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Dr. Jen ashton and her finakes — a little out of your jurisdiction, don’t you think? I thought you gave up P.I. Work to run your club. Well, you know what they say — you can take the man out of the P.I. Business, but you can’t take the P.I. Out of the man. Anyway, portia and I got roger barstow to agree to meet with us. Well, I called the local police department before I came, and I also let them know that I was seeking to interview roger barstow. Okay. Cards on the table. Roger barstow might have records connected to drew cain. He may also be connected to naomi dreyfus’ murder. That’s what I think of your restraining order. I hope you realize this could land you in jail. That document is worthless. It’s practically a joke. Well, you know, it’s been about eight months…and one stalker since I’ve been in the mood for jokes. And tearing up that order doesn’t make it any less valid, and you’re violating it right now! All I have to do is call the cops, and you’ll be arrested. You never mentioned a restraining order. Why are you doing this?! To protect us from the stalker, nikolas! Since you won’t! What did you just say? I didn’t say anything to you, spencer. I was talking to esme. Sounds more like you were accusing her. And that you sound defensive. Wonder why. It’s a simple question, esme. Have you seen kiki jerome’s hospital I.D. Badge before? Wait. When was the last time that you — you saw your mom? I-I don’t know. 15, 20 minutes maybe. We were supposed to start getting ready for the wedding, and now she’s nowhere to be found. Okay. Then we need to figure out where she could have gone. Nina: Mm. Mm… so what now? Uh, I think — I think this occasion calls for a trip to philadelphia.

[ Laughs ] What? Why? Well, no, look, we’re gonna find a great restaurant, we’re gonna afterwards listen to great music, and we’re just gonna do it up. “Do it up.” That sounds great. Yeah. All right. Great. Now, I got to get organized here and sort some things out, so… I’ll pick you up in a couple of hours. I can’t wait. Ooh!

[ Smooches ] Ooh. All right. All right. I’ll see you later. See you later.

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Chuckles ] Jax! Hey. You don’t seem happy to see me. I’m — I’m just in the m-middle of something, and you’re not exactly local. Why do you just show up like this? Look. I don’t want to hold you up from your business, but, uh, my issue’s pressing. Well, whatever issue you have, if it’s not crimson, we’re no longer together, so it doesn’t involve me. Right. Well, I disagree. Because my business

is you… and what I think you’ve been up to here in nixon falls.

and now we have to start asking, how is drew’s disappearance connected to naomi dreyfus’ murder? You know, everyone thinks peter august is responsible for drew’s disappearance. But what does peter have to do with naomi? Or hayden barnes, for that matter. Are you helping curtis with the investigation? Well, apparently, mr. Barstow had medical records from the clinic where he used to work. Crichton-clark. Yeah. So he would be more likely to share those records with a doctor. And I thought it would be, you know, a fun little adventure to ride along on an investigation, but now that I’m here in the middle of nowhere, I-I’m not really so sure. Well, if we find the right information, we could unmask a murderer, maybe help two families find answers to questions about missing loved ones. Right. Well, when you put it that way, it’s easier to get on board. Okay. Um… but looks like we’re not gonna get any answers today. I-I mean, it doesn’t look like anyone’s home. Yeah, the door’s locked, and the house is dark. Maybe mr. Barstow got spooked and he took off. Maybe he’s here, and he’s lying low. What are the odds that your lead on naomi dreyfus’ murder would lead you to the same crichton-clark medical-records keeper that I think could shed a light on drew’s plane crash? Could the cases be connected? Drew’s relationship with crichton-clark is obvious. It’s where he was held up until the point that robin scorpio-drake revived him and helped him escape. So what’s the link to naomi? Well, roger barstow and naomi dreyfus flew to the U.S. Together and booked their seats together. I don’t know why, but I was hoping that mr. Barstow could explain. You doubt that I have done everything humanly possible to protect you? All you did was terrorize your son and his friends and drive spencer from your home! I made a mistake. I legitimately thought — y-you thought your own son would use my worst nightmare against us and copycat ryan chamberlain? And then you went to war over it. Yes. I did. But only to keep our marriage intact. At the expense of your relationship with your only child. Did it ever occur to you that I may not be able to live with that on my conscience? That I’ve already lived the very worst outcome of taking one’s child for granted. That I wouldn’t be able to bear watching you make the same mistake. You — you can justify your behavior with all good intentions… but that’s not gonna get you your son back. And it’s done nothing to appease the actual stalker. And you’re not helping by showing up at kiki’s grave, here in my gallery, uninvited, unimpeded by the guard you hired! Paul will keep you safe from the stalker. Who’s gonna keep me safe from you?! Every time you force yourself into my life, you put me in danger! Worse, you put avery in danger! That is unacceptable! Yeah, which is why you are leaving port charles! So why add a restraining order on top of it? What’s the point?! The point… is the cover it provides. For what? More severe tactics.

