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Something doesn’t feel I hope we don’t regret it. What do you mean? Leaving the hospital? Well, it was lenny’s decision, and phyllis, the nurse, backed him up. Yeah, I know. It’s like the doctor said — that it was lenny’s choice whether he wanted to stay at the hospital and wait for the biopsy results or…come home. I don’t blame him for, you know, wanting to come to the tan-o instead of staying at the cancer ward. Yeah. I know you’re worried. I’m worried, too. But, listen, we don’t know anything yet, okay? We could still maybe get that happy ending, okay?

[ Door opens ] Hey. Boy… I missed this old place. I’m home, phyllis. And I’m never leaving again. Carly: I hope you don’t feel like I’m pressuring you. About what? Donna won’t remember a time when you’re not her stepfather. And we’ve been friends a long time — best friends. Now we’re getting married. That changes things. Doesn’t it? Josslyn: Mom? Am I interrupting? Britt: Ah. It’s all your fault, you know. How’s that my fault? I took your advice, and I agreed to share my job with dr. Randolph. Of course, if it all blows up in my face, I know who to blame. That was a joke, jax.

[ Chuckles ] A joke. What’s with the long face? Sorry. Um… how much time you got? Are you sure there isn’t something I can do to help you out with trina? I’ll let you know if I think of anything. Hell, I probably would have stormed over to josslyn’s house and brought trina home myself if jordan hadn’t convinced me not to. Trina! Honey, it’s so good to see you. I was wondering if maybe we could… you know, talk or — mom, stop. I came here to see ms. Henry. “War and peace”? Spoiler alert — andrei dies and natasha marries pierre. You’ve already finished the book.

[ Chuckling ] Me? No, I actually have a job. That’s what wikipedia is for. But since I saved you about 1,000 pages of reading, you can thank me by telling me a little bit more about this party you’re having on spoon island. Nikolas, you cannot be here! Actually, I can. No, you can’t! I-I-if the — if the stalker finds out, things could get worse for us — it won’t, because I know who the stalker is. Well, then, go to the police and — and — and talk to them about it. Ava, ava! So far, the stalker’s been in the shadows, but now, he has a name and he has a face. It’s a face I know as well as my own, because our stalker… is my son.

Uh, lenny, why don’t you, uh, have a seat? Take a load off. Yeah, why don’t you let us pamper you, okay? What are you doing? Reminding myself how good this bar feels. That it’s still here. That I’m still here. Yeah, you know, phyllis, I think maybe it could be a really good sign that they’re taking their time analyzing lenny’s biopsy. Right? I’ve been married to “nurse caulfield” long enough to know that tests like the one I took is like shooting craps. Sometimes, the lab comes up sevens, and sometimes, it comes up snake eyes. But until we get that call, please don’t treat me like I’m fragile. Okay, we will try not to, won’t we, phyllis? I’m sorry, but I just can’t do that. You could never be interrupting. In fact, we were just having a sweet moment with your baby sister. Ah, yes, donna has a way of bringing people together. So what’s in the box? Oh, well, I was just going through my stuff in my room, trying to figure out what I want to take to my dorm, what I want to donate. You’re not gonna donate mrs. Drizzle! She was always your favorite. She still is. But I’m not gonna take a doll to my dorm.

[ Laughing ] I want donna to have her. That’s so sweet. When josslyn was donna’s age, she took mrs. Drizzle everywhere. Yes, I was under the belief that she could make all of the monsters in my closet go away. Yeah. If only it was that easy in real life. Uh, what do– what does that mean? Is joey novak bugging you again? Nope. No? I haven’t seen joey again. And devin’s staying close? He’s an excellent bodyguard, so I’m fine. But I did get a weird message from dad. About what? Well, that’s just it. All it said was, “are you okay?” So what do you think he meant by that? It’s about my daughter. Is josslyn okay? No thanks to carly’s new living arrangements. Oh, I-I thought you made peace with carly and jason. Yeah, that was before I learned that, despite carly’s assurances, her marriage to jason might not actually make my daughter safer — it might do the exact opposite. I’m glad to see that you’re doing okay. I’m fine. Joss and her mom made me feel very welcome staying at their house. Honey, it won’t be long until you move into your dorm, and I’d really like to enjoy, you know, spending time with you before you leave. Well, tonight I’m hanging out with joss, cam, and spencer, so I’ll probably crash at joss’s one more night. Now, can I go see ms. Henry? Actually, ms. Henry has been cleared to go home, but let me see if she’s up for a visitor before she leaves. I know what you’re gonna say — that it was wrong of me to make my mom worry. Actually, I was gonna say that I was worried about you, too.

