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Devon: Hey, you.

Elena: Hey.

Devon: How you doing? Need caffeine already?

Elena: Yeah, is it that obvious? You want to join me?

Devon: Sure.

Elena: I need to get off of my feet. I’ve worked two consecutive shifts, and I am beat.

Devon: Man, that sounds rough. I’m sorry.

Elena: [ Sighs ] Honestly, I shouldn’t even be complaining. Nate’s practically been sleeping at the hospital since he got his big promotion.

Devon: I wasn’t aware that he got any promotion. He hasn’t said anything to me about it.

Elena: Oh. He probably hasn’t mentioned it ’cause he hasn’t had the time. He’s been so busy.

Devon: What’s the job?

Elena: Your cousin is the new chief of surgery at memorial.

Devon: Chief of surgery?

Elena: Mm-hmm.

Devon: That’s interesting. I thought that was the job that abby’s ex stitch was offered ’cause that’s apparently the whole reason he’s moving back to genoa city.

Elena: No, you must have misunderstood. His actual first day was today. He’s been knocking himself out trying to get up to speed with everything.

Devon: Wow. I’m surprised this is the first I’m hearing about it. How’s that gonna work out for the two of you? Is it gonna make things weird?

Elena: Why?

Devon: ‘Cause that means he’s your boss now, right?

Amanda: Good morning.

Phyllis: Hey.

Amanda: I am so sorry that I’m running late.

Phyllis: Oh, no, that’s okay.

Amanda: I see you already ordered our drinks.

Phyllis: Yes, I did. You know, I owe you one. You were the one who helped me break down the timeline about when summer decided to leave kyle. You helped me focus on when exactly she was offered that job in milan, and I really appreciate it.

Amanda: No, no, I didn’t do much. I just applied a bit of critical analysis to the facts — your facts.

Phyllis: You’re so modest. Yes, you did a lot. Seriously. You helped me uncover that tara and sally were completely behind getting my daughter out of town. And by the way, those two little girls got what they deserved.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] Well, I am just glad that I was able to help. I know this is bittersweet for you, though, you know, since summer and kyle decided to stay in milan.

Phyllis: Yeah. I did all of that work to get her to come back. Doesn’t seem like such a victory to me..

Amanda: Yeah, but, hey, you were right, right? And you saved summer from a lot of heartache, so that is something to celebrate. Right? Look at how well everything is going for everyone you care about. Hmm?

Nick: Hey, jack.

Jack: Hey.

Nick: How you holding up? I, uh — I know you’ve been hit with a lot lately, with finding out about sally and tara’s arrest and then kyle deciding to stay in milan.

Jack: Yeah, I’m still processing everything. I know phyllis was hoping that summer would come home after the truth came out. I talked with her at great length yesterday about how shocked she was they decided to stay in milan to allow for summer to enjoy that career opportunity.

Nick: Yeah, phyllis is very disappointed.

Jack: Yeah, so am I. It’s so strange that kyle is gonna be so far away, but i couldn’t be any happier that he and summer finally have a chance after all the extremes that sally and tara went to to keep them apart.

Nick: I know you were starting to hang out with sally again. Phyllis seemed pretty confident that it hadn’t gotten too deep before everything blew up. Is she right about that?

Victoria: You need to be thoroughly hydrated for your treatment. Have you been drinking enough water?

Ashland: Yes, plenty.

Victoria: Okay, well, that’s good. And the doctor’s office said to keep a bunch of those little ginger candies and ginger tea on hand just in case you get nauseous, so I’m all stocked up.

Ashland: I don’t think all that will be necessary.

Victoria: Well, we’re gonna follow the doctor’s orders to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and I’m gonna be there with you, keeping you company the whole time.

Ashland: Oh, you don’t need to go with me. I’m just gonna be sitting in a chair with a needle in my arm for god knows how long. And I will have bach’s brandenburg concertos there to keep me entertained for the duration. I’ll be fine.

Victoria: Just at least let me drop you off, and then I can pick you up when you’re done.

