Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp told Allie that Johnny almost slept with Chanel. Allie was upset about it. She said her brother was the love them and leave them type. She thought Chanel was going to end up getting hurt. She wanted to talk to Johnny about what he was doing. Chanel and Johnny made out at the DiMera mansion. Allie showed up before they could do anything. She called Johnny a player. He said he didn’t appreciate her insulting him in front of Chanel. He wanted her to leave. She refused to leave. Allie and Johnny argued with each other so Chanel decided to leave. When Chanel left, he asked Allie if she was jealous. She said she wasn’t. He didn’t believe her. He said she didn’t believe it either. Chloe called Philip and told him she and Brady had to make an emergency landing on the way to New York. She said they were stranded at a motel. Philip was upset, but she told him it was one night. Philip talked to Belle about Brady still being after Chloe. Belle thought it was funny that Philip thought Brady caused the plane problems. Philip wanted her to call the pilot to find out if Brady bribed him. Belle told him he sounded desperate. Philip said he was. Philip told Belle that he couldn’t lose Chloe. He said he lost her to Brady before. Belle took the phone before Philip could fly to Chloe. Belle said he would look crazy flying there. She told him to hide his jealousy and relax.

Brady went to Chloe’s room. He said a couple was in his room having sex and the motel was double booked. There weren’t any other rooms available. He asked to stay with her. She wanted to know if he planned it. He said that was something Philip would do. He said he would sleep in the lobby if it would help her. Chloe told Brady he could stay in her room. She knew Philip wouldn’t like it. Brady told her not to say anything. She said she was over him, but Philip still didn’t like it. She wanted to know why he invited her to go with him. He said he liked spending time with her. She said that was an issue since she had a boyfriend. Chloe told Brady that he had his chance to be with her, but he chose to be with Kristen. She told him that she stayed away from him, but he wouldn’t do the same. Brady tried to sleep in the chair, but he was having trouble. She told him to share the bed with her. He put a blanket between them. She watched him before she turned away from him. Philip thought Brady was going to try something with Chloe. He got a plane so he could go to Chloe.

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