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Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

Ben and Ciara kiss in their room until Shane Donovan shows up at the door. Ciara answers and greets her Uncle Shane. Ben recognizes Shane’s name and that he is Paige Larson’s grandfather. Ben introduces himself and explains that he’s the one responsible for Paige’s death. Ciara insists that he’s not that person anymore. Ben doesn’t think Shane wants to hear any excuses. Shane informs Ben that he made peace with what happened to Paige a long time ago. Shane doesn’t want to rush but says he does need to get the amethyst back to Alamainia as soon as possible. Ciara hands it to him. Shane calls it beautiful but wonders if the jewels are really worth all the pain they have caused..

Sonny joins Will at home. Will mentions not getting much sleep and being amped up from the drag queen competition. Will says he has to finish a story before he gets scooped again. Will then checks to see if anything has been posted and is surprised by what he sees.

Billie and Kyle wait around the police station. Kyle praises getting back the ruby and citrine gems. Billie doesn’t care and is worried about her brother, Austin. Kyle tells Billie that she’s going to have to face that her brother is guilty.

Austin is in the interrogation room with Carrie. Austin tells her that he didn’t do this and asks if she believes him.

Will shows Sonny the article he found about his uncle Austin being arrested for jewel theft. Will wonders if he should call Kate or let Chad break it to her. Sonny notes that Chad is still sleeping.

Chad wakes up with a headache, wondering how much he drank last night. Chad then rolls over and is shocked to find Leo in bed with him. Chad jumps out of bed and questions what Leo is doing here. Leo asks if he doesn’t remember their torrid night of passion. Chad questions what he is talking about. Leo claims that Chad enjoyed himself and proposed to him.

Anna makes a phone call, demanding to speak to the chief of police because they arrested her son in law. Anna calls the charges trumped up and demands his release. Anna says they will see what her good friend, the US Ambassador, has to say about that as she hangs up. Anna asks Tony for the name of the ambassador but he has no idea. Anna tells Tony to stop being calm and complains about Carrie not letting her go to the station with her. Marlena and John arrive. John asks if there’s any news on Austin. Anna remarks that they wouldn’t tell them if there was. Anna blames John for turning Austin over to the police. Tony points out that’s because John and Carrie found stolen jewels in Austin’s bag. Anna argues that he didn’t have to tell the police. John reminds her of his oath to the ISA. Anna asks what about his oath to family. Anna complains that her daughter could lose her husband because of John. Tony questions looking the other way. Anna argues that Austin would never be involved in a jewel theft ring.

Billie tells Kyle that she knows her brother and he’s not involved in this. Kyle argues that with the evidence, there’s no way he’s not involved. Billie insists that she will find out the explanation. Kyle tells her that she can’t go talk to Austin. Billie asks if he will turn her in. Kyle says no and offers to go in with her, but Billie says she has to do this by herself. Billie asks him to go talk to Anna. Kyle assures that he’s on her side and kisses her. Kyle then exits the station.

Carrie tells Austin that she does believe him and asks how exactly the jewels got in his bag. Billie enters the room and declares she’d like to know the answer to that herself.

Ben wakes up in bed with Ciara. Ciara asks if he got any sleep last night. Ben says he’s fine but Ciara knows he’s thinking about Shane and that it was hard for him to come face to face with him. Ben thought it would’ve been harder on Shane when he talked about Paige, but it was like it didn’t matter to him. Ciara notes that he said he accepted it or maybe it was too hard to talk about. Ben felt it seemed like the gem was the only thing he cared about. Ben admits that considering what he did, he expected a bigger reaction out of him. There’s then a knock at the door, so Ben answers and sees Shane with a gun pointed at him.

Eli suggests they do something fun as their three day weekend comes to an end. Paulina complains about her friend Michelle being furious with her for being careless with the orange diamond ring. Paulina asks Abe if he’s heard from Shane. Abe says he got confirmation that the orange diamond is one of the missing gems. Lani says at least now they know the ring doesn’t belong to Paulina or Michelle, so maybe she won’t be so upset that it was stolen. They hear a jet ski, so Paulina pulls out her binoculars and sees that it’s Michelle and she is headed straight for them.

Shane tells Ben not to play games as he asks where it is. Ciara asks what’s going on. Shane reveals that last night, someone knocked him out and locked him in the supply closet. Ben asks if they got the amethyst. Shane asks what they are talking about. Ben and Ciara inform him that they gave it to him last night, but Shane reveals he wasn’t there last night. Ciara says he was, unless it was someone who looked exactly like him. Shane worries about them giving him the amethyst.

“Shane” goes to see Tony, Anna, John, and Marlena to ask how are they holding up. Anna complains about the ISA having Austin arrested last night and argues that he’s no jewel thief. “Shane” remarks that sometimes, people just aren’t who they seem to be…

Chad tells Will and Sonny to keep Leo away from him. Leo tells them that Chad experimented with him. Chad insists that he’s lying. Will believes Chad. Leo calls him rude and says he won’t help him with another article. Leo insists that he and Chad made passionate love last night. Chad repeats that this isn’t happening. Leo thought he’d be more understanding since his best friends are Will and Sonny. Will then pulls up security footage from last night, that shows Chad and Leo going in to separate rooms last night and then Leo snuck in to Chad’s bed about ten minutes ago while he was sleeping. Chad is thrilled while Leo questions them having security cameras. Leo still calls it the best ten minutes of Chad’s life.

