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Recap written by Christine

At The Grand Phoenix, Adam and Sally acknowledged that their entrance got everyone’s attention. She suggested they greet the coordinator, Phyllis, and he said to lead the way. Adam thanked Phyllis for the handling the festivities – it was a big night for Newman Media. Phyllis thanked Adam for the huge mound of cash he gave her to throw the party. She was glad about all the publicity it brought the hotel. Jack wished Adam success in his new venture, then he greeted Sally. Phyllis didn’t think success was in the cards for the couple. She noted that she’d just told Jack that Adam and Sally would destroy each other, so she told them to have fun while it lasted. Adam and Sally smiled, and Adam said they would. They walked away. Jack asked if that was necessary, and Phyllis said it was. Billy joined Phyllis and Jack, and commented that Adam and Sally’s entrance was obnoxious. Jack said there would be no trouble as long as everyone was on their best behavior. Phyllis and Billy both asked if Jack was talking to them. He said he was talking to both of them.

Across the room, Nikki wondered whose buttons Adam was trying to push by bringing Sally. Victor didn’t know Adam was bringing anyone, and Victor didn’t think he would’ve approved of this. Nikki informed Victor that Victoria and Ashland weren’t coming because he had a rough time after his second round of chemo. At this point, Adam brought Sally over and introduced her to Victor. Victor introduced Nikki, who crisply stated that she and Sally had met. Adam was sorry Ashland wasn’t well. Sally was pleased to be part of the Newman team. Adam predicted this would be an extraordinary night. Victor hoped so. He said it was nice meeting Sally.

Victor and Nikki were talking alone, and he said he didn’t know if Victoria would’ve come even if Ashland felt well. Nikki thought that was because Victoria was upset Victor was investigating Ashland. Victor said it was because Victoria and Adam had a contentious relationship. He was disappointed Victoria didn’t attend, because this party was an opportunity for her and Adam to put their differences aside. Nikki understood that Victor wanted that, but she wasn’t sure Adam and Victoria were interested in reconciling, and she couldn’t blame Victoria for that. Victor said Nikki couldn’t blame him for hoping. Nikki pointed out that he could breathe easy that Adam and Victoria wouldn’t clash tonight. Victor thought Billy might cause trouble. Jack made his way to Victor and Nikki and congratulated him on the successful launch. Jack then brought up his great nephew/Victor’s grandson, Dominic. Victor agreed that Abby’s baby was worth celebrating. Victor wanted Ben to be brought to justice, but he wouldn’t let that spoil the party. Jack couldn’t wait to see Newman Media’s presentation; he was sure Victor and Adam had something planned that would wow the media world. “You know we do,” Victor replied. He excused himself to the ballroom. Nikki asked if Billy had something up his sleeve. As far as Jack knew, there was nothing to worry about.

Nate was with Lily and Nick. He admitted he was surprised he and Elena were invited to a Newman Media event. Lily thought it was because Victor appreciated what Nate did for the family at the hospital. Nick said everyone was grateful for what Nate did for Faith after the accident and the kidney transplant. Nick mentioned Nate’s work at AskMDNow, and Nate revealed that he quit. Lily said Elena took the job, and Nick thought that was perfect. Nate hoped Elena made it back in time to celebrate tonight.

Adam and Sally were off by themselves. She was disappointed that Victoria wasn’t coming. She’d hoped to talk her way into designing Victoria’s wedding dress. Adam didn’t think that would happen, since Victoria wouldn’t forgive what Sally did to Summer. He said his sister held a grudge better than everyone in the family. Sally thought Adam underestimated her. Adam was glad Victoria wasn’t coming, given her distaste for him. He looked over at Billy and said he wasn’t worried about Billy or ChancComm. Sally was curious about the feud between them. Adam was surprised she didn’t know. She said she did read the hit job ChancComm did on him, so she knew a bit about the death of Billy and Chloe’s daughter. Adam said it was a devastating accident, and he handled it terribly. Sally asked how Adam and Chloe were able to be in the same building. While Adam didn’t think Chloe would ever trust him, she had let go of her hatred. He said Billy couldn’t let go of it – he was filled with pain and anger, and he always would be. Sally was sorry for everyone involved. Adam suggested he’d tell Sally more about it, but that was a story for another day. Tonight was about fun.

Chloe called and let Adam know she couldn’t come because Miles had a fever. Sally offered to get Adam an appetizer. He wasn’t interested, so she said she was going go try them all and report back to him. She walked off, and Billy sidled up and thanked Adam for the invite. He was interested in seeing what Adam had up his sleeve. Adam knew Billy wanted to undermine the launch and steal his thunder, but that wasn’t going to happen. He had a headline – “Newman Media launch Sets Records and leaves ChancComm in the Dust.” Billy thought that headline belonged in the wood chipper. Billy said ChancComm wasn’t going to let their guard down. Adam noted that they had a truce, so this was just fair competition. Billy knew for a fact that Victor was going to go after them with an underhanded attack, because that was the only way a startup like Newman Media could do any damage to ChancComm. Adam didn’t think they were a startup – Newman Media started as Cyaxares. Billy said that was built by Ashland Locke, but Adam wouldn’t be able to live up to that standard. Unless, of course, Adam had Papa Bear run things from behind the scenes. Adam accused Billy of projecting his own insecurities. Adam added that if Newman Media went after ChancComm, they’d never see it coming. Adam told Billy to help himself to the champagne, and he walked off.

