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[Siren wailing in distance]

[Monitor beeping steadily]

Steffy: Finn, look at me. I know that it sounds crazy, but she is faking it. It’s an act. She’s manipulating you.

Finn: She lost consciousness, steffy.

Steffy: You were in the middle of telling her you never wanted to see her again, and then she suddenly collapses at our house?

Finn: They’re running a few more tests. We’re just– we’re waiting on the lab results and we–

Steffy: It’s a waste of time! This isn’t real! It’s not real! Sheila is a pro at this. Come on! We have to just–just walk out of here, okay? Let’s walk out of the hospital room and never see her again.

Ridge: I knew it. I knew sheila wouldn’t leave town.

Brooke: Felt way too easy.

Ridge: [Sighs] Finn was wrong to allow her to see hayes. You know that, right?

Brooke: It’s only made her more obsessive.

Ridge: When is this nightmare gonna be over?

Brooke: I don’t know. She’s been messing with our family for years. Now to find out she’s finn’s biological mother and hayes’ grandmother? Makes me wonder what more she’s capable of.

Ridge: I know.

Brooke: I’m just worried about the strain that she’s putting on steffy and finn’s relationship.

Paris: Finn screwed up.

Zende: You think?

Paris: [Sighs] I mean, but he fully owns his mistake. He knows that sheila shouldn’t be anywhere around steffy or her family. But the fact that he’s pretty much perfect in every other way has got to count for something, right?

Zende: Oh. So he’s perfect now, huh?

Paris: Zende, no one’s perfect, but finn’s very, very close.

Zende: Closer than me?

Paris: You guys may be neck and neck.

Zende: Really?

Paris: You may be winning by just a hair.

Brooke: It’s just really unfortunate that steffy’s caught in the middle. She loves finn so much, but she can’t standthe woman who gave birth to him.

Ridge: No one can stand her. And steffy has every right to feel uneasy about it.

Brooke: Absolutely. Finn needs to show better judgment.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: But she did say that the relationship is back on track.

Ridge: Well, let’s hope this latest stunt doesn’t derail their progress.

Zende: You can admit it. You’re kinda crushing on finn, aren’t you?

Paris: Oh, you mean the same way that model was crushing on you?

Zende: Touché.

Paris: Can’t blame her.

Zende: I mean, I can’t blame her, either.

Paris: Mm-hmm.

Zende: Finn’s a good-looking guy. He’s a doctor, and he surfs. I get it. Seems like everyone’s got a thing for him these days.

Paris: Not everybody.

Zende: Are you saying you don’t?

Finn: I hear you, and I respect your feelings, but we’re–

Steffy: Then let’s go! Sheila’s in good hands. She’s gonna be just fine. We have to think about our family, finn.

Finn: I am thinking about us. You and the kids always come first. But like it or not, steffy, she is my mother.

Steffy: She’s your birth mother.

Finn: And she’s alone and scared in a hospital all by herself. I told her that I would be here. I can’t just abandon her. Some people have joint pain,

[Horn honks]

Ridge: Just texted steffy. Wanna see what’s happening at the hospital.

Zende: Hospital? Somebody get hurt?

Brooke: So she says.

Ridge: Sheila.

Zende: What did she do this time?

Ridge: Went to steffy’s house again.

Paris: Again?

Brooke: She snuck onto the property and then fainted on the floor.

Ridge: At a very opportune moment.

Zende: You’re not buying it.

Brooke: No, unfortunately, finn is vulnerable to his birth mother. In fact, he’s at the hospital with her right now. Steffy just filled us in.

Paris: Well, let me guess. Steffy went over there to confront her.

Ridge: Of course she did. She doesn’t want finn to be manipulated anymore.

Zende: But isn’t there a restraining order in place?

Brooke: Carter’s working on it, but because of the family connection, it’s a little bit complicated.

Paris: Um, you know what? I-I-I actually have a thing I have to do for the foundation.

Zende: Right now?

Paris: Yeah, it’s a video chat thing. I completely forgot about it.

Ridge: Go ahead. Do your thing.

