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what happened? Someone set fire to ava’s car. No!Oh, my god. Ava’s shaken up, but dr. Robinson is looking after her. Kevin: Where did this happen? In the hospital. Far from here. Far from spencer. So spencer is innocent. I wish I could say the same for you. I’m not sure what I can say. I was — I was so sure it was you. I-I was horrified that you could be so cruel. So you decided to show me what real cruelty looks like?

[ Voice breaking ] Congratulations, father. Mission accomplished. Dr. Obrecht: May I join you? As friends, of course. I’m very much taken these days. I would be delighted. I have to warn you, though, I’m not in the best of moods tonight. Then instead of making banal small talk, I’ll be a sympathetic ear. So, what is troubling you, herr jacks? Look, I knew that spencer’s father was going to be mad about this party, but this is ridiculous. Mm-hmm. Should we go back in there and back him up? I mean, I just think it’s a personal family matter and they don’t want an audience. The question is, should we extract trina? Carly: Josslyn?

[ Gasps ] Mom. Oh, god. Thank you for coming. Did you see tony? Yes. Did he tell you what happened? Yes, he told me what happened from a security standpoint. Hi, cam. Mrs. Corinthos. He said you guys weren’t in any physical danger, but it was an unstable situation and he wanted you out of here. Oh, well, we want to get out of here, too. What happened here tonight was all kinds of wrong. Curtis. Hey, can I talk to you for a minute? Yeah, what’s up? Um, I got a call tonight. The caller I.D. Said it was an unknown caller, and it was a man’s voice. He said he was drew. How many times until you learn? You’re not leaving. Well, the, uh, law of averages are on my side, man. See, you gotta stop me every time. I just gotta get away once. Not gonna happen, mate.

[ Groans ] In fact, when I tell the boss about your latest attempt, he may finally agree you’re more trouble than you’re worth and let me kill you. So, you’re going to tell your employer how I managed to steal a phone on your watch? He’s gonna fire you and find somebody else to run this hellhole, man. Russ, you gotta look to your future, man. Least I have a future. More than you can say. What’s your annual salary?

[ Chuckles ] I’m gonna double it. We’re having this conversation right now? All you gotta do, you just gotta give me a ride to the nearest airport and… tell me the name of the bastard who’s kept me locked up here for two years. That’s it. You talk like you’re a wealthy man. I am. Not anymore. The world thinks you’re dead. Besides, no amount of money is worth double-crossing the boss. I wouldn’t live long enough to spend it.

[ Sighs ] Mr. Morgan, congratulations on your exoneration. Some people have all the luck. Now that we’re all assembled here… I want to discuss some recent actions by a member of the novak family. Excuse me, mr. Morgan. Where is your fianc√©e? Carly couldn’t be here tonight. I’m speaking for the corinthos organization. I’m sorry. That’s unacceptable.

You called this meeting, it was our understanding both you and mrs. Corinthos would be here. I speak for both of us. The last time our group met, mrs. Corinthos proclaimed herself head of the corinthos organization. As you all know, I was unavailable for that meeting. Why isn’t mrs. Corinthos here with you tonight? Something came up. Something more important than this meeting?

