Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 17, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi found Sami’s necklace outside of Rafe’s house. Gabi asked if it was Ava’s. Ava said it wasn’t hers. Gabi said it might be Rafe’s secret girlfriend’s. Ava and Gabi argued with each other. Gabi said the necklace might belong to someone Rafe was interested in. Gabi suggested it could be Nicole’s. Ava said Nicole was her friend and wasn’t interested in Rafe. Nicole cried as she took off her wedding ring. Rafe came in to cheer her up. She told him she couldn’t go to work. She said she couldn’t hide from Holly that she was upset. He comforted her. He told her she didn’t need a man to show how great she was. He told her to move on with her life. Lucas told Allie about what happened with him, Sami and EJ’s letter. Lucas got a message from Belle. She told him the charges against Allie were dropped. Allie was free to go. EJ burned Kristen’s letter. He believed his marriage was over. Chad came in and wanted to talk about the deal he closed. EJ didn’t want to talk about it. EJ said Sami was gone and wasn’t coming back. Chad told EJ that he was sorry to hear about Sami and Lucas. EJ called Chad out for being a cheater as well. Chad told him both of their marriages were worthy of saving. EJ apologized for taking his anger out on him. He said he was going to focus on being CEO.

Allie brought Henry to the DiMera mansion. EJ was happy to see them. She said she knew what happened between him and Sami. She said Sami loved him. She asked if he could forgive Sami. EJ said Sami wasn’t around even if he wanted to forgive her. He said he didn’t know where she was. He said she went to talk to Gabi. Allie went to Rafe’s place to ask Gabi about Sami. The door to the tunnel in the DiMera mansion opened up. EJ was shocked by what he saw. Eli tried to convince Lani to forgive Paulina. He said she should do it for herself. Lani said she would try. She said she needed to know why Paulina ran hot and cold her entire life. He told her to get answers from Paulina. Paulina reminded Olivia that Lani was her daughter. Olivia said they didn’t have a choice but to let Tamara raise Lani. Olivia said Paulina’s ex was abusive. Paulina said she thought Ray was going to kill her. She said she knew if he found out, he would never let go. Olivia said Lani would have been safe with Tamara. Paulina said she couldn’t tell Lani the truth. She said she had to keep her distance. Paulina said she felt bad for not doing things with Lani. Olivia felt bad for Paulina but she thought Lani would be hurt if she found out her life was a lie.

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