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5 Reasons why Sonny and Nina in Nixon Falls Is a Good Story By Suzanne

I just started watching the show again after an absence of a few years. It’s not that I intentionally stopped watching…I just watch a lot of TV and fell behind. I was slowly, ever so slowly, catching up, but I’m still back in 2018. I’ve decided to try to watch the new ones so that I can edit our daily GH Transcripts and write some of the GH Updates while our regular writer Anthony catches up on past episodes. He’s behind, too. It’s so easy to fall behind in these busy times.  The pandemic slowed some people down, but for those of us who worked at home (as well as essential workers and others), we never slowed down.

Even though I haven’t watched many episodes in the past 3 years, I do still regularly read the GH news and spoilers, and I read other fans’ posts about it on Twitter and Facebook, so I know what’s been going on.

I know that a lot of fans are not happy with the fact that Sonny has been stuck in a small town with amnesia, away from his friends and family (who think he’s dead).  It’s not usually a good idea to stick one or two characters off on their own for too long because the fun of a soap is seeing everyone in the cast interact.  I’m not saying I’m a huge fan of Nina and Sonny’s “romance,” but here are a few good reasons to have this story.

#1 It keeps Maurice Benard happy. He’s the star of the show, as we were reminded recently when the shows EP said it. He obviously wanted to do something different than playing the same mob boss every day. It’s good to keep him happy so he doesn’t decide to retire. I know that not everyone loves him, but he’s very popular, so I do believe the show would suffer without him.  Even though they had to create a different town and set of characters, I give them props for doing a pretty good job of it. Lenny and Phyllis are very likable.  Maybe Maurice just got tired of wearing suits every day….he might be enjoying wearing those blue collar shirts. 😉

#2 It was a good choice for the Cyrus storyline because getting Sonny out of the way created a lot of problems for the other people in Port Charles, and they had to band together to get rid of him.

#3 It’s forcing Jason and Carly together. Now, most of us don’t really want to see them in a romantic relationship at this point. It’s been too long since they were together (1996, to be exact). They’re great friends, and they shouldn’t screw that up. I believe the writers are only putting them together to create more conflict for Jason and Britt (not to mention, Jason and Sam) as well as making it worse for Sonny’s eventual return. Hopefully, Jason and Carly won’t actually sleep together. Thank goodness she’s too old to get pregnant, too. Well, never say never in Soap Land…

#4 Having one of the characters leave town, lose their memory, and then everyone thinks he’s dead… that’s a soap trope by now. In fact, Sonny did something similar years ago when he was stabbed and nursed back to health by Angel (who was really boring). Micky Horton on Days did it way back in 1973.  Victor on Y&R has done it a few times. It happened to Tad on All My Children, too. Those story memories are just off the top of my head, so I’m sure there are many more examples.

#5 The eventual reveal will be great – when Sonny gets his memory back and finds out that Nina kept his existence a secret from his family. I’m sure Carly will have a few slaps to give, too. With a real mobster, Nina would be dead from that kind of thing, but Sonny rarely kills anyone, so most likely Nina will just be persona non grata for a while around Port Charles. It would be really great if Sonny just forgave her because he still loves her, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Will Jason and Carly be sleeping together by then? Maybe. There will be a long list of people just waiting to yell at Nina (or worse).

The only thing I don’t like about this story is that Nina is the perpetual victim. She always makes the worst choices when it comes to love: Valentin, Franco, Jax and now a married mobster. Soap characters often have these problems, but hers seem to be worst than most.  She was in a coma for 12 years because her evil mother put her there to steal her money, and she stole her baby, too. She can’t have more children, and the one she did have was dead by the time she learned about her.

It’s not only too sad to have her go through so many horrible love affairs, but it makes her look really dumb to keep making such poor decisions.  This time it’s not just her romantic heart on the line, but she’ll probably also have a hard time getting permission to see grandson Wiley again, too. It’s great for Cynthia Watros because she’s outstanding in the role, but I just wish that Nina would have a nice, fun fling once in a while.

Most people hate change, but life – and daytime drama – is all about change. Fans want their favorite couples to stay together forever, and that’s just not what these shows are about. I can’t wait for the fireworks when Nina is found out!

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