Zende: It’s gotta be tough on both of you.

Ridge: You know what’s tough, zende? Trying to explain to finn how dangerous this woman really is. We’ve tried. We’ve all tried, but he’s not listening, so…almost to the point where I don’t wanna tell him anymore. You know what? I’m not just gonna sit back and let this woman try to weasel her way back into this family. Not gonna let it happen.

Brooke: Steffy’s not gonna let it happen either.

Steffy: I’d rather not have this conversation in here, not when she can hear us.

Finn: She’s asleep, steffy. She’s had a very trying day.

Steffy: No, no, she hasn’T. This is a scam. She’s trying to exploit your feelings. That’s what she does best. Finn, you have to trust me on this. I know you are put in a terrible position right now and part of you does feel bad for her, but… don’t let her suck you in, okay? You need to walk away. The more attention you give this woman, the more you make her feel like she’s your mother, the more she’s gonna be fixated on this. You’re gonna keep feeding the monster, and you can’t do that. You need to stop right now. We need to just go and never see sheila again.

Nurse: Sorry to interrupt. Dr. Finnegan, you wanted an update on the patient in 103. I’d have called, but since you’re here, the results are in.

Finn: Okay. Thank you. I gotta go take care of that. You wanna sit out in the waiting area?

Steffy: No, I’m gonna stay here, wait till sheila wakes up.

Finn: Look, steffy, I know you think she’s pretending, but people don’t just collapse for no reason. She might have something underlying. I’m gonna be right back.

Steffy: Hey. Finn left. It’s just you and me now. You can drop the act. You are so full of it. Obviously, you were listening to everything we were saying. So why don’t you open those eyes and look at me? Because you’re gonna hear exactly what I have to say.

(Motorcycle running)


Brooke: Is everything okay with paris, zende?

Zende: Um, I, uh–I think so. Why?

Brooke: I just got the feeling that she might be concerned about steffy and finn’s relationship, what they’re going through.

Zende: It could be part of it. Paris lives at the house, and sheila’s existence is enough to rattle anyone.

Ridge: That’s why finn has to cut all ties with that woman, end this nightmare.

Brooke: For everyone’s safety, especially the sake of their marriage.

Zende: We were just talking about that, how good they are together. Paris is really concerned. She doesn’t want anything or anyone coming between steffy and finn.

[Elevator door dings]

Paris: Finn.

Finn: Paris, hey. What are you doing here?

Paris: I heard about what happened with sheila, and I just wanted to see how you were doing.

Finn: [Sighs] Um, I was just gonna check on her. I had to see another patient.

Paris: Oh, I’m sorry. Don’t let me stop you from doing your job.

Finn: No, no, it’s okay. Sheila’s–she’s resting, and she’s stable, as far as we know.

Paris: Stable is good.

Finn: Yeah.

Paris: It must be a relief for you, knowing that she’s most likely in the clear, out of the woods.

Finn: She’s in good hands. There’s a lot of people watching over her, but…

[Sighs] I admit, it was a little scary watching her go down like that right at the house.

Paris: Oh, my god. I can only imagine. I wish I was there to help out.

Finn: Yeah, I mean, it was the last thing I was expecting. She was standing there, and then… I think she got upset. Anyway, um, it was really nice of you to come by, and it means a lot that you took some time to reach out.

Paris: Well, that’s what I’m here for. I am assuming that steffy isn’t giving you much support.

Sheila: Enough already. You need to leave me alone and get the hell out of here.

Steffy: All right, sheila, you had your fun. It’s time to cut this out. I’m not an idiot. Your sudden collapse as finn was telling you to get out and never come back? Hmm. What a coincidence. And bravo. You were able to lower your blood pressure. I guess your nursing degree really did come in handy. Finn may have fallen for your charade, but I haven’T. I know exactly who you are, so it’s time to give it up. Give up the act and wake up. Let’s go. Wake up. Come on now. Wake up, girl. Wake up.

Sheila: You are relentless, steffy forrester, worse than your grandmother ever was. Okay, fine. Anything to get you to shut your mouth.