[ Door opens, footsteps approach ] I don’t understand. You want to know if I’ve seen someone’s badge at a local hospital which I’ve never visited before? How random is that? Not someone’s badge. The badge that belonged to ava’s daughter, kiki, or, as you referred to her, lauren. That’s not her name? Kiki, lauren. What’s the difference? No one refers to kiki by her given name, but it was on her hospital I.D. Badge, the one they found near ava’s burning car courtesy of the stalker. When kiki was murdered, her full name was all over the news. “Lauren katherine jerome.” I’m sure spence mentioned it to me at some point. We talk about his father and the family he married into all the time. Because you’re so interested? Of course. Everything about spence is interesting to me. I mean, don’t you take an interest in your boyfriend’s family? Come on, trina. Esme has been in town for all of five minutes. Do you really expect her to know all the ins and outs of everybody who’s loosely connected to me? How would she know whether my stepmother’s dead daughter went by lauren or kiki? And what would it matter if she did? You know what? Why don’t we just take this conversation inside? ‘Cause I never got to see the inside of the famous tan-o the last time I was here for obvious reasons. Besides, it’s getting pretty hot out here. No. Jax. Um, jax! Wow. Place is getting renovated, huh? Um, yeah, they’re — they’re just gonna redo the ceiling and maybe some painting, I think. Yeah. Bit of a fixer, this place, huh? Quite a contrast to deception offices. You know, jax, I have no idea why you think my life is any of your business. My life is of no concern to you. Why are you so nervous? I’m not nerv– it’s just — you know what? You show up here ignoring my wishes. I made it perfectly clear that I did not want you here. Jax, we do not have a future together. I know that we don’t have a romantic future together. Besides, there’s, uh, someone new in your life, right? Mike, is it?

look, I’m sure you hadsomething important to do, but you took off without telling anyone, and we really need to start wedding prep, so just call me back, please. All right. I checked with the guard. Your mom did leave 20 minutes ago in her own car, and she said she had to take care of something before the wedding. Like what? Maxie’s handling the details. My mom’s dress is already at the church. The makeup artist is meeting us there. Mom said she wanted to do her own hair. And if she changed her mind and decided to go to the salon, why wouldn’t she text me? And why isn’t she answering her phone? I don’t know. Let’s find out. Spinelli. Drop everything right now. I need you to do something for me. What do you know about mike? Oh, nothing really. I mean, I don’t know much about him at all. I actually went to ava to try to get some information about him, and she was very protective of you, by the way. But she did tell me that you were happy. So I just wanted to make sure that… you weren’t hurting yourself. Jax, mike… he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. When I found out that you and carly hid the identity of my daughter from me, my whole world derailed. And mike is the one that put it back together. When I needed understanding, mike provided that for me. When I needed space,

he gave that to me. And now you have the audacity to come in here unannounced and then cast doubt on a relationship with a man that you have never met? Where is this coming from? A jar of marinara sauce. What the hell are you talking about? I know. It sounds unbelievable. It couldn’t possibly be true. Then again, this “mike” sounds too good to be true. So I’ll make you a deal. I’ll leave town, and I will stop bugging you. And in return, I just want an introduction. I want to meet mike. Who are these two? Where’s paul? I paid him off and sent him home this morning. No, he would have contacted me if that happened. Maybe he was too busy cashing his bonus. In any case, meet bubba and floyd. They’re former ufo. Ufc. They’re former ufc. They were expelled for being too violent. Is this man bothering you, miss jerome? Never mind. Forget I said anything. Right, but, trina, that’s the thing. You did say something. And it’s not like we can pretend we didn’t hear you. Right, because I know how committed you are to honesty and transparency. You marched in here

all fired up, and you insinuated something pretty awful about esme. That she might be ava’s stalker? I think that we deserve an explanation, trina. It’s no secret how protective I am of ava. He’s been good to me, and she’s going through a really horrible time right now. She’s given up her daughter, her husband, and walking away from her entire life. For esme to show up to the gallery and “wish her well” was incredibly self-centered and, in a word, tacky… to a point where I started to wonder if esme’s interest in ava went beyond normal curiosity in her boyfriend’s family. Beyond the normal… to what exactly? Isn’t it strange that barstow agreed to meet us but isn’t here? Could have been innocent. Maybe he got called away. For whatever reason. Or perhaps it was a decoy, and he lured us here as a stall while he got the hell out of town.

