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Ben 7/20/21

Claire goes to see Ben and tells him that she thinks she can convince Belle to represent him. Ben thanks her but says it’s too late.

Ciara joins Allie at Julie’s Place. Ciara can’t believe how much Henry has grown. Allie says they missed her so much. Ciara asks if she wants a drink. Allie just wants to know what’s wrong. Ciara claims that she’s just very excited about something, but first she has to ask her something and she needs her to say yes. Ciara then informs Allie that she wants her to be her maid of honor.

Lucas comes downstairs at the Brady Pub and finds Philip drinking a beer. Lucas asks what happened to the anniversary celebration. Philip responds that he doesn’t want to know. Lucas questions something going wrong in Salem. Philip tells him that the party is over.

Nicole goes home, where Eric remarks that he hoped to be gone before she got back. Nicole notices his suitcase and their smashed photo on the floor as Eric says they have nothing left to talk about. Eric informs her that he’s taking the first flight out of Salem and heading back to Africa. Nicole then accuses Eric of running away.

EJ asks Sami what Nicole meant by saying let she without sin cast the first stone. Sami claims not to know and calls it crazy, suggesting she just found religion. EJ notes that it sounded like an accusation. EJ questions Sami as to what sin she has committed now. Sami thinks back to kissing Lucas. EJ continues to wonder what Nicole meant by “without sin”. Sami claims it was just a shot in the dark and blows it off as classic Nicole when she’s backed in a corner. Sami remarks that Nicole has no one to blame but herself. EJ calls it Nicole’s worst nightmare. Sami can’t imagine why she got involved with Xander in the first place. Sami calls Xander a ticking time bomb with a flare for the dramatic. EJ relates that to Sami. Sami wants to go to sleep and finish this in the morning. EJ brings up how Nicole’s whole world was crashing around her but she singles Sami out for judgment. Sami complains about not wanting to talk about this. EJ says there are just so many questions and points out Sami seeing Nicole stumble in to the Salem Inn with Xander and keeping it to herself. Sami claims that she wanted to spare Eric. EJ says he didn’t get spared but got it right between the eyes as if it were staged. EJ adds that it was so brutal, public, and devastating that he can’t see how their marriage survives.

Eric thinks Nicole has had enough pain for one night. Nicole questions Eric deciding for both of them that she should come home to an empty apartment and taking his frustrations out on their picture. Nicole mocks Eric always thinking about others. Eric doesn’t think anything can change what happened tonight. Nicole cries that she can’t change the fact that she slept with Xander because she was lonely while Eric chose to spend their first year of marriage a thousand miles away from her. Nicole complains about the months that went by. Nicole mocks Eric running back to his world where he does good for others and no one asks a damn thing of him.

Sami agrees with EJ that she doesn’t see how Eric and Nicole’s marriage lasts. Sami admits she’s not sorry to see their marriage end because of how she feels about Nicole, but she’s sorry that Eric is in pain. EJ comments on how it had to be done. Sami hates it when EJ cross examines her. EJ thought they were just discussing the evening’s events. Sami thinks EJ is trying to blame everything on her. EJ says it’s clearly Xander’s fault but it seems out of character for Sami to see Nicole in a vulnerable position and kept it to herself. Sami argues that no one would’ve believed her without proof. EJ brings up Sami tracking down credit card receipts. Sami says that Eric is a fool when it comes to Nicole, so she was trying to protect him. EJ continues to question Sami’s plan and why Xander would suddenly decide to shame Nicole in public.

Nicole asks Eric if he was just going to leave their smashed photo for her to find and if he didn’t think that would cause her pain. Nicole suggests he wanted to hurt her but not talk to her in person. Nicole complains that Eric wasn’t there and decided to stay in Africa. Nicole says it’s all Eric talked about when they did talk while Holly’s wondering where her dad is and she’s lonely. Nicole cries that Eric asked the questions but didn’t want to hear the answers. Eric tells her that he’s so sorry but says if there’s anyone besides him who hates Xander, it’s her. Nicole doesn’t want to defend herself for what she did. Nicole asks how she can expect him to believe anything she says now. Nicole cries that she loves Eric but she doesn’t know if it matters anymore. Nicole decides she might have to accept the fact that their marriage is over, but she won’t accept him just slipping away again because he married her and made the same vows as her, so the least he could do is talk to her like she is his wife.

Theo goes to the DiMera Mansion to see Chad. Theo suggests a chess rematch. Chad still thinks Theo let him win last time. They sit down to play chess. Chad thinks Theo is here for something more though. Theo reveals to Chad that Ben and Ciara’s marriage just got annulled. Chad says that’s great and now he can get married. Theo then asks Chad to be his best man.