You called this meeting, and we managed to make the time. Thank you. If time’s an issue, then I’ll be brief. Vincent novak’s nephew, joey, approached my fianc√©e’s daughter. That is unacceptable. Forget it. If mrs. Corinthos isn’t coming, I’m not staying. Neither am I. It’s your choice. This meeting will continue. And repercussions will follow. You wanna run that by me again? I thought you were gonna say that. Um, okay. I got a call from an unknown caller. Actually, no, I got two calls. The first call I got, I sent it straight to voicemail because I thought it was a telemarketer or something. A little while later, I got another call. That one, I picked up. And when I did, it was a man’s voice on the phone. He called me by my name, and he said that he was drew. He said, “help.” He said that they were coming, and then there was all this commotion and then the line, it just went dead. I had one of dante’s techs run the call, and it came up empty. Wait a minute. Um… so you went to the police? No. No, dante and i happened to be together when I got the call. He thinks it was just a hoax or intended to throw me off of a case. Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah, it would be — I could justify that. I just — I don’t know. Drew’s plane went down over the gulf of aden. There was a thorough search. It turned up nothing. There were no signs of any survivors. I know! But, come on, he was a navy seal. If anyone could survive a plane crash into the ocean, it would be drew. You think dante’s right, don’t you? Um… I think what’s more important is what you think. Do you believe drew is still alive? Jax: Nothing. Well, maybe it’s just out of power. I find phones can become temperamental after a while. Have you updated? No, no, no. This was 98% charged a little bit ago. Believe me, I was hacked. And I’m pretty sure I know who it was. You weren’t kidding about your mood. Sorry. I did try to warn you. I can think of only two things to cause such consternation — a woman or a child. I’m guessing the latter. Is your daughter all right? Well, that is very good, liesl. But, yes, josslyn is fine, for now. Thank you for asking. I just wish that her mother was as concerned as you are for our daughter’s safety. We showed them the creepy writing on the fireplace, and then spencer and trina came in saying spencer had been stabbed. Spencer was stabbed? How badly was he hurt? He wasn’t actually stabbed. Yeah, it was a retractable knife, like a prop in a play. Spencer thought it was ryan chamberlain until nikolas came in and said that he was behind it all. Nikolas stabbed spencer? Mm. He wasn’t actually stabbed, but yes. And my grandmother, she was very upset. Oh, they were headed for a dysfunctional family train wreck. I never thought I’d say these words, but I feel really bad for spencer. What the hell was nikolas thinking? Spencer: You turned against me once again. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. [ Chuckles bitterly ] It’s not the first time that it’s happened. I never should have come back. No, please don’t say that. I never turned against you. You never chose me either. I’m just supposed to live with whatever horrible decisions you make, roll with the punches, and then suck it up in the end. Your neglect was hard enough to deal with. And now you want to dole out the punishment, too? I wanted you to truly understand how damaging your actions had been. But this incident tonight with ava’s car, it proves that you were wrong. And even if you had been right, you took this way too far. You chose to terrorize your own son and — and his friends to teach him a lesson. There’s no excuse. He taught me something, alright. That he will always choose ava over me. No, this wasn’t about choosing ava. Oh, please. You were afraid that I might drive ava away, and you decided to retaliate. No, I never meant — spencer’s not wrong. Your actions are closer to those of a thwarted lover than a concerned father. Was I angry when I thought that you were behind everything? Yeah, I admit it. I was furious. But I was also concerned, and I was disheartened, and that’s why I wanted tonight to end with you seeing the error of your ways so that we could just get it out in the open, and then, hopefully, we could get past it. We could move forward together.

[ Crying ] And you decided to invoke my mother to manipulate me, to tell me to be the man that she would want me to be. I’m sorry. Just because you decided that I’m guilty! I pushed too hard. I was wrong. Please forgive me, son. I love you. Do not call me that. Do not call me that. And don’t claim to love me. Spencer. Laura: Nikolas. You almost had him, you know. Your son was back. He was here at home, but what happened is you — you let your rage blind you. You decided that he was the stalker, that he was the one who took ava from you, and he’s right — you decided to retaliate. I didn’t — you thought your way was the only way! That’s that’s the — the very definition of arrogance. And where has it gotten you? Oh, for god’s sakes, nikolas, now are you willing to listen to me?

Rve everything you said,but I — I never meant — just stop.

[ Crying ] Please. If you could have just paused for a moment and thought it all the way through, I would hope you’d be able to see how disastrous this thing could be. But no, no, you wanted to do what you wanted to do. Even ava couldn’t talk you out of it. How did you think this thing was going to turn out? I thought spencer would admit what he did. But he didn’t do it! Were you so intent on making him pay, you didn’t even consider the fact that your son might be innocent? Or the damage that you could do if you were wrong? I want to be with my grandson right now. He’s in pain. Laura, why don’t we let spencer have some time? Trina’s with him. It might be easier for him to process this with a friend — someone who isn’t family.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Door opens ] I’m not — have you lost your mind? You okay?