[ Door opens ] Commissioner ashford, I know you didn’t just unlawfully enter. Jordan: Oh, of course not. I had probable cause. The window pane on the kitchen door was broken, from the outside. Glass was scattered all over the floor, so… signs of a potential crime scene. And? See for yourselves. I, uh, didn’t see anything that would indicate that anyone was still around. I need to call this in, and I still don’t have any service. Maybe if you get closer to the road? Why don’t I go try? Are you sure? Yeah, it’ll be out in the open. I’ll be fine. Okay. Um, I need to secure the scene for the local P.D. Okay. Yeah. There were some buildings out back. A garage, a shed. I’m gonna go check those out. Okay. Just a reminder — you’re not a cop, so don’t trespass or contaminate the crime scene. Copy that. One more thing. Be careful. You be careful.

Exactly what kind of interestdo you think I have with your boss? And what does her daughter’s name have to do with whether or not I’ve seen some hospital I.D. Badge? Why does it bother you that I’m looking out for ava? It was a simple mistake, guys. Let’s leave it at that. Can we do that, spence? Really? Your “friend” practically accused me of being your stepmother’s stalker. What’s going on here isn’t about me, and it certainly isn’t about ava and her late daughter. It’s about trina and you, spence. So let’s talk about

that elephant in the room. This is my ex-husband. He is very willfully violating the restraining order I have against him.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh! This is a collector in geneva. I have to take this. Fellas, I don’t want him violating the restraining order again. See to it he gets the message. Don’t worry. I’m leaving. Not yet! You know what to do. Wait! Not the face.

[ Groaning ] Damn. Still no service. Hope portia’s having better luck. Sir! Sir! I need you to answer me. Are you hurt? Sir! Roger barstow. Damn it. You can’t meet mike. Why not? For one thing, he’s not here. Well, I can wait. No. No, jax! That’s not a good idea! It’s a sweet deal, nina. I will leave you alone for good. I just want to make sure that I’m leaving you in the hands of someone that is not going to hurt you. He’s not gonna hurt me, jax, and, besides, you forfeited your right to care about me a long time ago! There you go again with the nervousness. I mean, what are you so afraid of? Jax, please. Just leave. Yeah, I know this extreme overreaction has nothing to do with my presence here. You’re in trouble. I can tell. Your intrusion is not welcome, and suddenly you feel like I’m in trouble? Nina, I came here because I still care about you. So talk to me. I can help you. Sonny: Is there a problem here?

[ Groaning ] Enough? Nope. I’m still not feeling any fear. Ava: No! Stop it! Oh, good god! What are you doing?! You said to make sure he got the message. Bubba! I meant intimidate him. You know? Scare him a little bit! Not actually hit him! Sorry. Our bad. Can you get up? Ohh! I’m gonna get some ice…

[ Sighs ] I hoped we could keep this between us girls, but maybe that was naive of me. I was so nervous about coming to spence’s hometown, afraid I wouldn’t make a single friend. Imagine how happy I was to meet you, trina. I mean, you’re smart, you’re down-to-earth, you love art just as much as I do. All the girls at boarding school were so fake and superficial. And here you were, the exact opposite, so authentic and evolved. I totally fell for it. I had no idea you were setting me up. But here you were spinning wild conspiracy theories about me, and why? The only explanation is that you want spence for yourself. There. I finally said it. Love you, too, grandma. Bobbie hasn’t seen her? Nope. This makes no sense. Why would she just take off? Did she get any texts? Did she get any calls that may have rattled her? I mean, she was a little distracted this morning, but in a “oh, my god, I’m getting married” way. Definitely not in a “I’m worried, there’s a crisis” way. Okay. Did anybody stop by to see her? Well, your mom was here. M-my mom? Do you — do you know what they talked about? No, no, I was out on the terrace with trina. I wasn’t a part of the conversation. But it looked like they were getting along fine. I mean, nobody makes an issue of it, but everyone knows that my mom and your mom don’t really get along. Because of A.J. What — what do you know about A.J.? Besides the fact that he’s michael’s biological father? I mean, I know that he had a lot of problems… and that when he and my mom got married, it was a total disaster and that that’s partly my mom’s fault. Did she tell you that? She said it was a long time ago and that everyone acted badly, except for you. She said that she made a hideous mess of things and that you stood by her anyway. And that if she didn’t love you before, she definitely loved you after.

