Days: Beyond Update Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

Eli and Lani kiss in bed. Lani tells him that everything is hotter in Miami as they continue kissing.

Shane Donovan shows up at Paulina’s door. Paulina doesn’t know who he is but Shane has a happy reunion with Abe as they hug and Shane says it’s been way too long.

John sits with a photo of the Alamainian Peacock. Marlena asks if he’s still beating himself up. John states that Shane was so understanding that he totally blew it at the auction last night. John argues that it was his job to buy that sapphire. Marlena is sure that Shane thought he had all the bases covered. John remarks that they weren’t prepared for Anna.

Austin presents Carrie with the Sapphire Necklace. Carrie calls it the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen. Carrie asks Austin how he got it. Austin admits he had a little bit of help from Anna.

Billie & Kyle show up at Will and Sonny’s in Phoenix, where Billie is surprised to find Chad and asks what he’s doing there. Chad says he’s just keeping Will and Sonny out of trouble. Billie talks about Chad not changing at all since he was a model for Countess Wilhelmina. Chad mentions running DiMera with EJ now. Kyle interrupts to inform Chad that they are here on ISA business. Billie introduces Kyle to Chad. Chad asks how he can help. Billie reveals that they are following up a call from Will, who has information on a stolen emerald.

Sonny joins Will in the shower and apologizes for accusing him of cheating. Will apologizes since he promised to never keep anything from him again and he broke that promise. Will acknowledges that he should’ve told him more about the story. Sonny admits he probably wouldn’t have believed it. Will feels he still should’ve come clean. Sonny decides they can make up for that now as they kiss. Leo then walks in and joins them in the shower.

Anna tells Carrie that Austin loves her very much. Carrie jokes that she’ll have to return the tie that she got him. Austin says it’s not a competition. Carrie questions Anna paying for it. Anna says it was worth every penny. Carrie asks if it was Austin’s idea. Austin admits that he asked Anna for help because he had too much wine and said something hurtful to the person he loves the most, so he wanted to show her that he knows what they have together is priceless. Austin vows to never take her for granted again as they kiss.

Tony goes to see John and Marlena. Marlena asks if he’s enjoying his triumph. Tony says he comes bearing gifts. John wants the necklace but Tony says it’s much better, the world’s most expensive chocolate. Tony says it’s meant as a peace offering but John tells him to take the chocolate and get out. Marlena thanks Tony and takes the chocolate.

After Carrie exits the room, Austin tells Anna that they need to talk as he went online and found out the final bid on the necklace. Anna calls him nosey and argues that there were a lot of bidders. Austin questions half a million Euros. Anna admits she may have gotten carried away in the moment.

Tony talks about how Anna gets when she gets something stuck in her head. Tony questions why the necklace is so important to the ISA. John explains that it contained a sapphire that belonged to the Alamain family as it was stolen 30 years ago and just resurfaced, so the auction had no right to put it on the block. John doesn’t give a damn what Anna wants because he won’t stop until he gets the necklace back to Shane Donovan.

Paulina jokes about getting jealous of Abe and Shane. Abe introduces Paulina to Shane as one of his very dearest friends from way back and Paulina as the woman in his life. Paulina says good friends are like family where she comes from so she hugs him. Paulina says Shane looks familiar and asks if they have met before. Shane assures he would’ve remembered.

Leo tries to shower with Will and Sonny. Will questions what he’s doing. Sonny tells Leo to get the hell out. Leo doesn’t see the big deal. Will and Sonny then throw him out of the shower. Leo complains that they don’t want to have any fun.

Shane tells Abe that he can see Paulina is quite the charmer. Eli and Lani come in. Abe introduces them to Shane. Shane notes that without Eli and Lani’s quick thinking, they wouldn’t have been able to take the jewel thief into custody. Eli wishes it was the man that took Paulina’s ring. They talk about how they must have been waiting to make their move. Paulina says she will tell anything they want to know. Shane says he actually came by because he has a lot to tell her. Shane tells her to picture Alamainia in 1991.

