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Bold & The Beautiful Transcript

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Carter: You’re beautiful. Inside and out.

Quinn: I almost believe that when I’m with you.

Carter: Believe it. You’re an incredible woman, Quinn. You’re warm and funny. You’re talented and creative. You’re sexy as hell. I never wanna hear you doubt your worth again.

Finn: That was so good.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: I can’t believe you showed up with exactly what we needed.

Steffy: And the exact moment we needed it. And our favorite place, no less.

Finn: Yeah, you even got us our favorite kind.

Steffy: [ Laughs ]

Paris: Well, when the sign says, “Malibu fish tacos”, you get with the fish tacos.

Steffy: Yeah. This would’ve been enough to be our hero. And then, you top it off and you sing to our baby Hayes.

Finn: Yeah, after his parents failed to quiet him down.

Steffy: I know. You come here and you have all the updates for the Forrester Foundation. I’m impressed. You’re a rock star.

Paris: Thanks for the props, but I’m just glad I could help. I can’t imagine how hard it is to manage Kelly, a newborn, and your jobs.

Finn: Hmm, it is challenging.

Steffy: Yeah, we’re working off of no sleep.

Finn: But hey, I’m having the time of my life.

Paris: Aw.

Steffy: You are so adorable.

Paris: Definitely a keeper.

Steffy: [ Laughs ]

Finn: And now, Steffy’s stuck. There’s no getting rid of me now that we have this beautiful family.

Steffy: As if I’d try.

Paris: You guys are so lucky. Family is everything.

Steffy: You miss your sister.

Paris: More than I thought I would, actually. [ Scoffs ] When I went to college, I didn’t really see much of her, and then I came to la and moved in with her, started working at Forrester, we spend a lot of time together. And now, I guess I’m just really feeling her not being here.

Finn: Well, you could always send Paris to Paris. Is that redundant?

Steffy: What?

Finn: [ Laughs ] What?

Steffy: No. I’m sorry. He’s trying to work out the dad jokes.

Finn: [ Laughs ]

Paris: Wow.

Steffy: Wow is right.

Paris: [ Laughs ]

Brooke: Eric. Not that I’m happily anticipating or anything, but, uh, how’s the divorce going with Quinn?

Ridge: That’s subtle. Real subtle.

Brooke: I’m not gonna pretend that I’m not excited to have that woman out of Eric’s life and out of our family for good.

Eric: Well, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to wait a little longer. We’re just at the beginning of this whole thing.

Ridge: Can I ask you something, Dad? You love this woman. You’re okay with all this?

Eric: Quinn and I are well and truly over.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] Well, that is music to my ears. But I don’t think she’s gonna walk away without a fight for some kind of settlement. She’s not gonna be happy just ending up with nothing after being a Forrester for so many years.

Eric: Yes. I think you’re right about that. But, um… Carter is on top of it. I’ll leave her in his capable hands.

Quinn: Don’t you know just what to say.

Carter: I’m only speaking the truth.

Quinn: Uh-hmm. No. Your sincerity… is one of the most beautiful things about you. The fact that– that you hold me in such a high esteem, I– I’m touched. And you know it goes both ways. But this– this incredible moment, this–this connection–

Carter: Is deep and profound.

Quinn: And it’s too costly, Carter. And you have too much at stake. There are times, I wonder…

Paris: Sleeping like the angel he is. How can you guys stand the preciousness?

Finn: Oh, I know. Hayes is the most beautiful, amazing child ever born.

Paris: [ Laughs ]

Steffy: He said modestly.

Paris: No, it’s true. I want one just like him some day.

Finn: So you want kids?

Paris: A family. I want what I’m looking at. What you guys have.

Steffy: My advice? Be patient. This was a long time coming.

Paris: Obviously, it was worth the wait.

Steffy: Oh, without a doubt.

Finn: Uh-hmm. Well, you took your sweet time coming into my life. I mean, I’d almost given up hope in finding someone to commit my life to, and then, Steffy, she came crashing into my ER.

Steffy: Oh, yeah. What turned out to be the worst day of my life ended up being the best. I found my future when I wasn’t even looking or conscious, actually. [ Laughter ]

Finn: Oh, I knew as soon as I laid eyes on Steffy that my life had been changed forever.

