooke and I think it just made him lose interest. Thankfully, that’s all behind them now, all right? Or, at least, I hope so.

Eric: Look, this isn’t easy. I wanna do what’s best. I wanna do what’s best.

Quinn: Look, you wanna have a discussion about what’s best for me? Fine. Let’s do it. But alone, without carter present.

Carter: Agreed. You two should talk.

Eric: No, you don’t go anywhere. Not until you hear me out.

Quinn: No. There is nothing else to be heard here. This is not happening. I’m not gonna jump in bed with another man because you aren’t able to–

Eric: This man. This man. This man you turned to when I wasn’t able to–

Quinn: Okay, but we almost got a divorce over that, remember?

Eric: I’m doing the best I can. I don’t like this. I don’t like that I can’t fulfill you.

Quinn: Eric.

Eric: I can’t do the things for you that a younger man can. This man.

Brooke: Honestly, I’m not rooting for that marriage to end.

Katie: Yes you are.

Brooke: I’m not. Not if he truly wants to be with quinn. Do I want him with quinn? No. Absolutely not. But eric feels differently.

Katie: I guess if we don’t see the fire and passion, eric does and that’s all that matters. I just hope quinn realizes how lucky she is because I don’t think there’s another man out there that would have such a forgiving heart. Or such an enormous capacity to love.

Liam: Alright, so, you know, carter’s just coming off a difficult breakup, your mom is not feeling very…attended to.

Wyatt: Yes, yes.

Liam: Listen, I’m just saying it’s a little easier to understand why they did what they did.

Wyatt: I know– and I’m not trying to justify what they did. But yeah, they– they started confiding in each other and spending time together and connecting.

Liam: You and I both know you can’t just turn that off.

Wyatt: I know. But they have to. They have to because eric has taken her back. He’s forgiven them both. And all of them work at forrester together. It’s complicated. I don’t know. I don’t know how they did it, but it does seem like they have figured out a way, the three of them, to just make the relationship work.

Carter: Eric, to even suggest this, it shows how deeply you love quinn. I respect you so much now. And I feel for you. That being said, you can’t just decide that quinn and I should sleep together. You’re my boss and I take orders from you at the office but in life, I’m my own man. And I’m not going to fall in bed with quinn because you deemed it’s okay. Now I get it. I get that you’re frustrated and I would be too if I was in your shoes but it is wrong to ask me to be some sort of– some stand-in for you.

Eric: I don’t think so. Not given how you two feel about each other.

Quinn: Okay, hey. I know– I know you mean well. You’re trying to do what you think is right for me but… we’re married.

Eric: We were married when you turned to carter in the first place. It doesn’t need to be behind my back anymore. I want there to be some approval here.

Quinn: It’s approval for something that we’re not even asking for. I’m committed to you. I am committed to our marriage. I– I told you that you’re not alone in this. I am going to stay by your side.

Eric: Thank god. I want you to. I want that more than anything. But I don’t want you to have to give up anything to do that. I don’t want you to make that kind of a sacrifice.

Quinn: I don’t feel like it’s a sacrifice. I’m willing to give it up.

Eric: I don’t want you to.

Quinn: For you! I’m willing to give up anything to be with you.

Eric: I don’t want you to give up anything. I don’t want you to. I don’t want you to give up how sensual you are, how sexual you are. I don’t want you to have to give that up. How long have we been married? And I have benefited so much from your sensuality. It’s what drew me into you in the first place. But things have changed. They have. If you were my age, if you were closer to my age, maybe they wouldn’t have changed so much. Maybe I wouldn’t feel like I was robbing you of anything.

Quinn: Come on, you knew what our age difference was when we got together in the first place.

Eric: Well, I was able to keep up with you, wasn’t I? But not anymore. Not anymore. I know how she feels about me. And I know how she feels about you. We’re all adults here. It’s okay. The night is yours if you want it.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Sobbing ]

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