Days Short Recap Friday, September 10, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack called Kayla to make an appointment for Doug. Julie came in and said Doug didn’t need to get checked out. She didn’t think there was a need to worry. He didn’t agree with her. He told her about Doug being confused. She said Doug didn’t have dementia. Doug came in and said she was right. Doug told Julie and Jack he wasn’t going to leave anyone in a freezer again. He said everything else were little memory problems. He thought it was because he wasn’t getting enough sleep. Doug reminded Julie that Allie and Chanel were opening the bakery and needed their support. Jack wanted Doug to see Kayla first. Tripp wished Allie luck on her opening. She apologized for not talking since they had drinks the other night. She said she has been preoccupied. He asked if she was distracted by the opening or by what happened between Chanel and Johnny. She said she couldn’t talk right now. Chanel showed up to clear the air with Allie about her and Johnny. Allie said she loved her brother, but he had a bad track record with women. She said she didn’t want Chanel to get hurt. Chanel said she has been too busy to talk to Johnny. She said she was ignoring his calls. Allie apologized to Chanel for causing a scene. Allie said she did it because she cared about her. Allie asked for forgiveness. Chanel said she knew she was looking out for her. Chanel said she didn’t want to be with her, but she didn’t want Johnny to be with her. Allie said she was jealous of them being together. Johnny came in the living room as EJ was leaving Xander a threatening message. Johnny didn’t approve of the kind of business he was into. They ended up arguing over Johnny’s movie. Johnny left the room. Chad came in the living room. EJ and Chad argued over Johnny wanting to make movies.

While EJ and Chad were arguing, they talked about Abby. EJ told him to get his wife and bring her home. Chad said he didn’t tell his wife what to do. Chad reminded him that his wife wasn’t around. Chad told him to find Sami and drag her back by the hair. EJ said he didn’t want Sami there. He said he didn’t know where she was. Chad said he didn’t believe him. Johnny and Tripp ran into each other. They talked about what happened when they met for drinks. Johnny said Allie wanted Chanel for herself. He said it was Allie’s fault that Chanel ghosted him. He said he liked Chanel, but he didn’t know if he would ever hear from her again. Gwen went to see Xander. She said she saw how Bonnie was arrested. Gwen asked if he got his money back. He said he didn’t exactly get it back. He said the police took the money as evidence after they found Calista’s body. He said he had to EJ until he got the money. Xander called EJ to tell him the police had the money but he would get it to him soon. EJ told him to do it. Gwen told Xander she didn’t tell Jack the truth. She wanted the issue with Doug and Julie to distract Jack. They made jokes about the ways Doug could kill Julie. Xander and Gwen made love. After Xander and Gwen made love, they tried to come up with lies she could tell Jack about why Snyder was blackmailing her. He said to tell Jack that she was a hooker and Snyder was one of her clients. She didn’t like the idea. She decided to tell the truth. She said it would be a load off of her. She said Jack may hate her, but he wouldn’t hate Xander.

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