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Devon: Then mariah said she’s ready to push, and we knew the baby was coming. So thank god we got nate on the phone to coach us through everything. And then, before we knew it, we were holding this perfect little baby boy.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] Wow.

Devon: I told you this last night, though, and this morning, too.

Amanda: Yeah, I know, and I’m gonna keep asking you to tell me all about it because you are a hero.

Devon: Mm.

Amanda: Yeah. And now that mariah’s had the baby, you’re also —

Devon: No, don’t do that. Don’t say that. It’s not right. Abby is the baby’s mother and chance is the baby’s one and only father.

Mariah: No. No, no. Let me out.

[ Breathing heavily ] Bowie! Where — where’s the baby?

Abby: It’s okay, you’re just having a nightmare.

Mariah: Where is the baby?

Nick: So it was stitch the whole time. I cannot believe that.

Victor: [ Exhales sharply ] I can’t wrap my head around it, you know? Nice guy, always respected him. Something must have snapped in him.

Nick: Poor mariah.

Victor: And poor abby. She’s exhausted. Saw her last night, whew. She looked utterly just devastated. Thank god this is all put behind her now and she can raise her boy, you know?

[ Cellphone rings ] Excuse me. I need to get this. One sec.

Billy: Well, I guess that congratulations are in order to the new uncle.

Nick: And to you, billy, and to the rest of the abbott family. Just glad that it worked out for everyone.

Billy: Yeah. Jack filled me in. He talked to abby. Sounded like a pretty scary situation. We’re just glad mariah and the baby are okay.

Nick: Stitch better hope i never get my hands on him.

Billy: Yeah, it’s good you’re protective of abby. But right now it’s your other sister that needs help.

Lily: Hello. Uh, billy isn’t here.

Victoria: Oh, well, that’s okay. I have something that I want to ask you.

Lily: Sure, go ahead.

Victoria: Some of ashland’s colleagues from back in the day have been receiving some probing questions from reporters about the beginning of his career. It’s not really hard to guess who those reporters are working for.

Lily: Well, it can’t be surprising to you or ashland that there are news outlets like chanccomm that are interested in his history.

Victoria: Oh, yes, I get it. I mean, he is a public figure, even if there is no story there. But what’s surprising is you.

Lily: Sorry, me?

Victoria: You’ve been so strong and independent, so how can you now stand by and watch while billy uses your company for his own agenda?

Nate: Whoa, whoa. Are you okay? Hey, hey, hey, hey. Are you okay?

Ashland: [ Exhales ] Just — just give me a second.

Nate: Are you sure? Hey, hey, are you really okay?

Ashland: Yeah.

Nate: Look, look, I just want to help. Let — let me get you out of here. How do you think they make starburst taste so juicy?

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Lily: Billy and I run chanccomm as a partnership, much like we do in our personal lives, so, no, we don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, but i definitely do not let him impose his personal agenda on business decisions. But if there’s news, we go after it.

Victoria: I don’t see the news here. Ashland’s divorce — fair game. His illness — well, now that he’s made it public, fine. But now he has to worry about every disgruntled business associate with an axe to grind from the last 20 years. Why would you drag a sick and dying man through the mud? I understand billy’s motive. I’m sure he’s framing it that he needs to investigate ashland because he’s worried about his children, but it’s really about me, and we both know that.

Lily: I mean, clearly there’s no merit to your arguments, so, what, are you making this personal to get under my skin? ‘Cause a few minutes ago, you said that I was strong and independent, so which one is it?

Victoria: If you are gonna rationalize doing this, then you really have changed, lily, and not necessarily for the better.

Elena: Hey. Am I early? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt.

Victoria: Oh, no, you’re not. It’s quite alright. I think I’ve made my point. Have a good day.

Elena: Is everything okay?

Lily: Oh, yeah, it’s fine. Um, thank you for coming by.

Elena: Yeah, I was curious to know what you wanted to talk about.

Lily: Well, I mean, I think it’s good news, so I’m really hoping that you’ll feel the same.

Nick: Billy, we’ve gone over this. I really think you need to stay out of victoria and ashland’s personal life.

Billy: Unless there was good reason.

Nick: Do you have good reason?

Billy: [ Sighs ] When he was first starting out, ashland, he was mentored by an older woman. When she suddenly passed away, he acquired the two news stations that her deceased husband left behind.

