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[ Glass shattering ] Is it over? Are you asking me out on a date?

[ Chuckles ] Well, you know, we haven’t had — we haven’t had a chance to spend time together, just the two of us. Like we’re the only two people in the whole world. Are we? How about tonight, we are.

[ Sighs ] Just you and me, right? You know, I-I know that we’ve gone through some tough times lately, but maybe now, everything’s gonna be okay. Why wouldn’t it be?

[ Laughs ] So…has our first date officially started? Well, you know, it’s like the — the good thing is we don’t — we’re not gonna have first-date jitters, right? Yeah, or wondering if the date’s gonna end in a kiss. Wow. Okay, how could cyrus be making moves? I thought he was in federal prison somewhere in the midwest. Jordan said cyrus targeted someone. It’s not us, but she’s got proof that he’s still a threat. So this warning came from jordan. Yes, she wanted me to know that the feds believe that cyrus made contact with people on the outside who still back him. Okay, but he’s not after us. Not as far as jordan knows. But it is cyrus. And that could change at anytime. Dad? Dad, it’s me. Oh, okay, perfect. He’s not here. Just like you thought. Alright, let’s get started. Let’s do it. I take it you’re not wildly enthusiastic about my decision. Forgive me, I just — I thought that this conversation was going in a different direction. You started by agreeing with my advice to focus on your present and your future. I absolutely agree. It’s excellent advice that I just can’t follow, especially since i think I stirred things up by poking around. Maybe that’s what led to naomi dreyfus’ murder. Let the police handle it, shawn. I’m on this. Well, you know, I’ve never been one for hanging in the back or sitting on the bench. Is that it? Or do you not trust me to find out the truth? Hi. Looks like you’re having just a little trouble. I know. Well, it’s been a while. Generally, cameron and jake set this tent up. It’s too bad they didn’t come. They said they’re too old for camping. Oh. That’s silly. Daddy and aunt elizabeth are old, and so is uncle chase, and they’re are here. Oh, excuse me, miss violet. First of all, I am not old, and second of all, I am not prepared. When I told jake he could have a sleepover, I should have asked him how to set this thing up. Isn’t it supposed to be easier? Yeah, I mean, let’s take a look here. Let’s take…


[ Chuckles ] Well, look at that. My hero.

[ Chuckles ] Good job, dad.

[ Both laugh ] Drew’s plane was a chartered flight, and there was someone else onboard connected to lethe unlimited when it went down over the gulf of aden. How long has the wsb been sitting on this? Yeah, I don’t understand. I thought this was supposed to be a thorough investigation back in 2019. How come we’re only hearing about lethe unlimited now? Well, clearly, there was more to this crash than we’d been told, and, you know, this — there has to be a reason for that. Maybe the reason is because drew is still alive. What the hell is going on here?! Now, I paid good money for a romantic trip to st. Lucia, not some — some death plunge. I don’t often give way to terror. This was an exception.

[ Sighs ] What — what is that you’re clutching? Just a little keepsake to remind me of my children. Ah. Perhaps nathan was watching us — over us just now. We seem to be turning around. What? Maybe there’s a problem with the plane. Where’s the pilot? Hello? Hello? H-hello? Nobody’s answering. What the hell’s going on?

I don’t know what to tell you. The wsb had full control of this investigation, which means… if the name the other person onboard was omitted, it was done deliberately. So this mystery passenger could be connected to the wsb? I-I wouldn’t be able to say with any certainty because, um… I have clearance issues.

[ Sighs ] Dante knows that I-I’ve been blocked from several active cases because the bureau believes that I was compromised by peter. Dante: To that end, is it possible that the wsb still doesn’t trust you? I mean, are we sure we can trust that this information is accurate? Chase: Hey, guys. Hey. Hey. How did you know the trick to the tent? Oh, I’ve done my fair share of sleeping on the ground. You? Yes, me. Should i be insulted here?

