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Recap written by Christine

Jack was on his way to bed when he found one of Harrison’s army men. He wistfully picked it up, then he grabbed his phone.

Phyllis found Adam sitting in the Grand Phoenix lounge. She asked him where his she-devil was, and he asked why, so she could douse her with another champagne bucket? Phyllis blamed Sally. Phyllis said she knew this new and improved version of Adam Newman wouldn’t last. She asserted that Sally would’ve left town if he didn’t allow Chloe to hire her. He said he was letting Chloe give Sally a second chance. He thought Phyllis should be in favor of those, since she’d had a few. She countered that he’d had more than her, and he replied that it wasn’t a contest. She asked why he was keeping Sally here after she ran Summer out of town. From what Adam heard, Summer was doing well in Milan. He just wanted to have a drink, without the drama, unless Phyllis wanted to tell him her real issue with Sally. Phyllis denied having a secret issue with Sally. Adam thought that Phyllis saw a bit of herself in Sally. Phyllis decided to leave, rather than dignify that with a response. Adam said that whenever Phyllis swanned out of the room without getting the last word, he knew he hit a nerve. Phyllis kept walking, and Adam grinned.

Phyllis showed up at Jack’s unexpectedly. She said she saw the text he sent Kyle in the family group chat, so she knew he was here, alone in this big empty house. She thought he might be lonely, so she came to say hi. He thanked her for checking on him. She felt she owed him because he stopped her from making a bigger mess of the evening at the party, and he gave her a pocket square to clean up the champagne on her face. He believed she’d shown admirable restraint. She thought he was being generous, and he said he was always a softy where she was concerned. She asked about the text he sent Kyle. He explained that he got a little too nostalgic after finding a toy Harrison left. She asked if he was okay. He was fine, but tired. She said she’d go, but he quickly asked her to stay, because he could use a friend. Phyllis asked Jack what was really going on. He didn’t want to get all maudlin. He kept telling people he was fine with Kyle and Summer moving to Italy with Harrison, but it all happened so fast. It was jarring. Phyllis understood. Part of him felt like he should move on with his life, and he was angry that he couldn’t, but the other part of him asked why he should move on – that was his son and grandson. This house used to be filled with noise and love, and now it wasn’t. He fought back tears. He didn’t want to get used to the silence and emptiness of it all. Phyllis said this house used to be filled with Abbotts. He said Traci and Ashley came and went and Kyle and Harrison were gone. Jack was very lonely.

Jack was adamant that he didn’t need Phyllis to fix this or tell him to look on the bright side. She said she’d wouldn’t say that. She just wanted to talk to him and listen. He was embarrassed about being lonely, even though she told him he shouldn’t be. He felt like he’d failed at life. He’d had a big full life, and now he was completely alone. She said he had so many people who loved him, herself included. She clarified that she knew that didn’t preclude you from being lonely – you could feel alone in a family or in a relationship. You’re born alone and you die alone. He laughed and asked if this was supposed to be a pep talk. She said it was a reality check. She thought that was why people tried so hard to form relationships and connections and why people worked so hard at romance. “Why we start a romance with the wrong person hoping they’ll magically turn into the right person?,” he asked. She assumed this was about Sally, who was definitely the wrong person. She couldn’t imagine who he was hoping Sally would turn out to be, though. “I guess I was hoping she would turn into you,” he admitted. Phyllis said Sally could never be her, even on Sally’s best day.

Phyllis told Jack that he didn’t want another Phyllis. There was a reason their marriage didn’t work out. Jack admitted they went through their share of heartache, but they’d also had some of the best times of his life. He said she was also the most captivating fascinating woman he’d ever known, and sometimes she was so gorgeous it hurt. He thought she was also frustrating, complicated, hot-headed and careless. All in all, she was a spectacular package. Maybe it was because they’d spent so much time together lately, but he’d been thinking that maybe he didn’t move on with his romantic life, because he’d already been with the most amazing woman he’d ever known. She suggested that was the wine talking and that he didn’t mean what he was saying. He insisted that he really felt this way. “I have never stopped loving you and I don’t think I ever will,” he said. She was caught off guard, but he didn’t think she should be that shocked. He made it clear that he knew she’d moved on and that their time was over. He knew she was happy with… “With Nick. That’s a fact,” she said. He told her he truly deeply loved her, and he couldn’t stop. Phyllis went to get Jack some water so he could hydrate after his wine. When she returned, he was asleep. She covered him in a throw blanket, then she knelt next to him and put her hand on his arm for a moment. Phyllis quietly left.