[ Cellphone rings ] Spinelli. Were you able to track down carly’s phone? Okay. Yeah. No, I got it. No. I’ll take it from here. Thank you. Did he find her? I know where your mother is… and I know why she’s there. You’re alive. You’re the one who survived the firehouse dance, not me. Oh, right. And I-I’m very happy that, uh, you know, you bounced back from that bullet. But you’re gonna be in a world of hurt if you don’t stay away from nina. Jax. Wow. You wanted to meet mike. Here he is. “Mike.” You got a problem with my name?

[ Chuckles ] Ohh… boy, this whole situation is problematic, to put it mildly. You wanna fix it? Remove yourself from the tan-O. Yeah, I’m afraid that’s not gonna fix anything. Nina doesn’t want you around. I don’t want you around. Jax. Just leave. Everyone will be better off. Oh, I can think of a few dozen people that would disagree with you. But it’s not your call or business. For me? Please just leave. You know I can’t do that. Not after finding you here and living out some twisted fantasy. The only fantasy is the one in your head. You are not dragging nina back to her old life. She’s happy right here! And you’re happy here with nina, right? Because you can’t remember a damn thing, can you? What are you doing in my house?

Your house? Man, please. I know what the owner of this house looks like. And it ain’t you.

Curtis? Jordan? I’m back! Okay. I guess I’ll wait outside. Curtis? Is anyone down there? Jordan? Curtis? Oh, my god. Jordan. Jordan? Jordan? Can you hear me? Jordan?

[ Weakly ] What happened? Here. Come on. Come on. Let me help you up.

[ Groans ] I couldn’t get a signal, so I came back to the house, and everybody was gone. So, I saw the door open, and I decided to come down here and see what was going on. Aah. [ Winces ] Okay. Easy. You have a head injury. Okay. I think you have a concussion. Did you trip on something? What happened? Someone hit me. Probably the same person that did that. Is he dead? Yeah. Roger barstow won’t be giving us any information. Okay. This is no longer fun. We need to get out of here right now. Come on. Easy. Be careful. You got it? Yeah. It’s locked! Damn it! The door must have closed behind me.

[ Soft hissing ] Portia, what’s that sound?

[ Hissing ] I think it’s the gas pipe.

[ Grunts ] Why are you running? ‘Cause you’re chasing me. Yeah, well, you were in a ransacked house that doesn’t belong to you. What’d you take? I don’t have to answer to you. Oh, yeah? Look. Get up. The cops are on their way, so you don’t have to answer to me, but you better talk to somebody, and you can start about the owner of the house. Now, where is he? He’s with your lady friend. And that’s not a good thing for her.

[ Pounding ] Help us! Help us! Curtis, we’re locked here in the basement! Jordan, the more you yell, the more gas you’re gonna absorb. My phone still doesn’t have a signal. How is he going to know that we’re down here? We got to get out of here. And if we can’t, we got to find a way to get that gas out. I don’T…see any windows or anything anywhere. Maybe, um — storm door. Maybe there’s a storm door.

[ Pounding ] Help us! Oh, there’s got to be a way out of here. Damn it! A tool. A tool. Maybe I can find a tool or something we can use to open — open the door or turn off that gas.

[ Thud ] Jordan? Jordan. Jordan. Jordan. Oh, god. All right. Jordan? Honey, wake up. Come on. Esme — stop! Esme, that’s enough. Enough what? Truth? Trina knows exactly what I’m talking about. We talked about her crush on you the other day. Look, spence, beyond being rich and sophisticated, you’re also really handsome. I know it. And so does trina. I mean, I can’t blame her for being attracted to you. But when we talked the other day, I pitched her another option. Instead of us being catty rivals, I suggested we become friends. I thought we had an understanding, but clearly I was wrong. Trina decided to go the cliché route of trying to turn you against me. I honestly thought she was above that. It’s so… incredibly disappointing. I’m sure you’ll get over it. I know i will. Trina, hold on. No, listen, spence. You are rich and sophisticated, but let’s make one thing perfectly clear. You’re not handsome. Bubba, floyd, wait outside, please. Take your shirt off.