[ Chuckles ] I-I think what he means is, is that you’re, you know, you’re well put together, and being a doctor and all, you probably haven’t had a lot of time camping. Hmm. Chase: Maybe not lately. But finn used to camp all the time when he was violet’s age. Are you sure? Oh, yeah. I’ve heard plenty of stories. Our dad used to take him camping year-round. Even in the snow? Finn: Even in the snow. You know, snow is kind of tricky because you have to find the right place to set up your tent, right? Packed snow is a lot better than soft snow, so you have to stomp around the campground so you make it nice and flat, and then you put your tent on top of it. Whoa. Can we go camping in the winter? Only if the car breaks down.

[ Elizabeth laughs ] Chase: Oh, come on. Snow camping sounds like an adventure. Actually, it was. I remember when we were warm in our sleeping bags and the wind was howling outside our tent, I would imagine that we were the sole survivors of an avalanche. Were you scared? No, I knew my dad would protect me. Just like you protect me? Always, sweetheart. That’s a promise. So jordan said cyrus has already targeted someone? Yeah, and apparently, the feds were able to intervene and protect them. I bet it was laura. Yeah, I just got her rsvp to our wedding, and she said she can’t make it, that she’s stuck in D.C. For weeks at a conference. And you don’t — you don’t buy it. No, no, I don’t, because spencer is back in town, and things blew up big time between him and nikolas. When spencer broke his leg, laura dropped her entire life and flew to france. She would be here right now for her grandson. Okay, so why — why is cyrus using the only influence he has left to go after laura? Well, because other than his mother, laura is the one person he really wanted approval from and he never got. And what’s worse is that he feels laura wronged him the most. Well, if he’s out to settle personal scores… who else is cyrus after? Do you think the pilot had a heart attack? Maybe, and that’s why the copilot is trying to fly the plane back to new york. Hold this. Wait, wait. Yes, but what are you doing? I’m a doctor. I’m going to provide medical assistance. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You’re — you’re — you’re not. Y-you’re gonna buckle up unless you know how to fly a plane. It pains me to admit this, but no. I neglected that aspect of my education. Oh! Clearly, the pilot needs assistance. No, come with me. Come sit back down and buckle up, for crying out loud! Okay, do you — do you need help with this? No, liebchen. I need to survive this. I can’t die now. I have to help nina.

[ Sighs ] I… mike? No, it’s just that… every time we get close, it seems like… we get interrupted by something or someone from your p– is he — is peter out there? You sure he’s gone? Dr. Obrecht: Tell peter that anna

and valentin have a lead in st. Lucia. Nina:

What’s in st. Lucia? A medical conference

and my alibi.

Well, peter’s as good

as there. Soon, peter august will never bother anyone ever again. Trust me, mike. We’ve seen the last of peter. Yeah, I mean, I just — we should — I shouldn’t even be thinking about the guy. You know — you know who I want you to think about? Hmm? The man that’s in front of you. Oh, I’m thinking about the man that’s in front of me. Listen, but can I ask you just one question? What did peter say to you that made you want to take his head off? I just asked him if he knew who I was before I got here. Why would you ask him that question? Did peter seem familiar to you? No, it’s just the way he — there’s — the way he looked at me the first time he saw me. Do you think… peter sinclair… knows who I am?

Chase: Alright, who wants to scout for more firewood? I do. I’ll go. You sure you’re up for it? Yeah. The outdoors is doing me good. And if I run into any problems, I’ve got a doctor on call, right? Good point. Alright, let’s do this. Hut, two, three, four, hut, two, three, four.

[ Laughs ] You know, chase is a big hit. He’s having more fun than they are. Looks like he’s on his way to a full recovery. Makes it all worthwhile. I’ll bet. Mm. Well, we’d better get this bear bag secured so, um, bears don’t get our food. Okay. [ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ] Yeah, I don’t want them to, um, nibble through my legs. Oh, they’d chomp right through those little chicken wings. Oh, stop it. Don’t say that. Actually, I think the bears want to avoid us as much as we want to avoid them. They do love our delicious food.