Billie asks Carrie if she’s sure that nobody else went to their room. Carrie explains how she and Austin were in bed when he got the call about his trip and then he went to get his bag. Carrie says that she and John were in the room with the bag until they found the jewels. Billie promises not to give up and adds that nothing gets by Kyle either. Carrie mentions meeting Kyle last night while Austin was being booked and he didn’t seem to open to another theory of the crime. Billie admits he’s not the most warm but he’s a great agent and very honest. Carrie points out that he’s also very handsome. Billie tries to deny it but admits he’s hot. Carrie asks if something is going on with them. Austin wants to get back to his situation. Billie insists that Kyle wants to find the truth as much as they do. Billie promises it’s going to be okay and tells Austin to hang in there.

Kyle goes to see Anna, Tony, John, and Marlena. “Shane” is inside and introduces them to one of his best agents, Agent Kyle Graham. Kyle says it’s nice to meet them all and mentions hearing a lot about John. Kyle presents the sapphire, citrine, and the ruby while “Shane” has the emerald and diamond, so “Shane” says they should get them back to Alamainia as quick as possible. Kyle asks if they should wait for Billie since she’s still in with Austin. “Shane” responds that they will call her on the way and she can meet them at the airstrip. “Shane” says it was wonderful seeing them all again. He adds that the kingdom of Alamainia owes John gratitude and tells them to stay well as he and Kyle exit.

Ben questions Shane knowing who “Shane” is. Ciara apologizes and guesses that it was Drew. Shane calls John and reveals that was not him who just left, but his twin brother, Drew Donovan.

Paulina tells Lani, Abe, and Eli that they have to get out of here. Paulina swears about Michelle’s crazy temper and says they have no time to pack. Paulina then opens the door to see her friend Michelle and asks what brings her here.

Will and Sonny call Leo disgusting and asks why he’s doing this to Chad. Leo claims he was just trying to push him out of his comfort zone. Leo asks if Chad didn’t have fun and feel empowered as a drag queen. Leo asks when the last time Will and Sonny had a night out on the town like that. Leo adds that it was so easy for Sonny to believe Will was cheating on him because they became like an old married couple. Sonny argues that Leo is not selfless. Leo suggests he just wanted all of them to be friends. Leo then decides to go pack.

Lani and Eli are shocked to see Paulina’s friend Michelle is a young woman, as they thought she was referring to Michelle Obama, since she said Michelle gave her the diamond ring at the white house. Paulina clarifies that is because her name is Michelle White. Paulina introduces Michelle to Abe, Eli, and Lani. Abe adds that Paulina also called Michelle’s husband one of the most powerful people in the world. Paulina admits she may have exaggerated but praises him anyways. Michelle tells Paulina that she owes her an apology because she had no idea she gave her a stolen gem and she could’ve been killed.

Billie goes to see Anna, Tony, John, and Marlena. Billie asks where Kyle is. John informs her that he just left with “Shane”, while Marlena adds that “Shane” isn’t Shane.

Ciara finishes a call with the front desk and informs Shane that there is a car waiting downstairs to take him to the airport. Ben tries to talk to Shane about Paige but Shane says he can’t get into that right now, because there are innocent lives at stake, like Paige when Ben took her life. Shane says goodbye to Ciara and says he hopes that she’s right about Ben. Shane then exits.

Drew and Kyle return the lost gems to the Peacock in the National Museum in Alamainia. Lord Sebastian begins to thank them but Billie and John burst in with guns raised. John reveals that’s not Shane but his twin brother Drew. Sebastian questions the meaning of this. Drew denies it and claims he is Shane. John asks him when Shane’s wife Kimberly’s birthday is then but Drew doesn’t know so he admits he’s been busted. Drew then pulls his gun out and holds Kyle at gunpoint. Drew orders John and Billie to drop their guns or they will have another dead agent on their hands.

Carrie and Austin return home which relieves Anna. Austin explains that he’s out on bail until they can figure out who framed him. Anna reveals that it was Shane’s twin brother, Drew. Carrie argues that Drew was never there so he couldn’t have put the jewels in Austin’s bag. Austin guesses Drew must have had an accomplice. Carrie thinks she knows who it is.

