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Eli: You’re still here? I thought you’re going to breakfast with your dad.

Lani: Yeah, I’m late. And can you put some clothes on before chanel wakes up?

Eli: She done already seen it before.

Lani: And never again, all right?

Chanel: Not to worry, lani. This time, I took precautions.

Lani: [Laughs]

Paulina: Julie, I hope this isn’t too early.

Julie: [Exhales sharply]

Paulina: Guess I’d better get used to that. [Sighs]

Theo: So, have you figured out how to stop paulina from tearing down the square?

Abe: Well, our lawyers are filing another plea today, but not very optimistic about our chances.

Theo: Dad, if it would help for you to be there, that’s totally fine with me.

Abe: No, no.

Theo: I know how important this is to you, to everyone.

Abe: Theo, if you’re getting married today, that’s where I will be.

Theo: What do you mean, if?

Abe: I think you should call the wedding off.

Julie: Do you, ciara alice brady, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Ciara: [Sobs] I do. [Sniffles]

Julie: And do you, benjamin oliver weston, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Ben: I do.

Julie: Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Ciara: [Laughs softly]

Julie: You may kiss your bride.

[Delicate music]

Ben: [Sighs]

[Knocking on door]

Ben: Ciara? Oh, I…

Allie: You were expecting somebody else?

Ben: [Sighs]

Claire: What are you doing here?

Ciara: [Laughs] What does it look like I’m doing, claire? I’m getting ready for my wedding.

Claire: In this house? I don’t think so.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Theo: You think I should call off the wedding?

Abe: You know, it really feels like you and ciara have only been together for a couple months.

Theo: But I’ve known her my whole life.

Abe: Well, I still think you should give it a little more time. What if ciara starts to remember being married to ben? Being happy with ben. I don’t want the woman you love pulling the rug out from under you.

Theo: Let me ask you something. Is this about me and ciara, or is this about you and paulina?

[Knocking on door]

Julie: When I slammed the door in your face, it was my way of saying, “go away!”

Paulina: Please, julie, I really think we need to talk.

Julie: I’m not interested in talking to a money grubbing, power-hungry person who is going to bulldoze the square dedicated to my grandparents.

Paulina: Please–

Julie: Oh, do you have your eye on some more prime real estate? Looking over our home? Wanna turn it into a waffle house?

Paulina: I didn’t come to fight.

Julie: Well, all you’re going to get is conflict from me.

Paulina: I came to apologize.

Allie: I just wanted to give you a heads-up. Ciara and theo are getting married today.

Ben: Yeah, claire already told me.

Allie: Right. Well, there’s something else that I want you to know. Ciara asked me to be her maid of honor, and I said yes.

Ben: Great. Great, that is great. I’m sure you’re really busy, and you probably got a lot to do. So why are you here?

Allie: Ben, I know that you’re hurt, okay? And I don’t even think that this wedding that’s going on– I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Ben: But you’re still about to be her maid of honor.

Allie: Yes, I am. Because I love ciara, okay, and I know how hurt she’d be if I refused. Ben, look what she’s been through this year. She’s gonna marry theo whether or not I’m her maid of honor. I just don’t feel like I can turn my back on her.

Ben: I have no beef with you, allie. I get it.

Allie: I tried. I tried to get her to wait, but she wouldn’t listen. And getting married on your anniversary– I have no idea why she feels like she has to do that.

Ben: No, I do. She’s trying to prove to herself and everybody else that she hates me.

Ciara: I don’t need your permission, claire, to do anything. Besides, my brother already told me that I can get ready here.

Claire: Well, if you think I’m gonna help you, you’re nuts.

Claire: Did I ask you to help me? The last thing I want right now is your help. Besides, allie is my maid of honor, so if you could kindly get the hell out of here, that would be great.

Claire: You know, I cannot believe you are actually going ahead with this farce!

Ciara: Farce? [Scoffs] How dare you call my marrying theo a farce? I love him, claire.

Claire: Not the way you love ben.

Ciara: I want you to leave. I want you to get outta here.

Claire: You know what? You are gonna end up hurting ben and theo!

Claire: You don’t know that, claire, you don’t know anything, obviously.

Claire: I know that you are making a terrible mistake, and that this is gonna be a huge disaster! That is why I am trying to talk you out of this!

Ciara: Okay, well, all you’re doing is making me mad as hell.

Claire: [Sighs softly] Ciara, please. If you would just stop for a second and listen to the people who care about you, you would see that–

Ciara: Oh, like who? The people who care about me? Like the girl who tried to set me on fire, twice? Wow. [Laughs] I actually got you to shut up for once.