[ Grunts ] Still can’t get over you being this master camper extraordinaire. Well, I’m not. But, you know, I used to live and work in some really amazing third-world countries. I’ve done my fair share of roughing it. I’d forgotten about that. There’s a lot we don’t know about each other. So you don’t think I trust you to do your job? Where’d that come from? There’s been plenty of things that I’ve kept from you over the years. I wouldn’t blame you for doubting me. Yeah, now we’re getting into it. When I first came to port charles and I was undercover for the dea, there was something I neglected to tell you. Even though you were looking after tj. That’s a lot of ancient history. No point in dwelling on it. I still regret not pushing the investigation into hayden’s shooting harder. I pled guilty. What were you supposed to do? I should have seen the unfair sentencing practices. I should have been the one to go to bat for you. You can’t safeguard the criminal-justice system and the city of port charles. You’re just one person, jordan. Besides, you don’t have to protect me. You didn’t then, and you don’t now. Look, I’ve had conversations with the higher-ups at the bureau, and yes, my integrity took a hit because I sought to protect peter. But I have since assured them that that is no longer the case. You know, the only way that I am going to redeem myself is if I participate in his capture and I take him down. Well, let’s presume now that peter caused drew’s plane crash, right? Yes. So…maybe you raised some red flags by requesting this file. If this info is real… maybe you’ve alerted the person who’s trying to cover this up. But if that were the case, the request alone would have been enough and it would have been denied. Unless they’ve given you what they want you to see. Look, uh… if — if this file has truly been altered, then — then that is a major cover-up. And… that just begs the question why? Okay, the meat’s on marinade. Your dad’s pantry is impressive. We don’t have to get much of anything. Yeah, dad’s a foodie. Thank goodness for that. Your dad’s gonna flip out when he finds you’re making dinner for him. Does he know you cook? I didn’t know I cooked until this summer. I mean, isn’t it strange that I move into a dorm with no kitchen and then I have the sudden urge to cook up a storm? I mean, it’s probably some deep-rooted psychological response to you leaving home, but it’s still good that you’re doing this for him. Yes, well, hopefully, it’s a tasty reminder that I love him and that I’ll always be here for him. I know that he could use the pick-me-up. Any specific reason? Well, he won’t say it, but I know that he’s upset about my mom marrying jason. Cam told me that dinner with your parents the other night was super tense. Oh, that’s an understatement. Look, my mom and my dad act like it’s all cool around me, but, um, I can tell that things are definitely not cool between the two of them. Okay, martin grey checked out of the hotel — this just days after he asked me about our yearly rate versus our month-to-month. Okay, so you’re telling me laura and martin suddenly leave town? Yeah. That’s not a coincidence. No. I hope they’re okay. Jordan said the feds derailed whatever cyrus had planned. Alright, well, I’m relieved for martin and laura, but what about us?

[ Sighs ] We have to assume that cyrus is gonna make a move against us at some point. He may already be trying. Oh, my god. Okay, first, jax tries to trick me into incriminating myself, and now we’re back to looking over our shoulder because of cyrus? Okay, look, I know this whole thing with jax is painful, but jax is not a threat. Cyrus could be. Okay, what are we gonna do? I’m gonna get to the bottom of it. Sonny: I know it’s — it’s a long shot, but the guy was always so creepy around me, like he had leverage he wanted to spring on me.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, that’s — that’s peters arrogance. He always thinks that he’s the smartest guy in the room. You know how — how I told you that… not having a past makes you pay more attention to the present? There’s something like I’m feeling, like I’m — I’m listening more and I’m watching more. And peter, just from the beginning, he gave me bad vibes. Scott: Nina?! I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. I-I think the lack of oxygen is already affecting your brain. You’ve got to put the mask on. I can think and breathe just fine. Well, you can until you can’T. Please. Please, my schnitzel, put it on. Okay? Okay. Alright, listen, if this is it… I-I…I want to tell you something. What? What? I think that… I love you. Schnitzel! Schnitzel! What? Come back here!

