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Lily: Oh, my gosh! Look at that face!

Devon: I know. He’s a handsome guy.

Lily: So cute. And I love his name — dominic, with a “d,” in your honor.

Devon: Right?

Lily: Yeah.

Devon: That was unexpected. I didn’t — it was very special.

Lily: My gosh. And what a crazy story. It’s like, you guys just found mariah, and then the baby’s coming.

Devon: Oh, you have no idea. I have no idea what we would have done if I didn’t get nate on the phone to coach abby and me through everything.

Lily: Well, I’m sure the three of you would have figured it out.

Devon: Well, I’m glad i didn’t have to.

[ Chuckles ]

Lily: So, what was it like bringing a new life into this world?

Devon: It was incredible. And, uh, abby was amazing through it all. She stayed calm and reassuring.

Lily: Yeah. What about mariah?

Devon: I mean, what can you say about her? She was…heroic. She stayed strong through everything that she went through, from being kidnapped to trapped in a room for a weeks.

Lily: I am so happy that you and abby made it there in time for the delivery ’cause she must have been terrified.

Devon: Oh, yeah. It was just — it’s — it was all a blur, you know? But I will definitely never forget the feeling of just holding dominic in my arms for the first moments of his life.

Lily: Man, what a thrill to experience that.

Devon: I know. Yeah. I knew that I would feel a connection with him because of our dna, but this is just — this is something else.

Abby: Well, can’t we just get someone to fill in, like a bartender or something? No, no, no, we cannot go without a hostess. Okay, yeah, just — just figure it out and call me back.

Mariah: Problem?

Abby: [ Sighs ] We are short-staffed at society. One of our hostesses called in sick.

Mariah: Oh, bummer.

Abby: Yeah. You know, if tessa didn’t have a gig tonight, I would ask her to pick up a shift [Chuckles] For old time’s sake.

Mariah: Well, if you need someone to watch the baby, I can do it.

Abby: No, no, that’s okay. I-I don’t want to impose.

Mariah: It’s — really, it’s not a big deal, you know? He’s crashed out, so I’d probably just be sitting here doing what I was gonna do anyway, reading a book, maybe watching a little tv.

Abby: [ Sighs ] That’s very sweet. I just — it feels like too much.

Mariah: Abby, you’re not asking me to do anything. I volunteered. And I know you won’t make a habit of it, so… really. I’m happy to do it.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Elena: Hey.

Victoria: Oh, hello.

Nate: Hey.

Ashland: So glad you could make it.

Nate: Hey. Well, thank you for the invite.

Victoria: Uh, ashland, this is dr. Elena dawson. This is my fiancé — ashland locke.

Elena: It’s lovely to meet you.

Ashland: The pleasure’s all mine.

Elena: You know, it’s been ages since we’ve both had two nights off in a row.

Nate: Almost never happens.

Elena: Yeah. So we get to enjoy and relax tonight.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Fabulous.

Ashland: Well, we have some appetizers on the way. We should probably get you some drinks.

Nate: Great idea.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Looks like the initial reviews are positive. “Newman media launch event set just the right tone.”

Victor: Ah. You mean not even a mention of phyllis dumping an ice bucket over that woman?

Adam: No. I haven’t seen it mentioned yet.

Victor: You mean chanccomm hasn’t said anything?

Adam: Wasn’t that hard to suppress.

Victor: Whoa. One viral video would have undermined everything you and i were trying to accomplish, you know.

Adam: Uh-huh. Um, I actually — I have to get going. I have dinner plans.

Victor: The meeting with northern brands? You know, that cfo had actually a rather interesting idea.

Adam: Uh, we have a video chat scheduled later this week to go over it, so… anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Victor: Hey, son. You’re not meeting that woman, are you?

Adam: Which woman would that be?

Victor: You know, that spectra woman, whatever the hell her name is.

Adam: [ Sighs ] As a matter of fact, I am. Ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,

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Jack: What a lovely surprise.

Lauren: I probably should have called first.

Jack: Nonsense. I’m always happy to see you. What brings you by?

