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Ashland: Oh, thank you for being so solicitous. I can’t believe what an attractive nurse I got this time.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Well, you’ve been a really great patient, even though I know you hate the role.

Ashland: But your shift is over. You’ve spent too much time coddling me, and we both have very important things to do. You need to make sure that our merged company is ready to take on the world. And I need to take on what’s best for my son.

Nikki: Well, moses, welcome.

Moses: Thanks for inviting me.

Victor: I’m so happy the two of you could join us and enjoy the pool. We have not gotten a lot of use of it lately. So, I’ll be back.

Nikki: Wait a minute, where are you going?

Victor: I have some unfinished business to deal with, okay? Enjoy yourselves.

Moses: Thank you.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Hi, honey. I miss you so much, chance. I know that you won’t see these videos until you get back, but i felt like I had to document this. And you might notice a big gap between this one and the last, and there’s a reason for that. This is a lot tougher than i thought it would be. And I have something to confess.

Nick: So, it was a great concert. We raised a lot of money for new hope. Really thought I was gonna earn some cool dad points with faith, you know? But then moses shows up with some vip stuff from devon, and i went right back from being the cool dad to just chaperone. Anyway, I’m sure you’ve heard it all from faith.

Sharon: Yeah, her version was a little more pro-moses, but she had a wonderful time.

Nick: You alright? You seem distracted.

Sharon: It’s mariah.

Nick: Is everything okay with her and the baby?

Sharon: I hope so, but i can’t be certain.

Nick: Why not?

Sharon: I haven’t talked to mariah in a while. She’s been unreachable.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Sharon: She replies to my texts sporadically, sends some of her own, but she never reveals where she is, and I — I’ve just started to think something is very wrong.

Nick: Well, what about tessa? Does she know where she is?

Sharon: No, that’s just it. Tessa doesn’t know. Abby doesn’t know. Nobody knows where mariah is.

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Ashland: I know you arranged things so you could work from home for the rest of the day, but our newly formed newman-locke corporation needs hands-on leadership, not remote delegating.

Victoria: Well, that might be true, but I can multi-task with the best of them. I can handle your post-treatment nausea while prepping to put our company on the map.

Ashland: You know i appreciate your dedication and devotion, but, really, anything I need, I can get myself.

Victoria: Are you trying to kick me out of my own house?

Ashland: I am, yeah. So get out of here, why don’t you, huh? What would really help my recuperation would be to see you all over the business sites tomorrow morning.

Victoria: Well, I can’t guarantee that’s gonna happen by tomorrow morning, but it will happen very soon. And while you are a very amusing companion, you can be very stubborn.

Ashland: Thank you. I have a plethora of things that need my attention here, including returning kyle’s messages about harrison’s future.

Victoria: Okay, fine, fine. I will head to the office — on one condition. You have to promise to call me if you need anything.

Ashland: I will, but I can’t imagine what that would be.

Victoria: You know, you have been feeling very weak physically, I know that, but you seem somehow — I don’t know, you seem stronger, more determined.

Ashland: Well, my anti-nausea medication is working, and all those hours doing chemo has given me time to think and plan.

Victoria: Alright, well, whatever you decide in terms of harrison, just know I am behind you 100%.

Ashland: Thank you.

Victoria: Alright, call me if you need anything. I’ll see you later.

Ashland: Kyle, ashland locke here. I don’t intend to play phone tag over something as important as the wellbeing of my son. Decisions need to be made.

Nikki: Here.

Moses: Thank you, mrs. Newman, but I’m sure you have more important things to do than get us drinks.

Nikki: Oh, nonsense. Now, I’ve been pouring lemonade and tea for faith her entire life. At first, it was imaginary, though, for miss patsy and faith, but now it’s actually real liquid.

Moses: Wait, who’s miss patsy?

Faith: Never mind. That’s not important.

Moses: No, no, now I’m curious.

Nikki: She was faith’s first friend — a doll.

Faith: This was a long time ago, obviously.

