Days Short Recap Wednesday September 8, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Bonnie and Justin were about to get married when Xander interrupted the ceremony. He objected to the wedding. Xander said he had a million reasons why he stopped the wedding. Justin wanted to know what was going on. Bonnie wanted him to leave. Kayla mentioned how he ruined parties. He said that he was telling the truth to get the million dollars. He said he was telling the truth now. He accused Bonnie of stealing his money. Xander told Justin how Bonnie was able to steal his money. Justin asked Bonnie if what he said was true. Gabi checked out Philip’s computer and found out that he caught Brady and Chloe in bed. Belle went to see Philip to find out why he went to check up on Brady and Chloe. He told her that anything could have happened if he hadn’t got there on time. Bonnie denied Xander’s accusations. Xander insisted that she was the one who committed a crime. He was about to go upstairs when Bonnie stopped him. Kayla wanted to know why she didn’t want him to go upstairs. Bonnie said Calista was upstairs. Justin demanded to know what was going on with her.

Philip wanted to send a threatening memo to Brady. Belle tried to stop him from sending it. She warned him that his anger was going to bring him down. Gabi read the memo that Philip wrote. She showed the memo to Jake. She told him that they had to get Philip to act on his anger. She said that Victor would fire Philip and give her the job. He said he might get the job too. Bonnie said that Calista was sleeping off her hangover. Xander said he would be quiet. He walked off so Bonnie went after him. Xander found the money in Calista’s room. The gun fell out of the bag so Xander wondered why she had a gun. Justin wanted to know why she had a gun too. Belle told Philip that Brady would use what he’s doing against him. She told him to enjoy the fact that he had Chloe. She advised him not to send the email, but he tried to do it anyway. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t send the email. Justin found Calista’s body on the bed. Belle told Philip that he was going to lose Chloe if he didn’t listen to her. Philip got a call from someone and the person found something on his laptop. Justin demanded to know why Calista’s body was on the bed. Bonnie tried to explain when Eli and Lani showed up. Philip went to Gabi to find out why she was spying on him. Eli and Lani arrested Bonnie.

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