Nick: And this is important why?

Billy: Because ashland didn’t come from money. He was barely 20 years old. Then out of the blue, he’s got enough money to acquire two major entities? Come on, nick, there’s a story there.

Nick: Yeah, I’m not so sure.

Billy: Well, you don’t seem surprised by this.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Billy: Did you know this information already? Are you and your dad running a background check on ashland already?

Nick: Listen, we’ve already talked about this. I would need good reason to get involved in victoria’s personal life. So if you come up with one, let me know.

Billy: I’ll do that.

Nick: And if I were you, I’d get out of my dad’s chair.

Abby: Mariah, it’s okay, it’s okay. You were just having a nightmare.

Mariah: No, no, he’s not here. We have to find him. Where is he?

Abby: He’s fine. He’s in the nursery. He’s sleeping, and I can call a nurse. They can take you down to see him if you want.

Mariah: And you’re sure he’s safe?

Abby: Yeah. The nurses are watching over him. He’s a perfect angel.

Mariah: Okay. Okay, as long as he’s, um — he’s safe and he’s protected.

Abby: I’m so sorry that you’re having these nightmares.

Mariah: It’s fine, it’s just…being locked in that room was the real nightmare. Just four bare walls and no windows. That stupid dumbwaiter that stitch used to give me food and water, it’s like being in solitary confinement. I was all alone. Except for bowie. It was just the two of us. We were determined to get through it any way we could. I just don’t understand why.

Abby: It was all my fault. Darrell’s family uses gain flings now so their laundry

Mariah: I don’t understand. It can’t be your fault. You’re the one who rescued us.

Abby: I know, but I’m also the one who opened the door to ben.

Mariah: You had no reason to suspect him.

Abby: But I know him. I mean, I should’ve sensed that something was wrong. But I was just — I was so blinded. I was worried about you. I felt lost without chance, and then, god, here comes ben and he says all the right things, and I — I just should’ve known that those things came with an agenda.

Mariah: To be the hero because that’s the way that he wanted you to see him. I’m sorry, I still don’t understand.

Abby: His life had — had hit a low point. And he felt like this was his way out of the ditch, his way to get his life back on track and make me feel gratitude towards him.

Mariah: But that doesn’t mean that any of this is your fault. Stitch is the one who did this. He is the only one to blame. What he did was despicable, abby, and not just to me. It’s what he did to you and tessa and my mom and devon and everyone who loves this baby.

Amanda: I hear what you’re saying, and, yeah, you’re right, the baby is abby and chance’s, but it can’t be that cut and dry. Can it?

Devon: What do you mean?

Amanda: Devon, you have a biological connection to the baby. You helped deliver him, and I’ve listened to you closely as you’ve described that story. You feel something for him.

Devon: Of course. From the first moment I held him in my arms, I felt a connection to him. It was amazing, too. I tried to describe it to nate just yesterday, and I couldn’T. It’s just some things you can’t find the words for.

Amanda: You’re thinking about him right now, aren’t you?

Devon: I-I don’t stop thinking about him, really. I’ve never felt this before. It’s not about me, though. This is — you know, I’m just happy that this nightmare is over and that mariah is safe and that abby has her child.

Amanda: Yeah, thanks to you. Yeah, that was a risk, accusing somebody that abby trusted. It could’ve backfired, but you knew that something was wrong.

Devon: Why do you keep trying to give me all the credit for what happened?

Amanda: Because you deserve it.

Devon: I don’T. Just half of it, ’cause I had a lot of help.

Amanda: Yeah, well, you can be humble, but I am gonna be proud of you. Is that okay?

Devon: I guess so.

Amanda: Okay, good.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: Well, I have to go, but what are you up to today?

Devon: Oh, I’m just gonna go to the hospital and check on abby and mariah and the baby, of course.

Amanda: Yeah? Make sure you give that little baby a kiss from me.

Devon: You know I will.

Lily: So, nate and I talked about his fancy new job as chief of surgery.

Elena: I know, isn’t it amazing?

Lily: Yeah.

Elena: I am so proud of him.

Lily: Yeah, no, it’s great for him, but it’s bad for us because now he has to give up his role at askmdnow.

Elena: Oh. He didn’t tell me. I guess there is a lot on his plate.

Lily: Exactly, so I was wondering how full is your plate these days?

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Where is this going?