Steffy: [ Chuckles ]

Finn: And something, uh, inside of me just recognized that you were the woman I was meant to be with… and here you are. You, me, Kelly, and Baby Hayes completes our circle.

Paris: You both chose well.

Ridge: I’m glad you’ve given Carter another chance. He screwed up, but he is remorseful.

Brooke: I agree. I mean, there’s no telling what Quinn might’ve done to seduce him. She’s always had a roving eye and that’ll never change. You know, I–I think she just gets bored.

Eric: And it’s exhausting and I don’t wanna put up with it anymore. At least Carter’s not wasting any time moving on.

Brooke: Right?

Ridge: It did seem like he was entertaining somebody else.

Brooke: Hmm, what was your first clue? The fact that he was shirtless or that there was a dress draped over the couch?

Ridge: I was just wondering who it might be, that’s all.

Brooke: Uh-hmm.

Carter: So, after everything you lost, because of this, because of us, you– you’re concerned about me.

Quinn: Why should we both lose everything? You’re COO and lead counsel of Forrester Creations. I mean, you have such a huge future ahead of you and, uh, I don’t wanna ruin that because we can’t stay away from each other.

Carter: But doesn’t that mean something?

Quinn: Yes, it means that we can’t explore it. Look at what just happened. [ Laughs ] I mean, that was a close call, pun intended.

Carter: Okay. Yeah, I have to admit, I freaked out when I saw Eric on the video.

Quinn: Yeah. And then, Ridge saw my dress behind you. If I hadn’t jumped out of the way in so quickly, it would have been disastrous., Eric’s forgiveness and acceptance for you is based on you never seeing me again. I shouldn’t even be here. I have brought nothing but chaos into your life.

Carter: That’s not true.

Quinn: Carter.

Carter: It’s a little true.

Quinn: Oh, come on. Hey, it’s Quinn, the human wrecking ball. I heard Eric’s voice on that phone… and I thought about… all the years we’ve spent together. We were so happy. So happy. And I– I should’ve guarded that with my life. But what did I do? I–I– I destroyed it. I didn’t just destroy it, I hurt the sweetest, kindest man who’s never done anything but give me just pure love in my life. And I am so afraid that I’m gonna do the same thing to you. I care too much about you to let that happen.

Eric: I know how we all love to speculate about things that are none of our business in other people’s lives but, uh, a dress over Carter’s couch doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a woman there.

Brooke: And, you said that the dress looked too small for Carter, so who could it be?

Eric: [ Laughs ] So? It could be a million other things.

Ridge: Yes. Such as, go ahead. What–what is your opinion? You obviously wanna say something.

Brooke: [ Laughs ] Oh, me?

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Oh, I don’t know. Uh, I guess, why not, right? He’s single, he’s not with Zoe anymore, she moved to Paris, and maybe, this is exactly what he needs. I–I don’t…

Ridge: Or maybe Dad is right. That there are a million reasons why there could be a dress in his apartment. Maybe Carter is just sitting there alone trying to pick up the pieces.

Quinn: You didn’t ask for me. I just showed up [ Chuckles ] And almost tore down everything you’ve spent so many years to build.

Carter: You act like I wasn’t in the room. I was with you, Quinn. I was close so I felt your breath on my skin, kissing you, touching you… making love to you. Those are all choices that I made just like you.

Quinn: And did you not see how I destroyed my marriage to the kindest most forgiving man in the world? You have to do what Eric says. You–you– you can’t see me anymore.

Carter: It’s not that easy. Quinn, I’ve never met a woman like you, I’ve never experienced anything like what happens when we’re together.

Quinn: [ Sighs ]

Carter: I can’t get you out of my head. And I know this shouldn’t happen… but I don’t want it to end.

Paris: Oh, this view is everything. You got the ocean. Oh, a private beach.

Steffy: Yeah, I love it here.

Finn: I know, right? Me, too.

Paris: I mean, what’s not to love? It’s like a permanent vacation. It sure as heck beats the convenience store view from Zoe’s apartment. [ Laughter ] Um, but I had thought about the Foundation. We should create an online platform that enables us to tell stories inspiring people to help and reach out. But these would be like ordinary people, not Forrester business associates.

