Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina was surprised to find out that Johnny was a DiMera. She was happy that Chanel finally found a rich man. She told her about meeting EJ. She mentioned how he wouldn’t give Johnny money for his money. Paulina thought that was why their relationship hit the skids. She told her that he’s Allie’s twin brother. Johnny talked with EJ about Sami being missing. Philip walked in on Brady and Chloe in the bed together. He didn’t believe there was any engine trouble. Brady got out of the bed. Philip wanted to make Brady pay for what happened at the hotel. Brady told Philip how he couldn’t sleep. Philip said that he slept in the same bed with Chloe. They explained how they ended up sharing the bed. She was upset that showed up there in a jealous rage. Johnny told EJ how Allie had a problem with him kissing Chanel. Johnny thought Allie was jealous because she had something going on with her. EJ asked him if his sister was gay. Allie talked to Nicole about what happened with Johnny and Chanel. She told her how Johnny thought she was jealous of them. Nicole wanted to know if she was jealous of them. Ava talked to Rafe about seeing him with Nicole. She said that she tried to clear her head about it. She told him that he could be with Nicole. He tried to stop her from leaving. He said she had it all wrong. He was saying goodbye to Nicole.

Rafe told Ava how Nicole felt bad about leaning on him too much. Nicole agreed to stay away from him so they could get back on track. She thought it was nice of her but it wasn’t entirely up to her. Ava wanted to know who he wanted. Philip warned Brady not to touch Chloe again. Chloe wanted Brady and Philip to stop arguing. She wanted Brady to leave them alone. Chloe told him that he crossed the line and he was demeaning her. She advised him to get over his jealousy or they were through. He told Chloe that he didn’t trust Brady. He said that he pushed his buttons and drove him crazy. He said he trusted her and learned his lesson. He wanted to take her out of there. He wanted to take her to New York. She asked him about Brady and he said he could stay there. She wasn’t going to leave him there. He agreed to let Brady go with them, but she said Philip could go home. She said they would stay there because he trusted her. Rafe admitted that he had feelings for Nicole, but he never acted on them. He wanted to know if Ava would throw their relationship out the window if she was attracted to someone. Allie thought she was protecting Chanel. Nicole said she didn’t need protection. Allie admitted that she probably was jealous. Paulina told Chanel that Allie was still into her. She said Allie just wanted to be friends. She thought she should stop seeing Johnny.

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