[ Monitor beeping ] I don’t know you well, dr. Robinson, but you appear concerned. Has there been some complication? Some reason to keep me here longer? You’re still cleared to go home. Um, but as far as a complication… just tell me, please. My daughter — she’s outside, and she would like to see you.

You think that spencer is the stalker? Yes. That — that’s impossible. I think we both know, when it comes to my son, nothing is impossible. But I-I had a recent conversation with spencer, and — and he and I, we seem to reach a kind of détente. Yeah, you don’t think spencer is capable of faking a breakthrough? Well, say he did fake it. That doesn’t explain how he could terrorize me long-distance. I mean, the incidents began long before spencer came back to port charles. Yes, that’s what we were led to believe. I don’t understand. The postmark on the letter would suggest otherwise. What — what letter? Special delivery to spencer from an old friend of yours — ryan chamberlain. Spencer: I invited some old friends. Oh, yeah? Like who? Britt westbourne. I’m sorry, you invited the G.H. Chief of staff? She turned me down, but I’m hoping she’ll change her mind. Ah. And some friends from school are flying up from the city. Flying up? Impressive. Hmm. So tell me a little bit more about the party. Are you flying in a dj from the city? Maybe london? California, actually. Uh-huh. The dj works some of the hottest clubs in los angeles. My friends from school are really looking forward to it. I’m hoping that I can

[Clears throat] Broaden the horizons of some of my port charles friends. The way that I see it, a good party isn’t just a collection of people. They all have to blend together just so. And how are we supposed to blend with european kids that we’ve never even met? There’s no reason for you to worry about me. I’m 18. I voted. I’m moving into a dorm soon. I am not questioning your independence, trina. I’m simply pointing out that you’ve been avoiding your mom, staying at josslyn’s ever since you overheard my aunt talking about your mother and me back when she was still married to your dad. It wasn’t easy, finding out my mom wasn’t perfect. And, sure, there’s a part of me that wishes I’d never found out. But the bitter part of me needed to know. So, in a way, ms. Henry did me a favor. I’m sure your daughter isn’t here to bring me flowers. More likely, she’s here to dress me down for telling tales on you and curtis. And honestly, I wouldn’t blame her. My daughter — she wouldn’t be here unless she cared about you. That’s why she wants to see you. What about you, dr. Robinson? Do you want trina to see me? Or do you feel I’ve caused enough harm as it is? I ma de the choice of givingcarly the benefit of the doubt. Now, whatever else her marriage to jason means, I accepted the premise that they would be stronger together, which would hopefully mean more protection for josslyn, but instead — a random mobster approached your daughter. Right. A-and am I supposed to be okay with that? I mean, it was completely inappropriate. Your daughter’s going off to college soon, right? Mm-hmm. You think inappropriate is gonna end when she walks through the ivy-covered gates of pcu? No. I mean, that’s what title ix is for. Yes, but title ix is not gonna to protect her from guys like joey novak. I mean, carly invites this kind of threat purely by the nature of her business. Come on, britt, y-you know that I’m right. And it doesn’t just apply to carly. It applies to jason, too. You have every right to be concerned. But I think, if you take a step back, you might see that jason isn’t the problem. In fact, he could be the solution. Look, your father knows about your run-in with joey novak. What? Mom, why would you tell him? You know he gets all protective. I didn’t tell him. He overheard us talking. Well, couldn’t you just reassure him? I tried. But to be fair, jax has every right to be concerned. Yeah, well, he’s not the only one. I ran into cameron at the boxing gym, and he was hitting the heavy bag like it was joey novak. Oh, great.