Elena: Well, when nate and i chatted, I think he knew that he was leaving us in a tight spot, so he suggested a replacement, which is you.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Wow. I don’t know what to say.

Lily: You can say yes.

Ashland: That’s fine, doctor. I could’ve gotten myself home. It wasn’t as bad as it looked.

Nate: Well, I spent a lot of time in med school learning that when a guy’s struggling to stir sugar into his coffee, something’s wrong.

Ashland: I mean, maybe I just got a little dizzy stirring the coffee.

Nate: I could tell you were in rough shape.

Ashland: Uh, doc, I would appreciate your discretion on this.

Nate: Of course. Victoria is a friend of mine. I’m always happy to help out. Look, I don’t want to press you too hard, and maybe you’d prefer to speak to someone else about this. I’m cool with that. I can even give you a referral, if you like, but in the meantime, these vitamin supplements, they’re good for energy. I’ve seen help out other patients deal with fatigue while undergoing chemo. Now, it’s just two a day — one in the morning and one at night. I’ll leave them right there for you.

Ashland: Thank you, sir. That’s very kind, but I know you’re the new big-shot at the hospital. You’re chief of surgery, right?

Nate: That’s right.

Ashland: Well, so I would imagine you have more important things to do than tucking me in for a post-chemo nap.

Nate: Uh, not right now. I’m off duty. And I wanted to get you out of there. I know a man of your stature likes to project strength, and I’m sure you didn’t want anyone seeing you struggle like that.

Ashland: That’s very thoughtful of you. Thank you.

Nate: But you need to remember that chemotherapy doesn’t care about appearances or how tough you are because chemo can be tougher.

Ashland: Dr. Hastings, I’m beginning to realize that. Hi. So you’re the scientist here.

Lily: I mean, nate’s idea was so great, I wish I thought about it, ’cause I think that you’re perfect for this. You know, you have this natural empathy about you that I think people can sense. And combine with your knowledge and professionalism, I think you could slide into this role without any issues.

Elena: I think I just need a minute. I’ve been working so much at the hospital that I haven’t had time to think about anything else, and like I told you, nate didn’t tell me anything about this, so I had no idea why I was meeting you today. I’m sorry, you probably didn’t need to hear all that. You probably just want a simple yes or no.

Lily: No, no, no, look, just think about it, alright? And know that the job is yours if you want it.

Nate: Well, let me know if those are effective for you. I can send over some more.

Ashland: That was very considerate. And I learned a long time ago that sometimes people’s perceptions are just as important as what I say or what I do. It’s been the key to my success. You project invincibility, people start to perceive you that way and you are invincible. You become powerful. It’s funny how it all fades so fast.

Nate: I, uh, injured my hand last year. Still can’t operate. My whole world was wrapped around me being a surgeon, and suddenly I can’t perform surgery.

Ashland: And you were able to get past it?

Nate: Took a while, but i learned I had to be honest with myself about my limitations. I had to learn how to ask for help when it was needed. It’s not a sign of weakness.

Ashland: You sound like victoria.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] I’m no oncologist, but I’ve seen enough cases that each round of chemo you go through can be different. There’s nothing to be gained by pretending you’re dealing with it better than you are and there’s no shame in admitting that this sucks.

Ashland: You know, you’re asking me to unlearn decades of behavior. That’s a big change.

Nate: Well, your life has changed. You need to recognize that and be honest with yourself about it. Being stoic may only prolong your agony. And your doctors might be able to make it a little better if you’re open with them.

Ashland: Noted.

Nate: Same goes for victoria. I personally understand the instinct to want to hide the worst of your situation from her, but don’T. She’s an ally. Let her help you.

Ashland: You were right, doctor. This sucks.

Abby: I just checked in at the nurses’ station and told them that you were awake.

Mariah: Great. I’m sure they’ll be in to poke and prod me more.

Abby: Also, word has gotten out about the baby being born. I talked to my mom and nina and jill, and actually the rest of the town knows, too, and they are all very excited to see you and to meet the baby.

Mariah: Wow. Uh, well, I’m anxious to see everybody, too, after being alone for so long, but maybe not all at once.

Abby: Don’t worry, it won’t turn into a stampede. I’ll make sure of it. Is there anything else you need?

Mariah: I am actually very hungry.

Abby: Well, good, because the nurses are bringing you a meal.

