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Recap written by Christine
Photos by Dora

Mariah in "Young and The Restless" 8/26/21

Mariah was in labor, and she was frantic because the contractions were getting stronger. She spoke directly into the camera and implored her captor to save the baby. She urged the baby to relax, then she talked to him about their situation. When this all started, she was just trying to help Abby and Chance. She chuckled about the morning sickness and admitted the baby made her life really difficult for a little while. She’d worried her entire pregnancy would be like that, but after she got locked up, she started to see things really differently. She said he kept her sane, and she hoped she’d done the same for him. She told him he was loved, and that wasn’t a term she threw around lightly. She didn’t grow up with a lot of love, so she was pretty bad at it back then, and even now there were only a handful of people she truly loved. The baby was one of them. She promised he’d be fine, because she protected the people she loved. Mariah wished the baby would stay inside, but she understood if he didn’t want to. She accepted that today would be his birthday, and she said they had to prepare. She sang a line from Tessa’s song to the baby, as she gathered towels, then she broke down sobbing about how much she missed Tessa. She felt lightheaded and needed to sit, and she told herself she couldn’t pass out, because Bowie needed her. Later, Mariah paced around talking to Bowie, and she was hit by a contraction so strong that it brought her to her knees.

Denise in "Young and The Restless" 8/26/21

Devon was with Denise at his place. She hadn’t found anything new about Mariah. Devon told Denise about Ben seeing an old man buying prenatal bars and using a piece of paper that was just like some paper Mariah had. Devon said the tip may lead to something, but he didn’t think it’d lead to some random old man. He said Ben randomly returned and kept finding reasons to spend time with Abby and bring up romantic moments from their past. Denise thought the part about Ben pretending he got a job at the hospital was a big red flag. Devon wanted to trust him, but things weren’t adding up. Denise had learned not to ignore gut feelings. She said they’d investigate Ben.

Victor in "Young and The Restless" 8/26/21

Victor visited Abby at the Chancellor house. He assured her that his security team would get to the bottom of this. They were working with the police department. Abby was a little shaken up. She said Devon thought it could be possible that Ben had something to do with Mariah’s disappearance. Abby didn’t know what to believe. She said Ben had been a godsend, but there had been a couple times when she sensed he was trying to rekindle what they once had. Victor recalled Ben telling him that he was very concerned about Abby being alone. It made Victor feel compelled to say that Abby was happily married. Abby noted that Ben returned right before Mariah went missing. She said she used to be married to Ben and love him, but could he have something to do with Mariah’s disappearance? Abby hated thinking about Ben this way. Victor said, as a parent, Abby had to consider all possibilities when it came to the security of her child, and she couldn’t worry about people’s feelings. They wondered what Ben’s motive could be. Abby didn’t think it was about money, unless Max’s condition sent Ben into debt, but there wasn’t a ransom demand. She said that if Ben needed money, he could’ve asked her, and she would’ve given it to him, regardless of what Max did to her.

Victor suggested Ben was vengeful because Abby left him. Abby said she’d spent a lot of time with him, and she would’ve picked up on that. Victor asked how much time, and Abby said, total, a few hours. She was horrified to think that Mariah may have been locked up alone and terrified all that time that Ben was with Abby. Devon came over, and they all agreed to move forward with investigating Ben. Abby wasn’t sure that they should confront Ben directly, like Victor wanted to. Devon agreed with Victor, since they needed answers fast. He said if Ben was innocent, he’d understand why they had to ask. Devon said Ben was staying at the Grand Phoenix, and Abby was ready to go, but Victor and Devon didn’t want her to come. They thought Ben would be more honest if Abby wasn’t there. Victor promised to tell Abby everything that happened. He asked her to be careful, then he and Devon left. Abby promptly texted Ben and asked him to come over. Ben was at Society when he got the text. He paid his bill and left.