[ Scoffs ] Just what I need now — my father and my… friend getting hurt on my account. Okay, nobody’s gonna get hurt, and I’m gonna make sure of that. See, this is what dad just doesn’t seem to understand. You two getting married is like the answer to everything. I mean, you guys trust each other. You can handle any problem that comes up, and, bonus, you actually love each other. So, my only question is, when is this wedding actually going to happen? Nina, why don’t we go for a walk? Let them — no. I want everyone to hear this. Lenny’s not the only one who came from the hospital with a different perspective. All along, I insisted that lenny do everything he can. Try any treatment. Go the extra mile. Yeah, of course. You’re a nurse. I’m also the woman who loves my husband, but love also means living, not simply existing. There has to be a quality of life. So whatever that biopsy says, whatever lies ahead, I want lenny — and both of you — to know… I’m all-in. I want lenny to savor the time he has and enjoy it. Or as a certain former marine would say, “better to die of living than to die of dying.” Baby… when you put it that way… I may just live forever.

[ Laughter ]

Oh, no, no. No tears. The tan-o’s all about good times. Hmm? It reminds me of an old cajun buddy I knew back in basic training. He used to say, “laissez

les bons temps rouler.” That means — I know what that means. “Let the good times roll.”

[ Laughs ] You really do remember the things that count, mike. That’s pretty special. -[ Breathes sharply ] -[ Laughs ] Why have you guys not picked a wedding date or started making plans? Jason, you got a free pass on this one, because everybody knows you hate social events. I don’t hate them. Yeah, I pretty much hate them — you’re right. Yeah. But you hate party planning, alright? But you — no offense, but, mom, you own a hotel and you could plan big events in your sleep. So what is stopping you? Aren’t you supposed to meet your friends? Wow. That was subtle. No, I’m serious. You’re gonna be starting college soon. You might as well enjoy the summer while you still have it. You know, you’re right. I should meet cam and trina. Is it okay if I leave this stuff with you to drop off? Sure. Okay, great. Oh, also, don’t worry, but I may be back late tonight.

[ Chuckling ] Hold on. How late? Didn’t you just tell me to go off with my friends and enjoy my summer? A couple of us are getting together one last time before we all part ways for college. Okay, that’s vague. Right? I mean, who all is gonna be there? Trina, cameron, spencer, the usual crew. Do I need to be more specific? Well, I’m pretty sure that’s the best I’m gonna get. Mm-hmm. Yeah, I’m gonna have tony drive you. Tony? Why? I mean, he’s great, but devin — he’s been getting the job done lately. Yeah, I know, but tony has a lot more experience. You know, since there’s gonna be a lot of kids, a lot going on, possible distractions, I would just feel better if — if tony was with you tonight, okay? Okay. Tony knows how to be unobtrusive. He does. He’ll stay out of the way as much as possible. He’ll respect your privacy, to an extent. Oh, joy. I’m sorry. Is what it is. You heading to the pool now? Yes. Okay. Devin can take you. I’ll have tony meet you over there. Great. Although… um… not tonight, but sometime in the near future, we really should talk about me getting my own car. You know, that way, tony, or whoever it might be, can follow me, like a discreet tail. Like a secret service agent.

[ Chuckling ] Okay, we’ll definitely think about that. Goodbye, josslyn. Goodbye. Bye. Goodbye. Bye, jason. Carly: [ Laughing ] Thank you for that. For what? Well, I’M… I don’t know. Making sure that that wasn’t a mother-daughter issue. Ah, you’re welcome. But my work is only beginning. What’s that supposed to mean? I need to talk to jax. I can’t believe you’re defending jason. I mean, the guy’s a magnet for violence. I’m not denying that violence is a part of jason’s life, but from my experience, jason can also be the best defense against it. Case in point — the time he escaped from G.H. Like the time he almost got you killed, you mean? No. You couldn’t be more wrong, jax. Cyrus figured out that I was on to the illegal drugs he was manufacturing, so he sent his goons to my office. They were five seconds away from injecting me with a lethal overdose when jason jeopardized his own escape to save me. I am alive because of him. What is it with jason morgan? I mean, no matter how much damage he causes, he has otherwise intelligent people lining up to forgive him for almost anything. Look, trina, the last thing I wanted was for you to get hurt. It’s like I always tell tj — actions have consequences. So if you want to blame someone, blame me. Aunt stella needs to recover, and your mom…

