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Recap written by Christine

Lily was at Devon’s. She admired a picture of the baby, and said she liked that he was named Dominic – a D name for Devon. Devon didn’t expect that honor. She asked what it was like bringing a life into the world. He said it was incredible, and Abby was amazing through it all. Lily asked about Mariah, and Devon said she’d been heroic, and she stayed strong through everything she’d been through. He’d never forget the feeling of holding Dominic in his arms for the first moments in his life. He knew he’d feel a connection with Dominic, because they shared DNA, but this was something else. Lily asked about Amanda’s trip. Devon said that Amanda, Imani and Naya were on a getaway. It was a huge step, and Devon thought it’d be a good way to heal wounds from Sutton and the whole saga with Richard’s death. It meant a lot to Amanda because the trip was Naya and Imani’s idea. He asked where Billy was. He was with the kids. Lily decided to give them some alone time. Devon noted that Lily was taking care of Billy’s kids, and they were both looking after Moses. She noted that it took a village, which with Dominic’s birth, he and his parents were all a part of it too. Devon said he and Chance were technically family, through the Katherine connection. That was the main reason he wanted to be the donor – so that Dominic could have that connection. Lily said that Devon and Chance could work together to make sure Dominic was surrounded by love. She also noticed a shift in him since Dominic was born.

Devon said Amanda asked him that same question – if he regretted stepping up to be the donor, and the answer was no. he was happy he helped Abby and Chance start a family. Lily noted that, like Abby, she’d needed a surrogate. Lily wouldn’t judge of Devon’s answer was different, and she was here if he wanted to talk. He said the first time he held Dominic, he had the feeling that this was what it was like to be a father. It brought up lots of emotions. “Especially since you should’ve been a father awhile ago,” Lily said. She understood he’d think of Hilary and the baby he lost. He was sure Hilary was looking down on him and proud. She knew he missed Hilary and the baby. Lily said Devon could talk to her about that, and she wouldn’t make it about herself and the guilt she felt. She just wanted to be there for him, if he’d let her. He appreciated that. Lily asked how Abby was doing about Chance’s absence. He said Abby was doing the best she could. Lily hoped Devon took her advice not to badmouth Chance around Abby. Devon said he’d never rag on Chance to Abby. He felt sorry for Chance because he was missing out on so many moments. He thought that when Chance got home, it would really hit him hard. He didn’t even know he had a son. Lily thought that Chance would be grateful Devon looked after Abby and his son.

At their place, Abby told Mariah that they were short staffed at Society, because a hostess called in sick. Mariah offered to watch the baby. Abby said that was sweet, but it felt like too much to ask. Mariah insisted that she was happy to do it. Later, Mariah was alone with Dominic, and he was wailing, and she didn’t know what to do, because she’d already taken care of all his needs. Abby came home at some point later and made a beeline to the bassinet with a smile on her face. She was caught off guard when she found it empty. Abby yelled out that she’d found someone to come in to work, so Mariah was off the hook for babysitting. Abby told herself that Mariah might be feeding or rocking the baby. She raced upstairs calling Mariah’s name. Abby called Devon and told her that Mariah and Dom were gone, and she left her phone behind. Devon said not to freak out – he’d be right over. Devon brought Lily up to speed, and she understood he had to leave.

Mariah brought the baby inside, and Abby asked what happened. Mariah explained that he was crying, and she called the pediatrician who recommended a walk. It clearly helped, since he was sleeping now. Abby pointed out that Mariah didn’t leave a note or take her phone. Mariah was sorry – her brain short circuited due to the crying – must be the hormones. Abby said the last time Mariah disappeared with the baby, she’d been gone for three weeks. Abby almost called the police. Mariah was really sorry, but she just took the baby out for a walk on the grounds. There was no need for alarm. Devon showed up, and Abby told him that Mariah just took Dom for a walk, and she thought she’d be back before Abby was home from work. Abby took Dom to bed. Mariah apologized, explaining that she didn’t want to bother Abby at work, and she thought she could handle it alone. When Dom started crying his head off, she had no idea what to do. She was worried he was sick, so she called the pediatrician. Devon thought Mariah did the right thing. Mariah said she got so panicky and flustered that she forgot her phone. She crumbled under the pressure. Devon noted that Mariah got expert advice and did what the baby needed, and it all worked out. He was happy she was with Dom and that she followed her natural instincts. Abby was on her way back, and she looked worried when Mariah said “Man this being a mom thing is not for wimps. It’s a lot harder than it looks.”