[ Sighs ] Party’s not a party until someone gets stabbed. You don’t have to do that. Do what? Be all cavalier about what just happened… or pretend your father didn’t just break your heart. Yeah, he really hates me.

[ Fist slams ] This is progress. I made a phone call. Sam picked up. Of course, sam thinks that I’m dead, but that’s not the first phone call she’s gotten from a dead man.

[ Sighs ] She’ll start asking questions. Come on, sam. Come on, sam. Ask questions.

[ Sighs ] I wanna go home.

[ Exhales sharply ] I miss my little girl. I miss my little girl so much. Hey, little girl.

[ Chuckles ] You had a bumpy arrival, didn’t you? Now, you’re probably wondering where your mama is, and she would be here if she could, but… for now, you get me. I’m your daddy, scout. And I have been waiting and waiting for you.

I wanna tell you

a little secret. Not much scares me. But you do.

I want so badly to give you

everything that you need. To love you and protect you and to make sure nobody hurts you. Scout, I’m gonna give you the world. I miss you, little girl.

[ Sighs ] Not so little anymore. My god. I’ve been gone so long. I wonder how tall you’ve grown. I wonder what you like. I wonder… I wonder what makes you laugh.

[ Sighs ] I’m so sorry, scout. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to be gone so long. I promise you, whatever it takes — whatever it takes — I am coming home to you. I honestly don’t know what to think. Logically, none of this makes any sense. Okay, well, throw logic aside. What do you feel? I feel like I owe it to scout to see who made that call. Danny, too. Drew was a huge part of our lives. Yeah. I get it. I do miss my man. I know I wish he was back. I’d love to show him my nightclub and argue over football games the way we used to, you know. He was a good friend. But he has been gone a while. So where the hell has he been and why did he wait till now to make contact? Co-parenting can have many obstacles, especially if the co-parents aren’t on the same page. I got lots of e-mails about this when I had my column in the invader. However, I always thought you and carly managed very well. Oh, we did. Until now. I see. And would one of your obstacles happen to wear a black leather jacket?

[ Chuckles ] I-I tried to convince carly tonight. I tried to make her see that her associations could be putting our daughter at risk. And you regret these actions? Carly: You used our relationship, my trust in you, to get me to implicate myself? You want to talk about trust, carly? Why should I trust you to protect our daughter? Do you think that you can just build a wall between your criminal activities and josslyn? I mean, you’re either naive, or you’re lying to my face. You son of a bitch. And we both know you’re not naive. Son of a bitch! You came into my house, our daughter’s house, and you tried to entrap me? You tried to get me to incriminate myself? Jax: Now you’re just

being ridiculous.

Am I?

What if I had said exactly

what you wanted me to say?

What would you have done

with this recording? Only that it didn’t work. You all leaving sends a clear message that you’re not interested in cooperation. That’s too bad. But I’ll adjust. Forgive us for being confused. But it’s tough to do business when you’re not sure who you’ll be dealing with. Are you challenging mrs. Corinthos’ leadership? Because at the last meeting, she proclaimed that she was the head of the corinthos organization. Now you say you’re the head of the organization. It seems the only way to solve this problem is to eliminate mrs. Corinthos.

Despite everything that happened, I don’t think your father hates you. You’re okay with what he did? No, that was seriously messed up, but your father honestly thought you were the stalker, the one who did all those horrible things to him and ava. For a moment, I thought you did, too. I admit I-I was shaken up. But you do hate ava, and you’ve made no bones about it. What does that even mean? You don’t hesitate to show your disapproval of her. You don’t want your father and ava together, just like the stalker. But I should have known you weren’t capable of something so twisted. What if I was?

