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[ Upbeat instrumental ]

Steffy: Sorry. Sorry. So sorry, okay.

Hope: Get stuck in traffic?

Steffy: Uh no, just uh, running late. I apologize.

Hope: Oh steffy, you have a lot going on. I appreciate you even being able to make this meeting.

Steffy: Yeah, I wish I could be more excited about going to san francisco.

Hope: Well, it must be hard to leave finn and the kids right now.

Steffy: You have no idea. I just keep imagining all the terrible things that could go wrong.

Finn: You want me to let sheila come in here to meet my son? You can’t be serious.

Jack: She won’t stay long.

Finn: Stay long? No. Dad. Absolutely not.

Jack: Just hear me out.

Finn: What you’re suggesting is crazy.

Jack: I don’t blame you for feeling that way. But I’m telling you, finn, it has to be done.

Sheila: It’s gonna happen. Today, I finally get to hold my grandson.

Quinn: This is nothing to be ashamed about.

Eric: But I am. I am ashamed. I’m ashamed that I let you believe you were the problem when there was so much else going on.

Quinn: Well, I mean, I thought you didn’t want me anymore, that you didn’t desire me–

Eric: But I do. I do. I did. But I was so ashamed and so embarrassed that I couldn’t want you and then not being able to do anything about it.

Quinn: It would have been okay.

Eric: I couldn’t talk to you about it. I couldn’t even say the words. Erectile dysfunction. It– it’s a joke! It’s a punch line! But it’s not! I can’t make love to my beautiful wife. I can’T.

Carter: Structuring the agreement this way protects us no matter what happens with the trade situation.

Ridge: You know what, man? We are very lucky to have your business mind.

Brooke: Somehow you always manage to close the deal.

Carter: Actually, there was one that uh… that just fell through and I’m not sure how you’re going to feel about it. I’m bringing it up because I want to prepare you. I imagine that when eric talks he’s gonna be very excited.

Ridge: Excited about what?

Carter: He called off the divorce from quinn.

Eric: I should have told you. I should have told you but I couldn’t talk about it!

Quinn: Oh eric. Come on, your life has been one crisis after another, after another for months. Starting with me and your family, I mean– that can affect anyone’s sex life. But we’re back together now and I’m sure, in time we’ll–

Eric: No, no, it’s not that simple. It’s not that simple!

Quinn: Are you sure?

Eric: Yes, I’m sure! It doesn’t matter how I feel. How much I want you, quinn. This isn’t going to change. You have to know that the man you came home to is not the man you married. I’m sorry!

Hope: You know, you’d think the kids would be the ones with the separation anxiety, but… nope.

[ Chuckling ]

Steffy: So, it’s not just me.

Hope: Absolutely not. I mean, it’s perfectly understandable that you would feel this way. It’s your first trip away from hayes. And you and finn, you’re still newlyweds.

Steffy: Okay when you put it that way I don’t even think I should be going on this trip.

[ Laughs ]

Hope: It will be fine. We’ll be back home tomorrow.

Steffy: I know this is a normal feeling but unfortunately, that’s not the only reason I’m nervous about going away.

Jack: Just give sheila this chance to meet hayes and you won’t have to worry about her anymore.

Finn: Dad, my in-laws are doing everything they can to make sure that will never happen.

Jack: I know– I know it seems like a risk–

Finn: Do you not understand how dangerous sheila is?

Jack: Yeah. I do. And I know I’m putting you in a difficult position but if you want to protect your family and keep sheila out of your lives, this is the way. Maybe the only way. Just give her this and she’ll be gone. Forever. I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Brooke: Ugh, god. It had to be quinn. There’s no other way this could have happened. Eric wanted that divorce.

Ridge: That’s how I remember it. It’s got to be quinn, right?

Carter: I can assure you this is 100% eric’s decision.

Ridge: But how is it his decision? Has he seen quinn? She hasn’t been around the office!

Brooke: Has she been going over to his house? Has she been calling him?

Carter: No, no, I don’t think so. No.

Brooke: You’re his lawyer. Why would he have you draw up the papers if he wasn’t going to sign them?

Carter: He saw the papers and he started thinking about what he was doing and what he wanted.

Ridge: And what he wants now is quinn! Yeah?

Carter: I don’t blame you for being shocked. I was, too. And so was quinn. More than anyone.

Brooke: Oh my god, I don’t believe that for a second!

Carter: I was there when she saw her portrait. Her reaction was genuine. She was deeply moved.

Brooke: Yeah, because she was relieved. Her plan worked.

Carter: I’m telling you; this was eric’s decision. He’s fully committed to quinn, the marriage isn’t over and I hope you both can find a way to be happy for them, because I am.