Mariah: Thank you. I will be happy to eat something different after all of those protein bars. I’ve had enough of those for my lifetime.

Abby: Those protein bars may have saved your life.

Mariah: I mean, I know they’re full of vitamins, but i wouldn’t go that far.

Abby: I’m not talking about the nutritional value. Those bars, it’s what twigged devon off. Stitch was telling this story about seeing a man at a convenience store buying a bunch of those bars, and, well, it just didn’t sit right with devon. Made him start asking questions.

Mariah: So, wait a second, were you guys worried when i first disappeared?

Abby: We didn’t know you were missing for a long time.

Mariah: How is that possible? I was gone for weeks. Where did you think I went?

Abby: When stitch took you, he took your phone and he started sending us text messages. He said that, well, you needed some time by yourself after a work trip for jabot.

Mariah: But I didn’t even have a business trip scheduled.

Abby: I know. Well, he texted my uncle jack, too, to cover for that.

Mariah: Abby, I would never leave town without saying goodbye to tessa.

Abby: I know, and I know how ridiculous it sounds right now. I was just trying to be considerate of your feelings. We all were. But tessa, she felt like something was off. She was the first one to feel that way.

Mariah: I’ll never forget you bursting through that door to rescue me for the rest of my life. I thought I was gonna have to do it all solo. Bowie was coming and there was no stopping him.

Abby: I’m sorry, I just, um — I have to ask. Bowie?

Mariah: Uh, yeah, I — I needed something to call him. You know, it was just the two of us in there and we had many, many deep conversations, and after a while, “little man” and “kiddo,” it just wasn’t working, and, um, bowie seemed to fit. I promise I wasn’t — I wasn’t trying to name him or anything like that. I just needed something to call him.

Abby: I didn’t think that. No, I just — I was curious. But, yeah, it makes sense that you would have all of those conversations with him when you were locked up, feeling alone.

Mariah: You know, I talked to him a lot about being brave and staying strong, and the one most important truth is that his mom already loved him so much.

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“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Nate: Hey. I’m sorry. I was held up a little bit. I didn’t want to leave until i was sure it was okay to go.

Elena: No, I get it, you had a patient. And not to worry, because any follow-up questions I guess he could just contact you via askmdnow. Oh, wait, no, they can’t, because you quit and recommended me to take your place.

Nate: Oh, okay. So lily took my advice and made you an offer.

Elena: I can’t believe you didn’t say anything about this.

Nate: And ruin the surprise? No way. How many times does someone powerful call you into a room and offer you a dream job? I wanted you to have the full experience.

Elena: I was completely caught off guard and I did not know how to react.

Nate: I’m sure you were great. So when do you start?

Elena: I haven’t said yes. I need more time to think about it.

Nate: Okay, that’s reasonable, but I hope you accept. You’re perfect for it. That’s why I was okay to walk away. I knew my replacement would be better than I was at it.

Elena: Well, that is my main reservation. I’m not as sure as you are that I’m the right person for the job. Yes, I have the expertise, but other than that, the whole thing is foreign to me.

Nate: You’d be a natural. Okay, look, you can practice on me. I’ll be the patient and you can diagnose me.

Elena: [ Scoffs ] You’re ridiculous.

Nate: Come on. Just give it a shot.

Elena: [ Sighs ] Fine.

Nate: [ Clears throat ]

Elena: So, what seems to be the problem, mr. Patient?

Nate: I have a pain.

Elena: Can you describe it?

Nate: It’s heavy, uh, like dead weight. It’s hard to carry.

Elena: Huh, and where is this pain?

Nate: Right here.

Elena: Oh, so it’s in your heart.

Nate: That’s the thing. As soon as I walked in here and I saw you, it vanished, just

[Snaps fingers] Like it was magic. What’s your diagnosis?

Elena: My diagnosis, dr. Hastings, is that you are a charmer.

[ Laughs ]

Mariah: The baby is so cute when he’s sleeping.

Abby: It just fills my heart to see him laying there. Hi. Is something wrong?

Mariah: Is this about stitch?

Sharon: It’s okay, you’re alright, but, yes, this conversation is about stitch.

Rey: Yeah, I just got off the phone with the authorities in iowa. Turns out after stitch made his quick escape from here yesterday, he went straight there.

Abby: To get max?

Rey: More than that. He stole a doctor’s id from the facility where max is being treated. He took his son in the middle of the night. No one saw that max was missing until this morning’s rounds.