Ciara explains to Allie that Victor has a friend who is a judge and he got him to grant an annulment so now she’s going to marry Theo. Ciara talks about how well they get along and swears they never fight. Ciara praises Theo. Allie says she likes Theo and asks if they are getting married in Salem. Ciara confirms that they are because both of their families are here. Ciara then reveals that they are getting married tomorrow.

Claire finishes a call with Belle and informs Ben that Shawn just got a text from Ciara that she and Theo are getting married tomorrow.

Nicole 7/20/21

Eric tells Nicole that he thought they did talk and decided together. Nicole argues that Eric asked if it was okay and made it clear that she better say yes and that’s not making a decision together. Nicole talks about deciding together for Allie and Henry to move in, then Eric just checked out. Eric thought she was okay with that. Nicole says she was but didn’t think she’d be doing it alone and that Eric would continue to extend his stay in Africa. Nicole adds that she never felt more alone in her life. Eric asks if that’s supposed to excuse her sleeping with Xander. Nicole yells that it doesn’t excuse her from sleeping with Xander and she hates what she did as it’s the worst mistake of her life, but she has to figure out some way to understand why it happened and how she can forgive herself. Nicole cries that she has to go on because she has Holly and there are people who need her. Eric argues that if things were getting that bad and she was that desperate, she should’ve told him. Nicole claims she tried which Eric disagrees with. Nicole tells Eric about how she started writing an e-mail to tell him the truth but she couldn’t send it. Nicole says she tried talking to him but then he came home and it was their anniversary. Eric gets that she’s mad because he bailed on her but he doesn’t get why Xander of all people. Nicole admits that maybe she went to bed with Xander because she thought maybe she could finally get her husband to pay attention to her.

Philip suggests Lucas get Nicole to get EJ up to speed by giving him Kristen’s letter, then EJ will kick Sami to the curb and Lucas will be there to comfort her.

Sami tells EJ that no one knows why Xander does anything. EJ brings up how Sami just stood there instead of backing up Xander’s story. EJ calls it the perfect opportunity to pile on. Sami claims she didn’t see the need since Eric finally knows the truth. EJ suggests something else is in play and wonders what Sami is not telling him. Sami then responds that she’s ready to confess. Sami then admits that she paid Xander off, to interrupt the party and tell everyone what she already knew, with a million dollars. Sami argues that it was worth every penny for Eric to know the truth about Nicole. EJ recalls Xander wanting millions to not kill her and Lucas. EJ knows Sami was willing to pay whatever it took to bring Nicole to her knees. Sami claims that she didn’t enjoy it and just did what she had to do because Eric had to know the truth. EJ mentions how Eric thought he was happy but now he’s miserable and he knows the full story, thanks to Sami.

Eric asks if Nicole wanted to hurt him that match. Nicole goes over how Eric just told her that he wasn’t coming home again so she was angry and hurt that people on another continent were more important than her. Eric says that’s not true. Nicole cries that she thinks she wanted to hurt him but she definitely wanted to hurt herself by blowing things up and self destructing. Eric asks why she didn’t just tell him when he called her. Nicole says she didn’t see sleeping with Xander coming but she didn’t want to beg her husband to want to be on the same continent as her. Eric then agrees that it’s as much his fault as it is hers.

Ben tells Claire that Ciara cannot be marrying Theo on their anniversary. Claire reminds him that Ciara doesn’t remember that and claims that this is just a coincidence. Ben informs her that he told Ciara it was their anniversary last week, so she’s doing this on purpose.

Ciara and Allie chat 7/20/21

Allie asks if Ciara is purposely marrying Theo on her anniversary to Ben. Ciara claims this is not about Ben but about herself as she wants to take that date back as the day she married her best friend and not some serial killer. Ciara says she has no memory of that day. Allie says she does and thinks before all hell broke loose, it was the happiest day of Ciara’s life.

Chad admits he thinks Theo may be rushing things a bit. Theo says neither one of them want to wait. Theo then informs Chad that Ciara picked tomorrow because it was her anniversary to Ben. Theo admits he doesn’t like that Ciara is using their marriage as payback against Ben. Chad encourages that it doesn’t change the way she feels about him. Theo then wins the chess game and says he knows Chad let him win, which Chad denies.

Ben complains that Ciara is marrying Theo tomorrow to get back at him. Claire tries to suggest that Ciara is just scared of remembering what she had with him.