Ashland: As long as it doesn’t interfere with the rest of your day. The post-merger transition still needs a lot of oversight, and i want you to continue with the business of living.

Victoria: And that’s exactly what I intend to do. But before I focus on our business merger, there is a little matter with our personal merger. I know that we said we’d wait, but I need to share the happy news of our engagement with a few people.

Ashland: Oh.

Billy: Wow. Our phones are blowing up this morning.

Lily: I know. That tara locke arrest was a real shocker. Staff is really busy.

Billy: We’ve got a lot of work to do to make sure that we cover this story thoroughly. It’s a good thing victoria’s coming over to spend some time with the kids before she takes them to day camp.

Lily: Yeah, it’ll make it easier to focus.

[ Cellphones chime ]

Billy: Geez, are you kidding me? Well, our reporters are already all over it, questioning sources and staying on top of the details.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] You love this, don’t you?

Billy: It’s the best part of the journalism game — tracking down all the facts until it all comes together.

Lily: Well, I got to say, your instincts about tara were spot on.

Billy: Well, it was clear she was trying way too hard to ingratiate herself into the abbott family. And this is definitely one of those times that phyllis’ meddling paid off. Once we were able to compare notes, she was off to the races, which led to tara being arrested for embezzling money from her own company.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, that was bad, but what’s worse is using her own child to blackmail summer into leaving town.

Billy: Well, this is definitely gonna drive a lot of traffic to the chanccomm news site. Looks like the lockes are the gift that keeps on giving.

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Jack: I guess it’s no secret that there was something about sally I found very attractive. Her fearless spirit, her willingness to take on the world. Very enticing qualities. The very same qualities that make sally her own worst enemy.

Nick: Yeah, phyllis and sally are a lot alike in that way. Reckless abandon can be intoxicating.

Jack: Fortunately, my relationship with sally never got that far. I was never that invested. In no small part because of phyllis. She played the spoiler all the way through.

Nick: [ Sighs ] I tried to warn her several times to just stay out of your business.

Jack: Yeah, so did I, but you know what? She wasn’t wrong. She saw a train wreck coming a mile away. She was determined — absolutely determined — to open my eyes about sally, and I owe her a debt of gratitude. There was nothing she wouldn’t do to stop me from making a huge mistake.

Nick: Phyllis certainly knows you well.

Jack: Maybe better than anyone.

Phyllis: You know, I knew that sally was nothing but heartache for jack — that’s why I was determined to keep her away from him.

Amanda: Well, he is really lucky to have a friend like you.

Phyllis: Yeah. You know, a lot of people are lucky to know me.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: I mean, what did i do? I reunited my daughter with the love of her life. I uncovered an actual crime — tara’s embezzlement. And I stopped lauren from going into business with a crook.

Amanda: Okay, as an attorney, I would advise that you never speak of how you managed to do that. As your friend, I think it was kick-ass.

Phyllis: You’ve been kicking ass, by the way — I mean, legally speaking.

Amanda: Mm, yeah, I have been. I want to make sure that I get justice for my father and hilary. You know, in some ways, my mother. She was sutton’s first victim. He crushed her spirit decades ago, and he made sure that everything in her life was about him and protecting his image.

Phyllis: Well, here’s to saving the world from selfish, manipulative people one person at a time.

Amanda: Cheers.

Phyllis: Clink.

[ Laughs ]

Lily: Well, the kids are ready to go. They’re very excited to see you. They’re just finishing up their game.

Victoria: Thank you both for stepping up with the kids. I really appreciate it. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know that I can count on you. You’ve really gone the extra mile to make this work.

Lily: Of course, yeah. We’re just all working together in the best interest of the children, as it should be.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] I agree. That’s why I stopped by early. I have something important that I want to share with the kids, but first, I’d like to tell both of you.

Billy: Okay.

Victoria: Ashland and I are engaged. When I get a migraine,

Billy: Wow. I, uh — I just — I didn’t see this coming.