Lauren: Well, michael was working late. He’s preparing for the sutton ames trial. And I was on my own, and i thought, “hmm.” Would you like to join me for dinner?

Jack: Well, I’m not sure i want to go back out, but I’d love the company. How’s chinese takeout sound?

Lauren: Ooh. Sounds delicious.

Victor: That woman threw a drink into phyllis’s face at an event that you and I had been planning. If I were you, I’d see to it that she seeks employment elsewhere, okay?

Adam: Maybe phyllis had it coming.

Victor: This a joke to you or what?

Adam: Sally let her temper get the best of her after phyllis provoked her. It was both of their faults.

Victor: Can you blame phyllis after what that woman has done to summer?

Adam: Bottom line — I’m not interested in getting involved in their personal details, okay? I’m focused on business.

Victor: You’re focusing on monkey business. This is the second night you’re spending with this woman.

Adam: I’m not “spending the night” with her. We’re grabbing a bite. It’s a working dinner.

Victor: Working dinner, huh? Is that what they call it now? If I were you, son, I would strategize with me how to defeat chanccomm.

Adam: You’re just — you’re just not gonna let this go, are you?

Victor: No.

Adam: Fine. We can talk about it, but not right now because I’m late. Sally’s probably waiting for me. So I will see you tomorrow. Alright?

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: What do you say later on we go back to victoria’s hot tub?

Victoria: Do you want to have a nightcap?

Elena: Yeah.

Nate: You have a hot tub?

Victoria: Yeah, it’s just one of those above-the-ground ones.

Elena: I thought you didn’t even…

Nate: This latest generation of robots gives us the kind of precision we could only dream about. Look, the nav-system uses 3-d imaging, which offers surgical teams mind-blowing, real-time mapping capabilities.

Elena: He means there’s no lag time with the video, so we can see what we’re doing while we’re doing it.

Nate: Sorry. I geek out a little bit.

Victoria: And this is all happening inside the patient through a tiny incision?

Nate: It’s cutting edge of what’s possible now. And it’s the type of technology we’ll be able to purchase thanks to your generous donation.

Ashland: Well, this is really exciting stuff. However —

Nate: Enough with the shop talk. Got it.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll send you written updates on how the hospital uses the funds.

Ashland: That works for me.

Elena: So, now that our professional lives are off the table, what should we talk about?

Ashland: Anything and everything, as long as we steer clear of my situation.

Elena: Actually, there is something that I want to discuss — your wedding plans.

Victoria: Oh. Well, um, that just happens to be my favorite subject.

[ Laughs ] I looked on ancestry and just started digging

Victoria: Well, the details are — well, they’re still coming together.

Nate: Sounds like you thought of everything.

Elena: Yeah, it’s like the ultimate destination wedding. An italian palazzo? How dreamy is that?

Nate: I imagine it must be a challenge trying to organize an event this elaborate from another continent?

Victoria: Well, yes. Thankfully, my mother’s found someone there to coordinate it.

Elena: So, tell me about the dress.

Victoria: Well, um, I haven’t nailed down a designer yet, but I’m waiting to talk to summer’s boss — angelina marchetti. I’m not holding my breath. I know she’s really in demand. She might not have time to do it, so I might have to move on as the date approaches.

Elena: Ugh, that is such a hard decision. Honestly, the dress is the most important part.

[ Laughter ] You laugh, but it’s true. Have you decided on a style yet?

Victoria: Oh, nothing over the top, but at the same time, the aesthetic of the ceremony is certainly not minimalistic.

Elena: I totally get it. This wedding is gonna infuse so much joie de vivre. You need a dress that goes in line with that.

Ashland: Yes! Joie de vivre. That is exactly the spirit of this event — the joy of life.

Adam: Well, well. Good evening, everyone.

Nate: Adam.

Elena: Hi.

Victoria: I see you’re with sally. Maybe you’ve finally found your perfect match.

Adam: It certainly seems you two have. I couldn’t be happier for you both.

Ashland: Thank you, adam. Enjoy your evening.

Adam: You too. Sally. I’m late. I know. I’m sorry. I, um — I got held up at the office.

