Days Short Recap Thursday, July 22, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben talked to Claire about how he was going to stop Ciara’s wedding. Claire didn’t want to see Theo get hurt once Ciara got her memory back. Ciara wanted to get married despite the setbacks that kept happening to the wedding. Philip told Nicole that Sami was responsible for her marriage being ruined. She knew she it was a party that she was behind. Philip gave her a chance to pay her back for what she did. Lucas was at the DiMera mansion to see Sami. He thought about how he found the letter. Sami wondered why he was there. He wanted to talk about what happened at Eric and Nicole’s anniversary party. Lucas couldn’t believe what she did to Nicole. She tried to deny it, but he knew what she did. He said he was choking on her hypocrisy because she did the same thing to EJ. He wanted to know how she would react if someone did the same thing to her. He admitted that he almost told EJ what they did. Nicole read the letter Kristen wrote. She realized that Sami did cheat on EJ. Philip told Nicole that Lucas fell in love with Sami. She wondered why Philip didn’t give the letter to Lucas. Belle insulted Sami to EJ. EJ tried to defend her, but Belle said she was still the same person. She didn’t care about destroying Eric. She told him how Sami was the one who got Jan out of the hospital to win Henry. EJ wanted to get back to business. She still couldn’t believe that EJ couldn’t see Sami for the person she was. Theo wondered what was wrong with his wedding since people kept backing out of it. He felt like Ciara would fall apart if something happened to the wedding.

Ciara told Allie that she didn’t want to hear about her last wedding. She promised not to say anything about it. Ben went over his plan to take Ciara from the wedding. Claire told him that it was a dangerous plan. He reminded her that her grandfather did the same thing. She reminded him that she wasn’t allowed at the wedding. Lucas told Sami he loved her. She told him not to do this because she was with EJ. Lucas said he loved her, which was why he didn’t tell EJ the truth. He said he didn’t understand why she loved EJ so much after the way he treated her. He said he wouldn’t tell the secret because he loved her. She thanked him for being willing to keep the secret. She said she was sorry for dragging him into this. He said he wasn’t because he loved her. Nicole went to see EJ. He didn’t want to hear what she had to say. He said he didn’t want to hear what she had to say about Sami. He said it was her own fault that she was exposed. Nicole asked him what he thought about what Sami did. She asked if he thought it was okay for Sami to play God with someone else’s life. He said it wasn’t Sami’s fault that Xander wanted to brag about his conquest. Nicole told him his sister wrote him a letter. EJ read the letter. Nicole told him that he got to read it in private. She said that Sami made sure Eric found out in a public place. Allie agreed to help Ben. Claire told Ben that people would look for Ciara if she weren’t at the church. She had an idea to have them think she was marrying Theo. Lucas told Sami he would be there for her if something went wrong with EJ. EJ was livid at the idea of Sami being with Lucas.

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