Days Short Recap Monday, July 19, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander told Eric that Nicole cheated on him. Eric said he was lying. He wanted Xander to leave the pub. Xander told Eric that he left Nicole alone for too long. Xander said he was the one Nicole slept with. He said she loved every minute of it. Eric didn’t believe him so Xander gave details about what happened. He looked at Sami to back what he was saying. Eric asked Sami to confirm what Xander was saying. Sami said she saw Xander and Nicole going to the Salem Inn. Sami said she was trying to get information before telling him the truth. Nicole said that wasn’t true. She said she got her own room. Brady tried to say that Nicole’s room being a corporate expense. Xander told Eric that Nicole enjoyed their night together. Eric ended up hitting him. Roman and John threw Xander out of the pub. Before Xander left, he said Nicole gave him a job to keep him quiet. Brady and Chloe were disgusted at the idea of Nicole sleeping with Xander. Brady thought about Nicole confessing to sleeping with Xander.

Brady told Chloe that he wasn’t going to let Xander get away with ruining Nicole’s marriage. He went after Xander. Marlena said the look on Nicole’s face proved that Xander was telling the truth about the affair. Eric asked Nicole why she hired Xander. Chloe interrupted to defend Nicole. Sami wanted Nicole to tell Eric the whole story. Marlena told Sami to stay out of it. Eric wanted Nicole to tell him the truth. She apologized to him. He walked out. Marlena and Roman followed him. Chloe comforted Nicole. When Sami wanted to leave the pub with EJ, Nicole stopped her. Sami and Nicole argued with each other. Sami reminded Nicole about not committing adultery. Nicole told her she didn’t have the right to judge her. Nicole walked out of the pub. Belle told John that she thought Sami set everything up. Eric broke down in tears when he went home. Roman and Marlena showed up to comfort Eric. They said Eric and Nicole’s love could get them through anything. Eric said it wouldn’t this time. He asked then to leave so he could be alone. He picked up his wedding picture and threw it across the room. Nicole showed up crying. Brady went to see Xander at the Horton House. Brady asked him what he got out of humiliating Nicole. Brady told him he didn’t have a job anymore. Brady noticed the briefcase of money. He wanted to know who paid him off. Xander said it wasn’t his business. Chloe showed up. Xander left the room. Brady told her someone paid Xander off to expose Nicole. They thought Sami did it. EJ asked Sami what Nicole meant at the pub. He said it sounded like an accusation. He asked what sin she committed.

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