Y&R Best Lines Friday, July 30, 2021

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Chloe: There are a few problems with my office. First, the internet is spotty. It keeps dropping at the worst times. I’m gonna need an ergonomic chair for my back, my fridge isn’t working, and I don’t know what’s going on with that side of the building, but the lighting is all wrong. Did you give me that suite just to mess with me?

Adam: [ Sighs ] Yes, chloe, I was up all night thinking about ways to make your work life miserable.

Chloe: Funny, but somehow i wouldn’t put it past you.

Adam: Order whatever you need. Anything else?

Chloe: Uh…

Adam: Wow, this is a first. You at a loss for a comeback. Now, that — that is funny.


Sally: Okay, for the last time, Tara and I were not conspiring. And is it even legal spreading that tape around?

Phyllis: Is that the thing you’re worried about? Because that’s the least of your worries, actually.

Sally: You know what? It was bad enough that you spied on a guest in your own hotel, but then you had to go and share your lies with Jack?

Phyllis: Listen, Sally, Jack has plenty of reasons to doubt you. Nothing I say or do is gonna convince him.

Sally: How dare you continue to interfere in my relationship with him. I warned you before.

Phyllis: Wow. Okay. Well, that’s why Jack doubts you. See, he’s seen through that sweet, nice thing you have going on and this fake charm. Remember when he walked in here and he overheard you going off on the ways that you were gonna take me down?

Sally: Yeah, but we were moving beyond that.

Phyllis: Okay, well, he’s seen the light.

Sally: God. You are spiteful and vicious.

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