Lily joined Billy and said she could see the gauntlet being thrown from across the room. She asked what the score was. He thought it was a tie. He couldn’t tell if Adam was playing it straight or if he was going after ChancComm. Lily thought they should hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Billy was sure that Victor wasn’t going to give up. Lily thought it might be a good thing that Victor and Adam weren’t on the same page – friction at Newman Media might give ChancComm an edge. Billy decided to snoop around and figure out what Newman Media was going to announce – maybe scoop the story before the launch. Lily wanted the edge too, but she asked what Billy was going to do. He wouldn’t say, and he headed to the elevator.

Adam joined Jack, who questioned Adam’s choice in a date. Adam said there was no hidden agenda, and he and Sally weren’t dating. Jack didn’t judge, and he didn’t hold a grudge against Sally. He suggested that Adam’s mission to be the best person he could be would rub off on her. Perhaps Adam would be able to unlock the potential in Sally that Jack had been unable to. Adam clarified that he wasn’t trying to be anyone’s redemption story. He was just focused on work and on making Newman Media the only communications company in town that mattered.

Phyllis had a bad feeling when she saw Billy getting on the elevator. She told Nick things between Billy and Adam were venomous tonight, to which Nick replied that it was always like that. Phyllis sensed Billy was going to do something to disrupt the party. Nick recalled Victor saying the same thing. Nick didn’t think Billy was up to anything, though. Phyllis didn’t want Billy and Adam to get into it. Nick promised he wouldn’t let that happen. He vowed to protect Phyllis and her hotel. She kissed him and called him her hero, and she promised to reward him later. He went to see what Billy was doing. Sally joined Phyllis and mentioned that she and Nick seemed cozy. Phyllis said their relationship was stronger than Sally’s weak attempts to undermine them. Sally noted that Phyllis was with Jack earlier, and she said at some point, Nick wouldn’t be able to ignore that. Phyllis called Sally a sad little girl who didn’t know anything about her relationship with Nick. She continued that Sally couldn’t take it in LA, and she left with her tail between her legs, then she alienated Jack and Lauren. “Even though you tell yourself ‘Oh, this time it’s gonna work out,’ it’s not,” Phyllis said. She predicted that Sally was going to be alone, lonely, cold and sad. Phyllis walked off. Nikki and Nate were standing nearby, and they overheard what Phyllis said. Nikki had a satisfied smirk on her face.

Later, Phyllis mingled with Nate and asked where his girl was. He told her that Elena got called into work. He mentioned that Elena had been excited about having an opportunity to dress up. Phyllis thought Nate needed to step up his date game. He quipped that he and Elena would stop settling from renting rooms at Phyllis’s hotel. Phyllis said she could set up a special suite if he called her in advance – rose petals on the bed etc. Phyllis asked what Nate and Elena were into. He said they connected over being doctors. They worked long hours and didn’t have much time for anything else. Phyllis joked about setting up a room for them full of medical textbooks. Laughing, he admitted that, when she put it that way, he and Elena sounded dull. Phyllis said playing doctor was kind of fun. She promised to put something together for them.

Upstairs, Billy spotted Crystal, the hotel manager, exiting the room Adam and Victor were storing things in for the announcement. He pretended Mr. Newman had sent him to retrieve something from the room, but he forgot his key. Crystal couldn’t let someone in there without Mr. Newman’s permission. Her boss was a stickler for these things. Billy said he and Phyllis went way back, and she wouldn’t mind at all. Time was of the essence, and he really needed to get this file and take it to Mr. Newman. He said if she wanted, she could go downstairs and interrupt the very important conversation that the Newmans were in. Crystal relented and let Billy into the room. Nick showed up and caught Billy logging onto a laptop. After a brief attempt to lie, Billy admitted he was spying. He didn’t think Nick should be upset, since they both despised Adam. Nick gave Adam a second chance after he saved Faith’s life. . Plus he wanted Newman Media to be successful because they were a major investor in New Hope. This night also meant a lot to Victor. He told Billy to stop doing what he was doing.

Back downstairs, Jack wondered where his brother was. Lily got his mind off it by asking him how his trip to Milan went.