Sally: It’s no problem.

Your table’s ready. If you’ll follow me… enjoy.

Adam: Thank you.

Sally: Well, you get such a kick of that, don’t you? Tweaking them, not letting their little slings and arrows get to you.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] It’s a game. You develop a thick skin.

Sally: I think there’s a lot I can learn from you.

[ Chuckles ]

Lily: So, tell me about the trip that amanda’s taken.

Devon: Oh, yeah. She and naya and imani decided they need a getaway.

Lily: What? That’s a big step for them.

Devon: It’s a huge step. I think it’ll be a good way for them to heal some wounds. You know, this whole saga with sutton and his involvement in richard’s death has — it’s really taken a toll on them.

Lily: Well, I mean, those are big things to get over, but I’m glad that they’re trying to, especially as a family.

Devon: Yeah, and it meant a whole lot to amanda because they suggested it.

Lily: Yeah, I’m sure.

Devon: So, where’s billy tonight?

Lily: Um, he is at home with the kids.

Devon: Nice.

Lily: I wanted to, uh, give them some alone time. I know how much they love having their dad all to themselves. So, I get to have time with you, hang out, catch up.

Devon: Isn’t it crazy how we have so much family stuff going on in our lives right now?

Lily: Oh, my gosh, I know, right?

Devon: It’s wild. You’re taking care of billy’s kids. We’re both looking after moses.

Lily: Mm-hmm. It takes a village, you know, which we’re all a part of. And now dominic and his parents are, too.

Devon: Yeah. And chance and I are technically family.

Lily: Yeah, through the katherine connection. Going strong.

Devon: And that’s the main reason, too, why I wanted to be the donor, is so that dominic could have that connection.

Lily: Well, now you and chance can work together to make sure that he’s just surrounded by nothing but love, which i know is what you wanted.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: But I’m also sensing a little shift in you since the baby’s been born?

Mariah: Okay, bowie. Okay. Shh! I know! I know. I know. I know. I know. Come on, kid, you got to work with me here. I changed your diaper. I sang you a lullaby. Come on. Please. What do you need? What can I do for you, okay? You — you won’t take your bottle, so — shh. Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-shh. Please, I would do anything for you. I would do anything in the world for you. You know that.

[ Sighing ] Oh, god.


Lauren: Ooh. Okay. Spicy beef for you.

Jack: Cashew chicken for you.

Lauren: That’s right!

Jack: Fantastic. Thank you.

Lauren: Okay. So, you were saying?

Jack: Oh, I was saying harrison apparently loves pizza in italy even more than he loves pizza here. Summer sent me this wonderful video of him helping her cook.

Lauren: Uh, “helping” being a relative term when you’re talking about a 3-year-old.

Jack: Actually, you’d be amazed. This kid is ahead of the curve. Now, they have this little place outside milan, and it has an outdoor pizza oven. And he was adding the cheese just so.

Lauren: Aww. Sounds so adorable.

Jack: Most amazing thing about this kid is he is adaptable. I mean, he has adjusted to life in europe in no time flat.

Lauren: Well, that’s what kids do. They’re really good at adapting. But he must miss his mom. I mean, they were so attached.

Jack: Yeah, that was the one authentic thing about that woman. She was committed to her little boy, fiercely so, it turned out.

Lauren: Well, I almost felt sorry for her. I don’t think she knew what she was getting herself into, taking on phyllis.

Jack: No, and I regret ever pressuring phyllis to lay off of her and sally, but her instincts were exactly on target, as usual.

Lauren: Yeah. Yeah. Our dear friend has a real gift for being able to read people.

Jack: And now summer and kyle owe their happiness to her.

Lauren: That is true. And phyllis will never let them forget that.

Jack: Oh, you can bet she won’T.

[ Both laugh ]

Nate: So, they’re playing the processional. All the guests are standing up, looking towards the back of the church at the bride’s father, who is standing there alone in the vestibule, wondering where the heck his daughter is.

Victoria: Uh-oh.

Ashland: Had she fled the premises?