[ Cell door opens ]

[ Groans ] Russel: The boss wasn’t happy about your latest stunt. So you told after all. Stealing that phone was another pointless attempt on your part. Or do you really think that sam mccall is gonna come for you? I heard you trying to convince her you were still alive. You better a pray she thinks it was a crank call. If she decides to look for you, she’ll be dead before she leaves the U.S. Okay, let’s not assume anything definite right now. Why don’t we go over this phone call, okay? Why don’t you tell me anything you remember or…

[ Sighs ] …Background noise you might have heard. Okay, okay. The caller said my name a few times. He said his name was drew. The connection was bad. Okay, bad reception. Like maybe a call from overseas. Yes. He asked if I could hear him. Like he knew there might be bad reception. Right. Okay, so, he knew that he was calling with bad reception. He asked if I could hear him. And then there was all this commotion. Well, he asked for help, and then the line went dead. Wait a minute, commotion? Like there was a struggle? Maybe. Okay. Other than the bad reception and the struggle, did you hear anything else in the background? Just static.

[ Sighs ] Okay, so whoever this guy is, he wants you to believe that he’s drew and that he’s on the run from someone or something. You think he could have been running all this time? I don’t know. Why wouldn’t he try and contact me earlier? Well, maybe he’s being held somewhere and this was his one shot to make a call before he was recaptured. Or, at least, that’s what this guy wants you to believe.

[ Sighs ] Do you? Carly, I’m not in the mood right now. Well, too damn bad. I had something really important planned for tonight, and I had to drop everything and race over here because I thought my daughter was in danger, only to show up and find out that you’re playing bogeyman, scaring the hell out of your son and his friends? I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I-I’m not taking parenting lessons from you, of all people. Or do you want to discuss why josslyn had a bodyguard tonight and every night? Well, thank god she did! You know what? Handle your own family drama and leave us out of it. I have enough on my plate without your asinine decisions making my life more difficult. Kevin, laura, I’m sorry. It’s really okay. It’s been a rough night all around. Well, we’re out of here. Let’s go. Come on. Okay, mom, wait.

[ Door closes ] I can’t leave yet. That sounds like… you just threatened carly. Ms. Wu: This isn’t a club, mr. Morgan. Our alliance is a carefully constructed balance of power, one built on mutually-assured destruction. I know what it is. One of us goes down, we all go down. Yes, and when mrs. Corinthos joined our ranks, she was made privy to information that could compromise every one of us. You can trust her. That hasn’t always been so. There were reports that she threw a valuable shipment of guns into the port charles harbor as a protest against our business. Yeah, it was a different time, different set of circumstances. Yes, I’ve since accepted her word that she’s changed. But here we all are, and she’s nowhere to be found. Oh, perhaps she’s doing something more advantageous to her, like talking to the feds.

[ Scoffs ] That’s ridiculous. Is it? The feds have been circling the corinthos family for a long time. Maybe the good widow decided to cooperate and cut a deal so she could be free of us for good. Buscema: And madam wu could be right. What if your fianc√©e set you up, too, hoping to bring us all down while she’s in the clear? But I assure you, mr. Morgan, if that’s so, there will be consequences.

Trina: Why are we playing the “what if” game? You didn’t do all those horrible things, so let’s not even go there. I was just wondering, hypothetically, if I had done those things to ava and my father… would you hate me? But you didn’T. Yeah, but what if I had? Would you be able to forgive me? Is this about you and your dad? What? Are you trying to decide if you can forgive him after everything he did tonight? Because that’s not a decision I can make for you. What do you mean? When my dad first deceived me — when he pretended to be dead — I swore I hated him. I never wanted to see him again. Yeah. Been there, done that.

[ Clears throat ] But you got over it, like I did. But it took some time. Yeah, me, too. Years. And now, your dad’s disappointed you again.

[ Scoffs ] This goes so far — so far beyond disappointment. I had to walk away earlier because I actually wanted to punch the guy. I mean, I thought I was gonna die tonight. When this knife came at me, I thought — I thought life was over, done. I mean, what kind of father does that to his son? How am I ever supposed to forgive that? I’m so sorry you’re going through this. That’s it?