Steffy: Yeah, I–I like it. Do you have a proposal?

Paris: No, not yet. Uh, there’s just a lot going on.

Finn: What’s been going on?

Paris: [ Sighs ] Well, it was a curve ball when Zoe decided she wasn’t gonna come back to la, so everything’s fallen on me. I have to vacate her apartment, put all of her stuff in storage, and find my own place. And, you know, it’s just been hard, especially because la is so expensive, especially on the west side where I’d like to be. And I don’t know. I just kind of like a vagabond, living with my life in the trunk of my car.

Steffy: Seriously?

Paris: Unfortunately.

Steffy: You must be under a lot of stress now that Zoe decided to stay in Paris.

Paris: I mean, yeah, it–it’s just–it was jarring, but don’t worry. I’ll be fine.

Finn: Are you still in the apartment?

Paris: No, I left. Now, I’m in a hotel.

Steffy: You’re in a hotel?

Paris: Yeah, but it’s only until I find a place.

Steffy: Paris, would you like to stay with us?

Paris: I couldn’t have heard you right.

Finn: No, we’d love for you to stay here.

Steffy: Yeah. We don’t want you sleeping at a hotel with half your stuff in a car.

Finn: Yeah, and there’s plenty of room.

Steffy: Even if it’s for a few days until you get situated.

Paris: Oh, no, I couldn’t impose on you like that.

Steffy: We’re offering. That’s what Forresters do. We look out for one another. I mean, if you’re cool with, like, two kids screaming 24/7.

Paris: Oh, I–I–I love kids. Screaming and all.

Finn: But what–what– what is it?

Paris: I don’t know. I–I guess I’m just still getting used to the fact that Zoe is not coming back to la and I guess I’m just feeling alone, and then you guys reach out with all this love and generosity.

Finn: So, will you stay?

Paris: [ Sighs ] Okay. If–if you mean it, I promise I won’t be an imposition. Or–or outstay my welcome. I will be out of here as soon as I find a place. And I’ll–I’ll pitch in around here, I’ll help in with the kids and help with the housework.

Steffy: No, you don’t have to do that. You’re our guest.

Finn: Yes. And you can take as much or as little time as you need.

Steffy: There’s only two things I need.

Paris: Okay.

Steffy: One, you need to chill and make yourself at home.

Paris: Oh, you’re driving a hard bargain there.

[ Laughter ]

Steffy: And two, what’s mine is yours.

Paris: [ Chuckles ] Wow. This is the nicest thing that anyone’s ever done for me. Thank you, Steffy.

Steffy: Of course. Oh, my gosh. We’re–we’re so happy to help you.

Paris: You, too.

Finn: What Steffy said.

Eric: I don’t understand what’s taking Carter so long.

Ridge: You seem to be in quite a hurry, Dad.

Eric: [ Sighs ] Look, I wanna get this whole thing started, this whole divorce proceeding. And I want us to talk about the future of the jewelry line.

Brooke: Really sounds like you’re hoping Carter sticks it to Quinn.

Quinn: You have been… such a revelation to me, Carter. I have never known a man like you before. And I wanna know everything there is to know about you. Hmm. But it can’t be. I have to let you go. Otherwise, I’m gonna ruin your life. It’s my special talent.

Carter: Stop putting yourself down. Quinn, you’re a wonderful, talented, complex woman. You’ve captured me. My imagination. You–you’re in my head all the time.

Quinn: [ Laughs ] Same here. The man that you are, everything that you stand for, everything that you’ve worked years and years to accomplish… it’s all gonna be gone because of me. And you know what? Won’t even be worth it because I’m just gonna hurt you the way I’ve hurt every other man who’s ever been in my life. And you’re just gonna end up hating me in the end. And I couldn’t stand that because I care too much about you. You know I’m right. [ Sighs ] I’m always right.

Carter: Not this time.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] I shouldn’t even be here. I just… just wanted to see you one last time.

Carter: I’m glad you did.

Quinn: Then this is it. Goodbye.

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