Allie talks about how beautiful and happy Ciara was on that day. Ciara brings up that the church was bombed because of Ben and everyone could’ve died, all because of the horrible things Ben had done. Allie argues that wasn’t the Ben she was marrying. Ciara is sick of hearing that and doesn’t think people can change that much. Allie talks about how Ben was mentally ill but was very motivated to get better and he did. Ciara says she’s heard all of this before. Allie thinks she needs to hear it again and again, because they were so in love that people were crying after their vows. Allie calls them the picture of happily ever after and says everyone thought it was forever.

Eric admits to Nicole that he was running away because he didn’t want to face his part in this. Eric acknowledges that he acted like him doing something good excused him from her and their marriage. Eric apologizes and asks what they do now.

Philip asks Lucas what he says. Lucas hates the way EJ treats Sami like she’s his property and he can’t stand it. Lucas notes that EJ is dangerous and worries about what he might do if he finds out what happened between them. Lucas supposes that Nicole might give EJ the letter. Philip thinks it’s the best shot of Lucas getting Sami. Lucas says he wants Sami but he can’t do it like this as he loves her too much and doesn’t want to hurt her. Lucas declares that he should’ve just let the letter burn as he throws it in the trash can.

Allie remembers Ben’s vows. Ciara stops him from telling her what he said. Ciara states that she doesn’t remember and doesn’t want to remember while Allie is going on about it. Allie apologizes for upsetting her. Ciara asks how she thought she would react. Allie calls it just so sad that she and Ben can’t be together. Ciara is sorry she thinks that, but to her, she can only think of how nuts she must have been to let Ben in her life. Ciara insists that Theo is her best friend, she loves him, and he makes her feel safe. Allie gets that but asks if that’s the best reason to marry someone. Ciara thought Allie would be excited to be her maid of honor but says if she doesn’t want to do it, that’s fine. Theo arrives and asks what it is. Ciara informs him that she just asked Allie to be her maid of honor.

Ben questions Claire thinking Ciara is afraid to remember what she had with him. Claire points out that if she did remember, it would change everything for her and Theo. Ben talks about Ciara being the bravest person he ever knew and that all she cared about was that she loved him.

Nicole asks how many times Eric has asked himself what do they do now. Nicole says all she knows is that no matter what she does, she will always be a sinner and he will always be a saint. Eric says he’s far from it. Nicole knows he will find a way to forgive her, but she will never forgive herself. Nicole cries that he took his priest collar off years ago but it doesn’t change that he’s a good man who loves to help other people and that’s really hard to do with a wife, who wants his whole life and heart to herself. Eric asks what she is saying. Nicole responds that they are just two different people and she thinks she’s the best version of her when she’s with him but he’s the best version of him when he’s not with her. Eric asks what they are supposed to do. Nicole cries that there’s nothing they can do. Nicole then declares that she thinks this marriage is over.

Sami with EJ 7/20/21

EJ tells Sami that he has one more thing to say. EJ says it must have been awful for her to see Xander and Nicole heading in to the Salem Inn. EJ adds that he may find Eric tedious but he’s a good man and husband. EJ states that after everything he did to Sami, she was faithful even when he didn’t deserve it. EJ notes that Nicole betrayed Eric in their first year of marriage so he can understand why Sami did what she did. Sami thinks back to EJ saying he would’ve lost his mind if she turned to another man as EJ hugs her.

Allie agrees to be Ciara’s maid of honor which Theo says is great and notes that Chad just agreed to be his best man. Theo asks Ciara if they are really doing this tomorrow. Ciara responds that nothing in the world will stop them as they hug.

Claire encourages Ben to be the brave one now. She knows this has been so hard on him but he can’t quit. Ben agrees and declares that he has to do whatever the hell it takes to stop Ciara from marrying Theo tomorrow.

Sami kisses EJ and suggests just forgetting about tonight as they are back together and that’s all that matters, so they can forget about everything else as they continue kissing.

Philip questions if Lucas is just giving up. Lucas thinks it’s best for now but thanks Philip for trying to help. Lucas heads back upstairs. Philip then retrieves Kristen’s letter from the trash and declares that he is not giving up.

Nicole breaks down crying 7/20/21

Eric tells Nicole that he wanted to spend time with Holly as he missed her so much. Nicole cries that she missed him too, but they can still video chat and she will keep writing him letters. Eric cries that he can’t let Nicole go. Nicole tells him that he has to. Eric kisses Nicole and decides that he can leave in the morning but Nicole cries that he should go. Eric tells Nicole that he will always love her. Nicole says she will always love him as Eric then takes his suitcase and exits the apartment. Nicole then drops to the floor as she breaks down crying.

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