Claire: You cannot talk to me like that in my own house. You need to leave. Get out.

Ciara: Claire, what are you doing? Stop, let go of me, or else!

Claire: Or else, what?

Ciara: This.

Claire: [Grunts]

Ciara: [Panting] I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Lani: Eli, why don’t you go get dressed so chanel doesn’t have to walk around blind?

Eli: Right, all right. Enjoy your breakfast. I’ll see you at the church.

Lani: Okay. You can take the mask off now.

Chanel: Sorry to be such a pain. It’s really nice of you to let me stay.

Lani: Yeah, well, considering everything that happened with your mom, we couldn’t just kick you to the curb.

Chanel: I’m so done with her. You know what she told me the other night? That I could open my bakery inside price town. Like that was supposed to make everything right.

Lani: And I assume you turned her down, right?

Chanel: Yeah, you bet. If she wants to make things right between us, she’s gonna have to do much better than that.

Paulina: Oh, what a lovely home. Oh, and just look at this picture of you and doug. [Chuckles] It’s no wonder you two have made it through the years. You can just tell the two of you are head over heels.

Julie: So far your apology sounds like that folksy down home load of horse pucky you’ve been spreading all over salem.

Paulina: Sorry, it’s just gotten to be second nature.

Julie: Can we cut to the chase? I do have a lot to do today.

Paulina: Right, right. We both know we got off to a rocky start.

Julie: Well, calling me that old white lady– you know, it doesn’t set quite the same tone as, “pleased to meet you.”

Paulina: No. And then, like I always do, I tried to take over, to commandeer the christening.

Julie: You have commandeered everything in this town. And lied through your teeth the entire time. And I have not yet heard my apology.

Paulina: Well, if you’d just give me the chance– I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to snap.
[Sighs] I, uh–just, uh– this is hard for me.

Julie: I can imagine.

Paulina: There was this awful, awful moment when I was standing right before your grandparents’ plaque and abe started talking about them with such respect and affection and love. So I knew then that they must’ve been really good people, special people. And I thought to myself, “what have I done here?”

Julie: I’m sure you’ll be standing by with a hanky and sobbing into it when your wrecking ball smashes their plaque to smithereens.

[Cell phone ringing]

Paulina: No, julie–

Julie: Uh… I have to take this. Hello, doug. Well, you’ll never guess who showed up at the front door. What? Oh, my god!

Allie: Ciara doesn’t hate you, ben.

Ben: No? Then why has she pushed me away since the day that she got back here? Why does she look at me like I make her sick? But most importantly, allie, why is she marrying another man on our anniversary?

Allie: I can’t answer that. I– [Sighs] I just believe that somewhere inside she still loves you.

Ben: She doesn’t remember that. Allie, she doesn’t remember that, and I can’t make her. Because I’ve tried, and I’ve tried. I have spent every waking minute since she came back here trying to jog her memory of us and how much we really love each other. And all it’s doing is making her more and more angry.

Allie: I know. I tried too. And the same thing happened. I just–

Ben: Wait, wait, what? What do you mean you tried too?

Allie: Last night. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I told her about your wedding, how beautiful she was, how happy the two of you were.

Ben: [Sighs] Nothing, right?

Allie: It didn’t seem to trigger her memory.

Ben: [Sighs] I figured.

Allie: But maybe I got through to her on some level.

Ben: What do you mean, on some level? How so?

Allie: As I was talking about, you know, how much you two love each other, for the briefest moment, I noticed something in her expression change. Like it actually affected her.

Claire: You really shouldn’t have done that.

Ciara: You pushed me too hard, claire.

Claire: Yeah, well, now you’ve pushed me too hard!

Ciara: What are you do–ow! Stop it! Oh, my god, claire! You are ruining the–

Shawn: Whoa!

Ciara: You are crazy! Stop it! [Grunts]

Shawn: What are you doing?

Claire: I’m trying to beat some sense into her!

Ciara: No wonder you were locked up, claire. You’re absolutely crazy!

Shawn: Okay, but seriously, you cannot hit her!

Claire: She slapped me first!

Ciara: Yeah, because he was trying to kick me out of the house!

Claire: How could you let her get ready here and not even tell me about it?

Shawn: Because I thought it would be a good opportunity for the two of you to work things out.

Claire: Oh, right!

Shawn: But you know what? Claire, I think you should leave.