Moses: No, actually, that sounds a lot like my favorite toy — reggie beggie. He was, like, a stuffed dinosaur with a football helmet.

Faith: Yeah, I don’t know if the helmet’s historically accurate.

Moses: No, no, it’s not, but he was a good friend to me growing up. He helped me through a lot of tough times.

Nikki: Well, that sounds like miss patsy. Faith took her everywhere, and she would always ask me to put six sugar cubes in miss patsy’s tea because faith would say, “grandma, she’s so sweet.”

Moses: [ Laughs ]

Nikki: You remember that?

Faith: Yeah, I do, but i don’t know if moses needs to hear all the details about my best friend, the doll.

Moses: Oh, no, are you kidding? I love this. Give me more.

Nikki: Well, I could go on and on. They were inseparable. I remember one time — oh, gosh, faith was maybe five or six, and we’d all piled in the car to go on a picnic. Well, we didn’t get very far.

Ashland: Yeah, jack, it’s ashland here. Would you give me a call as soon as you can? I’ve been trying to reach your son. We need to address this quickly. Thank you. Victor, nice to see you.

Victor: Ashland, nice to see you.

Ashland: Victoria is not here.

Victor: I know, she’s in her office. I came to see you.

Ashland: Ah, I see. I’ve been expecting this.

Victor: Yes. You don’t mind, do you?

Ashland: No, I don’T. Enjoy, please.

Victor: Thank you.

Ashland: So…I know your acceptance of our wedding plans was a bit too easy, but i welcome the opportunity to discuss things further. Victoria and I want the full support of her family.

Victor: I appreciate that.

Ashland: Well, let’s sort things out, shall we? I’m sure you have questions.

Victor: You bet. You know, the entire focus has been on what happens to victoria if you should die shortly. Now, that, of course, is a concern to all of us. But I’m curious as to what will happen if you should actually live. Why new woolite?

Ashland: I’m glad to see you’re thinking optimistically. You’re contemplating my future. No one here thinks I have one.

Victor: They’re all just a bunch of vultures, you know.

Ashland: We’ve come a long way, seeing that you were willing to let me die just months ago.

Victor: Oh, yeah, well, i just wanted you to sign the damn contract, you know? But I do want you to live for decades. I mean that.

Ashland: Thank you. I’m sure you know that the odds of me living even an extra year are slim.

Victor: However, that treatment — that new treatment that you will subject yourself to may prolong your life significantly, right?

Ashland: You know, it’s possible.

Victor: And that’s my concern, ashland. What will happen if you should live much longer?

Ashland: Are you worried about victoria or the company?

Victor: I’ve never worried about victoria, no.

Ashland: So your main concern now is with the new corporation.

Victor: You have been in an advisory role for newman-locke during this interim period. What happens, though, if you should fully recover? I mean, wouldn’t you want to expand upon that role?

Ashland: You know, you’re right. You concern is valid, especially now that your family business is half of the newman-locke conglomerate. Even though you’re not the newman with top billing. But could you blame me if sharing control of the company were to cross my mind?

Nick: So, mariah needs some space. I mean, that’s not unusual. Having your own baby can be stressful enough. You throw in the added element of a surrogacy, I can see how the pressure can go up. And abby’s great, but she’s not exactly low-key.

Sharon: I don’t think abby is the problem. She’s been really supportive. I thought, like you, it makes sense that mariah needed some time to herself, but…

Nick: You don’t believe that anymore.

Sharon: The whole thing feels off. Yesterday, we all reached out to her — me, tessa, and abby — we sent her personal messages telling her how much we love her and how much we want to help her.

Nick: I guess that didn’t go well?

Sharon: “Stop pressuring me. I’ll be home when I’m ready. Your ‘intervention’ is just making it worse. It’s time to back off.”

Nick: Mm. Yeah, I mean, it sounds harsh, but honestly, mariah can be harsh at times.

Sharon: Well, I’ve considered that, but it still just seems very strange. Look, I, um — I haven’t mentioned this to faith. I don’t want her to worry.

