B&B Short Recap Monday, July 19, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Real life fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth takes photos of Brooke in a shoot for a magazine. Ridge comes in and says hi to their “old friend.” He makes flirty comments about Brooke, so Ellen insists that he get in the shot with Brooke. Ridge didn’t know about the shoot, so Brooke flirts back with her and they kiss. Later, they see the online photos and realize that they were mislabeled, saying that Ridge and Brooke are Co-CEO’s. Ridge knows that Steffy might be upset if she sees that. Meanwhile, Carter and Quinn try to say goodbye, but they make love twice instead. Quinn feels “at peace” about ending her marriage because of Carter. She no longer feels the pressure of being married to Eric and not measuring up.

At Forrester, Paris tells Zende that she was just on the phone to a moving company because the lease is almost up on Zoe’s place. They discuss the scandal with, Quinn and Carter. At home, Finn suggests to Steffy that they get married right now, but she wants a big wedding and to meet his parents. He wonders if Liam is the reason for the delay, but she assures him he’s not.

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