Nate: No, nothing that dramatic. Apparently, she had went back to the bride’s room for something blue and told her attendants to go on ahead. Well, as she was rushing up the stairs in her high heels, she falls and twists her ankle.

Victoria: Oh, no!

Nate: Yes. The poor groom is dying a thousand deaths, thinking he’s been stood up at the altar.

[ Chuckles ] Well, long story short, the bride was found. I grabbed my medical bag and taped up her ankle. The ceremony went on as planned. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to join in on the electric slide.

[ Laughter ]

Ashland: Well, it seems like you’re the right man to have on hand in a crisis.

Nate: Always pays to have a doctor in the house. Which reminds me of the time i was a groomsman for one of my college buddies —

Elena: Alright, no more, no more, no more.

[ Laughter ] Enough wedding horror stories. That’s the last thing we need to hear.

Victoria: Well, I could tell a few of my own, so this is good. I’m taking notes on how to avoid disaster so that our day will be perfect.

Ashland: Mwah!

Sally: I am really glad that we downshifted from a date to a working dinner.

Adam: You are, huh?

Sally: Yeah. And we can ignore all those “what not to do on a date” rules. Like, I wore my comfy shoes. And you were 20 minutes late.

Adam: Okay, those are not comfy shoes. And I’m sorry about that.

Sally: It’s fine. Really. This is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s better than if you bailed. And I’m guessing there was pressure on you to do that.

Adam: Um…

Sally: Yeah, that’s what i thought. It’s fine. Really. This is not my first time hanging out with a real sob — son of a billionaire…

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Sally: …Who didn’t realize he was one growing up.

Adam: Really? You don’t say.

Sally: Yeah. There’s a lot more of you out there than you might think. You could start a club. Or a support group.

Adam: Uh, I think that we should get down to business. Did you, um — you bring some sample designs?

Sally: Mnh-mnh. You’re gonna have to wait on that ’cause I’m starving since you were —

Adam: Yes. Late. Sorry…again.

Elena: Cooking podcasts. I’m obsessed.

Victoria: Oh, my god.

[ Chuckling ] Me too!

Elena: Really?

Victoria: Yes! The more complicated, the better.

Elena: What? I didn’t know you liked to cook.

Victoria: No, I hate it. I’m terrible.

Ashland: Oh, don’t listen to her. She makes a fine grilled cheese.

Victoria: Well, I mean, only if I’m really paying attention, but if I try to get too fancy, then forget it.

Elena: I totally get that.

Victoria: It’s like that, you know, fantasy element, creating the perfect dish with that wild presentation.

Elena: Like an edible flower sprinkled on a plate?

Victoria: Yes, exactly that.

Elena: I’m an okay cook, and I kind of enjoy it, but, honestly, who has the time?

Victoria: Mm.

Elena: I’m lucky if I can heat up my takeout before devouring it.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: And my former roommate, the chef, would be appalled if she saw the way I’ve been eating lately.

Nate: Mnh, I beg to differ. Lola would be impressed as hell with what you’re doing with your time. You’re making a huge difference in a lot of lives.

Elena: Mm.

Victoria: Well, I am gonna go freshen up.

Elena: I think I’m gonna join you.

Ashland: That’s the face of a man who knows precisely how lucky he is.

Nate: I certainly do.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Amanda asked me that same question — if I regret stepping up to be the donor or, you know, a part of dom’s extended family. And my answer is no. I knew how important it was for abby and chance to start a family, and I’m still happy that I was able to help them do it.

Lily: Yeah, so am I, but you know if your answer were different, I wouldn’t judge you, right?

Devon: Yeah, of course I do.

Lily: ‘Cause I know what it’s like to be in abby’s shoes, you know, needing a surrogate. So I know the thoughts that can go through your head, and I want you to know I’m here if you ever want to talk about any of it.

Devon: I don’t know. Just when I think of that first moment that I held dominic and when I heard him take his first few breaths, you know, in life, I — I just remember I had that thought and that feeling of, “this is it, and this is — this is what it’s really like to be a father.” And, you know, it just brought up a lot of emotions.