Sally told Victor that his home was lovely. His invitation caught her by surprise, but who could say no to the great Victor Newman? She assumed she was summoned here because of what happened at the launch party. He clarified that he wanted to get to know her a little better. He offered her a drink, and she mentioned the single malt scotch she had with Adam the other day. He poured the drink and asked if Adam introduced her to it. She was vaguely aware of it before, but it was out of her price range. He noted that she’d gone from Lauren’s assistant to head of JCV, a job his granddaughter held first. Sally assumed this was about Summer.

Sally said that Nikki already conveyed how she felt about Sally, and she assumed Victor shared his wife’s sentiment. Victor stated that he was upset that she caused Summer distress. He said if he’d intervened earlier, things would’ve turned out differently. She took that as a threat, but he said it wasn’t. He stated that she and Adam caused quite a stir at the party, and she prompted Phyllis to empty a bucket of water over her head. He said Adam was in a delicate situation with his son, and what Sally might consider harmless flirtation could have unwanted consequences. Sally mentioned that Chloe told her this earlier. Sally was sensitive to the situation, and she knew Adam wanted the best for his son. She suggested that Adam should be the one to make decisions for his son. She asked Victor if he should be dictating his adult son’s personal life, or hers, for that matter. He told her not to use his son as a way to salvage her lackluster career. “And arguing with me would be the worst mistake yet,” he added. Adam walked in and said he guessed he missed the memo about this meeting.

Victor said he invited Sally over because she needed to know certain things now that she was a member of Newman Media. Adam asked what kind of things. Sally said it was about Connor and what was going on between Adam and Chelsea. Adam asked Victor why he’d talk to Sally about Connor. Victor thought Sally needed to know the whole story. “Apparently he doesn’t trust you to communicate this information yourself,” Sally added. Victor hoped Sally made use of this information. Sally asked if she was being dismissed now that she was put in her place. Adam told Sally that she should go. Sally thanked Victor for the scotch, and she left. Adam asked Victor why he felt compelled to dump this on her. Victor knew Sally’s type – she was a social climber who was trying to cozy up to Adam. Victor said Adam talked for months about turning over a new leaf and becoming a good father to Connor, so what the hell happened?

Adam thought Victor was overreacting to the situation with Sally. He assumed Victor resented Sally because of the thing with Summer. Victor said this wasn’t about Summer, it was about Sally, a grasping social climber, latching onto Adam to use him. Adam said that Sally wasn’t using him – he’d never let that happen. Victor said Connor was fragile, and he felt the tension between his parents. Adam asserted that he was in tune to what was going on with his son, and it wasn’t about Sally. Victor had been impressed with Adam before, but now he thought Adam was going back to his old ways. “You’re gallivanting with that dame around town, rubbing it in people’s faces, trying to elicit some kind of reaction, not thinking about the consequences” Victor said. Adam was adamant that he’d always protect his child, and he didn’t need Victor micromanaging his life. Adam said Victor was the one slipping into old behaviors and trying to control Adam, which drove them apart in the past.

Nick and Sharon were happy to see each other when he went to Crimson Lights. He mentioned that Summer sent pictures of her and Harrison. Sharon was interested, so Nick showed them to her. He was about to show pictures of his nephew, Dominic, and Sharon said she met him in person when Abby brought him home from the hospital. He was adorable. Nick was glad Dom was healthy, given how he came into the world. He asked how Mariah was. Sharon thought the ordeal affected Mariah in ways she didn’t realize, but she had a strong loving support system. Nick hoped he was included in that group. Sharon said of course – Nick was family. She mentioned the New Hope – Newman Media partnership. She couldn’t get over him working with Adam. He said they’d been on their best behavior. She thought that it was incredible that Nick was giving Adam a chance to prove he changed – it was a testament to the kind of man Nick was. She asked how the party went, and Nick said it was great until Sally mixed it up with Phyllis. “Oh my gosh, what happened?,” Sharon asked. Nick reminded Sharon of the time she dumped a pitcher milk on Nikki’s head. He said it was something like that, except the milk was a giant champagne ice bucket, and it was at a giant party.

Sharon assumed she knew who started the Phyllis/Sally showdown. Nick wasn’t there when it happened, and Jack had been acting protective of Phyllis, downplaying her role in it. He said Jack got Phyllis out of there, and Adam took Sally away. Sharon was startled Adam was part of it, then she assumed he intervened as Sally’s boss. Nick clarified that he was pretty sure Adam was Sally’s date. Sharon said that was interesting. He looked at her expectantly until she told him not to expect some deeper feelings from her about it. “I said ‘Interesting.’ That’s it. Don’t read more into it.” Nick said there was a time he wasn’t sure she’d be able to detach from the mess that was Adam’s life, but he thought if anyone could help her do it, it was Rey. He thought they seemed happy. She said they were. He also knew that when it came to her history with Adam, it was never quite that simple.