[ Sighs ] …All she’s been doing for the last few days is worrying about you. Everything okay over here? Yeah, we were just talking. Can I go see ms. Henry now? Yes. Yes. She’s expecting you.

[ Exhales deeply ] She’s a hell of a kid. Which only makes it more painful to know that I’m disappointed her so much.

[ Monitor beeping ] Trina: Hi. My friend cameron told me what happened at kelly’S. I am so grateful. If cameron hadn’t acted so quickly — ms. Henry, I-I’m so sorry for — no, honey, please. Let — let me talk first. I am really glad you came here, because it gives me a chance to say how sorry I am. How very, very sorry. You know, if you’re worried that joss, trina, and i are gonna embarrass you in front of your euro-friends, then screw you and your party. Cam, wait. No. [ Clears throat ] Cam, it’s not like that. It’s the other way around. What do you mean? It’s not like I didn’t meet tons of people overseas, but they’re more like acquaintances, not actual friends. They can talk for days about fashion or fusion cuisine or who’s hooked up with who, but it’s all… surface, superficial. No one ever asked me once if I missed my dad. They all just wanted to know what kind of car I drove. Tonight, I want those people to see what real friends are like. That’s one of the big reasons I came home, is because I wanted things to be more — dull? Pedestrian? Authentic. Why do you think I like trina so much? She doesn’t bs — she tells it like it is. Yeah. You’re right about that. And, you know, if trina can put up with you, then maybe joss and i will try to get along with your euro-friends. I was hoping you would say that. So, you won’t mind hopping on the phone and inviting some more people like you? What — you mean more “townies”? “My apologies for the disappointment called your father. Don’t let his and ava’s selfishness stymie your progress. Looking forward to more tales of your exploits. Ryan.”

[ Paper rustling ] Well, okay, so this is ryan’s sick idea of a — of a fan letter, but [Chuckling] How does it make spencer the stalker? Spencer lied about when he received the letter from ryan, and before that, I caught him in another lie. He admitted that he knew about the cockroach. Now, he talked his way out of that one, but it all adds up, because ryan couldn’t possibly have done all those things to frighten you, but spencer could have. But those things happened weeks before spencer came back to town. We only have spencer’s word that he was on the amalfi coast. What if spencer returned to port charles weeks before he walked through the front door of wyndemere? He’s got the money and the resources to hide, and he’s crafty enough to make all the various incidents look like they were planned by a madman who is obsessed with you, except nothing about it was crazy. Everything was calculated to drive us apart, and it almost succeeded. I understand that spencer has reason to resent me, hate me even, but why would he do this to you? He loves you. The father that let him believe that I’d died? The father that abandoned him and wasn’t there for him? Whatever spencer’s done, whatever the reasons, it’s as much my fault as it is spencer’S. That’s why I have to put a stop to his plans and give him a taste of his own medicine. Tonight. Nikolas, stop! That is the last thing you should do.

May I have this dance?

[ Up-tempo music plays ] Ah. I won’t take “no” for an answer. You’re incorrigible, lenny. That’s why you love me.

[ Music continues ]

Ah, down in louisiana,

just east of texarkana…

[ Laughter ] And… whoo![ Laughing ]

Singing out a cajun tune -whoo! -[ Laughs ] -Alright! -Uh-huh! -Whoo! -Yeah! Yeah! -[ Laughs ] -Whoo-hoo-hoo!

[ Laughter ] Oh, sashay, phyllis! Come on! -Hey, now. -Whoo! -Oh, yeah! -Whoo! -Yeah, yeah. Oh! -Yeah!