Victoria: Well, neither did I. Ashland surprised me with a proposal while we were in new york.

Billy: Which is what we talked about, how your relationship would be moving a little bit quicker than it would have otherwise because of ashland’s illness.

Victoria: So do you disapprove?

Billy: No, no, that’s not what I’m saying. I mean…I approve, and I’ve said so in the past. I just, um — I mean, clearly you’ve fallen for the guy, but getting married, vick, are you sure?

Victoria: Yes, I am. I love him, and he loves me.

Lily: Yeah, billy, you said yourself that victoria has met her match in ashland.

Victoria: Uh, ashland starts the chemo for his illness today. It’s a cutting-edge protocol.

Billy: Well, that’s good. I thought he was adamant about not getting treatment and he didn’t want to spend whatever time he had left in a hospital bed. So I guess you were able to convince him otherwise.

Victoria: Well, it’s something that we decided together. I have faith that this is gonna prolong his life, and ashland wants me by his side through the treatment and beyond as his wife, and I want to help him fight this.

Lily: Yeah, I’m really sure this engagement has given him more motivation to live. And I think it’s really brave what you’re doing. I know how scary it is to face cancer and your own mortality, so I really hope that this new treatment will give him — you know, both of you — the future that you’re dreaming of.

Victoria: Thank you. That means a lot. Billy, I know what you’re thinking. It’s okay. And I appreciate that you care enough to worry.

Moses: Congratulations on your big promotion, man.

Nate: Oh, thanks, buddy. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a lot of responsibility, not to mention the long hours.

Moses: Yeah, well, you got to expect that, mr. Chief of surgery.

Nate: Yeah, that’s kind of what I wanted to talk with you about.

Moses: Okay. What’s up?

Nate: There’s gonna be a lot of changes in my life with this promotion. I’m not gonna be as available for you at the hospital or askmdnow. I’m still committed to making this work for you at both places, but I also know you started to question whether you really want to pursue a career in medicine.

Moses: Yeah. I really appreciate what you’ve done for me since I’ve been here. I mean, setting up my volunteer work at the hospital and my internship.

Nate: I mean, well, you told me being a doctor was a dream of yours. Of course I wanted to do everything I could to help you realize it. And now, if you’re having doubts, I’m more than happy to talk with you, you know, help you figure out whatever’s best for you.

Moses: You know, at first, i thought it was just what happened to you when you had that allergic reaction and i froze. You know, I started to wonder if I could handle all the things that I’ve seen doctors do at the hospital. And I believe you when you said that med students freeze at the first time they see stuff like that. And I appreciate the time you’ve given me to think this through, but I think it was more than that.

Nate: What do you mean?

Moses: That dream I had, it was just an idea of what being a doctor was like. And you gave me the opportunity to see the reality of it, and i appreciate that, but I realize now that it’s not what I want to do anymore.

Elena: I never actually thought about nate being my boss. I was so excited about his big promotion that it just never dawned on me. But now that you mention it…

Devon: Well, no, hey, i didn’t say it ’cause I think it’s gonna be a bad thing. You know, you guys have been working together for a while at the clinic. You’re both professionals, both respect each other. It seems like you guys have gotten back to a good place personally, too.

Elena: Yeah, you’re right. And somehow, in spite of everything, our relationship has grown stronger in the past couple of months and things feel more solid.

Devon: There you go. That’s good. You have nothing to worry about. If anybody can figure out how to balance their work and personal lives, it’s the two of you, especially after everything you’ve been through. Not gonna let something like this get in your way. We don’t use just any wipe,

Moses: I feel kind of bad, you know, coming here all hyped up wanting to go into medicine.

Nate: No.

Moses: You went through so much trouble for me.

Nate: Not at all. Dude, you’re 16 and nowhere near figuring out what life is all about. You’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Finding out that medicine isn’t your thing, it puts you ahead of the game. Being a doctor and all it entails just isn’t for everybody.

Moses: I get that now. I just can’t help but feel like I’ve wasted your time.

