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Jack: I suspect if I spent the rest of the day coming up with reasons you should feel better about this, I wouldn’t put a dent in it. So, let me ask you something — how does Nick feel about this? Is he as upset as you are, or is he already seeing a silver lining? Judging from that reaction, the two of you are not seeing eye to eye.

Phyllis: Mnh-mnh, we are not.

Jack: What does Nick say?

Phyllis: I’m not gonna tell you what he says, ’cause I have a feeling you’re gonna agree with him, and then you two will be right, and then I’ll be wrong. And I will not accept that.

Adam: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Adam, hello.

Phyllis: Long time no see, Adam.

Adam: Don’t tell me you missed me. Hey Jack, Chloe just hired Sally Spectra to start working at Newman Media. I know that you know her well. Am I making a mistake by letting Chloe run with the new hire?

Jack: Well —

Phyllis: I’ll answer that. Yes. A big mistake, gigantic one.

Adam: Any particular reason why?

Jack: It’s —

Phyllis: I’ll answer that. Yes. Because she and Tara Locke were partners in crime.

Adam: You don’t say.

Phyllis: That one is selfish, self-centered, and devious. While Tara Locke is rightfully facing charges, this one over here lands on her feet.

Adam: So, you’re saying you and Sally have a lot in common. Is that why you don’t like her?

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