Adam and Victor were at the office. The initial reviews of the launch were positive, and none of them mentioned Phyllis dumping water on Sally. Adam had to go, because he had dinner plans. “You’re not meeting that woman are you?,” Victor asked. Adam confirmed that he was meeting Sally. Victor thought Sally should be fired for throwing a drink in Phyllis’s face at the launch party. Adam asserted that Phyllis provoked Sally, so both women shared the blame. Victor asked if Adam could blame Phyllis after what Sally did to Summer. Adam wasn’t interested in Sally and Phyllis’s personal details. He was having a working dinner. “Is that what they call it now,” Victor asked. Victor thought Adam should stay here and come up with a strategy for dealing with ChancComm. Adam said they’d discuss it later, but now, Sally was waiting for him.

Elena and Nate met Victoria and Ashland for dinner at Society. Elena and Nate had two nights off in a row, which was unheard of, so they got to enjoy and relax tonight. They saw Sally come in and look around. Sally took a seat at the bar, while the two couples headed to the lounge.

Nate talked about robotic surgery, the kind of technology, they could purchase due to Ashland’s generous donation. Ashland preferred that they discuss another topic, anything was fine, as long as it wasn’t about his health situation. Elena inquired about their wedding plans. That was Victoria’s favorite subject. She shared the details off screen. Nate imagined it must be challenging to organize an event on another continent. Victoria said Nikki found someone in Italy to coordinate things. Elena asked about the dress, and across the room, Sally perked up and listened in. Victoria was hoping that Summer’s boss would do it, but she understood that Angelina Marchetti might be booked up. Adam strolled in and said hello. Victoria suggested that Adam found his perfect match in Sally. Adam thought it seemed that Victoria and Ashland had. He was happy for them.

The waiter showed Adam and Sally to their table. She noted that he got a kick out of letting everyone know their barbs didn’t get to him. He said it was a game, and you develop thick skin. She thought she could learn a lot from him. Sally was glad she and Adam downshifted from a date to a working dinner, so they could ignore all those “what not to do on a date” things. She said she wore her comfy shoes, and he was twenty minutes late. Glancing under the table, he said those weren’t comfy shoes, and he was sorry for being late. She told him it was fine, it was better than him bailing, and she guessed there was pressure on him to do that. She said it wasn’t her first time hanging out with an SOB – son of a billionaire who didn’t realize he was one until he grew up. Adam was surprised to hear that, and Sally said there were more of them than he thought, and they could start a club.

Sally told Adam about a time she manipulated the Forresters when she was in L.A. They included her designs in their collection because they thought she was dying. She admitted she was wrong to do it, but it didn’t hurt anyone, and her designs were good. Adam commented on Sally praising her own work. She said Ridge and Eric wouldn’t have included her designs if they weren’t good, and if the designs had actually made it down the runway, they would’ve all made a lot of money. She refused to be humble about her career – she was a good designer, with an unfortunate tenancy to get in her own way. She thought he could relate. He admitted she was right.

Adam made a couple comments on the dress Sally designed for Victoria; all complimentary. She thought he made just enough commentary to prove this was a working dinner in case anyone asked. He asked if she wanted him to say something else. She was curious why he agreed to come here since they agreed it wasn’t a date, but the work-related conversation they had only lasted five minutes. He said he was here for the scintillating conversation. She suggested that he was hoping the news of this non-date would get back to someone in particular and make them jealous. He suggested she was hoping Jack would hear about it. She said she hadn’t thought about Jack once since this dinner started. She was too busy enjoying herself, and whether or not he admitted it, she thought he had been too.

Nate entertained everyone with a story about a wedding he’d been at, where it momentarily looked like the groom had been stood up, but in reality, the bride had just twisted her ankle on her way to the altar. Nate had taped up her ankle, and the wedding went forward. Ashland thought Nate sounded like the guy to have on hand in a crisis. That reminded Nate of something that happened when he was a groomsman, but Elena didn’t think that Victoria and Ashland needed to hear more wedding horror stories. Victoria admitted she could tell a few of her own, but she was determined that her day with Ashland would be perfect.