Nate: You didn’t waste a minute. As long as you learned from it all, it was time well spent. I don’t want to hear you talking like that.

Moses: Okay, thanks.

Nate: Look, you had an interest and pursued it with drive and passion and found out it wasn’t exactly what you expected. That was a valuable experience. There is no shame in that. You learned a lot about yourself and got to see a slice of the world not many people ever see.

Moses: Hmm.

Nate: So no more looking backwards. Let’s move forward. Time to make a new plan.

Moses: Yeah, maybe I should check a few things out, take a couple new electives this fall.

Nate: Didn’t you say you had some interest in the music industry? What devon does?

Moses: Yeah.

Nate: Maybe you should look into some classes that would dovetail with that type of career.

Moses: [ Exhales ] Thanks for being so understanding. You know, I think part of my interest in medicine was tied in with losing my dad.

Nate: Hmm.

Moses: And, you know, maybe the music thing is, too. It was something he was interested in.

Nate: You never know. Some things are in the dna.

Moses: No, I — I can’t help but wonder how cool it would be to be a part of hamilton-winters.

Nate: Mm, yeah.

Moses: Just trying to find my spot, you know?

Nate: I do. And you need to know, you’ve got my support, whatever you decide.

Victoria: Where’s lily?

Billy: She took off. She had a meeting at the office. So how did the kids take the big news?

Victoria: They seemed very receptive. Johnny admitted he was a little sad because of all of this talk about ashland’s illness, but he’s looking at it as a sign that he might get better.

Billy: Optimistic. That’s my boy.

Victoria: Yes. He also compared it to one of his video games where everybody wins if they work together.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] That’s a very sophisticated thought for a kid his age.

Victoria: You know, both of our kids seem excited about the changes in their parents’ lives.

Billy: Yeah, they’re resilient. They’re pretty amazing.

Victoria: Well, they have certainly had their fair share of things to deal with.

Billy: Yeah, well, we all have. Look, I don’t want to add anything on top of everything you’re going through, but you know chanccomm is going to have to cover the story about tara’s arrest. It is news.

Victoria: Yes, it was quite a turn of events.

Billy: And I hope I’m not gonna get any pushback from ashland. I promised not to cover any stories about his illness, but this is a completely different issue.

Victoria: Well, I doubt that he’ll be very upset. He’s not interested in protecting tara. However, he doesn’t want harrison to find out that his mother’s been arrested.

Billy: Speaking of harrison, is he gonna be moving in with the two of you? Have you told the kids that they’re gonna have to share their toys with a new stepbrother?

Victoria: I don’t know. We haven’t decided yet. Everything’s just been moving so quickly. Ashland still has things to work out with jack and kyle, but now kyle’s moved to milan, so that’s further complicated things.

Billy: Yeah, I can understand why that would be an issue for ashland.

Victoria: How does chanccomm intend to portray him in this? I hope that you’re not planning on making him look complicit in anyway, because if you do, you’re gonna have a problem — not just with ashland, but also with me.

Billy: Come on, you don’t believe he had nothing to do with this, right? I mean, do you not think that he had any idea what tara was up to and he just turned a blind eye?

Victoria: He knew nothing about it. Why would he? Tara’s crimes, they didn’t benefit him at all.

Billy: So you think she could’ve pulled this off by herself.

Victoria: This was all tara. Maybe she was secretly protecting herself because she didn’t want ashland to find out about the affair or about harrison’s paternity, so she was siphoning off her investors to create a financial safety net for herself.

Billy: Well, I understand that motivation, but you do realize that creates a whole other problem.

Victoria: What does that mean?

Billy: If that is the focus of the story, that means this is about tara, her affair with my nephew, and the child that resulted. That puts not only harrison, but the abbott family smack in the middle of it.

[ Knock on door ]

Lily: Jack, hello.

Jack: How are you, lily?

Lily: I’m good. Sorry, billy’s not here. He’s actually at the house still ’cause victoria stopped by to visit.

Jack: Actually, I don’t need to talk to my brother just yet. I want to know if chanccomm is planning on running a story about tara locke’s arrest.

