Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 7, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander told Gwen that Bonnie came to his room to invite him to the wedding. He figured out that she stole his room key and took the money. He said Bonnie was going to regret the day she crossed him. Gwen said she felt bad that Xander was in this mess because of her. He said it was his choice. He didn’t want her to tell Jack the truth about her miscarriage. He said if she did, then everything he did would be for nothing. He said Jack might not forgive her for lying about Abby causing her miscarriage. Gwen couldn’t believe Xander sacrificed himself for her. He said she was worth it. She said she wasn’t sure what she would tell Jack about her involvement with Snyder, but Jack would know it wasn’t Xander’s fault.

Calista put the gun to Bonnie. Calista told her she was going to die. Bonnie begged her not to kill her. Calista told Bonnie she had to pay for what she did to her husband. Calista used a pillow to silence the gun. Bonnie went after Calista. They struggled over the gun and it went off. Calista fell on the bed. Steve talked to the justice of the peace about Justin and Bonnie’s union. Kayla and Justin showed up at the mansion. Kayla went to check on Bonnie. Justin was worried about Bonnie’s behavior. Justin told Steve that it took a lot to be his best man. Justin appreciated him. Steve wanted him to be happy. Bonnie panicked when Kayla knocked on the door. She struggled to clean up Calista’s body. Bonnie put Calista on her side and covered her with a blanket. When Kayla came in the room, Bonnie said Calista was sick. Kayla wanted to help Bonnie get dressed. Everyone was ready for the wedding. The justice of the peace started the wedding. He asked if anyone objected to the wedding. Xander came in and said he objected to the wedding. He accused Bonnie of stealing money from him. Julie told Jack that Doug locked her in the freezer to protect her from robbers. She was scared that the robbers kidnapped him. Jack said it was possible she and Doug had a fight and he went to cool off. She thought it could have been possible but wondered where he was. She said she had to find Doug. Doug went to the pub. Doug called Roman John. While Doug was talking about different people, he got their names wrong. Roman called Julie. He told her to come to the pub. When Julie and Jack went to the pub, she told Doug that he locked her in the freezer. He said she was confusing him with someone else. He asked her if she was okay. Julie was shocked. When Julie and Jack got Doug home, she acted as if everything was okay. Jack told her that Roman said Doug was confused over names. She thought Doug was tired. Jack told her to get Doug checked out just in case. She said Doug wasn’t going anywhere.

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