[ Laughing ] -Yeah! -Whoo-hoo! -Hold on! -Okay! Let a marine get in here. -Hey! [ Laughs ] -[ Laughs ] I know ryan’s letter seems incriminating, but it’s hardly a smoking gun. Why don’t you give spencer a chance to explain himself? I already tried. I showed him the letter. I suggested its implication. Spencer never even broke a sweat. Doesn’t that tell you anything? Yes! It tells me that he’s his father’s son, and that even when I wasn’t there in person, I was still teaching him the cassadine way. Maybe it’s in his dna, or maybe those three years that I abandoned him taught him all the lesson that he needed. But regardless, I know that spencer is the stalker, and it’s up to me to help him… …even if it makes spencer hate me. Cameron: So let me get this straight. You want me to invite more “authentic” people? I’ve been away for so long, I’m practically a stranger. Don’t you know anyone that’s cool? The more, the merrier. Spencer, what are you doing here? Not happy to see me? I’m just a little suspicious. Ragers on islands don’t throw themselves. They require planning. Mm-hmm. And since you’re here, who’s planning this party? Or is there still a party? Trina: You don’t owe me an apology. All you did was tell me the truth.

[ Sighs ] Baby, I can hear the hurt in your voice. A multitude of sins can hide behind the truth.

[ Monitor beeping ] Since my stroke, my short-term memory has been hazy, so… but curtis helped me fill in some of the blanks, and it leaves me ashamed and embarrassed. Not only was I way out of line when I sat in judgment of your mother, but I made things so much worse… by confronting her in public

[Voice breaking] Where you could overhear.

[ Breathes sharply ] Do you think you can find a way to forgive me? I still think there’s nothing to forgive. That’s very generous of you. I don’t think your mother feels the same way. Trina’s disappointed, but that’s only because you’ve always been a hero to her. Exactly. And now I’ve failed her. No, you didn’t fail her. You turned out to be perfectly human, capable of making mistakes. Sooner or later, shouldn’t every kid find that out about their parents? Some lessons are just too hard and painful. Especially with trina going off to college soon. I mean, wh– what if we don’t get past this?

[ Laughter ]

[ Up-tempo music plays ] -Whoo! -[ Chuckling ] Oh! -Very good! -Yeah! Oh. Oh, oh. Oh, man. Hey, lenny. Lenny.

[ Breathing heavily ] I-I-I’m fine.

[ Chuckles ] Just a little out of practice, there. Alright. You’re out of breath, lenny. I want to take you home and put you to bed. What did you just tell me? Love means living. He’s gonna hold you to that.

[ Breathing heavily ] You bet I am. Then let me take you outside while the sun’s still shining.

[ Chuckles ] You can put your feet up. I’ll pour you a nice iced tea. And we can plan that trip we’ve been meaning to take. To the islands? Mm-hmm. No time like the present.

[ Door opens, closes ] This might sound strange, but, uh… …I envy those two. I get it. Some people live a lifetime and never find a love like that. You sure it’s a great idea to talk to jax? I mean, if he, uh, if he has concerns, I want him to deal with me. Not you, and not josslyn. Okay, well, I mean… jax was never a fan of sonny’S. To him, you were the lesser of two evils. Not anymore.

You know, it was one thing for jax when you and i were just friends. He didn’t love it, but he tolerated it, and now everything’s changed. He thinks I’m picking you over top of my kids, that I’m taking a chance to be with you and I’m gonna put my kids in danger. Yes, but that’s not true. We’re doing the exact opposite. We’re getting married because it is the safest option. Yeah. Right. And… it only works because of who we are to each other, you know? I’m scared… …of how this is gonna change things between us. I mean, it’s as new for me as it is for you.

[ Whispering ] I know. We’re just — we’re just gonna have to figure this out… together, okay? Yeah. Can you, um, drop this off at the community center for me, please?