Lily: Yeah, well, especially ’cause you should have been a father awhile ago. You know, how could you not think about hillary and the baby that you lost?

Devon: Yeah. I mean, I’m — I’m sure she’s smiling, looking down, proud.

Lily: But you miss her… and your baby.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: And I want you to know that you can talk to me about any of that, as well. You know, I — I won’t make it about my own feelings of guilt. I just — I just want to be here for you, if you’ll let me.

Devon: I appreciate that. I do.

[ Door closes ]

Abby: Mariah? Mariah, hey, uh, I found someone to come in to work, so you’re off the hook. Mariah? Okay, uh, maybe — maybe she’s, uh, feeding him, uh, or rocking him. Mariah? Mariah? Not touching is still touching protection.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Sally: Was it wrong of me to want the forresters to include my designs in their couture collection out of sympathy, knowing I was at death’s door? Maybe. Yes. But it didn’t hurt anyone, right? I mean, especially since those designs were good.

Adam: If you do say so yourself.

Sally: Ridge and eric are businessmen first. They would not have included them otherwise. And if they actually made it down the runway, I believe they would have been huge sellers. It would have been a win-win for both of us.

Adam: I mean, when you think about it, you were doing them a favor.

Sally: You know what? When it comes to my career, i refuse to be humble. I am one hell of a good designer. I just have the unfortunate tendency of getting in my own way, which I am working on. And I have a feeling you can relate.

Adam: [ Sighs ] You’re not wrong.

Ashland: Harrison seems to be quite taken with gelato.

Nate: Chocolate and vanilla. Good man.

Ashland: You have kids?

Nate: Not yet, but, um, someday hopefully. I’ve learned that, uh, you can’t always make firm plans when it comes to your personal life.

Ashland: The way you said that — have you ever been married?

Nate: I was engaged once. Uh, she passed.

Ashland: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

Nate: Thank you.

Ashland: It makes even more sense now, why you don’t react to me the way others do since my diagnosis. You don’t have that same squeamishness or distance that i sense in others. I assumed it was because you’re a doctor, but there’s more to it. You’ve gone through your own personal loss and grief. You don’t see it as foreign or frightening.

Elena: Ah. They seem to be getting along well.

Victoria: You know, nate stepped up for ashland in a big way after his first chemo session. He brought him home. He let him talk. He gave him some really good advice. He’s a good man.

Elena: Yeah. He is.

[ Chuckles ]

Jack: Let’s see. “I cannot help you, for I am only a cookie.”

Lauren: It does not say that!

Jack: Oh, no, it doesn’t say that. Let me see. We’ll play a little trombone here.

Lauren: [ Laughs ]

Jack: Uh, “your love life will soon be happy and harmonious.” Oh, we can only pray.

Lauren: Well, and you deserve that to come true.

Jack: I don’t know about that.

Lauren: Yes, you do.

Jack: I am thrilled, though, that summer and kyle have found their way back to each other.

Lauren: Yeah. What’s the update on their wedding?

Jack: Well, they are planning a small civil ceremony in italy, in contrast to what ashland locke and victoria are planning.

Lauren: Right, and quite a contrast from what kyle and summer were planning, as well, before all this craziness happened and they got derailed.

Jack: You know what? I’m glad they took things down a bit. I think they learned a lesson. They have everything they need to be happy right now, without all the extras.

Lauren: Mm. And what about you, my friend? Do you have everything you need to be happy?

Lily: So, how is abby dealing with chance being gone now that the baby’s here? I know having a family was their dream. It must be so hard for her to not have him here to share that with her.

Devon: Yeah, of course it is. She’s — she’s just staying strong and trying to keep the faith that he’s gonna come home to her soon.

Lily: And you took my advice, right?

Devon: About what? Not ragging on chance in front of her?

Lily: Yeah. I mean, I know that you were resenting him for not being here when she needed him.

Devon: Yeah, yeah, no, I — I told you I wasn’t gonna say that to her. It was just the last thing she needed to hear.

Lily: And now?

Devon: I mean, now I just kind of feel sorry for him ’cause there’s a lot of big moments that have happened that he’s never gonna get back. And I think when he’s home, it’s really gonna hit him hard.

