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Eli and Lani at home 7/21/21

Eli comes out of the shower at home where Lani is preparing to go meet Abe for breakfast. Lani jokes with Eli to put some clothes on as Chanel wakes up from sleeping on the couch. Chanel is wearing a sleep mask over her eyes and jokes that this time she came prepared.

Paulina goes to see Julie but Julie shuts the door in her face. Paulina remarks that she better get used to that.

Theo and Abe eat together at Julie’s Place. Theo asks if they’ve figured out a way to stop Paulina from tearing down the town square. Abe says they have another plea today but he’s not optimistic. Theo understands if Abe has to go be there but Abe says no. Theo knows how important it is. Abe states that if Theo is going to get married today then that’s where he will be. Theo asks what he means by “if”. Abe responds that he thinks he should call the wedding off.

Ben dreams of his wedding to Ciara, then wakes up and looks at their wedding photo. Ben hears a knock so he scrambles to the door in hopes that it’s Ciara, but it’s Allie, who asks if he was expecting somebody else.

Ciara is putting her makeup on at Belle and Shawn’s house. Claire walks in and questions what she’s doing here. Ciara responds that she’s getting ready for her wedding but Claire says not in this house.

Theo questions Abe thinking he should call off the wedding. Abe points out that he and Ciara have only been together for a couple of months. Theo argues that he’s known her for his whole life. Abe still thinks he should give it more time. Abe asks what if Ciara starts to remember being married to Ben and being happy. Abe doesn’t want the rug pulled out from under Theo. Theo questions if this is about he and Ciara or about Abe and Paulina.

Julie and Paulina 7/21/21

Paulina continues knocking until Julie answers the door again. Julie tells her to go away. Paulina thinks they need to talk but Julie isn’t interested. Paulina says she didn’t come to fight but Julie says all she is going to get from her is conflict. Paulina informs her that she came to apologize.

Allie wanted to give Ben a heads up that Ciara and Theo are getting married today. Ben informs her that Claire already told him. Allie adds that Ciara asked her to be her maid of honr and she agreed. Ben questions why she is here then. Allie knows he’s hurt and admits she doesn’t think the wedding is a good idea, but she’s going to be the maid of honor because she loves Ciara and knows how hurt she would be if she refused. Allie adds that Ciara is going to marry Theo whether she’s maid of honor or not, but she doesn’t feel like she can turn her back on her. Ben tells Allie that he has no beef with her and he gets it. Allie admits she tried to get Ciara to wait but she wouldn’t listen and she has no idea why Ciara feels she has to get married on their anniversary. Ben understands that Ciara is trying to prove that she hates him.

Ciara tells Claire that she doesn’t need her permission to do anything and reveals that Shawn already told her that she can get ready here. Claire says she won’t help her. Ciara says the last thing she wants is her help. Ciara adds that Allie is her maid of honor and tells Claire to get out. Claire can’t believe Ciara is going ahead with this farce. Ciara argues that she loves Theo. Claire says not the way she loves Ben. Claire argues that Ciara will end up hurting Ben and Theo. Ciara argues that she doesn’t know anything. Claire insists that this will be a huge disaster so she’s trying to talk her out of it. Ciara complains that she’s just making her mad. Claire asks Ciara to stop and listen to the people who care about her. Ciara brings up Claire trying to set her on fire twice. Claire tells her that she can’t talk to her like that in her own house and tells her to get out. Claire tries to force Ciara out but Ciara says to get her hands off of her. Ciara then slaps Claire.

Eli tells Lani to enjoy her breakfast and that he’ll see her at the church as he goes to get dressed. Chanel then removes her sleep mask and thanks Lani for letting her stay. Lani says they couldn’t just kick her to the curb after everything with her mom. Chanel says she’s so done with her mom and mentions Paulina suggesting that she could open her bakery in Price Town. Chanel declares that if Paulina wants to make things right with them, she’s going to have to do much better than that.

Paulina comes in and compliments Julie’s home and a photo of her and Doug. Julie isn’t buying her apology and tells her to cut to the chase as she has a lot to do today. Paulina brings up their rocky start and admits she tried to take over the Christening. Julie points out how Paulina has been lying the entire time and she still hasn’t heard her apology. Paulina complains that it’s hard for her. Paulina talks about a moment when Abe started talking about Tom and Alice with such love and she knew then that they must have been really good, special people, so she thought what has she done here. Julie comments on Paulina’s wrecking ball smashing their plaque. Julie then gets a call from Doug, who has bad news.

