Days Short Recap Monday, August 16, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn and Theo came in the cabin. Theo went to Ciara. Ben watched Theo hug Ciara. Theo yelled at Ben. Ciara stopped Theo from yelling at Ben. She told Theo that being at the cabin helped her remember her love for Ben. She wanted to talk to Theo alone. Shawn told Ben that Allie and Claire were arrested for helping him. Ben thought they turned him in to the police. He said he took responsibility for his actions. He said he would have done it over again because the plan worked. Shawn said he and Ciara belonged together. Shawn said he was sorry that Theo got hurt. Ciara apologized to Theo. She said she felt like she used him. He said he didn’t feel that way. He said he knew she would remember Ben one day. He said he was hoping that he could make her love him that her love for Ben wouldn’t matter. She gave him back the engagement ring. Ciara tried to let him down easy, but he couldn’t love anyone the way he loved her. He left so he could wait for Shawn in the car. Ciara went back to the cabin and asked Shawn to take Theo to Abe’s. She told Shawn it wasn’t a kidnapping. Shawn said the charges against Claire and Allie would be dropped.

Ben told Ciara that the worst was over. She was upset that she hurt Theo. Ben said they were victims of circumstance. They talked about everything that happened. She couldn’t believe he never gave up on her. He said he never would. He said they were meant to be together. Eli told Lani and Abe that Paulina’s reward offer helped Shawn find Ben. Abe was grateful, but Lani’s opinion didn’t change. Eli agreed with Lani. When Eli found out that Ben and Ciara were found, he suggested that he and Lani went home. Abe said he was going to find out what happened at the cabin. Paulina opened her door and wanted to know what the woman was doing there. The woman asked if that was a way to treat her mother. Paulina apologized to Olivia. Paulina was shocked she knew where she lived. Olivia said Paulina’s assistant told her. Olivia told Paulina that her sister was upset with her. Olivia said they wanted her away from Lani. Olivia and Paulina got in an argument. Olivia said Paulina promised to stay away from Tamara’s daughter. Paulina said they both knew Lani wasn’t Tamara’s daughter. Paulina said she was her daughter.

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