Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Abby, Sharon, and Tessa all get text messages from Mariah telling them she needed a break after her business meetings. Mariah promises she will be back before her next doctor’s appointment. Tessa still wonders why Mariah is only sending them text messages instead of calling them.

Adam and Sharon have a long talk where he tells Sharon that Chelsea faked her mental illness so she wouldn’t go to jail. Adam also tells Sharon that he misses her. Sharon tells Adam that he is just saying that because he is lonely right now. Sharon tells Adam that she has to get home to Faith so Adam heads home and Sharon closes Crimson lights and heads home.

Victor tells Sutton that he has a letter from Amanda’s father Richard that could keep him from going to jail for his murder. Victor tells Sutton that he will give him the letter in exchange for doing him a favor in the future. Victor gives Sutton time to think and tells him to give him an answer by the end of the day.

Amanda and Imani are busy looking for Naya who it appears has packed her things and jumped bail. Sutton speaks to Amanda and Imani because he is worried Naya is missing. Amanda makes it clear to Sutton that she will prove he ordered her father be killed.

Sutton goes to the Newman Ranch to tell Victor to give him the letter in exchange for a favor in the future. Victor tells Sutton that he won’t give him the letter because he doesn’t like a man who has turned his back on his family. Sutton pleads with Victor to give him the letter and explains to Victor he had Richard killed because his family’s reputation would be ruined if people found out Naya was pregnant with twins from a man who wasn’t from her same social class. Amanda and Imani come out of their hiding place in the next room and Amanda tells Sutton that they recorded his confession. Amanda also tells Sutton Richard never wrote Victor a letter implicating him as his killer.

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