Sharon already told Adam that the past was the past. She wasn’t secretly drawn to him. She was committed to her marriage. The way Nick looked at Sharon prompted her to insist that she was telling the truth. He believed her, but he knew she must be tempted to let Adam back into her life. He said Adam showed a different side – he saved Faith’s life, and he came back and rescued Nick in Kansas. Nick allowed Adam into his life. He understood it wasn’t so simple for Sharon, and he knew Adam was a source of tension in her marriage. Sharon couldn’t admit this to anyone except Nick, and given that he came around on Adam, she knew he’d understand. He said that he and Adam were far from best friends, but he understood how hard it was to want to see the good in Adam while also drawing a line. Sharon thought everyone needed someone in their life who really supported them, and she’d made herself that person for Adam. She paid the price, but Adam also proved her right. It was really difficult to try and completely turn her back on him. Nick asked if Rey understood. Sharon said she and Rey recommitted to their marriage, which Nick noted was not an answer to his question. He asked again if Rey understood that Sharon couldn’t completely cut Adam out of her life.

Sharon said that her relationship with Adam had changed significantly. “But Adam is still a part of your life. Looks like he always will be. And Rey knows that?,” Nick replied. She said she and Rey were as open and honest with each other as possible. She was sure Nick understood – things couldn’t be all smooth sailing with Phyllis. He said it actually kind of was. He knew Phyllis meant well so he’d stopped trying to put the breaks on her meddling. “You make that sound so easy,” Sharon said. He replied that he’d made a choice to accept Phyllis for who she was. Sharon conceded that all couples were different, but she did think that when a couple broke up and got back together, things could be better for them, as long as they were in agreement on what they wanted. Nick said he knew Sharon well enough to know something else was on her mind. Sharon said it wasn’t all that deep. She noted that he chose the sort of relationship he wanted with Phyllis – not with the crazy intensity he had last time, at least not the type that made him want to put his fist through the wall. He said last time he hurt a lot of people he cared about, particularly Sharon. Sharon said they didn’t have to revisit that time. He said he and Phyllis were older now, and maybe they figured out how to be in a relationship in a serene way. It didn’t have to be complicated.

Sharon understood why Nick would choose something easy and comfortable. He thought she meant he was looking for the path of least resistance, not real love and commitment. That wasn’t what Sharon meant. He inferred that she thought he was settling for Phyllis and that something was missing. Sharon didn’t mean to imply that. She was just making an observation. “But you said comfortable and easy,” he noted. He didn’t want her to take it the wrong way, but he could say the same thing about her and Rey. Sharon said she and Rey got each other, like Nick and Phyllis did. She felt it was good for any relationship to have friendship and trust. She was glad Nick and Phyllis were at that point and that they were happy. Nick was happy that Sharon was happy. Sharon had to go, as it was late. She asked if he wanted to help her close, and he laughed and said yes. They kept stealing looks at each other as they tidied up. When he turned out the lights, their eyes met for a moment, before she turned and kept cleaning. He watched her.

Sally went to Society and ordered their best scotch. The bartender asked if it was a special occasion. She said she was moving up in the world – apparently she’d become a target of the Newmans. Nikki ripped into her at the launch party, and Victor just summoned her to his home. She said Victor did that thing rich and powerful men do when they want something, but it’s supposed to feel like your idea. She toasted to her boss’s father, the jerk. Sally finished her drink and said it was Adam’s loss.

Sally got up and when she turned around, Adam was there. “My father made his point. Now I want to make mine,” he said, then he pulled her into a deep kiss. They went to the hotel, and they were so overcome with desire for each other that they barely stopped kissing as they unlocked the door to their suite. Adam kept calling Sally’s name, and this snapped her out of her fantasy. The kiss and trip to The Grand Phoenix never happened. She and Adam were still at Society. Adam asked if Sally was so mad she was pretending not to hear him. She said she was just distracted. He apologized for his father. However, talking to Victor got Adam to reevaluate, and he didn’t think he and Sally should see each other outside the office anymore. “Should. That’s a word that I have eliminated from my vocabulary,” she said.

Nick went to Phyllis’s room, and she was already in bed, seemingly asleep. He sat down on the bed and looked deep in thought. The rest of Sally’s speech to Adam played as a voice over on top of Nick and Phyllis’s scene. “You either choose to do something or you don’t. There is no should or shouldn’t,” Sally said. Nick glanced at Phyllis, who faced away from him. She opened her eyes. Sally’s statement continued: “No acting a certain way because that’s what’s expected of you.”

Jack was shown waking up, as Sally said “You decide what you want, no matter how people are going to react.”

No matter how far outside it is from what is considered socially acceptable,” Sally stated as Sharon was shown putting the closed sign in the coffeehouse window.

And if people don’t like it? That’s their problem. To hell with ‘em,” Sally was shown whispering into saying in Adam’s ear. She then left the restaurant.

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