Abby: Where’d they go?

Rey: I don’t know. The police there are still trying to pin down how much of a head start they got. But they could’ve gone in any direction.

Mariah: So how is any of this good news?

Sharon: Well, it’s a sign that stitch realizes he’s done something terribly wrong, and now he’s fleeing genoa city.

Rey: Yeah, he’s on the run with his son, maybe looking for a fresh start somewhere.

Mariah: But he could come back.

Rey: There is an apb out for him. His description has been sent to hospitals and clinics throughout the midwest. If they show up for treatment or medication, they’ll be apprehended.

Mariah: But if he doesn’t? Is he just gonna get away with this?

Rey: No, no, no, no, no, the gcpd is not giving up. Far from it. I’m gonna keep investigating. Trust me.

Abby: Poor max. I mean, if ben had just gotten the help that he needed, if he had someone to lean on, maybe he wouldn’t have concocted this plan to get in my good graces.

[ Sighs ] My gosh. And now everything is just gonna be worse for the both of them.

Mariah: Why do you care what happens to stitch at all?

Abby: It’s just a terrible situation. Yes, I’m angry, but it makes me a little sad, too.

Mariah: Well, I’m not sad at all. And I have anger for all of us. So thank you, guys, for the update. Please keep them coming because I want him behind bars where he belongs.

Victor: There’s something else I meant to discuss with you. We’re still trying to find out how ashland locke was able to buy those tv stations after the woman that supposedly mentored him passed away.

Nick: Have you given any thought to what mom said, you know, that even if something sketchy happened in ashland’s past, it doesn’t necessarily say anything about who he is now?

Victor: Well, that doesn’t make me stop investigating further, you know? Victoria may be angry about that, but I think it’ll be worth it if we find something serious that she needs to know about.

Nick: Well, it is possible that victoria may never even have to know that you were even doing any digging.

Victor: What do you mean?

Nick: Turns out there’s someone else who’s on the exact same trail when it comes to these tv stations.

Victor: Oh. Let me guess, billy boy abbott. Right?

Lily: Well, elena was completely surprised. She’ll give us an answer soon, but I have a good feeling about it.

Billy: Okay, cool. Well, hopefully she says yes. And when she does, it feels like it would be an easy transition.

Lily: Yeah, that’s what i told her.

Billy: Okay. What else is going on?

Lily: Well, I spoke with the accounting team about our budget for the next quarter, set up a conference call with the ad sale guys. Oh, another thing.

Billy: Okay?

Lily: Your ex came by to tell me that I’m a sellout who lets you do whatever you want around here.

Tessa: Hi.

Mariah: Hey.

Tessa: Did you get a good night’s sleep?

Mariah: Yeah, I did, until the nightmares.

Tessa: What were they about?

Mariah: Oh, it’s nothing specific. It was just a general feeling of dread. You know, it was dark, I was lost. Hope these bad dreams aren’t gonna be a regular thing.

Tessa: Hey, I’m gonna do everything I can to get you past all this. You know that, right?

Mariah: Yeah.

Tessa: You are back. You are safe. And you are loved.

Mariah: What is that?

Abby: It is the application for the birth certificate. Oh, kind of makes me feel emotional.

Tessa: Yeah, paperwork makes me cry, too.

Abby: First things first, parents’ name — I can do that one. Abby newman abbott chancellor and then phillip chancellor iv. Baby’s name.

Tessa: Oh, did you have one picked out already?

Abby: Well, I was up all night. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t come down from all the excitement, and I came up with a name. Dominic phillip newman abbott chancellor.

Tessa: It’s nice.

Mariah: It’s great, yeah.

Abby: Oh, there’s a “d” in there for devon and an “m” for mariah.

Mariah: The third letter.

Abby: I wanted to make sure that you guys were an everyday part of my son’s life.

Mariah: Wow.

Abby: And then phillip as the middle for chance, of course.

Tessa: Well, I love it and I’m sure chance will approve, too.

Mariah: Yeah.

Abby: Well, I am gonna go home and finish this. I am exhausted. You can take it from here?

Tessa: Oh, yeah, I got this. I am gonna stay here until mariah begs me to leave.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: That is never gonna happen.

Abby: Oh! Just feels so official.

Mariah: Yeah, it does. Bye.

Mariah: Bye.