[ Grunts ]

I really, really trust your intuition, mike, and… I only wish that I would have listened to you about elijah in the first place, but I have learned my lesson and I am listening now. And peter — he is gone, and I couldn’t be happier. I just hope that we don’t spend our first date talking about peter. If I learned anything from lenny’s passing, it’s that there’s no use in wasting time worrying about the future because what’s gonna happen is gonna happen. All we have… is right now. So what do you say we make the best of it? Of course I want to protect you. It’s part of my job as a cop. We both know what I’m talking about, jordan, just like we both know I can handle myself. No question. But it’s still my job to find naomi dreyfus’ killer. It’s not a stretch to think that whoever tried to kill hayden six years ago is connected to whoever did kill naomi. If that’s true, it means I inadvertently covered for this person by pleading guilty, and I have no intentions on letting that stand. Now, you and i can investigate separately, or we can do it together and find the truth that much sooner. Okay, I made these sandwiches so that we can have a picnic by the lake. Babe, can you grab the bags with the towels so we have something to sit on? I’m gonna get the napkins, the paper plates, chips… hey, it looks like — what’s this? It looks like you were having some fun. Camping is the best. We saw a deer. You saw a deer? We were so close that violet wanted to touch it. Oh, okay. Well, you know we never pet wild animals, right? No matter how cute we think they are, but they’re fun to watch. Aiden: Let’s eat. Ooh, I second that. Yeah? We ready for this? Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s go. Alright. Need a hand? Oh, thanks. Who has known ties to crichton-clark — cassadines probably top of the list, right? Victor and helena, they use that place as their own personal prison. Drew was kept there. As was robin. So was I — lulu, maxie, nathan. And obrecht, when victor believed that nathan was his son. I was just about to arrest victor when liesl shot him. Oh, we barely got out of there alive when he blew the place up and himself in…2014? Yeah. Victor cassadine was in charge of the wsb at the time. Oh, yeah. That was awful. It was a very dark path for the bureau under his leadership. Yeah. There was… unsanctioned illegal covert activities the whole time. Think about it. Drew was held at crichton-clarke when victor was in charge. They messed with his memory, they programmed him to be their assassin until drew was able to break their programing. So what are you getting at? Maybe the wsb took down drew’s plane.

Here it is. Okay,this is my grandmother’s recipe, so I’m really hoping that I can pull this off. But first, we got to read it, and it’s in cursive writing. Oh, wow! What is it? It’s a stew that lady jane used to make every fall. Look, I know it’s still warm outside, but my dad just loves it. Yeah. And stew shouldn’t be hard, right? Oh, my gosh. The cook time is three hours. We’re gonna be starving by then. We need appetizers, like cheese and crackers. Oh, we got to do better than that. Oh, I remember seeing one that I liked today. Hold on. Let me see if I can find it. Yep. Baked mozzarella with marinara sauce. So we’re gonna need bread for the dipping, spinach, cheese, and sauce. And I have the perfect sauce — the one I got from nixon falls. What? Remember, I was starving, and while you were waiting for your dad to be discharged, I went to find something to eat? This cute lady at the roadhouse gave me this pasta, even though the bar doesn’t serve food, and she gave me the jar of the sauce because I was raving about it. And do you still have this sauce? My mom and I ate half, but I froze the rest. It’s enough for the appetizer. Trina, I don’t need you going through all this trouble. I could just go get sauce from the supermarket. No, no, I don’t mind. The sauce is amazing. And it’s just what we need for tonight. Alright. Trina for the win.