Allie tells Ben that Ciara doesn’t hate him. Ben asks why she’s been pushing him away since the day she got here and why is she marrying another man on their anniversary. Allie can’t answer that but she believes that somewhere inside, Ciara still loves him. Ben laments that Ciara doesn’t remember that and he can’t make her despite all of his attempts since it’s just making her more angry. Allie says she tried too and the same thing happened which Ben questions. Allie informs him that last night, she told Ciara about their wedding but it didn’t seem to trigger her memory. Allie wonders if she got through to her on some level. Allie says for the briefest moment, she noticed a change in Ciara’s expression like it actually affected her.

Claire warns Ciara that she shouldn’t have done that. Ciara says she pushed her too hard. Claire grabs Ciara’s flowers and starts hitting her with them until Shawn runs in to interrupt and questions what’s going on. Claire says she’s trying to beat sense in to Ciara. Ciara calls her absolutely crazy. Claire complains that she slapped her first and questions how Shawn could let Ciara get ready here without telling her. Shawn thought it would be a good opportunity for them to work things out but tells Claire to leave. Claire argues that it’s her house while Ciara calls it her mother’s house. Ciara asks where Hope is since she thought Shawn was picking her up from the airport. Shawn informs her that he has some bad news.

Eli comes back from getting dressed so Chanel brings him pancakes for breakfast. Chanel asks when the wedding is. Eli says it’s in a couple of hours. Chanel wishes she knew Theo was engaged before she threw herself at him and kissed him the other night which Eli questions. Chanel says he was her boyfriend at one point. Eli didn’t know she was still in to him. Chanel admits she’s not but she was in a bad place and looking for comfort, because Allie rejected her.

Allie doesn’t want to get Ben’s hopes up but says it looked like Ciara had some kind of reaction. Ben asks more about it. Allie says it seemed like Ciara was remembering something and encourages that maybe being in Salem might help too. Ben agrees but worries that if Ciara marries Theo, they will go straight back to South Africa and never look back. Ben declares he has to do something. Allie asks what he can do when the wedding is in a couple of hours. Ben says that means he’s running out of time.

Ciara asks Shawn if something happened to Hope. Shawn explains that her plane had mechanical problems and had to turn back around so there’s no way she’s going to make it tonight. Claire argues that Ciara can’t get married without her mom here. Ciara says she can because all of the plans are already made. Shawn confirms that Hope told her to go ahead because she doesn’t want to ruin it. Claire argues that Ciara doesn’t even love Theo. Ciara complains about Claire running her mouth while Claire insists that this is going to end in a huge disaster. Ciara continues to complain about Claire and says she’s not going to make her doubt her love for Theo. Ciara tells Claire to go hang out with Ben. Ciara says Claire is just trying to ruin her life. Shawn tries to get through to her but Claire stops him and says if that’s what Ciara believes, she will go. Claire adds that they both know Ciara is only desperate to marry Theo today to hurt Ben because she’s afraid that she’s going to remember how much she loves him. Ciara tells her to believe what she wants because she doesn’t give a damn. Claire brings up Ben calling Ciara the bravest person he’d ever know, but right now all she sees is a coward. Claire then walks out.

Theo and Lani 7/21/21

Abe agrees with Theo that breaking up with Paulina makes him think about he and Ciara. Theo calls them two totally different situations as Ciara has never lied to him and doesn’t keep secrets. Abe points out that she could still hurt him. Theo says he’s not a kid anymore so he doesn’t need to protect him. Theo declares that he loves Ciara so he’s willing to take that risk. Abe calls Theo wise and stubborn like his mother and says he loves him for it. Abe agrees not to talk about putting off the wedding anymore. Lani arrives and apologizes for being late. Lani guesses that Abe tried to get Theo to postpone the wedding and Theo said no which Abe confirms. Lani is glad because after all the drama of the last few weeks, it will be good to celebrate something for a change. Lani declares that they can focus on the wedding and forget all about Paulina Price. Paulina then enters Julie’s Place and says she’s glad that Lani and Abe are both there because it will make what she has to do a lot easier.

Eli figured that Allie was the girl Chanel was crushing on and asks what happened. Chanel informs him that they had a moment on the 4th of July so she stupidly got her hopes up. Eli asks if she means that Allie returned her feelings. Chanel says yes but then the next day, she told her that she also had feelings for Tripp so that’s that. Eli is sorry to hear. Chanel doesn’t think she will be able to connect with someone like she did with Allie. Eli encourages that she will find someone who is meant for her and then it will be Allie’s loss. Chanel hugs him to thank him.