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] Sonny: What are you smiling about? I don’t — I don’t know. I’m just really, really grateful that you reached out to me when you did, when I was in port charles. Not just to help phyllis and lenny with the treatment costs, but… I feel so blessed to be able to spend this time…

[ Voice breaking ] …With you, no matter how much time we have left. Are you talking about lenny and phyllis, or are you talking about you and me? Why don’t we just take a page out of lenny’s book and… live every moment we are given as if it’s our last? Yeah? Yeah. Trina: Curtis? Your aunt would like to see you. Excuse me. How’d it go with stella? No offense, mom, but I think that’s between me and ms. Henry. You’re right. I almost got a college student on my hands.

[ Chuckles ] I’m sorry that I keep treating you like a little kid. And I’m sorry that I hurt you by the choices that I made in the past — my time with curtis while I was still married to your father. Honestly, those are things that I never wanted you to know. But now you do. Do you think you can find it in your heart to forgive me? Yes, there is an actual party, as you will soon see for yourself. Josslyn: Hmm. And it’s just gonna magically appear on spoon island? What about your father? He’s off to dubai on business. Is that gentleman with you? Yeah, that’s devin. He’s watching me until tony takes over. Tony? He’s an excellent bodyguard. You won’t even notice him. It doesn’t bother you — having constant supervision? You get used to it. Mostly. Tell me about it. My dad keeps a close eye on me, too. I guess it shows how much he cares. Ava: Please listen to me. You — you — you’ve lost so much time with your son. You’ve just begun to — to — to repair that relationship. Do you really want to jeopardize that based on one letter from ryan and a questionable timeline? What if you’re wrong? I’m not. This is our shot. It may be our last shot at unmasking the stalker and finally putting our family back together. But spencer is part of that family you’re talking about. I know that. But spencer’s no longer a child. His antics aren’t cute anymore. For his own sake, as well as ours, he needs to be stopped.

Please don’t take spencer’s love for granted. You almost lost him once, and it nearly broke your heart. Don’t risk losing him again. When this night is over, I won’t lose my son. I’ll have him back — the son that I know and I love. And you and i will finally be together again. So are you up for a party? Try and stop me. I’m in, too. Let’s make tonight a night to remember. I had a talk with ava. She thinks I should try and patch things up with you. And what did you think about that advice? Honestly, mom… I’m not sure why I’m angry or who I’m mad at. It’s just… I spent my whole life thinking one thing, and now I find out there’s something else I knew nothing about. It’s just a lot to process. I understand that. All I know is that I missed you these past two days. I missed you, too. Mm. Tonight, I’m hanging out with spencer, joss, and cam, so I need to get ready for that, but… maybe we can talk later when I come home? I’d like that, yeah. I have to say, I’m very impressed with portia’s daughter. It’s obvious she was raised right. I should have given her mother more credit. If her daughter is any indication… dr. Robinson must be a fine person.

[ Monitor beeping ] Aunt stella… on that, you and I agree. You know, I hated sonny corinthos from the day I met him, but jason was a little bit more difficult, because in the beginning, he was — he was misguided. He alienated himself from his family, and sonny took him under his wing. But over the years, I watched jason choose this life. Now, he had plenty of opportunities to get out, but he didn’T. So the violence that follows him, even if it’s not of jason’s own making, he is responsible for it. So — so don’t — don’t fall into the trap of thinking that he’s some kind of hero, ’cause he’s just not.

[ Scoffs ] Jason’s no longer a part of my life, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking he’s a good guy. Good guys don’t put my daughter at risk. Well, don’t tell me that. Tell him.

[ Jillian rae’s “breathe”

plays ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckles ] Well, there’s lenny playing cupid with the song list, right? Better not disappoint him. Mm. Okay.

Driving on the back roads

[ Laughs ]

The sound of gravel

beneath the tires

kicking up the dirt

and the mud oh, I don’t know what to do. Sonny was my life.

[ Voice breaking ] And he’s gone, and… I don’t know what the future holds with jason. I just know I can’t live in the past. I have to let go. Sonny: That’s easier said than done.

[ Deep inhale ]

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