Days Short Recap Thursday, September 9, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe thought about Nicole. Eli showed up to talk about Bonnie’s arrest. Eli saw Nicole’s picture on Rafe’s phone. Eli wanted to know what was going on. Rafe told him he and Nicole wouldn’t be seeing each other anymore. Eli asked if he was being honest with Ava about not wanting to be with Nicole. Rafe said he was. Eli said he was happy for him and Ava. Ava met Nicole at Julie’s Place. Ava told her she applied for the chef position. Nicole reminded her that she wanted to work for Basic Black. Ava said it would be awkward. Nicole said Rafe wasn’t interested in her, but Ava didn’t agree with her. She apologized to Ava. Ava said she and Rafe talked about it. She asked Nicole how she felt about him. Nicole said she had nothing to worry about. Ava appreciated what she said. Ava said her not seeing Rafe was the best for now. Rafe showed up. Nicole ended up leaving. When Ava walked away, he looked at Nicole’s picture. Brady and Chloe went to the Kiriakis mansion. They wanted to know why the police were there. Lani told them that Calista was murdered. Lani ended up leaving. Chloe was shocked that someone was killed near her room. He said she was going home with him. She said she was safe there. He said it was traumatic.

Chloe accused Brady of trying to keep her away from Philip. Brady admitted that he was. He said she couldn’t blame a man for trying. She said his war with Philip stopped being funny years ago. She said it was going to stop. She accused him of thinking everything was a joke. She said he was laughing at her and not with her. He apologized to her. Philip told Gabi and Jake that the tech support found the keylogger on his laptop. He accused Gabi of putting it there. She said she didn’t, but Philip fired both of them. Jake said someone could have put spyware on Gabi’s computer too. He said it could be a company problem. He told Philip to call the tech department. When Philip realized Gabi’s computer was hacked too, he thought it could be Brady. When Philip left, Jake told Gabi that he put a keylogger on her computer in case Philip realized what was going on. He said it was a move a CEO of Titan would do. She said the job was hers since it was her idea. They thought Philip would lose it over Brady. Brady and Chloe talked about their wedding anniversary coming up. Philip came home while they were reminiscing. Philip grabbed Brady and accused him of spying on Titan. He said he would put Brady in prison for espionage. Brady walked out. Philip told Chloe to stop working for Brady. She said to find proof first.

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