Lily: Well, I mean, everybody else is, so why wouldn’t we?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Phyllis: You know, I was certain that nick was gonna get mad at me and stop me from “meddling,” you know, in the tara/sally thing.

Amanda: He didn’t?

Phyllis: He didn’T. Can you believe that? In fact, he helped me. He was the one who talked to tara’s accountant. He got the accountant to flip.

Amanda: Yes, but summer’s happiness and her future was at stake. Nick would do anything for her, so I just — I don’t think that you should see this as a blanket endorsement for your meddling tendencies.

Phyllis: Oh, you mean my, um, unwavering desire to help people that I love? Is that what you’re talking about?

Amanda: I suppose you could see it that way, yes. Okay.

Phyllis: Well, I’ll continue to protect people I love, for sure. And nick will continue to love me, even if it drives him crazy.

Amanda: That is amazing, being loved like that, huh? Just even if it comes with baggage and complications, it’s just… [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: We’re not talking about me anymore. What’s going on with you?

Amanda: Devon told me that he’s in love with me.

Phyllis: What? Why didn’t you lead with that?

Amanda: I don’t know.

Phyllis: Seriously, that’s amazing. Of course he’s in love with you ’cause you’re amazing, that’s why. Look at — and I’m so glad I talked you out of leaving him. Look at what I do for people. Look at this. I’m batting 1,000.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] I just — I feel so lucky right now, you know, loving and being loved by this amazing man. And then I found my family and I’m building a relationship with my mother after all of these years. And despite this whole ordeal with sutton, I just — I feel so lucky and I feel like it is so much more than I have ever expected and maybe more than i deserve.

Phyllis: Oh, no, you deserve this. You deserve this. Every bit of it.

Devon: Well, hey, congratulations on your big promotion that I had to hear about from elena.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Moses: It’s a pretty impressive new position, cuz. I’m proud to call you family.

Nate: Proud of you, too, moses. You know, not many kids your age give their career goals a serious thought. Considering your options and testing them out, smart move.

Moses: You know, I’ve been thinking maybe I could do something for hamilton-winters’ music division? Nate and I have been talking about maybe setting up a plan.

Devon: Yeah, man, that’s — that’s great advice. I remember when our dad told me to do the same thing when I was about your age. He said that I needed to visualize my goals and what i saw myself accomplishing, and then I’d be able to make the right choices to get there, so that changed my life when I did it.

Moses: Not sure what I want to do right now. I was so focused on medicine, i never really had a second option. But I’m really excited about music industry, and I just want to learn more about it, maybe see where I can fit in.

Devon: Yeah, yeah, for sure, man. I think the best thing to do would just be to get you into the studio, you know? Just have some hands-on experience, see how things work. I’ll set up an internship for you.

Moses: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, thanks. That sounds cool.

Devon: Absolutely. You got it, man. Now, know, though, it’s not as glamorous as you probably imagine. There is some hard work to be done.

Nate: Don’t get it twisted, though, it’s not brain surgery.

Moses: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Well, no, no, it’s definitely not what dr. Askmdnow is up to, you know. That’s a whole nother thing. Soon you’re not gonna be able to go outside without an entourage.

Moses: Yeah, nate, I mean, you’re getting so famous, i don’t think you can walk outside without body guards.

Nate: [ Laughs ]

Moses: I’ve seen how people look at you when they recognize you.

Nate: Ha-ha-ha-ha. Very funny, alright? But seriously, though, moses, you’ve proven you’re willing to work hard to get where you want to be. Now you just have to follow neil’s advice to devon.

Devon: That’s right, just visualize your goals.

Nate: And follow your instincts and your heart.

Devon: And then you find a passion and you go for it.

Ashland: Please stop fussing over me, darling. I’m fine. I just hate that I interrupted your day. You know, I could’ve driven myself home.

Victoria: I’m just really glad to hear you don’t feel tired or worn out.

Ashland: My only complaint is that it was a tedious experience, even with bach.