Allie tells Ben that she has to get ready for the wedding but tells him to let her know if he needs anything. Allie adds that she’s really sorry for everything he’s going through right now as she can’t imagine how bad it hurts. Ben thanks her. Allie goes to leave as Claire arrives and asks what she’s doing there. Allie says she was just making sure Ben was okay. Claire brings up just hearing that Allie is going to be Ciara’s maid of honor. Claire is surprised Allie agreed to that. Allie asks how she could say no. Allie hugs Claire and tells Ben to take care as she then exits. Claire admits it was nice of Allie to stop by. Ben agrees that Allie is a good person. Ben asks what’s going on with Claire. Claire informs him that she just got in a huge fight with Ciara since she’s getting ready for the wedding with her house. Claire explains that Ciara slapped her so she went after her with the wedding bouquet. Ben tells her that she doesn’t have to fight his battles. Claire clarifies that this was her battle because Ciara treats her like dirt too. Ben says she’s still going through with the wedding. Claire brings up Hope being unable to make it but Ciara still won’t postpone. Ben knows Ciara is making sure it’s today to stick it to him. Claire is beginning to think Ben is better off without Ciara.

Ciara complains about what Claire did to her bouquet. Shawn hates seeing them fighting. Ciara is sorry that he got caught in the middle but says Claire makes her so angry. Shawn encourages that Claire loves her and just wants to help her. Ciara knows Shawn is defending his daughter but says this is her decision to make. Ciara says at least Shawn is trying to be on her side. Shawn decides to stop trying and says as much as he wants to support her, he can’t and agrees with Claire that she needs to postpone the wedding.

Abe tells Paulina they are having a family celebration. Paulina promises it won’t take long and that it’s important. Abe gives her until the waiter comes to take their order. Paulina says the other night, he said to make it up, she would stop the demolition. Paulina announces that as of an hour ago, she called everything off so Horton Town Square is here to stay which surprises Lani and Abe.

Chanel and Allie 7/21/21

Allie runs in to Chanel in the town square. Chanel questions her flowers and asks if she and Tripp are getting married. Allie explains that she is Ciara’s maid of honor. Allie asks where Chanel ended up staying last night. Chanel tells her that she was at Eli and Lani’s. Allie is sorry that she felt she had to go somewhere else but says it was probably for the best due to the major drama with Nicole and Eric. Allie thinks they are done. Chanel asks if she means they are divorcing which Allie confirms. Chanel says she’s sorry. Allie is glad she ran in to her as she wanted to talk to her. Allie knows Chanel said she was fine about her wanting to be with Tripp, but she could tell that she hurt her feelings. Allie apologizes and hopes they can still be friends.

Lani thought Paulina said she would waste hundreds of thousands of dollars if she didn’t move forward. Paulina confirms that she will but she’s willing to take the hit if she has chance at fixing things with them. Theo asks if this means no Price Town which Paulina confirms. Paulina says she will go back to the original plan of connecting all the buildings in an indoor marketplace and lease the spots to small business owners with diversity. Theo points out that she won’t make a lot of money that way. Paulina says it might take a year but she wants to prove to Abe and Lani that they mean more to her than money. Theo calls it a good first step. Paulina asks what Abe and Lani think. Abe is not sure what to say. Lani says Paulina decided to do the right thing but this is Theo’s wedding day, so that is what they should focus on. Paulina congratulates Theo and hopes he’ll be very happy as she then exits. Abe calls that out of the blue. Lani asks if he really believed that crap.

Ciara tells Shawn that she thought they settled this. Shawn doesn’t want to upset her but feels everything is going so fast and suggests stopping to think if she’s marrying Theo for the right reasons. Ciara talks about forgetting years of her life and being married to the Necktie Killer, while Theo was the only person who had no expectations and made her feel safe and loved, which she feels are good reasons to marry someone. Shawn asks why so fast. Ciara cries about him not wanting her to go through with it. Shawn apologizes and hugs her, saying he shouldn’t have said anything. Ciara understands he was just looking out for her. Ciara cries that she wants her mom to be there. Shawn notes that he does too and Hope feels terrible. Ciara says they can’t do anything about it so she hopes nothing else goes wrong. Julie arrives and announces that she has bad news.