Nick: Yeah, I’m on board with that. I won’t say a word. Just, you know, let me know if there’s anything I can, okay?

Sharon: Thanks. I appreciate that.

Nick: What’s up, rey?

Rey: What’s up? Filled him in?

Sharon: Yeah, I thought he should know.

Nick: You know what? I’m gonna let you two talk. Again, if there’s anything I can do, don’t hesitate to ask.

Sharon: Thanks.

Nick: Hey, perfect timing. Sit down. I heard you have some news.

Victoria: Oh, really? Where did you hear that?

Nick: Mom. She didn’t say what it was, so what’s going on?

Victoria: Well, I’ve been a little nervous to tell you.

Nick: It’s got to be something big.

Victoria: It is. Ashland and I are engaged.

Nick: Wow. You two are giving new meaning to the term “whirlwind romance.”

Victoria: So you don’t approve?

Nick: I didn’t say that.

Victoria: Well, what are you saying?

Abby: And so mariah’s gone. I don’t know where she is. I don’t know where our baby is. And I have no news on the pregnancy because I just don’t know anything. There’s no new sonogram pics, no bump update, no description of those little baby kicks. I mean, I don’t even know how big mariah’s bump is. Is it the size of a — of a basketball, a beach ball? I don’t know. And I’m so sorry because I feel like I let you down. I don’t know if our baby’s safe. And for whatever reason mariah’s gone, I should have seen it coming. I am supposed to keep her here to make her feel protected and cared for, and if I can’t do that, then what kind of mother am I gonna be?

[ Sighs ]

Rey: Dead ends everywhere i looked.

Sharon: You still couldn’t trace mariah’s cellphone location?

Rey: I’m afraid not. I went beyond the app I tried using before, used the gcpd’s most advanced technology, and i finally got past the signal blocker.

Sharon: Well, that’s good, right?

Rey: Well, it should’ve been enough to give us some information, but there was a secondary level of security.

Sharon: What does that mean?

Rey: Well, it was like a kind of scrambler. It moved the signal all over the place so it couldn’t be pinpointed.

Sharon: This sounds like something out of a movie.

Rey: Yeah, you’d need a real sophisticated understanding of cellular tracking to pull it off. It’s definitely the work of an expert.

Sharon: Which mariah definitely is not.

Rey: Yeah, I thought the same thing.

Sharon: She couldn’t have done this. So what does that mean?

Moses: That was fun.

Nikki: Well, I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves.

Faith: Yeah, it felt good to get in the water on a hot day like this.

Nikki: Okay, moses, are you ready to hear more about faith growing up?

Faith: Grandma, please. You have to be out of stories by now.

Nikki: Oh, no, I’ve got a million of them.

Faith: Oh, I think I left my phone out by the pool.

Moses: Oh, I can — I’ll grab it for you.

Faith: Thank you.

Nikki: He is so considerate.

Faith: He is. But you may have scared him off with all those stories.

Nikki: Oh, now, it’s a grandmother’s prerogative to talk about a granddaughter. And I don’t think he was horrified at all. To the contrary. Oh, I so wish neil were here to see you having so much fun spending time together.

Faith: You need to stop trying to make this more than a friendship.

Nikki: Are you sure that’s all it is? I mean, he is so cute.

Faith: Grandma.

Nikki: Well, I remember when you told me you wanted to take the relationship to a deeper level.

Faith: I know.

Nikki: Well, has something changed?

Faith: No.

Nikki: I understand. You’ve had a very hard year, right after your mother’s very traumatic year. You’re waiting for something bad to happen. Darling, it’s okay. I mean, you should enjoy your time with moses. It’s alright to be happy.

Faith: Thank you.

Moses: Got your phone. And it looks like you got a new text from…miss patsy.

Nikki: [ Gasps ] Oh!

[ Laughs ]

Nick: You know what? I don’t think my opinion about you getting married matters. Are you happy?

Victoria: I am. I’m very happy.

Nick: Well, that’s what’s important.

Victoria: But I would be even happier if my brother would share in this special moment with me.

