Days Short Recap Friday, August 27, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie ran into Kayla after Henry’s check up. She asked her if Tripp was still mad that she didn’t tell him she loved him back. Kayla said Tripp cared about her. Allie said she cared about him too, but she was shocked when he told her that. Kayla told Allie that she did the right thing by not telling Tripp she loved him. Kayla said saying you love someone was a big deal. Allie said she wasn’t sure she loved him, but she liked being with him. She said she missed him when he wasn’t around. She loved the fact that Tripp forgave her. She wondered if what she felt for him was guilt or gratitude for how he takes care of her and Henry. Kayla said she would figure it out soon. Tripp ran into Chanel. She mentioned that she found someone new. She gave him a lot of details about her date. He said he hoped it would turn into something for her. She asked if he wanted that so she wouldn’t go after Allie. He said that wasn’t what he was saying. Chanel told him she hoped they would get past the weirdness between them. He wanted them to go to the new bar at the town square

Johnny asked Tony and Anna if they would bankroll his movie. Anna said she would do it. When Johnny was trying to convince Tony, to bankroll his idea. Before Tony could answer, EJ came in. EJ said Tony wasn’t doing it. EJ told Tony Johnny was working for DiMera. EJ told Tony that financing Johnny’s movie would be acting against the interests of the company. Tony yelled at EJ before he decided not to help. Johnny insulted Tony. Johnny apologized to Tony, but he didn’t care. Johnny reminded EJ of his past. EJ and Johnny argued with each other. EJ told Johnny that he didn’t know he wouldn’t like working at DiMera until he tried it. EJ said he wanted them to spend time together. Chanel ended up showing up. Chanel invited Johnny out for drinks. EJ said Johnny had things to do. Johnny left with Chanel. Steve told Justin that he didn’t have a problem with Bonnie anymore. Justin was glad to hear that. He asked Steve to be his best man. Steve wanted to do it, but wondered how Bonnie would feel. Justin told him that Bonnie suggested him to be the best man. Steve said Adrienne would want them to stay family. Justin was glad he felt that way.

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