Days Short Recap Monday, September 6, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander let EJ in his room. Bonnie hid under the bed. EJ showed Xander his contract. EJ said he wanted his money. EJ gave him a pen so he could sign the contract. Bonnie’s phone went off. Xander asked if he heard it. They looked at their phones to see if it was their phone. Xander signed the contract. Bonnie let Kayla know that she was at the nail salon. EJ grabbed the suitcase of money and left Xander’s room. Xander went back to the bathroom. Bonnie left the room while he was in the bathroom. Justin talked to Kayla about Bonnie. He was concerned about Bonnie getting cold feet. Kayla let him know that Bonnie couldn’t wait to marry him. She said Bonnie was only worried about Calista. He said he wasn’t sure about Bonnie’s relationship with Calista. He questioned whether he should talk to her about it. Kayla assured Justin that he didn’t have anything to worry about with Bonnie and Calista. Kayla said she was happy for him and believed Bonnie changed. She said the situation between them was awkward, but things ended up the way they needed to. She said she wanted to think Adrienne helped them.

Bonnie went back to the Kiriakis mansion and was shocked to see Calista on top of Steve. Bonnie took Calista off of him and dragged her out of the room. Bonnie gave her the money. Bonnie wanted the gun in exchange. Calista pulled out the gun and said she wasn’t giving it to her. She said Bonnie was getting the bullet. Jack wanted to know why Snyder was blackmailing Gwen. When she was about to tell him why she was getting blackmailed, he got a call from Julie. She was locked in the freezer at her restaurant. Gwen went to see Xander. She told him that she told Jack that Snyder was blackmailing her. She said she couldn’t tell him why he was blackmailing her because Jack went to help Julie. Xander said she didn’t have to tell Jack everything about the miscarriage. She said she couldn’t let Jack keep writing bad stories about him. EJ banged on Xander’s door. When Xander went to open the door, EJ showed him the empty suitcase. Xander said he put the money there. EJ said a million dollars didn’t get legs and walk away. He tore up Xander’s contract and threatened to send him back to prison. When EJ left, Gwen asked if he scammed EJ. Xander said he didn’t. He remembered that Bonnie came by. When Jack went to Julie’s restaurant, he found out that Doug was the one who locked Julie in the freezer. Jack was trying to understand what happened. She said something was wrong.

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