Nick: Vick, come on, I would love to shout it from the rooftops how happy I am about this, but I just — I mean, it’s so fast, and I — I don’t want to sound insensitive, but isn’t ashland, like, dying?

Victoria: Well, I — i actually have good news on that front. He’s decided to try some treatment. He’s actually undergoing a very promising type of chemotherapy.

Nick: If it were really promising, would you two be rushing into a wedding?

Victoria: Nobody’s rushing anywhere.

Nick: Look, I don’t want to argue about this with you, okay?

Victoria: I just was hoping that you would be on board. Even dad is happy for me.

Nick: Seriously?

Victoria: Yeah, seriously. We had a great talk, great long talk, and he supports this and he thinks that ashland is great for me, and it meant the world to me.

Nick: Well, I’m glad you two are finally agreeing on something.

Victoria: I understand that you have concerns, and I can tell that you still don’t approve.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Look, I just love you, alright? And I will reserve judgment until I have a little talk with ashland. Then I’ll make up my mind about what I think.

Victoria: Yes, that’s all I’m saying. Just spend some time with him, get to know him. I think you two will really like each other. I-I just want the whole family to make ashland feel welcome and accepted.

Nick: Well, I’m gonna grill him like he’s picking you up for prom.

Victoria: Good, it’ll be fun watching him hold his own against you.

Nick: We’ll see about that.

Ashland: I just think it’s extraordinary what victoria has accomplished, merging these two companies, you know? She worked long and hard. I think she deserves a moment in the sun, don’t you?

Ashland: I agree.

Victor: Yeah. I’d hate to find out that you took advantage of the situation.

Ashland: I have no idea how that would even work ’cause no one’s taking advantage of anyone here. Victoria and I have made decisions together every step of the way. We are moving forward with open eyes.

Victor: I just find it curious, ashland, that shortly after merging these two arguably most powerful corporations in the world, you decided to seek treatment for your illness and then marry my daughter in quick succession.

Ashland: You know, the situation I’m in doesn’t allow for a lot of contemplation. Whether you know it or not, in the best of times, I’ve always acted very decisively and moved swiftly.

Victor: But how fortuitous it would be if you were to recover from your illness and then suddenly step in as the head of this worldwide empire.

Ashland: Let me get this straight. You’re implying that I faked my fatal illness in an attempt to put together this merger? Is that what you’re saying?

Victor: I think you’re getting the drift.

Ashland: [ Laughs ] That’s rich. Now, we all know progressive offers 24/7 protection,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Ashland: I’m flattered, really, that you would think i could be so diabolical and ruthless. You know, it’s a badge of honor between men like us.

Victor: You know, ashland, it’s all well and good, but you haven’t told me if you think my hypothesis is accurate.

Ashland: This time your instincts have let you down.

Victor: Hmm.

Ashland: I’m sick, victor. I’m very sick. I can’t even imagine inventing a situation like this one. You give me too much credit. And if you don’t believe me, you’ll get your proof if these treatments don’t work.

[ Chuckles ] You know, with that unreadable expression of yours, I can never tell exactly where I stand with you.

Victor: I’ve been told that before.

Ashland: I’m sure. You know, now I have a question for you.

Victor: Hmm.

Ashland: Knowing what you know about the situation with victoria and me and this whole scenario, if I were to collapse on the floor right now, how much time would you wait to call 911?

Victoria: Well, hello.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: What’s going on?

Ashland: Well, your father was just wondering if I faked my illness in order to conjure up the merger between newman and locke.

Victoria: What?

Ashland: The plan involves me surviving so I can take over our new company, which would be more powerful than the company that i spent an entire lifetime building. That’s more or less it, right, victor?

Victor: That’s about the gist of it.

Victoria: Dad, how could you?