Lily: Does he even know he has a son?

Devon: He’s gone deeper undercover, and we can’t get any messages to him. So I started to wonder if maybe it’s safer that he doesn’t know.

Lily: Well, look, I’m sure when he gets home, he’s gonna be very grateful to you for looking after abby and his son.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh. Hey, abby. What’s up?

Abby: Hey, have you heard from mariah?

Devon: Not recently. Why?

Abby: I had to go in to society for a bit, and mariah offered to watch dom, but I got home and they are gone. There’s no note or anything.

Devon: I assume you called her cellphone. Did it just go to voicemail or what?

Abby: Well, she left her phone at home. That’s weird, right? I mean, I’m trying not to freak out, but —

Devon: Yeah, no, don’t freak out. Don’t freak out at all. Um, just give me a minute, and I’ll be right over, okay?

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Devon: So, abby got back home from work, and mariah and the baby aren’t where she expected them to be.

Lily: Well, no. Go, please. You need to be there.

Devon: Okay. Thank you. Will you lock up before you go?

Lily: Yeah, of course, of course.

Devon: Okay. See you later.

Lily: Yeah.

[ Door closes ] Now, we all know progressive offers 24/7 protection,

Jack: I thought you were gonna stop pestering me about my romantic life — or lack thereof.

Lauren: When did I agree to that?

[ Laughs ] Come on. I’m just checking in.

Jack: Yeah, sure.

Lauren: I know that you had a really amazing time having kyle and harrison here. The house must feel very quiet without them.

Jack: Oh, boy, does it. I got used to all the noise and commotion and excitement, looking forward to the holidays, having a funny, happy kid like harrison around for halloween. Boy, it doesn’t get better than that.

Lauren: [ Chuckles ] Well, maybe they can come for a visit.

Jack: Yeah. I mean, sure they can. I’m still gonna have to get used to all the quiet in this house. And all the extra time I have on my hands. You know, thank god I’ve got work. I can pour myself into jabot and the abbott-winters foundation.

Lauren: Right, but that’s for your mind. You need something to fill your heart. You need a passion, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic.

Jack: You know what? I have come to the conclusion that I’ve had my share of grand passions. Now looking after harrison, being “grandpa” — that’s what fed my heart. Soothing his little worries, exciting his imagination, teaching him the things that my father taught me. I mean, I can do those things over the phone, some of them, but it’s just not the same thing.

Lauren: You know, I’ve never thought of being a grandparent in those terms. The way you talk about it, it sounds very appealing. Of course, my sons aren’t even close to settling down, so…

Jack: I’m telling you, the day is gonna come, and when it does, trust me — you are gonna love it.

Victoria: I have a lovely cabernet in the kitchen.

Elena: Sounds great. I’ll help you.

Ashland: Please.

Nate: So, uh, will victoria’s kids be going to italy for the wedding?

Ashland: Oh, you know, I’m hoping that they can make it. Tuscany is absolutely gorgeous in the fall, and I’d love for them to see it.

Nate: Yeah. I, um — I went there with my mother when I was young. Still remember it. We went all over — tuscany, umbria, le marche.

Ashland: Nice.

Nate: I also saw quite a bit of europe when I was in boarding school. But I haven’t been back since.

Ashland: Why don’t you and elena join us at the wedding? Victoria and I would love to have you there. Uh…I know it might be a little presumptuous, and you can clearly say no, but, uh… I-I-I’d — I’d like for you to be my best man.

Nate: Wow, uh, that’s, uh, quite generous of you. Are you sure? I mean, we’re still getting to know each other.

Ashland: No, you know, I’ve always been able to size up people pretty quickly. You are a brilliant and kind man who has a — a deeper understanding of what I’m going through than most and…

Nate: I’m sure you have friends in new york you could ask.

Ashland: Yeah, I’m sure, but, I mean, to be quite honest, they’re mostly people I’ve met through work. The connections were more professional than personal, you know? I’m just not in that world right now. And, quite frankly, most people are clearly having a difficult time with my medical situation. Anyway, just think about it. There’s no pressure. I-I-I-I would love to have you and elena join us for the ceremony. It’s gonna be a blast.

