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Update written by Suzanne

Finn is watching Violet play T-Ball in the park. He brought her team snacks of carrots and orange slices, which disappoints her because they’re “too healthy.” Elizabeth arrives just in time to share Aiden’s cupcakes with her team instead. Finn is very grateful. He thanks her for saving from his daughter not speaking to him for a week. They wish their other problem could be solved so easily – disposing of Peter’s frozen body. Finn regrets that Elizabeth was involved, but she doesn’t. In a very cute scene, Finn reviews with Violet how to hit the ball with her bat. Finn and Elizabeth talk about how to get Peter’s body out of General Hospital without anyone seeing. At the same time, they’re watching the T-Ball game and cheering Violet on. Finn thinks it’s terrible that they’re talking about a human being this way, but Elizabeth counters that Peter deserved what he got. Meanwhile, Violet hits her ball and runs the bases. Elizabeth tells Finn that if anything happened to him (such as getting arrested), she would take care of Violet. He’s grateful to her. He worries that someone saw them, but she thinks that someone would have come forward by now. They can get on with their lives. Violet catches the ball and her team wins. She goes to celebrate with her coach and teammates. Finn just wants to give Violet a safe and stable home. Elizabeth assures Finn that they’ll deal with their big problem together.

Jordan runs into Laura at the PCPD. Laura asks how Shawn and Alexis are doing. Laura is worried about the calls that they’re making (because they might be too optimistic when they talk to their kids).
Alexis and Shawn are at the PCPD, talking to Molly and TJ on the phone. TJ and Molly are out celebrating their domestic partnership at the Metro Court. Alexia and Shawn tell them to make sure to have fun. Shawn and Alexis worry that they’ll get sent back to Pentonville. Someone leaked to the press about the investigation into Judge Carson’s sentencing bias, so they wonder if that will help their situations. Alexis admits that being in solitary was really awful. Laura and Jordan walk in. Laura tells them that the AG is going to make investigating Judge Carson her top priority. However, she cautions them that politicians can sometimes work at a very slow speed. Laura tells them that the governor will take action after the investigation. Jordan tells them that Alexis will be going to a facility right outside Port Charles called Spring Ridge, which is a nicer place (described as a spa with guards). They’re glad to hear it, but Alexis is still worried about Shawn and the other people that the Judge sentenced unfairly. Laura gets called away by the governor. Alexis texts Molly to give her the good news. Laura returns to tell them that the national press picked up the story about Judge Carson and her biased sentencing. He is commuting Shawn’s sentence – he can go free. They’re all very happy to hear it. Shawn wonders about the other people that the judge has been unfair to. Laura assures him that the governor will be speeding up the process of reviewing all the sentencing, but it’ll take some time. Alexis praises Laura’s skills. Laura relates that she just pointed out to the governor that his poll numbers might slip in the upcoming election if he didn’t correct this terrible injustice. Alexis then praises Shawn for helping her, and being a model prisoner. Shawn wants to call TJ, but instead, Jordan gets the idea that Shawn should surprise TJ in person instead.

Alexis is thrilled that Laura has brought her some coffee because the coffee in Pentonville is so bad. They talk about how Nikolas helped Alexis out when she was in prison. Laura admits that he does seem more like his old self now. Alexis is shocked when Laura mentions that Nikolas and Ava have a stalker.

Nikolas sends some Champagne over to TJ and Molly’s table. They invite him to sit down with them, so he does. They all catch up on what’s been going on with Alexis in prison. Nikolas is saddened to learn that Alexis was put into solitary. He’s shocked to hear that Shawn might be getting out of jail. In fact, he looks a little panicked. They toast Molly for helping to expose Judge Carson’s bias. Nikolas looks like he’s feeling guilty when TJ talks about his dad being denied parole and that they hoped he would be back in time for TJ to graduate from medical school. TJ is overjoyed when Shawn walks in, a free man. They hug. Nikolas congratulates him. Shawn tells them all that he plans to find out who really tried to kill Hayden. Nikolas looks very worried.

Cam is applying sunscreen to Josslyn’s back at the Metro Court pool when Spencer shows up. They’re surprised to see him after all this times. Spencer assures them that he’s back for good. Cam, Joss and Spencer catch up, with Spencer and Cam trading insults. Spencer is being very snooty (especially about Josslyn playing volleyball), so Josslyn pushes him into the pool (fully dressed). Trina comes in and wonders who they’re talking about. Josslyn introduces Trina to Spencer after he climbs out of the pool. Trina stares at him, stunned. Spencer pretends that he’s never met Trina, so she plays along. When Cam brings up her friend, “Victor,” Trina insults him, saying that Victor is a “total jerk.” Spencer invites Trina over to the bar so that he can dry off and she can tell him about Ava’s art gallery. Joss wonders if Trina is interested in Spencer. Cam and Josslyn say sweet things to each other.

Spencer apologizes to Trina for lying to her, but she yells at him for pretending to be Victor. She demands the truth. He tells her that Victor was his great uncle. He didn’t want anyone to know that he was in town. He explains about some of his past history with Ava. He whines that if his father finds out that he was here, it might undo all of the progress they’ve made. Trina knows what it’s like to be angry with your father and not speak to him. She agrees not to tell anyone Spencer’s secret as long as he’s honest with her.

Joss and Cam come over and wonder why Spencer and Trina have been having such an intense conversation. Trina lies that they’ve been talking about her job. Cam and Spencer trade insults.

At Ryan’s Bar in New York City, Anna and Valentin continue to question Hopkins, the pilot that Peter hired to pick him up from General Hospital’s roof. He tells them that he wasn’t able to land and pick Peter up but lets them know that there was a man with him. They ask for details, so he tells them that the man was tall and was wearing a blue or grey suit. He thought the man was a detective. After that, they bring in some police to arrest and book him. Valentin and Anna wonder who that man was, and whether he was a friend or foe of Peter’s.

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