[ Chuckles ] That’s all you have to say? Were you expecting something else? You’re not gonna tell me what to do? Ava, I know you’re dealing with a lot right now, but please call me when you have a chance. I need to hear from you.

[ Beep ] Keeps going to voicemail. I’ll go to G.H. And check on her. Thank you. I’m really worried about her. I want to stay here just a little bit longer. Can you take the boat and then send it back to me? Yeah. You sure? Yeah, I’m sure. Alright. I love you. Love you.

[ Sighs ] Nikolas: You should have gone with kevin. I already feel terrible. There’s nothing you can say to make me feel worse. I just want you to understand how your thinking led to your actions. I don’t want to lose my son again. Should I go to him? I think you have to give him a little bit of time to cool off. Maybe let him come to you. I might be waiting a long time. Another three years? Maybe forever? Well, what did you think was going to happen when you made the decision to stalk him, to stab him with a fake knife? I mean, how could you possibly think that that’s the right way to deal with your son? I thought he was the stalker, and that angered me, but it also scared me. I-I felt like I had to do something drastic to get through to him. I wanted him to understand on a visceral level, to make him feel the way he made ava feel. So you struck back at him, at your own son, like any good cassadine would. You know, carly and jason’s upcoming marriage has definitely been on my mind. I mean, I just can’t believe that she would associate herself with another mobster now that sonny’s dead. You know, she had a chance to start fresh — to stop putting josslyn and her other kids in danger, yet she chose to double down. Have you tried telling her how you feel? Yeah, I’ve tried talking to her. I went as far as trying to get leverage to force her out of that life. I gather your phone is a casualty of your quest to gain leverage?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. There is an art to gathering covert evidence, you know. You should have come to a pro for some tips. I’d love to see carly squirm. And jason morgan, even more so. I’m sorry, mom, but we need to talk to spencer. You heard dr. Collins on his way out — spencer ran off somewhere, and trina went with him. He’s probably devastated over what his father did. I’m sure he is, josslyn, but I have to get back to the mainland. Can you please go upstairs and see if trina needs a ride back? What about you? Well, I’m going to stay and talk to my mom. Alone. What do you want to talk about? You. What’s going on? Did we interrupt something important?

[ Sighs ] The idea of carly going to the feds is laughable. She’s known everything there is to know for years as sonny’s wife. Sonny’s dead. I’m aware of that. Carly and I will be getting married. “Will be.” But you aren’t now. So carly could be coerced to divulge what she knows about our operations with or without your consent. You just said she already knows everything. You can’t see the risk this poses to all of us? There’s no risk. We’re sitting around speculating about something that’s not going to happen. Blind faith is a bad look for the head of the corinthos organization.

When you are married, mr. Morgan, carly cannot be compelled to testify against her husband. Fianc√©es don’t share the same legal protection. So you must understand, until you and carly are husband and wife, carly is a liability.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not yoda. I’m not all-knowing, and I’m not here to tell you what to do. Why not? Everyone else does — what to do, what to think, especially about my father and ava. Oh, I have my opinions, but now’s not the time for them. I understand how it feels when your parents let you down. That’s why I followed you here — to listen, in case you wanted to talk. Thanks. What are friends for?

[ Chuckles ] Is that what we are? Friends. Sure. Buds.

[ Both chuckle ] Why not?