Abby: I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m really hurting right now. I’m all alone. And two of the most important people in my life are unreachable. It’s almost too much to bear. And I may not understand mariah’s texts or what they mean, but I do know you. And I know exactly what you would do in this situation. I can hear your voice in my head and I know that — that you would hold me and you would use that reassuring voice and you would tell me that it’s not my fault — even when it partially is. And you would rub my shoulders, like you always do. And you would tell me that it was all gonna work out. You would see a strength in me that I didn’t know that I had. And I would find the strength to get through this. And that’s what I have to do right now. So, chance, I’m not gonna sit here anymore. I’m not gonna wait and worry. I hear you. And I will not let you or our baby down.

[ Sighs ]

Rey: I completely agree with you. Mariah could not have constructed a system like that. I mean, I’ve seen her have trouble with apps on her own phone. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know somebody with those skills.

Sharon: Is that what you think happened?

Rey: Well, she could have someone helping her cover her tracks. Does she have any technically savvy friends?

Sharon: Yeah, kevin fisher. He knows a lot about this kind of stuff. He could’ve helped her.

Rey: Yeah, that’s the first person I thought of, too.

Sharon: Did you ask him about it?

Rey: I did. He is worried about mariah. It’s genuine. I don’t think he would help her hide from people who care about her. I think he’d try to talk her out of something like that.

Sharon: Yeah, that seems right. Kevin’s done some shady things in his past, but he’s always had her best interests at heart. But that means that tessa might be right, that mariah is being held against her will.

Rey: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Sharon: Okay, but if she is, if she’s in trouble, she needs our help.

Rey: Slow down. We don’t need to worry about “what ifs” until we get more facts. Look, I’m gonna keep digging, alright? But tell me this — do you know anyone who would have a reason to abduct mariah?

Sharon: There was this man named ian ward.

Rey: Yeah, okay, you’ve told me about him. The leader of the cult she grew up in.

Sharon: He was a little obsessed with mariah. He wanted to make her his wife.

Rey: Okay.

Sharon: But he’s in prison.

Rey: Well, I will check to make sure that he’s still there. But it seems unlikely that it would be him. I mean, we would’ve heard if he’d been released.

Sharon: Well, I can’t think of anyone else who would want to hurt mariah.

Rey: Well, what about that trouble that tessa had gotten herself into? Could any of those people that she was involved with want to strike back at tessa by taking mariah?

Sharon: I really don’t think so. There’s nothing left of that crime ring.

Rey: Well, give me all the information you have on them so I can make sure. I’m going to dig into her credit cards and her bank accounts and see if we can come up with anything.

Sharon: I thought you said you needed a warrant or at least paul’s permission to do something like that.

Rey: I do. And I think it’s time we make this investigation official.

Sharon: You know I’ve had my suspicions for a while, but hearing you say that you think something is wrong, now I am really scared.

Rey: Listen to me. If mariah’s in danger, I will find her and I will bring her home. I promise you. Your heart is at the heart of everything you do.

Sharon: Oh, hi, abby.

Abby: Sharon.

Sharon: Oh, hi, abby.

Abby: I need to know something. What did you think of mariah’s response to our intervention?

Sharon: Um…I’m not sure.

Abby: I mean, what did she want us to do with that text? I mean, is she really that desperate for us to back off? That doesn’t even sound like her.

Sharon: Text messages are hard to interpret. What did tessa think?

Abby: Tessa is convinced that someone took mariah, so she went to go see her sister to see if it’s maybe someone from their past.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Rey found that the method used to hide the location of mariah’s phone is very high-tech. It’s very professional.

Abby: Oh, my god. Tessa’s right, someone has her.

Sharon: Well, it doesn’t prove anything.

Abby: Well, it looks worse and worse. What are we gonna do now?

Sharon: Rey had decided to open an official police investigation. He’s gonna use all the resources of the department, and right now he’s checking on her credit card use, so that should give us some leads. But if mariah is in trouble, rey will find her.

Abby: He has to. Nothing can happen to mariah and our baby.

Victoria: You come into my house and you —

Ashland: Victoria, I’m not upset. It’s a valid concern. I’m sure I would have the same suspicions if I was in victor’s place.

Victor: Now, darling, when one considers a man of ashland’s reputation, all possibilities must be considered.