[ Chuckles ]

Brooke: You are? You’re actually happy for them? You have no reservations about their reunion, whatsoever?

Quinn: This doesn’t change how I feel about you, the kind of man that you are.

Eric: It’s not what you expected.

[ Quinn chuckles ] It’s not what you expected when you decided to come home.

Quinn: I didn’t expect any of this. I thought our story was over. I didn’t even think I’d be welcome back in this house ever, even as a guest. But, you forgave me. That’s the kind of man that you are. Compassionate and understanding. It’s what drew me to you in the first place.

Eric: But we never had trouble in the bedroom.

Quinn: No, we didn’t until I screwed up. I broke promises to you–&

Eric: No, no, no, no. That’s not it. That’s not everything that happened. That’s what I want to tell you. Look, the reason I didn’t tell you how sexy you are and wonderful and how much I want you is because I couldn’t do anything about it–

Quinn: I understand–

Eric: And I’m afraid. I’m afraid. I’m afraid I’m never going to be able to again. …Oh god… oh, quinn. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Quinn: It’s okay, it’s okay.

Hope: It’s okay if you’d rather not talk about it.

Steffy: Well, I’ve never been good at avoiding the subject.

Hope: No. You take things head on. And I’m sure you’re handling sheila the same way.

Steffy: We’re trying to. But it definitely caught us off guard. We were ready to start our new life together. And now, finn and i have to protect our family from the most dangerous woman I’ve ever met.

[Ominous strings instrumental ]

[ Sheila sighs ]

Sheila: I want to look perfect today when I meet my family. I want little baby hayes to look up at me from my arms and just know that that’s the face of his grandmother.

Jack: Today is perfect. Steffy’s on a plane to san francisco. Kelly’s not here.

Finn: Kelly’s on a playdate. She’s gonna be gone all afternoon…

Jack: So, while you’re alone with hayes, sheila can stop by, hold her grandson and be gone before anyone’s the wiser. And then she’s out of our lives for good.

Finn: The forresters would be furious with us for even discussing this. There is no way I’m allowing sheila to come in here to see hayes. You can’t control what happens when they leave home,

Brooke: Eric ripped up the divorce papers and you’re not handling the case anymore, so you might as well tell us how you really feel.

Ridge: You’re closer to this than any of us.

Carter: Look, your father believes quinn is special. He sees a fascinating, beautiful, ambitious, accomplished woman and she brings excitement to his life. And he gives her a sense of stability and comfort. Look, when they were good together, they were very happy. So, if they get a second chance at that, then I wish them the best.

Brooke: Is that really what you’re hoping for? Because the way you’re talking about her… almost sounded like you were falling for her. Have you?

Eric: Look, I’m– I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how– how much I was pushing you away. And I pushed you away so far, that it drove you into the arms of another man… and I’m–

Quinn: I– I didn’t think you desired me anymore. I mean, every time I would reach out to you, I could feel you recoil.

Eric: You were reaching out for a connection, for– for touch– things that we all need.

Quinn: You know, there is more than one way to experience those things.

Eric: Yes, I know and– and… when I was looking at the divorce papers, I realized, “what am I doing? I love her. I don’t wan to divorce her.” And so I realized, I had to– I had to tell you– I had to tell you the truth.

Quinn: And I am so grateful that you did.

Eric: I’m the one who drove the wedge between us. I am!

Quinn: No, no, no, I don’t want to talk about who’s to blame anymore. You know, when you invited me to come back into this house, you said you wanted to move forward.

Eric: Yes, and I do. Quinn, I don’t want us to have to hide anything from each other. I don’t want us to hide things even if– I don’t want to keep any secrets, even things that we’re ashamed of. I want us to be completely honest and I want you to know I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Steffy: The pilot knows I’m on board.

Hope: I don’t know why we haven’t taken off yet but look, steffy, if there is anything I can do to make this trip easier for you, you just say let me know. I know you’re probably processing a lot right now, I mean, who could have imagined that sheila carter would turn out to be your husband’s birth mother?

[ Cellphone dinging ]

Jack: I already texted sheila. Told her to come over.

Finn: Dad, what you’re asking is out of the question.

Jack: No one will know.

Finn: You want me to do this thing and then lie about it? Dad, what has gotten into you? You know I can’t have sheila coming over here to see hayes. I won’t do it.

Jack: You have to.

Finn: Why? What’s going on? Why are you pushing for this?

Jack: Because so much is at stake, finn. More than you know.

Finn: What does that even mean? For who?

Jack: For all of us. Sheila’s unpredictable. You know, showing up on your wedding day, sneaking around the forrester house.

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