[ Both chuckle ] The wsb is responsible for drew’s plane crash? I don’t know, I think that’s — that’s a bit of a reach, isn’t it? Is it really, though? Because there’s a big gap in this file. That normally indicates a cover-up. Well, if it was a real cover-up, wouldn’t they have just wiped lethe unlimited and this anonymous passenger from the record altogether? Maybe it wasn’t a sanctioned cover up, but it could have been someone from within the bureau. So maybe they didn’t get all of victor’s allies when the wsb cleaned house after his death. Okay, so then it would be someone with enough authority to be able to conceal the identity of this anonymous passenger, but not enough reach to be able to eliminate the records entirely. Someone that could still be working at the bureau and at least was there in 2019. Why is that water so cold? It had all summer to heat up. So cold, so cold. We’re gotta get this fire going. Okay. Chase: You two okay?

[ Groans ]

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, never better. Mom, you were so worried about violet slipping in that you fell in instead. Then daddy tried to help you and he fell in, too. Ha-ha, that was so funny, and your concern is so touching. Thanks for swooping up violet. I’m too polite to gloat, but I find it interesting that the guy just relearning to walk was steadier on the rocks than either of you. Oh, but you’re not gloating. Yeah, no gloating, are you? No, not at all. Why don’t you guys get out of your wet clothes? Aiden, violet, and i can get the fire started. Oh, it’s almost done. We’re still watching the meteor shower, right? Oh, I don’t know if I feel up for it. Why don’t you guys just go ahead without me? I’ll take the kids. You guys can get warm, hang out here. Uh… yeah, um, that sounds like a plan. Alright, let’s do it. So, uh, have you given any thought on where we’re going to go tonight? Hmm. I thought that I would leave that in your… more than capable hands. Well, I-I have some ideas what would make tonight special. Oh, really? What is it? Well, it’s a surprise. Oh, come on! Yeah. You know, look, I got to get ready and the whole thing, so it’s gonna take a little time. So why don’t you put something fancy on and come back here? Oh, I don’t know how fancy that’s gonna be, but what are we talking about, like half an hour? Uh, two hours? You don’t need a lot of time to get beautiful. So why don’t you go change and come back? Okay. Oh, hey, can you park out back? Why? Humor me.

[ Chuckles ] You’re lucky you’re cute. Yeah, well… see you soon. See you later. Bye.

[ Door closes ] Alright, brick is checking with all his contacts to see if anybody’s dealing with cyrus or anybody heard any rumors about him coming after us. Okay, and I just got off the phone with devin. Josslyn’s fine. She’s at jax’s house. Okay, good, and I told tony to arrange for more security at the wedding. Where all of our loved ones are going to be… in one place.

Can I just play devil’s advocate? Yeah, please do. So lethe unlimited is a multinational company with varied interests. It has employees all around the globe. What if this anonymous passenger… was just a legitimate coincidence? Well, they do have an office in addis ababa. So what, you’re saying that this anonymous passenger was really a lethe unlimited executive who just happened to grab a seat on that charter flight that peter was sabotaging and just got caught up in it? I don’t know. I guess — I guess it’s possible.

[ Scoffs ] Then why conceal the person’s identity? Rick is a security genius. Between him and the rest of our people, the wedding is gonna be safe. I know. I trust you, okay, but it’s unsettling that cyrus still has allies on the outside. His organization is shattered and in pieces. Where is he finding these people to carry out his revenge?

[ Sighs ] Just right in front of our faces. Cyrus must have aligned himself with one of the five families.

[ Chuckles ] Don’t shoot. I come bearing refreshments — two lemonades and doughnuts from kelly’S. Think of everything. So have you given any thought to my suggestion? You’re right. We can get a lot farther working on this together. For real?

[ Chuckles ] Well, the doughnuts must have sweetened the deal. It didn’t hurt. But yes, let’s do this. It would be a waste of your time trying to track down public information that I can get much quicker. So we can work on this together, but only when I’m off duty. Are you ever off duty? That’s my final offer. Take it or leave it.