Victoria: Ashland?

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Nate: So, moses has decided that the field of medicine is just not for him.

Elena: Really? He seemed so sure he wanted to be a doctor.

Nate: Witnessing my allergic reaction turned out to be a game-changer. I got to admit, I can’t help being a little disappointed. You know, I love the idea of mentoring my young cousin, being there for him the way my mother was for me. But that was about me. I fully support whatever he decides to do.

Elena: He’s still gonna come to you if he has a problem. It’s not like you lost your bond.

Nate: I honestly just want moses to find his passion, to be as happy and fulfilled with his career as we are in ours.

Elena: No, he has a long time to figure out what’s right for him.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Ahh. It’s the hospital. They need me back to assist with a surgery.

Nate: Hey, that’s the price you pay for being so good at what you’re passionate about.

Elena: Ugh. Thanks, but after two long shifts, I’m exhausted. I’m tempted to find someone to cover my shift.

Nate: Well, you know, I could take a look at the schedule, shift a few things around now that —

Elena: Hey. Don’t even joke about that.

Victoria: Hi. How are you feeling now that you’ve taken your medication?

Ashland: You know, I think I’ll be okay once it kicks in. Doctors told me to be prepared for this. It just hit me so suddenly. Please don’t worry. This is all part of the process. Promise me you’re gonna get on with your day.

Victoria: I’ve already arranged to work from home.

Ashland: Of course you did. You — you’re always prepared for any possible outcome.

Victoria: Well, I am perfectly capable of managing the company while taking care of the people that I love who need me.

Phyllis: Are your ears burning?

Nick: Excuse me?

Phyllis: I was having mimosas with amanda, and I was talking about how amazing you are.

Nick: Mm. Were you talking about my ruggedly handsome good lucks or my muscular physique?

Phyllis: Nope. Your personality. And how you not only supported me when I went after tara and sally, but you helped.

Nick: So you love me because I will acknowledge when you’re right about something.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, that’s one of the reasons.

Nick: Alright. Well, while you were having a girl talk with amanda, I was having a guy talk with jack. And your name happened to come up.

Phyllis: Oh, really? Did you say how much you love me and I’m the reason that you have a smile on your face every morning?

Nick: No, he was saying how grateful he is to you, you know, for helping him see the truth about sally.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, well, you know, she didn’t deserve him.

Nick: He also said that you might know him better than anyone on this earth.

Billy: Hey, jack. Why am I not surprised to find you here?

Lily: Jack came by to see if we’re running the tara locke story, which I assured him we are.

Billy: Well, of course we are. It’s news. We can’t not pursue it.

Jack: What, you can’t not pursue it?

Lily: We promised that we would not exploit ashland’s illness, and we won’T.

Billy: Absolutely not. This will be about tara and the fact that she embezzled money from her company and how she did it.

Lily: Yeah, we have a reporter reaching out to her lawyer for a comment.

Jack: That is exactly what i am concerned about.

Lily: Jack, I know that you’re worried because she’s the mother of your grandson, but she was led out of your home in handcuffs. I mean, she was married to a man who was worth a fortune and siphoned money from her company. That’s a big story. We can’t ignore that.

Billy: Lauren was lucky enough to find out the truth before she tried to acquire her company.

Jack: Look, I am not condoning anything tara locke did. What she did to summer is reprehensible. As always, I’m concerned about kyle and my grandson, and you both know they will become the story.

Billy: Jack, you can’t honestly ask us not to cover this.

Jack: That’s exactly what I’m doing. So then I said to him,

Devon: Well, look at you, you’re all smiles today. I like that.

Amanda: Well, why wouldn’t i be? I had a great morning with phyllis, and now I get to steal some alone time with you.

Devon: Aww. I bet she was in a good mood after exposing tara and getting justice for summer.

Amanda: Oh, yeah, she was in rare form. But that wasn’t the only topic of conversation.

Devon: Oh, really?

Amanda: Mm-hmm. We talked about the men in our lives and how lucky we are.

