Y&R Short Recap Thursday, August 26, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Kevin and Rey notice that most of the security footage from the convenience store has been erased except for a tiny bit that shows Stitch but from the place where he was standing he couldn’t have seen the man he claims was buying Mariah’s favorite protein bars. Rey thinks Stitch was sending them on a wild goose chase because he kidnapped Mariah. Kevin gets a text saying that the guys, at the station were finally able to get a location on Mariah’s phone.

Abby talks to Victor and he persuades her that Devon’s suspicions that Stitch kidnapped Mariah to take advantage of her fear and worry about Mariah and the baby to get close to her could be right. Devon asks Mrs. Toliver to investigate Stich and the story he told Abby. Devon heads to Abby’s house and he and Victor decide to go to the Grand Phoenix and talk to Stitch. Devon gets a call from Mrs. Toliver who tells him Stitch was fired from his job in Iowa City weeks ago.

Rey, Devon and Victor find Mariah’s phone in Stitches hotel room. Mariah prepares to have the baby as her labor pains get worse. Abby sends Stitch a text telling him she needs to see him and he comes over to see her and tells her he is there for her anytime she needs him. Abby tells Stitch how much he has meant to her during the time that Mariah has been missing. Abby tells Stitch that she can tell he feels guilty about the loss of their baby and how their marriage ended. Abby tells Stitch that the loss of their baby and Max’s illness were not his fault. Stitch admits to Abby that nothing has gone right in his life since he left town and he felt like if he could make things right with her then his life would get back on track again. Abby tells Stitch that she couldn’t handle losing another child. Stitch tells Abby that he wouldn’t let that happen. Abby cries and asks Stitch to tell her the whereabouts of Mariah and the baby.

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