Ben arrived at Abby’s place and she told him she felt better when was around. She hugged him. Abby said Devon and Victor were here earlier, and they wanted to help, but there was nothing they could do. The longer this went on, the more scared Abby got. Ben urged Abby to believe it would be okay. Abby said Tessa could sense something was wrong with Mariah, and Abby could feel her baby crying for her, and it pierced her heart. She didn’t know where he was or if Mariah could take care of him or if he and Mariah had enough food. She sobbed that she would give up everything she had if she could get them back. She said she was all alone, and Chance wasn’t here. Ben pulled Abby into a hug and said he was here. He asked her to just tell him what to do. Abby said that even after all these years, there was still something between them. She asked if he came here to be with her and if there was never a job at the hospital. She said his return was such a blessing, and she wanted to be his sounding board too. “You can tell me anything, anything and I won’t get angry,” she promised. She said she knew him, and she could see the guilt in his eyes. She suggested he felt bad for what happened when they were married. She told him what happened with Max wasn’t his fault. He tearfully said that, as a doctor, he should’ve known what his son was capable of. Abby said it wasn’t his fault they lost the baby. She said he could understand what she was going through, because she was about to lose another baby. He said he wouldn’t let that happen. “I admit -” he said. She urged him to go on and asked what he admitted. “I came back here for you,” he said. His life had been so hard since he left, and he’d needed to make things right. He was hoping for some kind of redemption. It was crazy, but he truly believed she was the only one who could put him back on course. He said she could make things right. She said they could make things right for each other. “All is forgiven. Just please please tell me where they are,” she cried.

Devon and Victor went to The Grand Phoenix, and Devon got a call from his PI. She informed him that Ben was lying about having a job at the hospital in Iowa City. He’d been fired months ago.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin found Ben on the convenience store convenience footage, but there was no old man in the store. Rey suggested the customer hadn’t come in yet. The video suddenly cut off for a minute and a half. Rey asked if someone altered it. Kevin said he’d have to do a deeper analysis back at the station to find out. They continued to watch the video, and they did see an older guy, but Ben left the store before the other man purchased anything. Kevin suggested that Ben went to that store a lot, and he got his days mixed up. Rey wondered if Ben made the whole thing up. Kevin protested that Ben was a stand up guy and a doctor, but Rey said some doctors were criminals. Kevin asked why Ben would suggest looking at evidence that could be easily disproven and why he’d edit the video. Rey theorized that Ben was sending them on a wild goose chase to distract them from what was really going on. Kevin received word from the IT guys that they got through the encryption on Mariah’s phone, and they had a location.

Rey in "Young and The Restless" 8/26/21

Rey went to The Grand Phoenix and ran into Devon and Victor in the lobby. Rey asked if Victor’s security team also tracked Mariah’s phone to this hotel. The police tracker Rey wasn’t able to pinpoint a specific location, like a room or a floor. They agreed that they should check Ben’s room first. After entering the suite, Devon called Mariah’s phone, and they heard it ringing in Ben’s duffel bag.

Sharon and Tessa were at the park. Sharon was near tears, because being in Mariah’s room with all her things had been a little overwhelming. Tessa felt overwhelmed too. Sharon was trying to be optimistic, but it wasn’t easy. Tessa thought they should keep trying to send positive energy Mariah’s way and visualize her coming back to them healthy, safe and strong. Tessa told Sharon how she and Mariah had spiritually connected one night and been able to communicate their feelings with each other. Tessa said she didn’t have money like Devon to hire investigators or the power of two prominent families like Abby, so she felt like she was sitting on the sidelines. All she could do was use her love to send Mariah strength and comfort. Tessa said Sharon could do it too. Sharon asked how. Tessa thought they should remember special moments with Mariah to let her know they loved her. Sharon wasn’t sure she had as much faith in this psychic connection as Tessa, but she wanted to try. Tessa said to concentrate on a memory. Sharon recalled the first time Mariah called her mom. Tessa thought about the time Mariah showed up to her concert and made a public apology. Tessa said Mariah never gave up on her, even when Tessa pushed her away. Unfortunately, Sharon and Mariah missed out on a lot of important moments until they reunited. It took a lot for Sharon to convince Mariah that was loved, and Sharon hoped Mariah could feel that love now.

Sharon and Tessa in "Young and The Restless" 8/26/21

Tessa thought it was a miracle she and Mariah were together after all the mistakes they made. Sharon said that was all in the past. She was happy Tessa was part of Mariah’s life. Tessa was still ashamed of some of the things she’d done. Sharon said Tessa grew past that. Tessa said Mariah helped her. Sharon thought Tessa and Mariah evolved together. Tessa said that Mariah taught her so much about love, trust and forgiveness, but she’d never forgive the person who had Mariah, and she hoped they got what was coming to them. Sharon asked Tessa to join her in prayer. Sharon prayed Mariah and the baby would be found safely. Tessa promised that she’d spend the rest of her life making sure Mariah was safe, loved and happy.

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