Claire: This is my house!

Ciara: [Scoffs] This is my mother’s house. Where is she, anyway? I thought you were supposed to pick her up from the airport.

Shawn: Well, I’m afraid I have some bad news. I order my groceries online now.

Eli: Did lani take off?

Chanel: Yep. Have you had breakfast? I made pancakes.

Eli: Mmm. Yes, great.

Chanel: What time’s the wedding?

Eli: In a couple hours.

Chanel: I wish I knew theo was engaged before I threw myself at him the other night. That was embarrassing.

Eli: What exactly did you do?

Chanel: I kissed him.

Eli: You kissed him? Just out of the blue?

Chanel: It wasn’t totally out of the blue. I mean, he was my boyfriend at some point.

Eli: I knew that, but I didn’t think you were still into him.

Chanel: Well, I’m not. I was just sort of in a bad place, looking for comfort.

Eli: Oh, ’cause of your mom?

Chanel: No, because of allie. She rejected me.

Allie: I really don’t wanna get your hopes up, but it looked like she had some kind of reaction.

Ben: Can you tell me more, please, like, what do you mean a reaction? Like, she–what, looked sad?

Allie: Sad, yeah, and– I don’t know, maybe I’m imagining it, but it just seemed like she was remembering something that she hadn’t remembered before.

Ben: [Sighs]

Allie: And maybe being in salem will help too.

Ben: I think it would, but, I mean, if she marries theo, they’re gonna go straight back to south africa. They’re never gonna look back. She’s never gonna look back. I have to do something.

Allie: What can you do? I mean, the wedding’s in a couple of hours.

Ben: You’re absolutely right. That means I’m running out of time.

Ciara: You’re scaring me, shawn. Did something happen to mom?

Shawn: No, no, no, no, no. It’s nothing like that. Her plane had some mechanical problems and then they had to turn it back around. So there’s no way that she’s gonna make it today.

Ciara: Great.

Claire: Ciara, think about it. You can’t get married without your mom here.

Ciara: [Scoffs] Well, of course I can. All of the plans are already made, so I’m sure she’ll be okay with it.

Shawn: She said that you should go along with today. She doesn’t wanna ruin it.

Claire: I’m sorry, I do not understand why grandma hope would say that she should go ahead with marrying a man she doesn’t even love!

Ciara: There she goes again!

Claire: And why is everyone pretending like this isn’t gonna end in a huge disaster?

Ciara: Oh, you know what’s a huge disaster? You beating me with my bouquet. You trying to make my life miserable! You trying to make me doubt the love that I have for theo. And it’s not working, claire. It’s not going to work, so why don’t you just leave? Go, get the hell out of here, and go hang out with your buddy-buddy the necktie killer and talk about what a lunatic I am for not wanting to be the wife of a serial killer instead of an honorable, wonderful person who has never killed a single soul.

Shawn: Okay, ciara, okay, all claire is trying to do–

Ciara: All she’s trying to do, shawn, is ruin my life.

Shawn: No, you know that that is not true.

Claire: Dad, just stop defending me. If that is what ciara believes, then fine, I will go. But we both know that the only reason you are so desperate to marry theo today is because you’re just trying to hurt ben. Because you’re afraid, ciara. You’re afraid that eventually you’re gonna remember how much you love him.

Ciara: Believe what you want, claire. I honestly don’t give a damn.

Claire: You know, last night ben told me that you were the bravest person he’d ever known. But right now when I look at you all I see is a coward.

Ciara: [Sighing]

Abe: No, you’re right. Breaking up with paulina makes me think about you and ciara.

Theo: But dad, they’re two totally different situations. Ciara has never lied to me. She doesn’t keep secrets.

Abe: But she could still end up hurting you.

Theo: Dad, I’m not a kid anymore. You don’t need to protect me. I love ciara, and I am willing to take that risk. And really, aren’t there always risks in relationships?

Abe: You remind me of your mother. Sometimes wise as hell, but stubborn as they come.

Theo: That’s me.

Abe: And I love you for it.

Theo: So no more talk of putting off the wedding?

Abe: Agreed.

Lani: Sorry I’m late.

Theo: No problem. It gave me a chance to remind dad that I’m wise as hell and stubborn as they come.
[Both chuckle]

Lani: Oh, I guessing dad tried to get you to postpone the wedding, and you told him no.

Abe: You’re right.

Lani: Well, I’m glad, because after all of the drama the last few weeks, it will be good to celebrate something for a change. So we’ll focus on this wedding and forget all about ms. Paulina price.

