Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 9, 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Amanda let Victor know that the DA was pursuing charges against Sutton. Naya wanted to meet Amanda, but Amanda didn’t want to, since it hurt her to see how misguided her mother was when it came to Sutton. Victor convinced Amanda to give Naya a chance because Naya was the only mother Amanda had. Naya and Amanda had a tearful and revealing conversation. Naya thought she was right to give up Amanda and Hilary, because she wouldn’t have been able to raise them to be the strong women they became without her. If she’d kept them, they would’ve grown up being domineered by Sutton, just like Naya. Naya didn’t think she had a right to be part of Amanda’s life, because she’d failed her daughter so many times. Amanda assured Naya that was in the past. Ashland and Victoria came home from NY. Ashland’s divorce was finalized. Nikki dropped by to make sure they knew about Tara’s arrest. Ashland went to check on Harrison. Nikki sensed something big happened to Victoria in NY. Ashland didn’t get to see Harrison because Traci took him on an outing. Jack told Ashland about Tara pushing Summer to leave town. Ashland revealed that Sally asked him to get Summer into Angelina Marchetti’s orbit, so he’d called Eric. Ashland planned to file a motion restricting Tara from seeing Harrison. He also wanted to work with Kyle to make arrangements for Harrison’s visitation. Jack thought Ashland needed to factor in the possibility that he might not have much time left. Harrison needed stability, and Jack thought all three of Harrison’s parents should discuss this. Ashland was impressed by the way Jack handled all the upheaval as a father, grandfather and as a man. Tara got transferred to NY, where the crimes were committed, and she’d likely be court ordered to stay there. Victoria was appalled by what Tara did to Summer. Victoria wanted to be there for Harrison and Ashland. Ashland gave Victoria a sapphire engagement ring. Victoria and Ashland told Nikki and Victor that they were engaged. Nick and Phyllis were happy about working together to help Summer. Jack, Phyllis and Nick were disappointed but supportive when Summer and Kyle revealed that they were staying in Milan. Kyle hoped Ashland would let him move Harrison to Milan, permanently. Lauren blasted Sally about her schemes and lies. Sally lied that this was all one big misunderstanding. Jack and Phyllis arrived and joined in on the confrontation. Lauren fired Sally and said she’d never trust her again. Jack told Sally he was gone. Phyllis was unfazed when Sally vowed to make her pay. Phyllis made a last ditch effort to convince Summer to come home. Summer loved Phyllis, and she was so grateful, but she was staying in Milan. Hurt, Phyllis accepted Summer’s decision.

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