Sally approached Nikki and tried to chit chat. Nikki replied with a smile and in a friendly tone that did not match her words. “After our last conversation, I don’t understand why you think I would be interested in anything you have to say,” Nikki stated. While Nikki had differences with Phyllis, she wished Phyllis had succeeded in driving Sally out of town. Phyllis appeared. Nikki said no one in the room wanted Sally here, besides Adam, who was likely using her because he knew she was nothing but trouble. “I highly doubt that he takes you seriously in any way. It was lovely talking to you,” Nikki said, then she walked away. Phyllis walked over to Sally and noted that Nikki didn’t mince words. Sally said she didn’t either, and if Phyllis stuck around, she’d hear plenty. Phyllis assumed Sally regretted coming. On the contrary, Sally was pleased to be here with her handsome date representing the company she worked for. Phyllis said Adam would tire of Sally and kick her to the curb. Sally asked if that was what happened to Phyllis. Phyllis said not at all. Phyllis stated that she and Sally weren’t the same. Sally was glad about that. Phyllis asserted that she was a respected businesswoman and Sally was the town pariah. “The Newmans and the Abbotts don’t want you here. Go home! Leave, Phyllis snarled. Sally told Phyllis to go to hell, and she threw a drink in her face, just as Adam walked up. Phyllis emptied an ice bucket over Sally’s head. Everyone else stared in shock. Phyllis and Sally were about to fight, but Jack grabbed Phyllis, and Adam restrained Sally. Sally protested that Phyllis started it. Phyllis said she’d end it. Adam pulled Sally out of the room, telling her not to let Phyllis bait her. They boarded one elevator as Nick and Billy exited another. Nick told Billy no more James Bond stuff. “We’ll see,” he replied. They were confused because they’d seen that Sally was all wet, and across the room, they saw Jack using his handkerchief to tab at Phyllis’s face. Lily eagerly gestured for Billy to join her. Laughing, she told him what just happened. She asked how his hunting expedition went, and he said Nick ran in and stopped him. Lily asked if Billy was really giving up or if that was just what he lead Nick to believe. Phyllis couldn’t believe she let Sally get to her. Jack said Sally had a talent for that. Nick came up and asked what he missed.

Adam took Sally to the room where Billy was earlier and got her a towel. He asked if she was okay, and she snapped that she was not. She was having a nice time until she was attacked by that low class spiteful hypocritical bully. “She kept coming at me, what was I supposed to do?,” he asked. He thought it seemed like a proportional response. He didn’t know how he’d top that moment, maybe he’d have to give his speech naked. She said that would get her attention. She was really sorry, but he said he thought the party needed to be livened up, and he liked her fire. She pulled him into a deep kiss.

Devon came to pick up Amanda for the party, but she’d forgotten all about it. Michael had called and said that he was reinstating the charges against Sutton. She said her grandfather was finally going to face a jury for the murder of her father. She was so grateful for this and for her improved relationship with Naya. She, Naya and Imani were going to take a short trip to bond as a family. With the trial on the horizon, she felt that the long painful journey had finally come to an end. Amanda noted that she and Devon had a lot of life-altering changes lately – he’d brought a new life into the world. He showed off pictures of Dominic, and she thought the baby was adorable. She looked up and took in the way Devon looked at the photos.

Amanda assumed Devon must be overwhelmed with emotion after everything that happened with Mariah, Abby and the baby. He said he was just glad things worked out for Abby and Chance. Amanda told Devon it was okay to admit it was more complicated than that. He changed the subject and said they had to get to the party, but she urged him to unburden himself to her. Devon knew that he’d get to play an integral role in Dominic’s life, so he didn’t understand why he was having these feelings. Amanda said Devon had a biological connection to the child, and that was a powerful bond. Devon felt that bond the second the baby came into the world, and knowing that other people would raise him was harder than he’d thought it would be. It also made him remember how he felt when he and Hilary were expecting a child. He didn’t know how to describe the feeling of thinking you were going to be a father, only to have it taken from you in an instant. He didn’t mean to be insensitive to Amanda after what happened to her father. She assured him it was okay. He felt an emptiness. He was trying to wrap his mind around the fact that he had a son, but he didn’t really have a son.

Devon didn’t regret stepping up for Abby and Chance. He knew what he was getting himself into. Calling Dominic his son didn’t feel right, because that was Abby and Chance’s baby. Amanda said it was okay to acknowledge, even if it was just with her, that Dominic was his son. She thought he felt guilty because his instinct was to be with Dominic, but he had to keep his distance. He thought that was exactly what it was, and he appreciated Amanda understanding. She suggested that he focus on the things he had given Dominic, like life. She thought that the open and inclusive way Abby, Devon, Mariah and Chance had gone into this was a gift. Dominic would never grow up wondering where his family was or who they were. When Amanda was growing up, she didn’t have anyone around her that resembled her. He said she did now, and she replied that it was incredible. He was having a hard time defining the role he’d have in Dominic’s life. She said he’d figure it out along the way. Devon vowed to be there for Dominic, no matter what. Amanda said she’d be there for Devon.

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