Paulina: Lani, abe. I’m glad you’re both here. It’ll make what I have to do a lot easier.

Eli: I figured allie was the girl that you have been crushing on. So tell me, what happened?

Chanel: Well, allie and I had a moment on the fourth of july, and I stupidly got my hopes up.

Eli: What do you mean, moment? Like, she returned the feelings?

Chanel: Yeah. But then the next day, she told me she also had feelings for tripp. So that’s that.

Eli: I’m sorry. I remember when you told me about this friend, you said that you didn’t think that you’d be able to connect with someone the way you connected with her.

Chanel: Yeah. I still don’T. And I wish you hadn’t reminded me because that just makes it harder.

Eli: Hey. Look, you are smart, you’re beautiful, you’re fun. Okay, I’m sure that you’ll find someone out there that is meant just for you. And it’ll be allie’s loss. Hey, was that better? Yes, it was, right?

Chanel: Much.

Eli: Come here.

Allie: Well, I have the wedding to get ready for, so I’m gonna go, but let me know if you need anything.

Ben: Yeah, thank you.

Allie: And ben, I’m really sorry about everything you’re going through right now. I can’t imagine how bad it hurts.

Ben: Thank you.

Allie: I’ll see you around.

Claire: Allie, what are you doing here?

Allie: I was just seeing if ben was okay.

Claire: I just heard that you are gonna be the maid of honor at ciara and theo’s wedding.

Allie: Yeah, lucky me.

Claire: You know, I’m kinda surprised you agreed to that, allie.

Allie: How could I say no, claire? Bye. Take care, ben.

Claire: Well, that was nice of her to stop by.

Ben: Yeah. She is actually a good person. What’s going on with you?

Claire: Well, I just got into a huge fight with ciara.

Ben: Oh.

Claire: Yeah, turns out that she’s getting ready for the wedding at my house. Long story short, she slapped me, so I went at her with the wedding bouquet.

Ben: Oh, my god–good times.

Claire: Yeah, it was kinda horrible, actually.

Ben: Claire, you do not have to fight my battles for me.

Claire: Oh, no, this wasn’t your battle, it was mine. She treats me like dirt too, you know.

Ben: No, I know, but she’s still going through with the wedding, right?

Claire: Yeah, even though grandma hope can’t even make it.

Ben: Good. Why not?

Claire: Mechanical issues with the plane. I mean, her own mother isn’t gonna able to be there, and she still won’t postpone it.

Ben: Yeah, because she’s trying to make sure that it has to be today to stick it to me.

Claire: You know what? The way she’s behaving, I am beginning to think that you’re well rid of her.

Ciara: I hope allie has time to pick up a new bouquet. I mean, look at what claire did to this one. It’s all over the place.

Shawn: I know, I’m sorry. I hate seeing the two of you fighting again.

Ciara: [Sighs] Shawn, I’m sorry that you got caught in the middle. It’s just she makes me so angry.

Shawn: [Sighs] I know. Ciara, she loves, you, though. I know it’s hard to believe, but she just wants to help you.

Ciara: Shawn, she’s your daughter, so you’re defending her. I understand that, but she doesn’t get to weigh in on this. This is my decision to make, not hers. And I know you think that this is a bad idea too, but, unlike claire, at least you’re trying to be on my side.

Shawn: Okay, well, you know what? At the risk of another fight, I’m just gonna– I’m gonna stop trying.

Ciara: Stop trying? What does that mean?

Shawn: It means that– like as much as I wanna support you on this decision, I can’t, in good conscience, not tell you that. Like claire says, I… I really think that you need to postpone this wedding.

Abe: Paulina, this is a family celebration.

Paulina: I promise this won’t take long. And it’s important.

Abe: Well, you have until the waiter comes to take our order.

Paulina: That’s all I need. The other night, you told me if I really wanted to make it up to you, to stop the demolition. Well, I took those words to heart, and as of an hour ago, I called everything off. Horton town square is here to stay. It’s my woke-up-like-this migraine medicine.

Allie: Dupree?

Chanel: Hey, horton, what’s up with the flowers? You and tripp getting married?

Allie: Me and tripp? No. I’m ciara’s maid of honor.

Chanel: Cool.

Allie: So where did you end up staying last night?

Chanel: Lani and eli’S.

Allie: I’m sorry you felt you had to go somewhere else, but it was probably for the best. There was major drama with my aunt nicole and uncle eric. I think they’re done.

