Days Short Recap Thursday, August 26, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava decided to email Rafe. She wanted to apologize to him at first. She changed her mind and started to write an angry email. Steve showed up while she was typing. She deleted the email. She told him what happened with Rafe. She thought Steve would be happy to hear that. He said he wasn’t happy. Steve said he wanted to apologize to her. He said he got over his anger for Bonnie. He said Bonnie proved that she changed. He thought Ava deserved the benefit of the doubt. She told him that she was jealous of Rafe and Nicole. Steve told her to take Rafe at his word and believe he wasn’t after Nicole. She appreciated his advice. She said she would trust Rafe and Nicole. Nicole went to see Rafe. She said Gabi told her to see him. He said he wanted to be there for her, but Gabi was trying to cause trouble for him and Ava. Nicole said they should stop hanging out with each other. He didn’t like that idea. She said he and Ava were good for each other. Rafe didn’t like the idea of cutting Nicole out of his life. She said she would miss him, but she agreed that she couldn’t see him for a while. She said it was better that way. He finally agreed not to see her. She said it was just for now. They hugged each other. Ava watched them from outside. Philip told Jake that he valued Kate’s opinion, but he made his own decisions. He welcomed Jake to the company. Philip thought Jake’s knowledge of DiMera would be an asset. Gabi showed up and agreed with Philip. Philip said he would be back in a while. Jake and Gabi searched Philip’s office to find information that would get Philip kicked out of the company. While they were searching the office, he brought up what she did to Ava. He warned her to stay away from Ava because she was ruthless.

Chloe thought Brady was messing with Philip concerning the trip to New York. Brady said he wasn’t doing that. He said Philip wasn’t her boss. She asked if Brady was ordering her to go with him since he was her boss. He said he wouldn’t do that. He said he could use her help and she could see Parker. Philip showed up. Philip told Brady he had a new proposal for a deal between Titan and Basic Black. Brady said he would look at it on the jet. When Brady left, Chloe told Philip that Brady wanted her to go with him to New York. Philip said he trusted her, but he didn’t trust Brady. Chloe told Philip that he was more important than business so if he didn’t want her to go, she wouldn’t. He said he would never keep her from her job. They kissed each other. Brady showed up and saw them. When Chloe left to call Parker, Philip threatened to kill Brady if he was inappropriate with Chloe.

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