Billie orders Drew not to hurt Kyle and to put the gun down. Drew asks why he would do that. Marlena walks in and says it’s the right thing to do. Marlena brings up Drew turning his life around and asks what happened. Drew informs her that Camilla died and he no longer saw a point in the straight and narrow. Marlena says she wouldn’t want this for him. Drew declares that he’s leaving with the Peaock and with Kyle as his hostage. John then grabs his gun and calls out Kyle. Kyle then pulls his gun and grabs Marlena at gunpoint. Kyle then reveals that his name is not Agent Kyle Graham, he is actually Dimitri Von Leuschner. John recognizes the last name meaning he is a cousin of Carly Manning and Frankie Brady. Dimitri complains that they abandoned their true names. Billie questions him being in on this all along. Dimtiri argues that the Peacock belongs to the house of Von Leuschner and was presented to the Alamains at a wedding that never happened but they never returned it. Sebastian argues with him. Dimtiri declares that he was determined to get the Peacock back but it was under the ISA, so he applied and worked his way up to get the highest security possible. Dimtiri declares his mission accomplished but John says not yet. John says that the Peacock is going back to the ISA. Drew says that won’t be happening and reveals that the now reassembled Peacock can control satelites armed with a deadly laser than can cause mass casualties in Phoenix, Zurich, New Orleans, Johannesburg, Phoenix, and Salem. Drew explains that after demonstrating the power, all the economies will come begging. John calls him a madman. Drew declares that John and his friends are as good as dead. Drew then activates the power of the Peacock but questions why it’s not working.

Leo apologizes to Will and Sonny for pushing so hard and says he’d do anything to regain their trust. Sonny says he’d have to get amnesia first. Will acknowledges that he did say sorry. Chad then comes out accusing Leo of stealing his watch from his bedside table which Leo denies. Will checks Leo’s pocket and finds Chad’s watch. Sonny guesses he probably has their car keys too. Will checks Leo’s other pocket and finds the emerald. Sonny thought Shane took that from Leo last night. Leo reveals that he swapped it out with a duplicate right before he caught him and wonders if anyone will notice.

Drew complains about the Peacock not working since it doesn’t have the right emerald. Marlena then elbows Dimitri. Sebastian fights with Dimitri while John and Billie hold their guns up. John disarms Drew. Drew tries to run but Marlena pulls a gun on him. Marlena says she doesn’t want to shoot him, but she will to protect her family. Billie holds her gun on Dimitri. Dimitri tells her that he did enjoy their tango. Billie remarks that he will have a lot of new dance partners in prison. Billie threatens to finish what Kristen started but says it’s not worth the paperwork. Billie then hits him with the gun to knock him out.

The next day in Miami, Abe joins Paulina on the patio and says it turned out to be a lovely visit with Michelle. Paulina agrees but she’s sorry they were disappointed that it wasn’t Michelle Obama. Abe jokes about that being a big deal. Abe tells Paulina that he had a great visit and he loves her because she’s smart, funny, and generous. Paulina calls Abe the most wonderful caring man that she’s not sure she deserves. Abe insists that he’s the lucky one as they kiss. Eli and Lani come by with their bags packed. Lani says she’s sorry to interrupt but they are all packed. Paulina makes sure they have everything. Lani assures that they do. Lani jokes that she reminds her of her mom. Paulina says it runs in the family. Eli declares that the weekend has been lit. Paulina jokes that she will keep it lit. Paulina, Abe, Eli, and Lani then exit back for Salem.

Ben reads Will’s article about the ISA bringing down the jewel thieves. Ciara is glad to see Ben is feeling better. Ben admits that what Shane said to him about Paige being an innocent victim did hurt him hard. Ciara encourages that he’s not that person anymore. Ben says he is and he can’t change what he did. Ben says the more he thinks about it, he realizes being guilty isn’t helping anything as he just has to be better and help whoever he can, whenever he can. Ciara agrees and says she loves him. Ben says he loves her more as they kiss.

Chad congratulates Will on his article and hugs him. Will jokes that he’s a little annoyed that his article is about Leo Stark inadvertantly saving the world. Chad says at least the emerald is back where it belongs. Will says that he should’ve known Leo was playing them when he was really just trying to make off with the emerald. Sonny admits that Leo may have had a point that they should go out and have fun more. Chad admits that last night was fun and made him realize how much he misses them. They suggest doing it again sometime. Will wants to make bros weekend a regular thing. They joke about no Leo next time as Chad hugs Sonny and Will.

Shane informs Lord Sebastian that the Peacock is no longer a lethal weapon as the ISA dismantled all of that. Sebastian thanks him for all of Alamainian. Sebastian checks on Billie after Dimitri’s betrayal. Billie hates that he fooled her and feels used. Sebastian jokes about the look on Dimitri’s face when Billie threatened to shoot off his jewels. Sebastian tells Billie that she just saved the world so she deserves a night off and invites her to dinner at the castle. Billie says she would have to ask her boss, so she asks Shane. Shane says they need to submit a full debrief to headquarters and they will be expecting a detailed history of the Alamainian Peacock. Sebastian states that he is the highest authority on that. Shane then assigns Billie to have dinner with Sebastian.

John hugs Carrie, who calls it an eventful weekend. Marlena says they will have to do it again, minus the international crime spree. Austin gets a text from Billie that the charges have all been dropped against him. Anna praises Carrie for figuring it all out. Carrie explains how she realized how Dimitri planted the gems when he came to interview them about Kristen and he had set up Austin’s fake business trip to get him caught at the airport. Tony is glad Austin and Carrie are back together. Marlena suggests family pictures before they go to the airport. John, Marlena, Anna, Tony, Austin, and Carrie then take photos together. John packs his bag as Marlena asks if he’s ready to take her back to Salem. John tells her that she’s got it as he kisses her.


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