Chanel: What, like, divorce done? I’m sorry.

Allie: Anyway, I’m actually glad I ran into you. I wanted to talk to you.

Chanel: About?

Allie: I know you said you were fine about me wanting to be with tripp, but I could tell that I hurt your feelings. I’m sorry for that, and I really hope that me and you can still be friends. If that’s okay with you.

Lani: I thought you said you were gonna lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if you didn’t move forward.

Paulina: I am. But I’m willing to take the hit if I have a chance of fixing things with all of you.

Theo: So, no price town?

Paulina: No. No. I’ll go back to the plan i pitched you in the first place. I’ll connect all of the buildings to create an indoor marketplace and lease those spots to small business owners, with a special emphasis on diversity.

Theo: You’re not gonna make a lot of money that way.

Paulina: No, no, and it’ll probably take a year or more to even turn a profit. But I wanna prove to your father and your sister that they mean more to me than money.

Theo: Well, I think you’ve taken a good first step.

Paulina: And you two? What do you think?

Abe: Well, I’m not sure what to say.

Lani: Okay, you decided to do the right thing; great. But this is theo’s wedding day, and that is what we should focus on.

Paulina: Right, right, of course, of course. Theo, congratulations. I hope you’ll be very happy.

Abe: Well… [Clears throat] That was out of the blue.

Lani: Oh, come on. You–you don’t believe that crap…did you?

Abe: [Sighs]

Ciara: Look, shawn, I thought we settled this already.

Shawn: But–I’m not trying to upset you here. I’m just saying that everything is going so fast. Is there anything wrong with just maybe taking a moment and allowing yourself to think whether or not you’re marrying theo for the right reasons?

Ciara: Shawn, when I woke up in that hospital, I was told I had forgotten years of my life and that I was married to the necktie killer.

Shawn: I know, that’s–

Ciara: And the only person who didn’t have any expectations for me and who didn’t make any demands from me was theo. He made me feel safe, he made me feel loved, and I think those are very, very good reasons to marry someone.

Shawn: Okay, okay. I totally understand that. But answer me this. Why so fast?

Ciara: Damn it, shawn, please! [Sighs] It’s bad enough that mom can’t be here, and now to think that my own brother doesn’t even want me to go through with this. [Sighs]

Shawn: Okay, you’re right, you’re right, you’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, all right? I shouldn’t have said anything. Sorry.

Ciara: It’s fine. You were just looking out for me.

Shawn: I’m trying.

Ciara: I want mom to be here.

Shawn: I know. Look, I do too. Look, she feels terrible.

Ciara: [Sighs] Oh, well. [Sobs, sniffles] You know, we can’t do anything about it, so let’s just hope that nothing else goes wrong, right?

Julie: Darling, girl. Shawn. I’m afraid I have bad news.

Ciara: [Sighs]

Ben: Just last night you told me that I couldn’t give up on her.

Claire: Yeah, I know. But she is being horrible to you, ben, and you do not deserve that.

Ben: We both know this isn’t the real ciara. She’s only pushing me away right now because she’s afraid.

Claire: Ben, that is not an excuse for the way that she’s treating you.

Ben: Okay, and what about what she excused me for doing? Not just excused me, but forgave me, and forgave you too. This girl never gave up on us when she had every right to, claire. We have got to get her through this.

Claire: You are a saint.

Ben: [Laughs incredulously] Said nobody ever.

Claire: Still, I don’t think that I would’ve been able to keep the faith the way you have.

Ben: Yeah, well, you know what? That’s all I got. I’m stubborn that way.

Claire: So is she. Ben, ciara is determined to marry theo today.

Ben: I am just as determined to stop her. People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Theo: So you think paulina was lying, that she’s still gonna tear down the square?

Lani: I don’t know for sure, but yes, I think. I think this could just be another one of her lies. I mean, what if she’s just trying to get dad to call off the lawyers?

Abe: You know, I thought that too, but I just talked to the lawyers. Paulina was telling the truth. Demolition has been called off.

Lani: This could just be another hidden agenda, dad.

Abe: I don’t know. She seemed genuinely sorry.

Lani: You’re not really thinking about forgiving her, are you?

Allie: We don’t have to talk about this now. Just think about it.

Paulina: Chanel, can I have a word with you?

Chanel: I’m kind of in the middle of something.

Paulina: I think that you’ll want to hear this.

Allie: I’ll leave you two alone.

Paulina: Honey, I want you to hear this too. Well, looks like you two will have the bakery after all.

