Days Short Recap Wednesday, July 21, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben had a dream about his wedding to Ciara. He looked at the wedding picture when someone was knocking on the door. He thought it was Ciara. It turned out to be Allie. She said she tried to talk Ciara out of getting married, but it didn’t work. She said she thought she might have gotten through to her about her love of Ben. He said he had to do something before it was too late.

Claire saw Ciara at her house getting ready for the wedding. Claire tried to talk Ciara out of getting married. While Claire was talking to her, Ciara slapped her. Claire hit her with a bouquet. Shawn broke up the fight. He told Claire to leave. Claire said it was her house. Ciara said it was her mother’s house. She asked where Hope was. He said Hope’s plane had mechanical problems and had to turn back around. He said Hope wanted her to go through with the ceremony. Claire said Ciara was only marrying Theo because she was afraid of remembering her love for Ben. She called her a coward. Shawn tried to convince Ciara not to marry Theo. He said it was too fast. When she got emotional, he stopped talking. He apologized to her. She said she wished Hope was there. Julie showed up and told them Doug was hurt and needed surgery. She said they were going to miss the wedding. She gave Ciara the gift before she left. Ciara thought the wedding was getting off to a great start. He wondered if this was a sign telling her not to get married. She said she didn’t believe in signs like that anymore. She said she was going to marry Theo. Claire went to see Ben. She told him about the fight she had with Ciara. She said he was better off without Ciara. He said he was never giving up on Ciara. He said he was determined to stop her from marrying Theo. He said he had a plan. He said he was going to kidnap her before she married Theo. Claire said it was just like what Bo did with Hope. Claire questioned whether it was a good idea.



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