Steffy: [Scoffs]

Sheila: [Exhales]

[Exhales] Finn? Where’s– where’s finn?

Steffy: He’s not here.

Sheila: [Exhales, mumbles] Where’s–who are you? Who are you?

Steffy: You know who I am. You’ve been listening to us the entire time.

Sheila: Nurse, I was just…

Steffy: It’s steffy.

Sheila: Oh, steffy.

[Groans] Get water. Please, wat–some water.

Steffy: [Sighs]

Sheila: Thank you.

Steffy: There’s nothing wrong with you. Physically. I mean, this fantasy that you’re clinging to, that you’re gonna be in finn’s and hayes’s life forever, you need to drop it. It’s not gonna happen. All the deception and the lies, it ends here. Now. A lot of people think dealing with copd

Ridge: Uh-oh, steffy texted back. Let’s see.

Brooke: What? What’d she say?

Ridge: She is alone in a room with sheila.

Brooke: Really? Is that a good idea?

Ridge: Apparently she’s still “unconscious.”

Zende: This is seriously insane, to pull something like that?

Ridge: Yeah, she’s putting on a show for everybody.

Zende: I mean, if that’s the case, she’s seriously unhinged. I hope steffy’s being extra careful.

Ridge: You know, I’m not worried about steffy. Worried about your pal finn.

Brooke: She’s playing the victim. She’s trying to get under his skin.

Ridge: Then don’t let her! Come on! Finn needs to get on board. Trust your wife, and stop listening to sheila.

Paris: Steffy does have her own perspective.

Finn: Years of conflict between sheila and her family.

Paris: Yeah, I’m not trying to judge. She has legit reasoning. It makes sense why she thinks it’s a play for sympathy.

Finn: But it’d just be so difficult to pull off.

Paris: Yeah, but you also don’t want to believe that sheila could fake you out like that. Deep down, you’re worried about her health, and her well-being. And that’s okay, it’s normal. You’re her son. And it doesn’t sound like she has anyone else around that cares whether she lives or dies. It’s just you.

Finn: Yeah, who knows?

Paris: The point is, I feel you, finn. And if you need a friend, I’m here.

Finn: I appreciate that. And everything that you said. I just… [Sighs] Can’t stop thinking about sheila and steffy alone together. No matter how this plays out, I don’t see how anybody wins.

Sheila: What-what happened? What are you talking about?

Steffy: Don’t come to my home ever again. You stay away from my husband and my children.

Sheila: Your home.

[Sighs] I wanted to see my son and my grandson.

Steffy: Don’t call them that.

Sheila: But I am.

Steffy: They’re-they’re not yours. They’re not yours to claim. Finn asked you to leave. Repeatedly. But instead of respecting his wishes, you blacked out. You fell on the floor, claiming that it was some kind of emergency. It’s all to worm your way back into my family. I know what this is. It’s over for you. It’s done.

Sheila: God, you have no sympathy. Finn is my boy. Hayes is my grandson and I love them both.

Steffy: You don’t even know what that feels like.

Sheila: Oof. Ooh, ouch. Oh, that hurt, that’s right. Just, you know, kick her while she’s down. Look at me, steffy. I could’ve had a heart attacK.

Steffy: Sadly, I’m betting your cold, empty heart is gonna be just fine. Once finn figures out everything, that this was all a con job, he’s not gonna want anything to do with you ever again.

Sheila: My son wants–

Steffy: Could you stop calling him that?

Sheila: It’s true. He has affection for his mother. Is that so–

Steffy: He’s never given you any indication that he cares about you!

Sheila: Actually, he has.

Steffy: What?

Sheila: My phone. Why don’t you go–go check my texts?

Steffy: Why?

Sheila: Look up finn’s number and open it.

Steffy: You texted him?

Sheila: Yes. Is that a crime?

Steffy: I told him not to respond to you. That he shouldn’t have any communication with you.

Sheila: Well, see for yourself. It’s a heart emoji. You know what that means. That means he loves me. Like it or not, he loves his mother. I will always, always, be a part of my son’s life. There’s nothing you can do about it, steffy.

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