Ben argues that Claire just told him last night that he couldn’t give up on Ciara. Claire acknowledges that but says Ciara is being horrible to him and he doesn’t deserve that. Ben argues that they both know it’s not the real Ciara and she’s only pushing him away because she’s afraid. Claire feels that’s no excuse. Ben talks about what Ciara forgave them for and says she never gave up on them, so they have to get her through this. Claire calls him a saint as she doesn’t think she could keep the faith like he has. Ben says he’s just stubborn that way. Claire says Ciara is too since she’s determined to marry Theo today. Ben responds that he’s just as determined to stop her.

Theo asks if Lani thinks Paulina was lying and is still going to tear down the town square. Lani says she doesn’t know for sure but she thinks it could just be another lie. Lani asks what if she’s just trying to get Abe to call off the lawyers. Abe admits he though that too, but he just talked to the lawyers and confirmed that Paulina was telling the truth as the demolition has been called off. Lani worries that it could just be another hidden agenda. Abe feels that Paulina seemed genuinely sorry. Lani questions if Abe is really thinking about forgiving her.

Allie tells Chanel that they don’t have to talk about it now but wants her to think about it. Paulina interrupts and asks for a word with Chanel. Chanel says she’s in the middle of something. Paulina thinks she will want to hear this. Allie offers to leave them alone but Paulina wants her to hear this too. Paulina declares that they will get their bakery after all because there is no Price Town and she’s going back to her original plan to keep the town square in tact, so Sweet Bits Bakery will be up and ready for business soon, which excites Chanel and Allie.

Julie reveals to Ciara and Shawn that Doug injured his rotator cuff playing racquetball and is now waiting for an x-ray, so she’s afraid they won’t be able to make the wedding. Ciara complains that first Hope and now this. Julie says that’s awful that Hope won’t be able to make it. Ciara asks if this is some kind of weird conspiracy for them to drop out of her wedding until she cancels it. Julie tells her not to be ridiculous. Julie gives Ciara her gift from Doug as he wanted to make sure she got it before the ceremony. Julie says they wish her all the luck in the world. Ciara thanks her and sends her to love to Doug as they hug. Julie tells her to take a lot of pictures and videos. Julie says she loves them as she exits. Ciara remarks on this not being off to a great start.

Claire asks Ben if he’s figured out how to stop the wedding yet. Ben says he did, but she might think it’s a little extreme.

Chanel excitedly asks what made Paulina change her mind. Paulina says she wanted to make things right, especially between them. Paulina then gets a call and says she’ll get back to them on the bakery. Paulina steps away to answer. Allie tells Chanel that she’s so happy for her. Chanel can’t believe this is happening. Allie still wants to be part of the bakery but understands if that doesn’t work for her. Allie adds that she doesn’t have to answer right now as she has to go help Ciara get ready for the wedding. Chanel stops her and says let’s do this.

Theo agrees that Paulina seemed really sorry. Abe thinks she’s ready to make amends. Lani argues that it’s too late for that, reminding Abe that she just lied to their faces over and over again and almost destroyed his reputation. Lani says she can’t expect them to just turn around and forgive her like that. Abe brings up that Theo is getting married today, so they should turn their attention towards that. Lani agrees and apologizes. Theo then gets a call and says they have to be kidding.

Claire wants to hear Ben’s plan. Ben reminds her of when Ciara was leaving for South Africa and he had a plan to kidnap her and take her to the cabin to jog her memory but he couldn’t go through with it then. Ben declares this is a now or never situation, so he’s willing to kidnap Ciara before she marries Theo.

Ciara knows she said she and Theo wanted a small wedding but this is getting ridiculous. Shawn suggests the universe is trying to tell her something. Ciara says she doesn’t believe in omens. Shawn says she used to and she believed that she and Ben had a psychic connection like Hope and Bo had. Ciara calls that a different Ciara, while this Ciara is going to marry Theo today and nothing the universe can do is going to stop it.

Ben asks Claire what she thinks of him kidnapping Ciara on her wedding day. Claire calls extreme an understatement but says it’s also kind of traditional. Claire explains to Ben that Bo once kidnapped Hope to stop her from marrying another man. Ben points out that it all worked out for them. Claire notes that Hope was ticked off at Bo for a very long time. Ben says he can deal with that more than losing her forever. Claire asks if he really thinks this is a good idea.

Ciara, getting ready for her wedding 7/21/21

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