[ Sighs ] Fine. I’ll take it. Alright, well, so far, I know naomi was murdered and whoever killed her tried to make it look like a suicide or an accidental O.D. What don’t I know? Just so happens I got new information on naomi’s case just this morning. You okay?

[ Chuckles ] I can hear your teeth chattering over here. I don’t know why I can’t get warm. It’s not like it’s freezing outside. I’m just freezing inside. Mm. Talk about something warm. Maybe power of suggestion will help. Yeah? Yeah. I think I got a place. One of my favorite memories… I was in namibia for a year, just south of the sahara. It’s one of the driest, most remote places on earth. It’S… picture desert as far as the eye can see, but not just any desert. It’s vibrant. It’s warm. Red-colored swirls of sand… culminating in the most beautiful sand dunes you’ve ever seen. Like cascading waves of sand in a burning sun… against a blue sky that seems to stretch forever and ever. And endless horizon. In the late afternoon, all the colors soften to pinks and purples. And a warm breeze engulfs your skin and you feel like… or not.

[ Chuckles ] You’re still shivering. Sounds beautiful. You’re really lucky you got to experience that. I’m still chilled to my bones.

[ Both chuckle ] Come here. We can share body heat.

You’re still cold, aren’t you?

[ Laughing ] Yes. Share your blanky with me.

[ Both chuckle ] Okay. Better? Much better. How’s it going? It is in the oven. I thought stew cooked on top of the stove. Not this recipe, which is why it takes so long. Fair warning — the kitchen is a mess. Oh, don’t worry. I’ll help you clean it up. Now, behold everything you need for your recipe, including the to-die-for sauce! Oh, and I am most appreciative, especially since you’re donating this miraculous sauce for my dinner. Just save me a bite or two so I can have one last dip. God, is it really that good? Trust me, it will change your life. Okay. Vincent novak was here earlier, and he made a point of telling me that he was sending joey out of the country and there would be no more trouble from his family. Buscema: Thank you for meeting with me, mr. Morgan. I’ll be brief. Like you, I’m concerned about the novak organization’s lack of control over joey. Approaching mrs. Corinthos’ daughter — unacceptable. I intend to make my feelings known to vincent. And yesterday, buscema made it a point of condemning joey’s actions. Okay, do you think it’s just a smokescreen for the novaks? So, what, joey wasn’t in charge of his own actions? He was — he was working off of vincent? Right. This whole thing’s a setup? The novaks are gonna try and make a run for our territory. It wouldn’t be the first time they challenged us. Look, carly, right now, we can’t rule out anything or anyone. Hope you had a nice flight. What have you got for me, mr. Buscema? We’ve been tracing naomi’s movements leading up to her death. She wasn’t lying when she told finn that she’d just returned to the U.S. Passport control confirmed that naomi flew in from paris a day before she came to port charles. Okay, so she flew out of paris. That’s charles de gaulle airport. That’s like saying laguardia or jfk. She could be coming from anywhere. Well, that’s why I’ve requested her flight and ticket info — where it originated, the flight manifest. Maybe knowing where naomi came from can help us figure out why she ended up dead. Alright, so this other passenger was a person of significance, and that’s why their identity was omitted. So we just got to, uh, find out who this other passenger was. And if there’s any connection to victor’s tenure at the wsb. No, guys, maybe it’s simpler than that. Maybe this other passenger had a connection to drew. Mike?

[ Sighs ] Mike? Hey. Hey. Hey. Wow, you look beautiful. You don’t look so bad yourself. Are you ready to go? Yeah, I can hardly wait to find out where you’re gonna take me. Well, let’s go check it out.

[ Chuckles ] Okay.

[ Laughs ] Here you go.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Gasps ] I, uh — I couldn’t think of a better place to take you than… where we first met. It’s perfect. Well, thank you. Yeah.

[ Groans ] So, toast. To our first date. To our first date.

[ Chuckles ]

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