Chanel: I already told you, I don’t wanna be any part of price town.

Paulina: There is no price town. I’m going back to the original plan keeping the square intact. So sweets bits will be up and ready for business real soon.

Julie: So it’s probably an injured rotator cuff. It’s happened before.

Ciara: Wait, so grandpa plays racquetball?

Julie: Twice a week. But he’s the top of his league. I tell him, “please, darling, take it easy,” but that’s not his style. So, there he is sitting in pain in the er right now, waiting to get an x-ray. You know that can take hours. So I’m afraid, darling, we’re not gonna be able to make your wedding.

Ciara: [Sighs] No. First mom, now you and grandpa.

Julie: Hope isn’t gonna be there?

Ciara: No!

Shawn: She was on her way back, but they had to turn the plane around, so–

Julie: Oh, that’s awful.

Ciara: Wait a minute. Is this some kind of weird conspiracy between you guys? You’re just gonna start dropping out of my wedding one by one until I cancel it?

Julie: Don’t be ridiculous. I have here a gift from your grandfather. I wanted to make absolutely sure that you got this before the ceremony. Sweetheart, we wish you all the luck in the world.

Ciara: Thank you. And please give grandpa all of my love.

Julie: Of course, of course.

Ciara: I love you.

Julie: Take a lot of pictures or videos, whatever you guys do nowadays. Love you both so much.

Ciara: Love you.

Shawn: See you, julie.

Julie: Bye-bye.

Ciara: [Scoffs] Well, this is off to a great start.

Claire: I know you swore to stop this wedding, but have you figured out how to do that yet?

Ben: I did. But you might think it’s a little extreme.

Chanel: I– what made you change your mind?

Paulina: I wanted to make things right. Especially between me and you.
[Cell phone ringing]

Paulina: Oh. [Laughs] Uh–oh, it’s an investor, I gotta take this. Okay, I’ll get right back to you on that bakery, okay?

Allie: Chanel, I’m so happy for you.

Chanel: I can’t believe this is happening.

Allie: Listen, I still wanna be a part of the bakery, but I’d understand if that didn’t work for you. And you don’t have to answer right now. And I should really go help ciara get ready for her wedding, so…

Chanel: Hey, horton!

Allie: Yeah?

Chanel: Let’s do this.

Theo: Dad’s right. Paulina seemed really sorry.

Abe: And ready to make amends.

Lani: Well, it’s too late for that. Dad, do you not remember that she just lied to our faces over and over again? She almost destroyed your reputation. I mean, dad, she can’t expect us to just turn around and forgive her like that.

Abe: You know what I think? Theo’s getting married today, and we should turn our attention toward that.

Lani: You’re right. Theo, I’m sorry.

[Cell phone rings]

Theo: One second. Hey, what’s up? You have gotta be kidding me.

Claire: Extreme is my middle name. Lay it on me.

Ben: Do you remember when ciara was leaving for south africa, and I told you that I came up with a plan?

Claire: Uh-huh. You were going to kidnap her and take her to the cabin to jog her memory.

Ben: And I couldn’t go through with that then. But this is a now-or-never situation, so I’m going to kidnap ciara before she marries theo.

Ciara: [Sighs, scoffs] You know, I know that I said theo and I wanted a small wedding, but this is getting a little bit ridiculous.

Shawn: Yeah, well, maybe the universe is trying to tell you something.

Ciara: Universe–no. Please don’t even go there, okay? You know I don’t believe in omens, good or bad.

Shawn: You used to.

Ciara: “You used to.”

Shawn: You used to also think that you and ben had a psychic connection. Just like mom and dad had.

Ciara: Yeah, well, that was a different ciara. This ciara is going to marry theo today, and nothing the universe can do is going to stop it.

Ben: What do you think?

Claire: What do I think of you kidnapping ciara on her wedding day?

Ben: I told you, you might think it was a little extreme.

Claire: Extreme is kind of an understatement.

Ben: [Sighs]

Claire: But you know what? It’s also kind of traditional.

Ben: That’s not quite the word I’d use, but–

Claire: Wait, ciara never told you? Oh, her dad once kidnapped her mom to stop her from marrying another man.

Ben: [Exhales sharply] Well, it all worked out for them, right?

Claire: Eventually. Okay, story goes that she was royally ticked off at him for a very long time.

Ben: Okay, I can deal with ciara being mad at me for a very long time, but I cannot deal with losing her forever.

Claire: Ben, do you really think this is a good idea?

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