Tessa: Hey, you know, I am gonna ask one of the nurses if i can take you outside. You should see some sky or a tree. You’ve been locked inside a room for so long.

Mariah: You always know what I need. It was the only thing that kept me sane in there was thinking of you — you and bowie.

Tessa: Oh, bowie?

Mariah: Yeah, it’s the name that — that I called him, but abby just gave him a name. Actually, she gave him like five names or seven. I couldn’t really keep track.

[ Both laugh ] How abby is that? I’m gonna be the only person who knows him as bowie.

Tessa: And you can tell him someday. He’ll love it. It’ll be something that you two can connect on.

Mariah: [ Sniffles ]

Tessa: Hey. What is it?

Mariah: I just made him so many promises, you know? I promised to keep him safe and I —

Tessa: Hey, you did.

Mariah: I was with him morning, noon, and night. I had to protect him. I-I lived so he could get through this, and he was my reason for living, and now… tessa, I don’t know how to let go. I don’t know.

Devon: I was on my way to the hospital when you texted me.

Abby: Well, I have some news.

Devon: What’s the news?

Abby: I named the baby.

Devon: You did?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Devon: What’s the name?

Abby: Dominic.

Devon: Dominic. Dominic — I like that.

Abby: You like it?

Devon: I like it a lot.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Well, “d” for devon.

Devon: I noticed.

Abby: And there’s an “m” in there for mariah.

Devon: Aww.

Abby: I just — I wanted to pay tribute to the amazing contribution that you two made.

Devon: That’s — I’m beyond honored. And I know that she’s gonna feel the same way. That’s very special. Well, dominic is gonna be home where he belongs pretty soon.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: And you’re gonna start this brand-new journey of your life. It’s gonna last forever.

Abby: Mm!

Devon: [ Laughs ]

Tessa: It’s only been a few hours since you were found. It’s only natural to be feeling some residual anxiety or feel like you’re not safe. But you are. And so is dominic. He’s gonna have a great life because of you. And abby and chance are gonna make sure of it. And you’re gonna be a part of his life, too.

Mariah: Thank you. It’s like I said, you always know what I need.

Victor: Did you tell billy abbott that we have an investigation of our own going on?

Nick: No. But he jumped right to that conclusion. Knowing you were on the same track, I, you know, held back, tried to seem non-committal. Once he told me that information about ashland’s past, we’ll see how good my poker face was.

Victor: Well, I’m glad you did that. By the way, keep your distance from him while this all sorts itself out, alright? Everything we find out stays within our family.

Nick: Of course.

Victor: I don’t want some outsider picking up information and using it against us.

Nick: Yeah. Listen, for what it’s worth, i really don’t think billy’s doing this for leverage.

Victor: I don’t care why he’s doing it. In this case, we circle the wagons, we protect ourselves. That’s the newman creed.

Billy: I am sorry that you had to deal with victoria, and i wish I was here to deflect her anger.

Lily: No, it’s fine. I can handle her. I presented a united front and covered my own reservations about you investigating ashland, which I still have my doubts as to why you’re even doing this.

Billy: I know you do, but I’ve explained that I think it’s important to make sure —

Lily: No, I know, I know that you’re partly doing this because of johnny and katie and you’re worried about ashland’s influence on them, and that’s fair. I get it. I’m just worried that in your quest to be right about locked, you might be doing irreparable harm to your relationship with the mother of your children.

Victoria: Hi. I, um — I got you a smoothie. I’m not exactly sure how it tastes, but it’s green so that must mean that it’s very healthy.

Ashland: Thank you.

Victoria: How did the chemo go?

Ashland: Oh, it was fine. It was not as bad as the first round.

Victoria: And you made it back here all on your own.

Ashland: That’s right. Before long, I’m gonna be up and around in no time.

Victoria: I’m very impressed. I’m gonna make myself some lunch. Do you want anything?

Ashland: Oh, no, thank you. You brought me this smoothie. I’m sure it’s gonna be delicious. Victoria.

Victoria: What?

Ashland: Honey, I am so sorry. I was just lying to you, and you deserve the truth. The treatment was brutal, and i thought I was going to collapse earlier. Dr. Hastings was kind enough to rescue me at the coffee house and bring me here.

Victoria: I’m so sorry. I should’ve gone with you. How are you feeling now?

Ashland: Well, for the first time, I have to admit…I might not be able to handle this.

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