Billie introduces Kyle to Will and Sonny. Will mentions being a reporter and asks if they are willing to go on record about the missing jewels. Billie reveals that they just found the amethyst in New Orleans. Will asks what happened in New Orleans but Kyle warns him to stop recording and put his phone away. Kyle says they will ask the questions and asks what Will knows. Billie apologizes and thanks Will for contacting. Will explains that an acquaintance of his claims to know where the emerald is.

Tony explains to John that Anna bought the necklace for Austin to give to Carrie because they are going through a bad patch recently. John guesses Austin must have really been in the doghouse then. Tony says he couldn’t change Anna’s mind about the sapphire being the key to Austin and Carrie’s marriage. John warns that if the wrong guys figure out that Carrie owns the sapphire, her life is in danger.

Austin tells Anna that Tony should be a part of this conversation. Anna says that Tony went off to find chocolate and she doesn’t know why. Austin had no idea that Anna paid that much for the necklace and worries that Carrie is going to figure it out. Anna questions the price of true love and tells Austin to promise never to say anything stupid to Carrie. Austin wants to start by putting the necklace in a bank vault. Austin thanks Anna and decides to get on the video chat with their son Noah. Austin leaves the room while Anna talks about working miracles. Anna then answers the door to see “Sister Mary Moira”, who informs her that God sent her to save her soul from eternal damnation.

Leo introduces himself to Billie and Kyle. Leo tries flirting with Kyle. Kyle tells him to just tell him about the emerald. Leo admits he doesn’t know exactly where the emerald is, but he’s on very good terms with someone who does know and they should be there any moment. Sonny feels Leo is just stringing them along. Chad agrees and calls Leo a con artist but then the doorbell rings.

Anna promises Sister Mary Moira that she was only joking about miracles. She explains that Anna doesn’t know her, but she knows Anna, revealing that she is Susan’s sister and EJ’s aunt. Anna invites her in then, saying they are practically family. Sister Mary Moira talks about finding money for orphans and she saw Anna and Tony were in town, so she decided to pay them a visit. She brings up Anna paying a pretty penny at the auction last night, so she’s sure she will be just as generous with the orphans. Anna says her checkbook is in the other room. Sister Mary says she’ll just say the rosary while she waits, so Anna goes to get it.

Shane finishes explaining to Paulina where the stone in her ring came from. Paulina questions her diamond being part of some peacock. Abe suggests hearing him out. Shane explains that the government of Alamainia has all the documents to prove ownership and it appears that ring was stolen goods long before it was stolen from Paulina. Eli jokes about everything being hotter in Miami. Paulina says their lawyers can call her lawyers and they’ll see who comes out on top. Paulina questions the thief they arrested and wants to get him to talk. Shane notes that the man has rights, so it’s been determined that the bset course of action is to release him, which upsets Paulina.

Anna gives a check to Sister Mary Moira. She remarks that she thought Anna would be a bit more generous than that for the starving orphans. Anna then takes it back and claims she left a zero off at the end so she adds to it. Sister Mary Moira says her generosity will not go unrewarded as she then exits.

Paulina can’t believe the thief is loose after putting a gun to Lani’s head. Paulina complains about letting that animal on the streets and that the ISA only care about the Peacock. Abe argues that Shane has good reason for doing what he did. Eli guesses they put a tail on him to lead to his partner and the diamond. Paulina apologizes. Lani talks about growing up in Miami and offers to help in any way she can. Shane hoped that he could convince her to be his backup. Eli says they’re here to work. Paulina worries about them taking a bullet for her getting her ring back. Eli and Lani assure that they can take care of themselves. Paulina tells them to be safe and bring back what is hers.

Leo introduces his best friend, drag queen Jackie Cox. Jackie talks about doing impressions but Billie does not recognize. Kyle asks if Jackie has the emerald. Jackie says no, but knows where it will be tonight and suggests taking Kyle. Billie says no because Kyle is with her and asks where they need to go. Leo interrupts to ask what’s in it for them.

John and Marlena go with Tony to see Austin and Carrie, surprising them. Austin asks why they didn’t tell them they were going to be in Zurich. John says they were planning to but had business to take care of first. Anna asks Tony what they are doing here. John says he can answer that. John then declares he’s here for the necklace.