Elena and Victoria connected over a shared love of cooking podcasts. Elena didn’t know Victoria liked to cook. Victoria clarified that she hated it, and she was terrible at it, but Ashland said Victoria made a fine grilled cheese. Victoria liked the fantasy of creating the perfect dish. Elena was an okay cook, and she kind of enjoyed it, but she didn’t have that time. She thought her old roommate would be appalled by how she was eating lately, but Nate thought Lola would be impressed by how Elena was spending her time making a difference in people’s lives. The ladies went to freshen up, and Ashland observed that Nate knew how lucky he was to have Elena. Nate confirmed that he did.

Ashland showed Nate pictures of Harrison eating gelato. He asked if Nate had kids. Nate hoped to someday, but he’d learned you couldn’t make firm plans in your personal life. That made Ashland ask if Nate had been married before. Nate had been engaged once, but she passed away. Ashland now understood why Nate didn’t react to his diagnosis like others did. He said Nate didn’t have that squeamishness or distance. Ashland thought that was because Nate had gone through his own personal loss and grief, and he didn’t see it as foreign or frightening. Elena and Victoria returned and watched from a distance as the guys talked. Victoria said Nate stepped up in a big way for Ashland. She thought he was a good man. Elena agreed.

Elena and Nate went to Victoria and Ashland’s home. The men retired to the living room, and Nate asked if Victoria’s kids were going to Italy for the wedding. Ashland hoped so. Tuscany was so beautiful in the fall, and he hoped they got to see it. Nate recalled taking a trip there with his mother when he was young. He saw a lot of Europe in boarding school, but he hadn’t been since then. Ashland knew this might be a bit presumptuous, but he asked Nate to be his best man. Nate was startled and asked if Ashland was sure – they just met. Ashland was able to size people up quickly, and Nate was a brilliant and kind man who understood what Ashland was going through. Nate was sure Ashland had friends in NY. Ashland said most of the relationships he had in NY were of a professional, not personal nature. Frankly, most people were having a having a difficult time with his medical situation. He asked Nate to consider it.

Later, after drinks, Elena and Nate got up to leave. All had enjoyed themselves. Ashland asked Nate to get back to him, and Nate said he would. Victoria saw the guests out, and Ashland showed his exhaustion. Victoria came back and asked if he was okay. He said he might have to take it easy tomorrow, but it was worth it for a day like this. She hoped they had many more like this. She cuddled against him, and he kissed kissed her.

Lauren dropped by Jack’s place. Michael was working late on the Sutton Ames trial, so Lauren decided to see if Jack wanted to have dinner. He didn’t want to go out, but he suggested Chinese takeout. He had spicy beef, and she had cashew chicken. He reported that Summer sent a video of Harrison helping her cook in an outdoor pizza oven. He marveled at how easily Harrison adapted. Lauren said that he must miss his mom. He said the one authentic thing about Tara was that she was committed to her little boy. He regretted pressuring Phyllis to lay off Tara and Sally. Lauren said their dear friend had a gift for reading people. He added that Summer and Kyle owed their happiness to Phyllis. Jack’s fortune cookie predicted that good things were ahead for his love life. He wasn’t sure what would happen for him, but he was glad Kyle and Summer were happy together. He said they were planning a small wedding ceremony in Italy, nothing on the scale of what Ashland and Victoria had planned. He was glad that Kyle and Summer scaled back their plans a bit. He thought they learned that they already had everything they needed to be happy without all the extras. Lauren asked if Jack had everything he needed to be happy.

Jack thought Lauren was going to stop pestering him about his romantic life. She noted that she never agreed to that. She was sure the house must be quiet without Kyle and Harrison. He said he’d been looking forward to having a happy little kid like Harrison around for Halloween and other holidays. Lauren suggested they might visit. He knew he’d still have to get used to the quiet and all the extra time he had on his hands. He did have Jabot and the Abbott-Winters Foundation. She thought he needed something to pour his heart into, and it didn’t have to be romantic. He said he’d concluded that he had his share of grand passions. Being a grandpa really fed his heart. He could interact with Harrison on the phone, but it wasn’t the same. Lauren thought Jack made the idea of being a grandparent sound appealing, not that her sons were close to settling down. Jack said the day would come, and Lauren would love it.

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