[ Sighs ] What are you still doing here? Party of the summer is ov-ah. Should hang onto that wristband, might be worth something someday. Joss, she wanted to make sure that you were okay. She also wanted to ask if you needed a ride back to the mainland. I’m good, thanks. I’ll take the launch back later. I’ll make sure she gets home safely. And the launch should be freed up by now, so you and joss, you should be able to get back okay. Yeah, well, mrs. Corinthos brought her own boat, so… carly’s here? Aw, she’s gonna kill me for involving joss in this mess. No, she knows that your father is responsible for all this. She let him have it. Well, tell joss I’m sorry that tonight was a fail, but to enjoy the novelty with my compliments. What novelty? For once, I’m the innocent party. It’s true. I’m a cassadine. Nothing you can do to change that. You just need to learn how to tame these — these dark impulses that you have, you know. You have to recognize it and then turn away from it, for spencer’s sake. Or I’ll pass those traits on to spencer? Well, maybe it’s too late for that. He’s not the stalker, but he’s got a cruel streak. Surely you’ve seen that. Yes, I have. Spencer grew up with a sense of entitlement, just like you did, but it is not too late to change, to break the cycle of trauma. You could start by just setting a good example for spencer. I’m trying. Is that what you were doing when you decided to terrorize your son? When you made him believe that you were going to stab him and kill him? If you’re not careful, you’re going to end up going down the same path your father did. I should have never asked tony to call you. What? I’m really sorry for pulling you away from whatever you had going on tonight. Hey. Clearly, it was something important, mom. You did the right thing, josslyn. Okay, you’re my top priority. You and all my kids. Okay? I just feel so bad for spencer. Oh. Yeah, I do, too. Why would his dad do that? I don’t know. You know, I don’t think nikolas has any idea what it’s like to be a parent. He grew up spoiled and selfish, and he turned around and raised spencer the same way. Spencer says that he’s fine and that we should go. Alright. Works for me. W-what about trina? She wants to stay. Uh, spencer said that she’ll make it home okay. Alright, sounds like she’s in good hands. Let’s go. Curtis: I’ll tell you what — if that phone call was fake… I am really not okay with someone using drew’s memory to get to you. Yeah, me neither. I mean, I’ve had people from my past showing up looking to settle a grudge, but this didn’t feel like that. And why would someone want to send me on a wilgoose chase looking for drew? I don’t know. Are you working on any big cases right now, or do you have a — a trial coming up soon? Naomi dreyfus is the biggest thing I’ve got going on right now, and clearing shawn butler’s name, but I-I don’t see how that could be related to drew, though. Yeah. You still haven’t answered my original question. Because I… I didn’t have an answer. Until now. The more I think about it… the way he spoke to me and… his voice, it was just… it sounded real. I think it was drew who was on the phone. Your boss is targeting sam? The boss has a long reach. He plucked you out of the ocean, didn’t he? Stashed you here without anyone realizing you survived that crash. He went to a lot of trouble to extract you from your life. He won’t hesitate to kill anyone sniffing around. Because he wants me alive. You’re losing it, buddy. First the phone, now the loose lips? You probably need a vacation. The stress of the job seems to be getting to you a little bit. I’m not going anywhere. And neither are you.

[ Grunting ]

I keep picturing you lying on the floor. Yeah, I know. I’m sorry you had to deal with that. It’s not your fault. Still, I appreciate you listening to me. People don’t always do that. Yeah, well, it’s hard to hear you between all the flash and snark. Yeah, I guess. But you manage. Yeah, I hear you. Do you think I’m as bad as my father? No. Stavros was insane. He was sadistic and cruel. He had no remorse. But you do, which means that you’re capable of so much more. But these dark instincts are so much a part of you, it just terrifies me. Mother. What do you mean? Well, I’m glad you could join me, liesl. Can I walk you to your car? No need. Thanks for the drinks and conversation. Oh, I should be thanking you for listening and — and for your support. You have that. Remember, come to me next time, if you want to try again. I’m confident we can bring down carly and jason by working together.

Auf wiedersehen.


[ Snaps fingers ] You’re too late, mrs. Corinthos. I guess I’ll have to get used to calling you mrs. Morgan, won’t I? I’ll be checking my mail for my invitation. What happened? How’d the meeting go? This is where you tell me I’m crazy, right? No, you’re not crazy, okay? You’re level-headed, and you have great instincts. If you say that was drew’s voice that you heard, then I’m gonna trust you on that. Drew’s alive. Scout’s father is alive.

[ Both grunting ]

[ Panting ]

[ Grunts ] One of these days, you’re really gonna piss me off and I’m gonna snap your sorry neck!

[ Cell door slams ]

[ Groans ]

[ Panting ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ]

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