Ashland: Your father’s intentions were honorable.

Victoria: He accused you of faking a serious illness.

Ashland: Well, in order to gauge my intentions, no doubt. I’m not insulted at all. And to be honest, you know, it’s a ploy that at one point, when I was young, that I may have contemplated in order to gain control of a company. But I give you my word, victor, that my sickness is real, as is my love for your daughter. And if you want, I will share with you my medical records if that will put your mind at ease. As for my love for victoria, there are no official documents to prove that. I hope that my determination to get well and to stay alive so I can spend this time with your daughter will prove what’s in my heart.

Victoria: Is that what you wanted to hear?

Victor: Yes, it is, my dear. Ashland, I want to thank you. I appreciate very much you clearing up my doubts.

Faith: I’m sorry about my grandma. I didn’t think that she would tell you all of my embarrassing stories.

Moses: Are you kidding me? They weren’t embarrassing at all. I mean, you were a little kid, of course you played with dolls.

Faith: Well, I loved hearing about reggie beggie.

Moses: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, you’re gonna have to ask devon or lily what I was like when i was younger. I’m sure they’ll tell you I had a stuffed animal collection.

Faith: [ Chuckles ]

Moses: You know your grandmother meant well. Right? She just likes the fact that the two of us are friends.

Faith: My grandma thinks that we’re more than friends.

Moses: Really? Are we?

Faith: Maybe.

Moses: Maybe? That sounds good. That gives me hope.

Faith: I… I want to be more than friends.

Moses: You do?

Faith: I know we were trying to take it slow, but…I feel like I’m ready for more.

Faith: I — we —

Nick: What is going on here?

Victor: Well, victoria was upset with me. But ashland locke seems to understand my concerns.

Nikki: I really wish you had let me know what you were up to.

Victor: You would’ve told me not to do it.

Nikki: You’re absolutely right.

Victor: You know, I’m very unhappy about my relationship with victoria. Every time I say something, she seems to be upset.

Nikki: Well, you did go behind her back to interrogate her fiancé.

Victor: Sweetheart, doesn’t she understand that I’m doing it for her, out of love for her? I don’t want her to be taken advantage of by ashland locke. You know, I know these guys. They’re sharks. I just am very upset that perhaps my relationship with victoria will never get back to what it once was.

Nikki: Darling, maybe right now she can only see the meddling and not the motive behind it. Perhaps the most loving thing you can do for her right now is to step back completely and let her fly on her own.

Victor: [ Scoffs ] Yeah, well…

Victoria: I tell you, I just don’t understand it. How my father could accuse you of something so heinous. Alright, I do understand it. You know why? Because the plan that he laid out is exactly something that he would do. He actually thinks that other people’s minds work the same way as his. He’s always been like that.

Ashland: Well, then maybe you should stop letting him upset you and just accept the fact that he’s never gonna change.

Victoria: So I’m supposed to just put up with this behavior for the rest of time?

Ashland: Why don’t we do something to take your mind off victor? Let’s go for a ride around the lake or a walk in the woods, something soothing.

Victoria: That’s a great idea. I know just the spot.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Ashland: It’s jack abbott. I couldn’t reach kyle earlier, so I left him a message. I told him that we need to finally decide on harrison’s future.

Victoria: What have you decided?

Abby: [ Sighs ] Tessa, hey, it’s me, abby. Call me when you can. I wanted to see how everything is going with your sister. Could really use some good news right now. Call me.

Sharon: Did you find anything?

Abby: Is mariah using her credit cards?

Sharon: What did you find out?

Rey: Unfortunately, not much. There’s been zero activity on her credit cards, no money has been extracted from her bank accounts, and she hasn’t made a single call from her phone, only texts.

Abby: That’s not possible. If mariah was doing this on her own, I mean, she would need money, she would have to pay for a hotel, food. She’d have to use her cards.

Sharon: She would have to call someone at some point.

Abby: Okay, that’s it. We have to face the facts. Mariah did not run away, something has happened to her.

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