Billie tells Leo that he won’t see any of the reward money until they have the emerald in hand. Leo suggests he’s interested in other arrangements. Kyle says they are only interested in the emerald. Leo says he will text them where to be tonight. Leo and Jackie then exit together.

Carrie questions the sapphire in her necklace being stolen 30 years ago. Austin quickly points out that he didn’t know it was stolen and neither did Anna. John notes that Anna knew he was bidding for the ISA because he told her so. Anna argues that she got the necklace fair and square. Marlena points out that’s not true since she kept John from bidding on it. Anna asks what she was supposed to do since Austin was desperate to make things right with Carrie and she believes in true love. Anna declares that the necklace belongs to them now. Carrie responds that it can’t be theirs when it’s a country’s national treasure. Carrie is sure John and the ISA will help Anna get her money back. Carrie acknowledges that she loves the necklace but she couldn’t live with herself if she tried to keep it. Carrie declares that the right thing to do is to give it back, so she hands over the box to John. John opens the box and reveals the necklace is missing.

Paulina doesn’t understand how Shane and the ISA can be so certain that her diamond is the one they are looking for. Abe notes that orange diamonds are extremely rare. Paulina talks about how it’s a gift from her friend Michelle at the white house and asks if they need to call to verify. Abe says no so Paulina tells him to take her word for it. Abe tells her to calm down as he is on her side. Abe wonders if her attachment to the ring has something to do with what happened in Salem. Paulina asks what he means. Abe says during their business with the town square, Paulina talked about a man from her past who hurt her and made her feel powerless because he was the one with the money. Abe brings up that Paulina swore to herself to never be put in that position again. Abe feels that money is more than a system of exchange to her, but something that makes her feel safe. Paulina guesses Abe has got her figured out. Paulina says that Abe, Eli, Lani, and the babies are worth more to her than any of the precious gems in the world. Paulina adds that she’s still keeping the ring.

The two thieves get together and talk about having the orange diamond ring. They plan to turn it over tonight and get the rest of their bonus. The one thief that was arrested mentions lawyering up and how he had to be let go. The other man questions if he cut himself a deal. He argues that they have nothing on them. Shane and Lani then burst in with their guns raised, ordering they put the ring down and their hands up. One of the men runs for it while the other grabs his gun.

Paulina gets a call from her friend Michelle and guesses she heard about the robbery. Michelle confirms she heard the story. Paulina assures that she’s fine. Paulina says she did keep the ring in a safe place but she wore it out from time to time. Paulina argues that she wasn’t flaunting it or being careless, she was robbed. Paulina apologizes and doesn’t know where it’s at but says the police are looking for it now to bring it back to her. Michelle then hangs up on Paulina. Abe jokes that he can’t imagine why.

Eli bursts in and shoots the man. Lani says she owes him one. Eli mentions promising Paulina to bring Lani home safe. Lani handcuffs the man and asks who he’s working for but he won’t talk. Shane returns having sent the other man off with the police. Lani retrieves the ring and declares they got what they came for, so it’s all good.

Billie gets a text that Shane got the orange diamond and says that’s one down, five more to go. Kyle jokes about Jackie Cox’s resemblance to Billie which Billie questions. Kyle remarks that she was very attractive as he exits.

Leo texts Jackie to keep it together as he does not want to blow this. Chad approaches so Leo invites him to shower. Chad warns Leo that he’s caused more than enough trouble for Sonny and Will, so he needs to watch himself as he’s got his eye on him. Leo remarks that he’s watching him right back as Chad walks away.

Carrie doesn’t understand as she had the necklace in the box and then left for her video chat with Noah. John asks Anna what happened next. Anna says she talked to Austin and then he went to get on the call. Anna then realizes it was the nun when she went to get her check book. Marlena questions Anna leaving her alone with the necklace. Anna mentions that the nun said she was EJ’s aunt. John then reveals that it was no nun, it was Kristen DiMera!

Kristen is outside, having removed her nun outfit and disguise nearby, and is now wearing the Sapphire necklace. Kristen declares that God helps those who help themselves.

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