[ Groans ] I don’t think I can move my arms on my own. Ohh!

[ Groans ] Bubba and floyd might not understand the word “message,” but, uh, they get a 10 out of 10 for a job well done, wouldn’t you say? Stop talking. Ohh! What? Ah, I just — a little warning next time. All right. I’m warning you.

[ Chuckles ] Any place else hurt? I know that ploy. I’ve seen that movie. So? It’s a damn good movie. Mike, mike, mike. Wow. A man with no memory. Way to keep up, buddy. That’s old news. Yeah, when m-mike pulled himself out of the river last winter, he lost his memory, jax. Oh. He didn’t know who he was. He had no I.D. He just had a watch with an engraving “never enough time.” Right. “Love, A.” Mm-hmm. And no one — no one recognized him, huh? So — so you ask people to call you mike? That’s right. In this town, they love mike. They gave him a place to stay, a job. He’s happy here. He has a good life. Mm-hmm. And my life got a lot better when nina showed up to meet her old friend, phyllis. Mm-hmm. And what makes you assume this new life is better than your old one? How would I know? Why would I want to know if my life’s great now? As far as I’m concerned… nothing could improve what I have with nina. What you have? We love each other.

Trina. What happened? Come in. I’m sorry to just show up. I know you need to get ready for the wedding. No, it’s — it’s fine. But you’re obviously not. What happened? I just — I need to vent.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. I’m so sorry. Hold on just a second. That might be jason. “Found your mom.” “Thank you. Ask her if I should push back the makeup artist?” Okay, okay. Now that that’s settled, what’s going on? You were right about esme. She’s as bad as you said. No — worse. And I played right into her hands! There isn’t a single vegan option. It’s 2021. How’s that even possible? Okay. I’ve been working on a text to trina. How does this sound? Why are you texting trina? Because I want to check in. I feel bad. You feel bad about defending your girlfriend from a bunch of wild accusations? Except they weren’t so wild. You torched ava’s car, you planted the duplicate of kiki’s hospital badge, and then you slipped and you called her lauren. Trina didn’t imagine any of that. And for us to pretend like she’s just making all of this up? Kind of feels like we’re gaslighting her. Look. It doesn’t feel good to me, either, spence. But what are our options? We could tell trina

part of the truth. I could take the fall for ava’s problems. Or we could tell trina the whole truth — that you concocted a plan to break up your father’s marriage.

[ Scoffs ] Maybe trina will understand. Or she’ll blow everything up and take everything public, which seems likely since she’s so loyal to ava. Who knows? Maybe the truth will bring father and son even closer together. And even ava, to boot. Whatever you want, I’ll stand behind you. Because all I want is for you to be happy. So, spence… what makes you happy? I’m so sorry. I can’T. But I thought — bubba! Floyd! Will you see to it, please, that nikolas gets home? Ava, don’T. And check your mail when you get there. We’ve passed the six-week minimum. Our divorce should be final any day now if it isn’t already.

[ Grunting ] What do you know about jordan? I know that she’ll be dead soon unless you help her. You’re bluffing! No. You’re wasting time that lady doesn’t have! Ungh! Jordan? Jordan, it’s portia. Wake up.

[ Gas hissing ] No, no, no, no. No. This is not the end. Mnh-mnh. Not like this.

[ Weakly ] Curtis… yes, yeah! Yeah. Curtis is gonna find us. Yep. We’re not gonna die. Our children need us. We have far too much life to live, you know? Tj needs you. And trina needs me. I refuse to let my daughter live the rest of her life without me. And I need to tell trina how much I love her. And I need to tell trina the truth. The truth about her father. I figured you’d come back here. You love nina? Why is that so hard to believe? Oh, no, I’m just trying to put the pieces together. Because there is nothing about you, mike, that even remotely fits with the person I’ve always known nina to me. You used to be involved with nina, um, a long time ago. And it — that’s over. You need to accept… and let her go. Oh, you’re right about one thing, mike. There is no going back for nina and me. But what you have is not love. Because it’s built on lies. And it’s time you both face the truth.

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