Days Short Recap Monday, August 9, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Rafe that she cheated on Eric. He was shocked by it. She told him how the affair happened. Lucas was surprised that Philip gave Nicole the letter from Kristen. He said he did it so he could be with Sami. He thought Nicole would look like the bad guy. He said that would look like the bad guy. He wanted to help him. EJ confronted Sami about sleeping with Lucas. Sami tried to deny it, but he demanded to know what happened. She finally confessed to what happened. She said she didn’t mean for it to happen. She knew it was the biggest mistake of her life. EJ wanted to know if she was with him one time and she said it was one time. Sami believed they could get past what she did. She called him the love of her life. She asked him if he could get past it. He said they could have if she told him the truth. She said she told him the truth. He told her about the letter he got from Kristen. Lucas was upset and knew he should have got rid of the letter. Philip said it wasn’t his fault. Lucas said it was his fault because EJ wouldn’t have got the letter if he threw it away. He wanted to make sure that Nicole still had the letter. Ciara wanted to get out of the limo. She didn’t want to entertain his fantasies any longer. She wanted to get out of the car and get back to Theo. Ben was happy that she couldn’t get in touch with Theo. Theo demanded answers from Claire. He wanted to know what Ciara was. Claire and Allie didn’t want to say anything. Lani threatened to arrest them if they didn’t tell where Ben took Ciara.

Belle told Claire and Allie that they needed to tell what they knew. Claire reminded Shawn that Ciara is his sister so he should help. Ciara couldn’t believe Ben took her to the cabin where she almost died. She noticed that the place looked different. He said he fixed it up. Nicole continued to talk to Rafe about what happened. Lucas showed up at her place looking for the letter. He asked her for the letter. She said it was too late because she gave it to him. EJ told Sami about the letter he got from Kristen. He read the letter to her. EJ knew she didn’t cheat on him just once. He called her out for lying to him about cheating. Sami told EJ that Kristen lied. He didn’t believe that Kristen and Nicole lied. He yelled at her for what she did. She admitted what she did and said it would never happen again. She explained how it happened. Nicole told Lucas that she gave EJ the letter a while ago. He was worried about Sami, but she thought they would get back together. Rafe thought Nicole was with Lucas, but she told him it was Xander. Lani planned to take Claire and Allie to the station. Belle wanted to know if it had to be done. Shawn said they had to get arrested because they refused to help. Lani read them their rights. Sami reminded EJ that she cheated on her with Abby. He said it wasn’t the same thing because they weren’t married. They ended up arguing again. She reminded him about the way he treated her. Lani and Shawn demanded answers from Claire and Allie. They didn’t tell them anything. Claire asked Belle to represent them. Ciara knocked Ben down and he twisted his ankle. He tried to stop her, but he couldn’t stand. She wanted to get to her wedding so he gave up. She took the keys and left the cabin. She ended up going back to the cabin to check on him.

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