Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 25, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jake found Gabi tracking Philip’s emails on the computer. She read one of the emails he was writing in real time. She said it was a serious matter. She panicked when Philip stopped typing.Kate went to see Philip in his office. She told him Jake and Gabi were going to stab him in the back if he hired Jake. He said she was being paranoid. He said he was using them not the other way around. She told him he should ask Chloe about the DiMeras. Philip told Kate that he offered Chloe a job but she didn’t take it. Kate thought he was trying to get her away from Brady. Philip wasn’t worried about Brady. He said it was only a matter of time before Chloe was his. Kate reminded him about Jake before she left his office. Gabi told Jake that Philip could be gambling again or worse. Ava confronted Rafe about hanging out with Nicole. He tried to defend why he was with Nicole. He told her about Nicole’s marriage being over. Ava said Nicole was the reason her marriage was over. They argued over Nicole. Ava wanted him to admit that he wants to sleep with Nicole. Jake and Gabi came in the room. Gabi told Ava that she warned her. Jake took Gabi out of the room. Rafe wanted to know what Gabi said to her. Ava said his feelings for Nicole. He couldn’t believe she fell for Gabi’s stunt. Ava said she knew what she saw. She wanted him to stop denying that he wanted to be with Nicole. Ava walked out the room.

Jake went to meet Philip. Philip told him Kate thought he and Gabi were trying to bring him down. Philip asked if she was right. Jake denied it and said Kate was lashing out. He said Kate was worried he would take down DiMera with all that she taught him while he was CEO. Philip said he couldn’t get over his mother’s warning. Jake thanked him for his time and left. Nicole went to see Roman at the pub. She apologized to him for what happened at the anniversary party. Roman told her she should be. She tried to defend her actions. He said if she was honest in the beginning she could have avoided what happened. Nicole told Roman that she didn’t blame Eric for her affair, but Eric took responsibility for leaving her. She said they both decided they were better off apart. Roman didn’t care if they broke up amicably. He said Eric never loved anyone the way he loved her. He said Eric would never be the same. She said she was a terrible person who deserved to live in misery. Gabi ran into Nicole. Nicole told her that the town thought she was a monster. Gabi told her Rafe didn’t think she was a monster. She said he would want her to go to his house and leaned on him. When Nicole left, Gabi ran into Ava. Gabi taunted her again. She told her that Nicole was available. Nicole went to see Rafe.

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