Nate: Joie de vivre.

[ Both laugh ]

Ashland: From beginning to end.

Mariah: Hi.

Abby: Oh, my god. Hi. Where have you been?

Mariah: Oh, uh, bowie — sorry — uh, dominic was crying his head off, and I had no idea what to do. So I called the pediatrician, and he said that going out for a walk might help. And look. It worked.

Abby: Okay, I-I just, um — you didn’t leave a note or — you didn’t bring your phone. I mean, I had no way of getting a hold of you.

Mariah: Oh. Sorry. Yeah. I — when the baby cries, my brain short-circuits. It must be the hormones. But, um, everything is fine. I’m sorry if you got worried.

Abby: It’s just, the last time you disappeared with the baby, I mean, you were gone for three weeks. I almost called the police.

Mariah: Oh. Again, I’m — I’m really, really sorry, but we were just out for a walk on the grounds. That’s all. No need for alarm.

Abby: Yeah. Hi, baby. Hi.

Adam: I like the simplicity of the lines. And yet there’s a — there’s a richness to it. You have a specific bride in mind, which is a good thing. Even though, uh, victoria might not be inclined to choose a design from a woman who works for the company that’s owned by her black-sheep brother.

Sally: So, that’s it, huh? Just enough commentary to prove that it was a working dinner in case anyone asks?

Adam: Is there something more that you want me to say?

Sally: I’m just mainly curious as to why you agreed to come out with me since we’ve established this was not a date, but also really wasn’t about work. We could have had this five-minute conversation in the office.

Adam: I mean, isn’t it obvious at this point? I’m here for the scintillating conversation.

Sally: Or maybe you were hoping that the news of this non-date would get back to someone in particular and make them jealous?

Adam: Oh! Maybe you were hoping that jack would hear about it.

Sally: [ Sighs ] You know, I actually haven’t thought about him once since we sat down.

Adam: Really?

Sally: I was too busy enjoying myself. And whether or not you want to admit it, I think you have been, too.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: Well, thank you for a wonderful evening.

Victoria: Well, we’re really glad that you could join us. It’s been a wonderful change of pace.

Ashland: Yes, it has. We’ll have to do this again soon. And you will get back to me at some point?

Nate: Definitely.

Victoria: Okay.

Ashland: You guys get home safely.

Nate: Alright.

Elena: Thanks.

Nate: You have a good evening.

Ashland: You do the same. Thank you.

[ Exhales heavily ]

Victoria: Are you okay?

Ashland: I’m fine. I may have to take it easy tomorrow, but it was worth it to have an evening like this.

Victoria: Well, I hope we have many more like it.

Ashland: I will do my best to give us that.

Abby: Sorry. It was a false alarm. Mariah just took the baby out to get some air, and she thought she’d be back before anyone noticed.

Mariah: Devon. Hi. I’m — I didn’t realize that abby called you. I’m sorry if this ruined your evening.

Devon: Oh, no, you didn’t ruin anything at all. But I’m gonna text lily and let her know everything’s okay.

Abby: And I am gonna bring this little guy to bed. Be right back. Come on, baby. Let’s go.

Mariah: I apologize. I-I just didn’t want to bother abby at work, and I figured i could handle it on my own. Then the baby started crying his head off. I had no idea what to do. I was worried that he might be sick or something, so I even called the pediatrician.

Devon: You did exactly what you were supposed to do. What did he say?

Mariah: Well, he said that a walk sometimes can lull a baby to sleep, so I tried it, and it did the trick.

Devon: Nice.

Mariah: But I just — I got so panicky and flustered, I-I forgot my phone, and I am kind of embarrassed. I crumbled under the pressure.

Devon: It doesn’t sound like that’s what you did. It sounds like you asked an expert for advice and then you did exactly what the baby needed and everything worked out fine. I’m actually happy that you were with dom and you followed your natural instincts.

Mariah: Man, this being a mom thing is not for wimps. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

Devon: Yeah.

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