Devon: Is that right? Well, I can’t speak for nick, but I’m pretty sure that I’m the lucky one here.

Amanda: Well, I can’t argue with that, but I think the reality is that we both are because we have each other.

Devon: I think you’re right.

Amanda: Yeah?

[ Both laugh ]

Devon: I’m feeling extra fortunate today ’cause I found out my little brother might be following in my footsteps ’cause he’s thinking about some new career paths.

Amanda: What, he doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore?

Devon: No, he doesn’T. He’s thinking of getting into the music industry, which i would love, ’cause then I’d get to mentor him, show him the ropes.

Amanda: Devon, that is so cool.

Devon: I know, right?

Amanda: Yeah.

Devon: I think so. I’ve always secretly kind of hoped that he would gravitate toward the family business, want to be a part of it, you know? That’s where he belongs. You know, the winters part of hamilton-winters group. And neil would love it.

Nate: Whoa, elena, are you okay?

Elena: Yeah, I’m sorry. I just — I overreacted. I know you wouldn’t actually use your new position to change my schedule around.

Nate: Of course not. I was just kidding.

Elena: I know, I know, but some people might not take it that way. That’s why it makes me uncomfortable even joking about things like that. I just don’t want there to be even the slightest appearance of you giving me preferential treatment.

Nate: I understand. I will treat you like any other subordinate, okay? Listen to me, this isn’t gonna be a problem between us because we won’t let it.

Phyllis: What’s jack talking about? I mean, he has sisters. Has he forgotten he has sisters? They know him well.

Nick: You can argue that point with him. I am just the messenger.

Phyllis: Oh, well, I don’t think it’s a contest. I mean, I know you well. I know you very well. And you know me well.

Nick: Yeah. There are some things I know about you that the rest of the world —

Phyllis: La-la-la-la-la-la. I have employees. Just stop right there. Shh.

Nick: Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about to the rest of the world, you seem like summer’s most fierce defender. But I have seen that incredible vulnerability that is just beneath all that toughness.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Summer’s my only daughter. She has my heart, you know? Which means she also has the ability to break it.

Nick: Well, lucky for you, you know, you have me around to help you heal.

Ashland: Honestly? As rotten as I feel right now, i don’t regret going forward with the treatments for one minute ’cause if I can get a day or an hour or even one minute more with you, this has all been worth it.

Victoria: I was really hoping that you would feel that way because I want every second with you that I can get.

Ashland: You know, there’s another upside to sitting in that chair today. I was forced to turn off all of my devices, and I missed three calls from kyle abbott.

Victoria: Huh. Well, he must have been very determined to reach you.

Ashland: I think he’s anxious to discuss harrison’s future.

Victoria: He’s probably wondering what’s gonna happen now that tara’s facing prison time.

Ashland: Well, his plans to permanently move to milan has made any visitation or shared custody arrangements difficult.

Victoria: Why didn’t you call him back?

Ashland: I need to take the time to collect my thoughts. I got to consider what’s best for harrison and what I’m going to do.

Lily: Jack, you have to be reasonable. Kyle’s affair with tara is public knowledge. It’s out there for the world to see.

Jack: Oh, yes, thank you again for that, billy.

Billy: Oh, come on. What about the other dozen news outlets that ran the story, the social media platforms? The lockes have been in the news for years. Kyle knew that. He still chose to get involved.

Jack: Look, having an affair is one thing, and you two certainly got your mileage out of that story.

Billy: We followed the facts, jack. We told the story. Nothing salacious.

Jack: Now we’re talking about an innocent boy with an uncertain future. He needs protecting.

Billy: You don’t think those other news outlets are gonna follow this story?

Jack: I don’t think those other news outlets are run by my brother, an abbott, who grew up knowing that family comes first. What do you think dad would say right now?

Billy: You’re gonna bring dad up right now?

Jack: I am trying to remind you who you are and where you come from. Kyle and harrison have been through enough already. You need to do what’s best for them, what’s best for your family.

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